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Title:  	Twisty, angsty M/M paranormal murder mystery
This was an entertaining story. I’ve never read any of Ms. Burke’s books before so this added to the experience. If you like paranormal hanky-panky between gay men, which I do, you will enjoy this book. Here are some things I noted:
Things I liked: 
1.	The premise: two former lovers finding they still loved one another after a bad breakup
2.	The twists and turns the plot took
3.	When the truth is revealed about Hudson!
4.	The sexual tension between Hudson and Wes, sweet and HOT
5.	The humor in spots, for instance, when they were in Marcello’s hidden room, before Hudson sobered up
6.	The secondary characters
7.	Their potential future, meaning more books following them, this ended w/an HFN

Things I didn’t like:
1.	Took too long into story to figure out what Wes was
2.	The cover doesn’t match the “silver fox” Hudson
3.	Getting political in chapter 20: painted Republicans with a very broad brush
4.	At the end it took a whole chapter to realize something that any reader saw immediately

I volunteered to review an ARC through NetGalley.
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I really liked this one. I was nervous at first about how the story was going to get out of some bad news but it was an unexpected twist part way through that won me over and resolved those concerns.  I'm excited to see how the series mystery is resolved but this was a solid beginning to the series.
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This was the first time I've read this author's solo work so I wasn't sure what it would be like. I enjoyed this though. It's a paranormal suspense with unique MC's. I loved that it was a second chance romance. The plot was well done and all of the characters, main couple and side ones, were all entertaining. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

**ARC provided through Netgally in exchange for an honest review.**
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I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley and voluntarily reviewed it.

The concept of this book grabbed my attention and then once I read Chaos Station that is co-written by Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen I was convinced I had to try some of Jenn Burke's solo work as well and I decided to request this one. And I am glad I did as it was a great read.

Not Dead Yet is told from the point of view of Wes, who is a ghost, sort of. He got resurrected when he died years ago, but he isn't just a ghost, he is more like an immortal who can travel to the plane were ghosts reside, the otherplane. When he witnesses a murder while in the otherplane he contacts his ex lover Detective Rojas. They team up and together try to figure out who is behind the murder.

This book is a great combination of genres. It has a solid suspense/ mystery plot line, strong paranormal ties everywhere and a great romance that develops throughout the book. I would label this as paranormal romantic suspense, but it really has elements of all those genres and more and the author blends it all together in an exciting tale.

It took me a while to figure out how Wes his ability/ state worked. At first I thought he was just a ghost, but I would think of him more as an immortal with special ghost-like abilities. And as for his personality, let's say it is tough to fully like Wes at first, even tough he certainly has likable parts, he also is very selfish. I think this is done on purpose as there is some great character development going on in this book. And I did think how he acted made sense for his character and also how and why he changes.

The mystery was intriguing. While is wasn't really possible to solve this one before the big reveal, it was fun to follow the characters along while they tried to solve this. And it definitely kept me guessing and wondering what was going on. There are some great twists along the way and while the final take down scene had some more cliché parts, it had some unique elements as well and I am curious how what happened will affect them in book 2.

There is a interesting cast of side characters too. Hudson was the love interest and then there are Lexi and Evan were great side characters. They slowly form a group and at the end I really liked the tight knit group they formed and how they had each other's back and worked together to solve this.

I wasn't quite sure what to think of the romance at first. Let's say the reason they broke up is one of those things I don't like and I don't think Wes should've done/ asked that. On the other hand it also made sense how they broke things up back then and I felt like they made for a better couple now, while they both matured a bit more. It was fun to see them reconnect, I liked the second half the best, after Hudsons's hot and cold behavior got explained. The hot and cold behavior of Hudson at first really annoyed me, but it does sort of make sense later on. And by the end I thought these two really make for a great couple and I was happy to see them have this second chance.

The paranormal aspect was a solid part of the whole story. From how Wes is a paranormal creature and Lexi is a witch. Then there are other paranormals that play a role and I enjoyed learning more of the paranormal world. As Wes never learned much of it either until now you get to discover more of the paranormal alongside him.

To summarize: all in all this was a great read. It had a great mystery/ suspense plot line, some great twists, a well done second chance romance, great main character and side characters, a good amount of character development and a strong paranormal element. And it's all blended together in an exciting read. I didn't warm up to the romance at first with Hudson's hot and cold behavior and with what Wes asked of Hudson before they broke up last time, but it makes more sense later in the book and I think they are at a better place for a relationship now than they were back then. By the end I really liked them together. Lexi and Evan made for some great side characters and I liked how they formed this tight knit group who had each other's back. Wes is a bit unlikable at first, but I still enjoyed reading about him and he has some great character development throughout the book. The paranormal aspect was interesting too with some more common and more unique parts mixed together. I liked learning more about the paranormal world while solving the mystery alongside the characters. All in all this was a great solid start to this series and with the way things end I am really curious about book 2.
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I really mostly enjoyed this. Wes was a great character and I enjoyed the half resurrected not a ghost but kind of a ghost half alive thing. I think that was a fun take. I love the supporting characters. Hudson, though. I'm iffy on. I really didn't like him, or something of the things he did and how he treated Wes. And I don't think it was ever sufficiently addressed and made okay. It's not a huge deal, I didn't hate him. I just wish I liked him more. Also an interesting twist with his existence (I don't want to spoil it). The mystery was quite good. I didn't guess the bad guy so that's always a plus. While not a cliffhanger the ending leaves some threads dangling for book two to pick up, so I'll for sure be interested in reading it when it comes out.
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Wes has been “not” dead for a very long time. Brought back to life by a witch, he has the ability to shift back and forth between the living and some (where? place?) that’s not living. He sees himself as basically a white hat bad guy. He reacquires object for people that are their rightful owners. 

Hudson is a cop. His refusal to come out as gay and long stints undercover broke him and Wes up decades ago. Still a cop, still the man Wes loved so long ago, with just more grey hair.

They are drawn back together by a odd case and the strangeness just keeps intensifying with more deaths. Neither man really happy with the circumstances that keep pulling them into each other’s orbit. As the danger increases they will need to reconcile their past to ensure their future.

I’ve read the authors books and while I liked them but they didn’t have what this book does. I really liked Wes and Hudson’s quirks. The give and take between them was entertaining, sweet, hot, and sometimes annoying as hell. I loved the surprises and the supporting characters were very fleshed out. The next book is months away but I’m already anticipating the story.
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For some reason, I’ve been gravitating towards paranormal romances lately, most often ones featuring characters involved in law enforcement, which was the immediate appeal of Jenn Burke’s Not Dead Yet.  It’s the first in a new series in which one of the protagonists is, as the title suggests, Not Dead.  Although he’s Not Alive either, which is certainly a unique twist and not something I’ve come across before.  Not Dead Yet is a hugely enjoyable read featuring two well-rounded principals, an intriguing mystery, and a slow-burn romance; I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked it up, but it turned out to be a winner and I’m definitely on board for the rest of the series.

In 1933, Wes Cooper was shot and killed by his lover, Michael.  But Michael’s sister was a witch and, unable to accept what her brother had done, cast a spell to bring Wes back to life, but not only did it resurrect him, it made him immortal, something that’s changed his life in lots of small ways as well as the one  big one.  Wes will never age physically and because of this, he never – well, almost never - embarks upon close friendships or relationships, knowing there’s only so long he can use the excuse of having good genes to explain away his unchanging appearance.  He’s had to move around and change his identity every ten years or so in order to stop people wondering about him, and his only real friends have been the generations of witches from the family who brought him back from the dead.  Even so, he’s flesh and blood; he lives in the world as we know it, but he also retains a link to the otherplane, the place where the dead go before moving on, and where some of them linger, usually in hopes of concluding unfinished business.

Wes uses his ability to slip between the planes of existence to earn a living, sneaking into people’s private spaces as a ghost to recover items for interested parties – heirlooms they want back, contracts they shouldn’t have signed and even information they can use for blackmail.  He’s treading a fine line; technically he’s committing theft, although he prefers to think of it as ‘retrieval’, but because of the nature of what he does, he has a very strictly defined set of business practices designed to protect him and his identity; clients come to him via a sophisticated set of referrals and anonymous messages, and he never meets directly with any of them.  And their targets are usually shady types, people who’ve done things that are not-so-nice, making them dangerous to be around.

When Wes is in the otherplane, he isn’t able to see clearly into the living world, receiving instead a series of shapes and shadowy images that don’t allow him to pick out any details, which is why he’s slow to realise he’s witnessing the final stages of a murder.  He’s on a job at the home of a famous actress, realises too late what’s going on and is rooted to the spot by fear and indecision.  The murderer has a shadow like nothing Wes has ever seen – dark grey, with jagged edges and surrounded by an aura of danger – all of it signalling this is something he does not want to mess with.

Still, he feels guilty and ashamed that he did nothing to help the victim, and this eventually compels him to try to help bring the killer to justuce.  But where to start?  Going to the police will reveal his presence at the murder scene – but maybe there’s a way to approach them through… unofficial channels.  In the 1980s, Wes dated a cop, Hudson Rojas, for five years, and okay, they split up a bit acrimoniously – mostly because of Hudson’s unwillingness to put his relationship before his job - but he’s one of the few people Wes ever told about his abilities and if he’s still around, perhaps he’d be willing to use Wes’ information in the investigation.

After thirty-three years, their reunion is – unsurprisingly – an awkward one.  At fifty-eight, Hudson is still gorgeous, a fit, hot, silver-fox, but he’s grown up in a way that Wes still hasn’t, for all that Wes is over a hundred years old.  Hudson listens carefully to Wes’ story, but makes it clear he’s not interested in catching up or making small talk; his dismissive attitude irritates Wes, but even so, Wes agrees to help by accompanying (as a ghost) Hudson as he interviews suspects, looking for anyone whose silhouette matches that of the killer. As they work together, Wes and Hudson have to navigate the tricky waters of their shared past and deal with all the baggage that still lies between them, and… let’s just say that there are some big surprises in store.

The world-building in Not Dead Yet is skilfully done, with the story existing in a world that is recognisably our own but which also incorporates a parallel paranormal universe. Ms. Burke does a great job of defining the capabilities of the various supernatural characters she introduces, setting clear restrictions and boundaries, such as the fact that a witch can never cast a spell for personal benefit, or the limitations on Wes’ ability to shift between planes and from place to place.  The mystery is really intriguing and kept me guessing right up until the final chapters, and there are some great twists, turns and revelations along the way.

The relationship between Wes and Hudson is extremely well developed, and they’re very strongly characterised as individuals, too.  Wes sometimes comes off as rather immature – in spite of his actual age – which is something that is brought home to him when he first meets Hudson again, and which he struggles with throughout the story.  The author does a great job in showing how Wes’ social isolation – firstly as a kid growing up in a hostile environment and then as something imposed on him by his immortality – has led to his habit of self-interest and looking after number one, and then in showing his character growth as he at last acknowledges these traits and pushes through his fears in the attempt to do better.

Hudson is equally strongly defined, a dedicated cop who has been around the block (and then some) a few times, but who has never forgotten Wes over the years, and their rekindling relationship is a delicious slow-burn.  It’s never explicitly stated that Wes is demisexual, but from references to the infrequency with which he experiences sexual attraction and the way he experiences it – usually only when he’s emotionally invested – and the fact he’s only been sexually attracted to two men in his long lifetime (Michael and Hudson) would seem to indicate that to be the case.  And I loved that Hudson knows how attraction works for Wes and is mindful of that as their relationship.

There’s a great secondary cast, too, notably Wes’ best friend Lexi (the great-granddaughter of the witch who brought him back from the dead) and Evan, a ‘baby’ (recently turned) vampire, both of whom I hope to see more of in future books.

Not Dead Yet is a really entertaining read, and one I’m definitely recommending.  I was excited to find such a unique premise (in Wes’ not-dead-ness)  and all in all, it’s a thrilling, funny, insightful and sexy read, one I devoured in a couple of sittings. The main plotline is wrapped up by the end although there are some intriguing threads left for the remainder of the series; and while Wes and Hudson have found each other again, I suspect there’s more to come for their relationship.  I’m really looking forward to the next instalment, Give Up the Ghost, which is due out this summer.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this story. There were quite a few PNR elements thrown in that I wasn't expecting, but apparently neither was Wes, despite his BFF and long time family friend of the Aster witches, Lexi's warnings. 

I also wasn't sure how I would feel about this, dead-not-dead, element, but I didn't need to worry. Jenn did a very good job with it and I liked the aspect of the "otherplane". I did, however, want to shake Hudson for being a prick half the time. Yeah, yeah, he had his reasons, but damn him! lol At least he redeems himself, not only with Wes but in taking responsibility for Evan. (Evan is a kid he meets at a club and an unfortunate accident happens). 

This story is a slow burn between Hudson and Wes but the simmering heat between the 2 makes it all worth it. The story is action packed and flows pretty well, IMO. I am excited to see where this "Family of Freaks" is headed.
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This was tons of fun!

Content warnings include: sex on-page, violence, witnessing a murder, drinking blood, accidental killing, suicide, kidnapping, cheating (not the main couple) 

Not Dead Yet is a delightful mystery novel with an perfectly balanced amount of suspense, creepiness and humor, with appropriate bits of romance.

I'm ususally leaning more towards the "leave it" side of take-it-or-leave-it when it comes to second chance romances, but I really enjoyed it here with Wes being a ghost and meeting his ex from 33 years ago again, who has aged in that time while Wes didn't.
The paranormal aspects of the novel were not new in itself, but I found they were presented in a fresh and exciting manner that I thoroughly enjoyed!

One of my favourite things about this book and the reason why I decided to read is Wes's asexuality. It was portrayed casually and resonated with me a lot, and I loved seeing so many aspects of myself reflected in a protagonist like him in a completely natural way. The author and her sensitivity readers (who she thanks in the acknowledgements) did a wonderful job here.

I also want to mention how much fun the sex scene (there's one, this is not erotica) was! It felt natural and real, not like a fantasy or voyeuristic performance for the reader as some books do, with the characters laughing and truly enjoying themselves and each other and not taking the act itself too seriously.

The book generally allowed itself to not be 100% serious all the time. It was creepy at times but also featured a relaxing humor that evened everything out. It did feel a bit cheesy from time to time, and Wes didn't always feel like his real age - he's around a hundred years old but reads more like the mid-twenties he seems to be appearance-wise. I wasn't overly bothered by this though.

Another plus point was the side characters. I adored them and I can't wait to find out more about Evan, Lexi, Iskander and Kat!
Because while the book has a closed plot and very satisfying conclusion, it's also a clear set up for more novels.

Overall a great read that entertained me immensely and works well both as a standalone and as the beginning of a series I'm definitely going to keep my eyes on!
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I loved every single thing about this book. This paranormal romance is like none I've read before. Wes and Hudson are so perfect together. This is the best book I've read 2019 so far. I loved Evan and Lexi too. They were absolutely kickass characters. I couldn't put it down and I'm impatiently waiting for the next book. 
*ARC provided by the author via A Novel Take PR and Netgalley in exchange for honest review
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I admit that I haven't had good experience with this author so far -- but with this book, I'm ready to change my mind. Because Not Dead Yet is a SOLID paranormal mystery romance. Not only that, the romance is a second-chance trope. All of them are exactly the kind of story I'm looking for. And boy, did the story deliver!!

First of all, the paranormal element... I LOVED the unique "twist" of ghost that Jenn Burke offers in this book. Wes Cooper died in 1933 but then he was resurrected with a spell, and now he can become "ghost". Wes can disappear to the otherplane, and he doesn't age. With this 'ability', Wes works as professional thief retrieval specialist. 

Then, the romance, oh yes, I'm loving the second-chance trope here. Wes and Hudson -- the love interest -- has been separated for THIRTY THREE years. Yes, you read it right. You also have to find out how this works between them, because I think it's pretty clever. 

As characters, I love Wes immediately. I love his voice -- sure, there are times that I think Wes gives in a little bit too easily because he still has feeling for Hudson, but I just can't hate him. On top of that, I think Wes is a demisexual. The author doesn't clearly stated it with a term, but what Wes feels about sex shows that. So another YAY for asexual representation.

Hudson, of the other hand, frustrates me sometimes with his hot-and-cold attitude. While I adore gruff character, but at times I think Hudson is being pushy and unfair towards Wes. Luckily, Hudson also shows that he feels remorseful when Wes gets hurt because of Hudson's demand.

The secondary characters are great too -- I hope there are more scenes with Lexi and Evan in the next books.

Then last, the mystery ... that is also VERY WELL DONE. Long before I love romance, I love mystery first. So whenever I discover romance with mystery, I think I have always slightly favor the mystery done right, rather than heavily focus on romance. In Not Dead Yet, Jenn Burke manage to balance the two -- the mystery is going nicely, with good enough clues and investigation, alongside the romance.

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3.5 Stars

This is my first Jenn Burke’s novel although I am familiar with her name and have a couple of her books. I don’t know why I waited until now to start reading one of her backlist title, it’s damn entertaining!

“Not Dead Yet” is an intro to Burke’s new series with the same name. It centered on the escapade of not-quite-dead not-ghost Wes Cooper, a magical being who used his special skill as recovery specialist. A latest case brought Wes’ ex-boyfriend back into his orbit, Detective Hudson Rojas who broke Wes’ heart over three decades ago. What followed were a series of iffy murders and Hudson solicited Wes’ help investigating it got them entangled in more ways than one.

I really liked snarky, opinionated Wes and his amusing voice narrating the story from start to end. It is packed with combo of lighthearted banter and devastating row - the later mostly between Wes and Hudson. Theirs was a clash of slow burn, rekindled hot romance that bounced hot and cold. I felt for Wes and Hudson for their predicament, even when I yelled at them to stop being an ass and just kiss and make-up!

As the story set in Toronto with (mostly) Canadian characters, Burke seems to enjoy spinning the stereotype how they were too nice and polite for their good. At one point, this trait almost causing them harm, only to turn into a mix of sweet/hilarious moment. That said, for paranormal story with a not-ghost as leading man, I thought “Not Dead Yet” is very mild in expounding the supernatural aspect. To be fair, this is only the beginning and Wes and his madcap band were just bounding as a unit. And with such closing (while it wasn’t exactly a cliff-hanger) there’s a potential of more magical spin in the work on the following book. We shall wait and see!

Advanced copy of this book is kindly given by the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Though not my usual type of read, Not Dead Yet was a very, very solid paranormal mystery romance, and I had a hard time putting it down.

I'm not a mystery lover, but if well-written mysteries mixed with a ton of paranormal goodies are your thing, you're going to be in love with this one. 

The romance is a second-chance romance, something that is hit-or-miss for me, but I really enjoyed it here. I have a thing for gruff MCs, so the grumpy Rojas worked for me. I understood him as a character, and I liked seeing him and Wes together. 

I found the whole part-ghost/never aging thing that Wes has going on to be intriguing and super well done. After you've read a few hundred paranormal romances, the same-old tropes start to get stale, and I think that Jenn Burke made this romance feel fresh and new. 

Also, though it isn't spelled out for us readers, I think Wes is a gray asexual or maybe a demisexual. He rarely experiences sexual attraction, and Rojas is one of the few people who have ever done it for him. I was pretty stoked to see some ACE rep in the story, and I think Jenn Burke did a great job with it. 

Everything from the side characters to the unexpectedly delightful plot kept me interested, and though mysteries make me low-level uneasy (I hate suspense!), I would read another book in this series (I hope it's a series!) in a heartbeat. Very well done. 

*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*
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"Not Dead Yet" is totally NOT in my wheelhouse, what with all the ghosts, evil spirits and creatures of the night, but I completely adore this book and only after pondering just how to review it do I realize how darn complex it is and what a wonderful job Burke does in creating this world and its characters. 

Wes Cooper is a resurrected ghost who is immortal and exists partially in the Otherplane which allows him to transport almost anywhere, which is a skill he uses to steal - oops "recover" - items for hire. This used to drive Wes' former boyfriend cop Hudson Royas crazy, because he always figured Wes had been given his life back and his talent to use it for good in the world. And when Hudson and Wes meet again (30+ years after their breakup) because of a murder Wes witnessed from the Otherplane, there is still this intense attraction fueled by years of bottled up rage, lust, irritation and humor.

What Burke does so beautifully here is give us layers and layers of emotions and backstory and insight (sort of a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma with a crunchy taco coating - to paraphrase Winston Churchill) and while it takes a while, the payoff is worth the wait.  For example, when we learn how Wes became a ghost or what Hudson has been up to the past 30 years, it hits hard. And don't get me started on Wes connecting with a little girl ghost and helping solve her murder - it brought more than a few tears to my eyes. 

I don't want to give a lot of details about the plot because most of the fun is uncovering what's going on, but the character development is stellar (also loved Evan and Lexi), the plot is completely engrossing, the pace is brisk and keeps your interest constantly, and I love how the ending sets up the overarching mystery of the series, and I cannot wait to read more!  5 stars and a Recommended Read.
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Not Dead Yet is a paranormal novel with a second-chance romance and it's as great as it sounds. 

Wes was once in love with a man who wanted them to be together forever, and the best way to do that, would be to die together. Wes ended up coming back through magic, and now he works as a thief who recovers stolen objects. 

The world building in this world is quite interesting, mainly the strange magic and the Otherplane. I also really enjoyed the romance between Wes and Hudson. Hudson was sweet and lovely and I wanted the best things for him. 

I honestly can say I did not know where this book would go -- and I can usually guess most book endings -- but 
this ending was fantastic, I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens in the other books and where this series will go.
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Not Dead Yet was a spectacular treat! I really enjoy paranormal detective and thief stories so this was exceptional. I really enjoyed Wes as a character and how both old and young he was at the same time. His fears and anxieties i greatly understood. I understood why he and Hudson didnt work the first time around but I also understood his pain when Hudson didnt try to contact him again later after being changed and after he came out.

I like how they didnt immediately fall back and that there was a lot of push and pull. I loved the mystery and the magic and the themes of found family. I really look forward to the rest of the series.
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I've read and enjoyed a few other Jenn Burke books so that made the decision in grabbing this easy. 

Wes is not quite dead. The circumstances that brought him to his dead, not dead, stay forever youthful got a little mixed up with the magic that sort of saved his life. He makes his living as a recovery specialist. People hire Wes to steal things. His not dead yet status has given him a few special abilities that have allowed him to become quite lucrative in this field. 

On his latest job he witnesses a murder that puts him into contact with his ex boyfriend from the 80's. Hudson is still a cop. He also still dislikes the fact that Wes is a thief. It's never mentioned but I personally fell like Hudson probably hates the fact that he needs the paranormal skills that Wes possesses with this murder case. The bodies are starting to stack up and the there are just too many paranormal anomalies at the crime scenes. 

Not Dead Yet was easy to enjoy but it took me a little bit to figure out how Wes and Hud would work out as a couple. Once that presented itself along with some of the other paranormal elements I was able to get more into the book. Give Up the Ghost book #2 in the Not Dead Yet series will be out in July of 2019. I enjoyed Hud and Wes working together investigating crimes here so I know I'll enjoy their continued investigative endeavors. .
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I’m not a huge paranormal fan, and [redacted] are really not my jam. Nonetheless, this lovely story of second chances and found family—combined with a good mystery—won my heart. Wes and Hudson have a lot of history to get past (and, of course, by the end they do). And the secondary characters are numerous and delightful. Jenn Burke has set up a marvelous world, and I can’t wait to see what’s next in store for this enchanting group! 4.5 stars.

I was grateful to receive an advance copy of this book.
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This is my first novel by this author, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  It was well-written, high on paranormal and low on sexy times, with a slow burn second chance element. I enjoyed the MCs and their friends and look forward to reading more. Although there was mention of Lexi's parents arriving soon, they never showed, so I am assuming they will be in the next book? The ending sets up book two along with foreshadowing of some unfinished business for one or both of the MCs.  

I enjoyed this story and would recommend it. There were little to no proofreading errors.
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I feel like this book is hard to describe because so much happens, but at its core it’s a paranormal mystery and a second-chance romance.

Wes Cooper was born in early 1900s and had once been in love with a man who felt the best way to ensure they could be together was to die together. Magic was able to bring Wes back together and now he is a recovery specialist, a thief who recovers things that have been taken or contracts that have been broken.

In 1980s, Wes had met this bright, sweet cop, Hudson Rojas. But 1980s was a hard time to be an out and proud cop, and Hudson wasn’t willing to make Wes his emergency contact, which was one of Wes’ biggest concerns because Hudson did a lot of undercover work. They ended up parting ways, until they reconnect when Wes witnesses a strange murder while on the Otherplane and goes to Hudson as a cop who is aware of the paranormal.

I really enjoyed this book. There is some excellent world building when it comes to the magic and how the Otherplane works, and how Wes sees the living plan from the other side. There is a very strong vein of chosen family between Wes and Lexi, the great-great granddaughter of the witch who saved him and his best friend. I’m looking forward to more with Evan, and hope he’s able to get a happy ending of his own.

I did not see the way the mystery would resolve itself, and I’m looking forward to the future of this series. There are more questions because I’m really wondering about that dream Wes had at the end, not to mention the sudden increase in his power.

I also enjoyed Wes’ demisexuality. I do wish the word had been used, at least once, but it’s very easy to see if you’re aware of the vocabulary. Wes doesn’t experience sexual attraction, except when he’s emotionally invested, and in all his years that has only been two men - Hudson and Michael, the man who killed him. I also really appreciate that Hudson is aware of how attraction works for Wes and has never made any comments or anything to indicate he sees him as broken or less than. I really appreciated that there weren’t any anti-asexual microaggressions that I noticed.
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