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Ripple Effects

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Ripple Effects

by Pam Tebow

Author Pam Tebow is the mother of Tim Tebow, a football and baseball star. Tim uses his talents and fame as a platform to share God’s love and to make a difference in the lives of those who can’t help themselves through the many outreaches of the Tim Tebow foundation.

In Ripple Effects we learn how Tim Tebow and all of his brothers and sisters were affected by the Christian witness and guidance of their mom and dad. More importantly, Pam Tebow shares how what we do has ripple effects on those around us. When you take the time to help a neighbor or smile at a stranger, your actions can affect you, them, and the people they interact with.

Pam focuses on our relationship with Jesus, finding our purpose, mission and influence, reading the Bible, prayer, our mindset, and living with passion. She shows how all of these can and should be integrated into our lives. The book is full of anecdotes and examples demonstrating how she and her husband Bob learned to yield to God’s will as they followed His prompting to begin missions in the Philippines as well as speak and lead all over the world.

Pam is very practical, explaining the importance of memorizing Bible verses. She made up tunes to go with the Scriptures to help herself and her children remember them. One example of the ripple effect is that her grandchildren can now sing these same Scriptures as they have been  passed on to a new generation. Bob and Pam used teachable moments in their daily lives to share Biblical truths through life experiences. They taught humility and giving God the glory with consistency in their teaching and lives and by always drawing their children’s attention back to God, the source of their talents and gifts.

Although a lot of the book focuses on raising children from a pioneering homeschooling mother’s perspective, the lessons of ripple effects are for everyone. People are watching you; what will they take away about you and your God?

I would like to extend my thanks to and to Tyndale House Publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 5/5

Category: Christian, Self-Help

Publication:   May 7, 2019—Tyndale House Publishers

Memorable Lines:

Put simply, faith is trusting God, even when we don’t have a clue how His plan will unfold.

The most effective way to influence people in our sphere to trust God is for them to watch us trust Him…Influence is not accidental; it results from making deliberate, determined, and repeated choices, beginning in the mind and then acted out day by day. Choices empowered by God and HIs Word.

Reading, memorizing, and meditating on Scripture has had an unmistakable impact on me, and it has served as one of my greatest opportunities to influence others—with ripple effects on my family, my friends, and the people I meet along the way.

Loving people is hard, but next to loving God, it should be our number one priority. You may have someone in your sphere who is not especially lovable…But when people are at their worst, they need love the most.
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This book by Pam Tebow is encouraging and inspiring.  She writes in a warm and personable style, and made me feel that I’d had an opportunity to visit with her.  I enjoyed reading stories about their lives as missionaries to the Philippines and the many ways that God has guided them throughout their years of ministry.   Although she does share some experiences about her son, Tim Tebow, he is not the focus of this book.  She also shares how God has worked in the lives of her other children though the years.  She has a strong pro-life testimony as she was encouraged by her doctor to have an abortion when she was pregnant with Tim.  

Mrs. Tebow has an excellent grasp on the “ripple effects” our words and actions have on the lives of others.  She references Scripture often in this book, and emphasizes hiding God’s Word in our hearts.  She and her husband are true examples of faith and trust during difficult times that often seemed impossible.  I’m very glad that she has shared their stories with us as an encouragement to turn to God in every circumstance.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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“Ripple Effects” is a book by Pam Tebow, the mom of Tim Tebow (who famously played professional  football and now plays professional baseball, and is a great Christian role model).

I read this book, because after reading Tim Tebow’s book, “This is the Day“, I wanted to know more about his mom, who he says was so encouraging to him growing up.  He also mentioned that he was born in the Philippines, and his parents were missionaries there.  I was curious about their experiences.

“Ripple Effects” is about the things we do, hopefully good things, that have effects on other people, sometimes even strangers.  Pam Tebow calls these “opportunities for influence”.  Much of the book talks about the opportunities she and her family have used for good influences.

I enjoyed learning more about Pam and her family’s life as missionaries.  I enjoyed reading about how she risked her life to give birth to Tim, her youngest child.  I read about this miracle for the first time in this book! It’s an amazing story.

Pam talks about how she encouraged her kids to memorize Scripture by making songs out of them.  This idea really intrigues me!  I think I might be able to use this to help me memorize more Scripture.  So thanks Pam for the tip!

What I learned about Pam Tebow in this book is that she is very humble, and she would do anything risky or scary to help her husband and kids live better Christian lives.  This makes her a good Christian role model for moms.  I wish she told more in the book about her own escapades.  Her humility would not let her do that.  Instead she talks a lot about her husband and kids and a few other people.  I still came away with a respect for Pam Tebow as a mom and as a Christian.  She is a tough lady!

Reading “Ripple Effects” has left ripples of influence on my life.  Pam Tebow’s life is inspiring.  I am glad I took the time to read this book.

I especially recommend “Ripple Effects” to moms with young kids.  The ripples from reading the book, could help you be an even better mom.  Your kids will thank you one day, just as Tim Tebow thanks his mom in the Foreword of “Ripple Effects“.
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