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Danger looms for three Ladies Of Intrigue...

Over the last year or so I've really come to enjoy Michelle Griep's historical romance so when I saw Ladies Of Intrigue it was a must read for me. I was curious to see if she could write novellas as well as she does her full length novels. 

While the title indicates suspense I found that Ladies Of Intrigue was more historical romance with a healthy dash of adventure. What could be more adventurous than smugglers, a Native American uprising, and a haunted house with many secrets...?

One thing that I would like to note is that those who have difficulty with smaller print will not have that problem with this book. The font size is really nice and easy to read.

I found Michelle Griep's novella collection to be a fairly quick and easy read. The settings, Cornwall, Dakota Territory, and St. Paul, Minnesota, were quite interesting. And I really liked the fact that the stories covered the length of the 1800s, 1815, 1862, and 1890. So, if you are looking for a trio of adventurous and romantic novellas from a talented author Ladies Of Intrigue would be a great choice.

(I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are entirely my own.)
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Strong women and how they survive and thrive.  These three short stories were very entertaining. The characters were well rounded and interesting.
I enjoyed the historical settings.
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I think these romance stories were pretty good. There was a lot more variety in the characters than I have found in other books in the genre. On the other hand, the characters were pretty flat. The stories were so short that there wasn't time to develop anything like a real connection. Other than that, though, it was good.  I wasn't bored.
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I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley, this review is my personal opinion.

Wonderful collection, in this book we have three-story set in different times and places with very interesting characters.

1- The Gentleman Smuggler's Lady

Cornwall 1815

So, this story first starts when Helen is arriving from Ireland in order to take of his sick father, sadly the boat in where she was traveling are taken by smugglers. From the beginning, we got a glimpse of Helen thoughts and fear and how her answer is always the same: pretend to. She has been fighting with many fears until something unexpected happens and force her to realize that she needs to depend completely on God. On Isaac case, what I like about his story is that sadly and inevitable we all have bee betrayed and like human we all are we want to revenge. I like how Michelle Griep draws the road not only for redemption but for clarity and new opportunity for Isaac. With this story, I like that: 1. God always is on control, even on the painful situations 2. He has a very good memory and never forgets us 3. Is necessary to let go in order to move on. 

The doctor's lady
Mendota, Minnesota 1862

In this story we move on from country and year, from the start we found Emmy for years she was her father helper in his practice of medicine, however, she is facing a big decision. And what she knows so far change and she starts wondering I am really good at this? Is this the road God wants for me?. I think we all have made those questions. In the case of James, he came from Boston with only one purpose, to gain experience and a new insight while working on the fort. But, many unexpected events happen.  Is very interesting how both characters they already had their plans, but God had a different, better one. I believe that with a story. Michelle Griep wants to remind us that is good to dream, have plans. But at end, God is the one who always knows best. 

A house of secrets

St Paul Minnesota, 1890

Amanda is Ladies Aide Chairman, she wants to help to clean St Paul and also gain her father approval. In order to that, she wants to open a  house for the poor's and in order to accomplish that she needs that Joseph her fiancee helps, which is a prominent lawyer of the city. But he has a big secret, that only his best friends know and somehow someone who wants to damage his career founds out and Amanda gets involved in a chain of events. What I like about this story is 1. Amanda struggles to be enough is something with I can relate to. I remember doing things similar when my dad was alive. And is interesting when I finally understood I was loved, accept and I was enough in Him. Just like Amanda. About Joseph, guilt, sorrow, pain can keep us in the past. Michelle Griep uses his experience not only to remind us of a loving and forgiving God. But how forgiving others brings real freedom to our lives.

I recommend this book because:

1- Is a good Christian book.
2- It has suspense, romance, faith and even funny situations
3-Interesting characters. 
4- The descriptions almost make you feel like you are inside the story.
4-Great message.

So, if you like a good Christian fiction historical romance book. This book is a wonderful choice!

Truly grateful to the publisher for the ARC of this book.
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I enjoy reading a novella collection especially when it is by one author. It makes it easier to know what style of writing to expect rather than a compilation of various authors. In this case, it was a charming book with three compelling novellas.

All three Christian historical romances were set in the 1800s but different locations. “The Gentleman Smuggler’s Lady” was an adventurous tale set in Cornwall, England. When reading about a gentleman smuggler my mind pictured a television series I watch (Poldark) so of course I loved this novella. This had a nice romance and spiritual message.

The second offering jumps to the American frontier. In Carol Award Winner “The Doctor’s Woman” Emmy travels to Ft. Snelling and begins work helping Dr. Clark. They clash and sparks fly.

Closing out the trio is “A House of Secret’s” which is set in St. Paul. This is a mystery that will have you guessing. Amanda runs across a house with many secrets.

Author Grief has done a exemplary job penning these three stories. Each has been well researched, organized, and planned. Her descriptive account of each tale took me back in time to a place I had never been. The characters were well thought and relatable. I felt like I knew them. They were well rounded and defined so that it was easy to see each one in my mind’s eye.

It is evident that much thought, planning, and research went into this trilogy of novellas. Attention to detail was taken and it made the book a pleasure to read. Each story showed how its characters needed to put their trust in God rather that rely upon themselves. That is a lesson relevant for today, too.

Each tale is filled with adventure, mystery, intrigue, and romance. You will find inspiration, also. Expect some twists and turns along the way to keep things interesting. I would definitely recommend this delightful book. Fans of historical mystery and romance will love it. It gets 4 out of 5 stars from me.
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I enjoy a book with strong female characters and these three stories certainly brought that.  I enjoyed all the stories, and the romance between the characters.  My favorite was the third story though.  I love the dynamic between Amanda and Joseph.  Joseph certainly seemed like the most fun o the three men, and Amanda the most out spoken.  She knew her worth, and so did Joseph.  .
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I read Ladies of Intrigue, by Michelle Griep, at the request of the publisher, Barbour Publishing. This book contains three novellas about strong women ahead of their time. Each one ended too soon for me, as I was enjoying them immensely.

The Gentleman Smuggler’s Lady takes place on the Cornish coast of England in 1815. Helen Fletcher, a very prim and proper governess travels home to Cornwall to care for her ailing father. The ship she is on is attacked by brigands, one of whom treats her as a gentleman would treat a lady. She is furious, but curious, too.

Imagine her surprise to learn he actually is a gentleman, and a very kind-hearted man who cares deeply for the tenants on his estate. He’s gorgeous, too…

The Doctor’s Woman, a Carol Award Winner, takes place in the Dakota Territory in 1862. Emmy Nelson is the very well-trained daughter of a physician (male, of course). She is frustrated by her aunt’s efforts to keep her busy with a life of high society parties. So, when the doctor for the army camp is delayed, Emmy jumps at the chance to minister to injured and abused Native Americans taken prisoner by the army.

The doctor shows up just after she arrives, and disagrees with her treatment plan for a man whose arm she is trying to save. Turns out, she is right. The good doctor is constantly frustrated with Emmy’s independent streak, and finally realizes he loves her. Will he change his life’s plans for her?

A House of Secrets, is set in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1890. Amanda Carston, the new chair of the Ladies Aide Society, wants to restore an old, dilapidated house to be used as a school with uniforms and books provided for children of poverty-stricken families.

The problem? She has a rival in the society, and she can’t get the deed to the property. Imagine her dismay when she learns her fiancé, Joseph, is the owner of the house, and he has blocked her purchase of the property. Joe is using the “haunted” house as a safe house for prostitutes, as he helps them escape a brothel secretly supported by the mayor. Joe has a heartbreaking reason to help those women, but he is not ready to share those reasons with Amanda. 

What Made This Reviewer Grumpy?

Lots of split infinitives. That’s about it.
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I’m a new fan of Michelle Griep. This was the first I’ve read anything by her and I’m intrigued! I can’t wait to search out more of her books. 

Each “Tale” was unique and interesting. Kept my interest and enjoyable.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley on behalf of the Publisher and was under no obligation to post a favorable review.
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From the title forward, I was indeed, intrigued. Even the cover pulled me in. Once into the book, I was immersed in the stories. They are all historical, and all three are fantastic. From the 19th century settings to covering topics like smuggling, forgiveness, romance, strong tales, and awesome characters, this book was a smash hit with me.
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I am not a big fan of novellas.  But I am a big fan of Michelle Griep.  And so I decided to give Ladies of Intrigue a try.  Let me just say that if all novellas were like these three, I would read a lot more of them.  I really enjoyed these three novellas.  The doctor’s Woman was my favorite. 
	The characters were compelling and very intriguing.  A lot is written in very few pages.  They could easily be full length novels.  Each book left me longing for more.  They included a bit of mystery, a little romance, and a little peril.  While short each included enough to keep me interested and reading .  And it was a refreshing change from longer novels.  For those who enjoy Michelle Griep’s books, Ladies of Intrigue is a must read. 
	I received a complimentary copy of Ladies of Intrigue from Net Galley with no requirements.
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For Michelle Griep fans 4 different stories in one book!  For lovers of these novellas each is has their own unique personality and perspectives. 
I like Michelle's stories.  They make me smile and take me away from the real world for awhile. And the best part is it doesn't cost a dime!!
The reader will be drawn into each story and won't want to emerge for awhile. 
I'm guilty as charged!! I didn't even hear my husband call my name at least until the 3rd time lol
I strongly recommend this book.
I received this book from Netgalley and no compensations were received. All opinions are my own!!
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One can never go wrong picking up a book by Michelle Griep. She has wonderful plots, beautiful settings, and amazing characters. The fact that this book gives you three stories by her makes it even more special! Each story was so different that I really did feel like I was reading three different books. Sometimes in a collection the stories tend to run into each other (which I don’t always care for), and these did not. They had different settings and were held in different decades, which made it easy to keep them separate.

I truly loved every story, but I have to say the first one was my absolute favorite. I knew I liked Isaac the moment he “helped” Helen in the beginning. He really did pull off the Robin Hood style hero, and I thoroughly enjoyed some of the banter between him and Helen. Their story is the classic showing of how appearances can be deceiving. Helen immediately thought Isaac was one of the bad guys, which I could certainly see why. I loved watching Helen get to know who Isaac really was, not just the man she assumed him to be.

Like I said, all the of the stories were excellent. They are short too, so I would imagine they would be quick reads for most readers. And in the midst of all this cold weather we’re having lately, I wouldn’t mind curling up with a blanket and reading these stories all over again!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I was not required to write a favorable review. All thoughts and opinions are my own
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Beyond the historical romance and dash of mystery promised in the subtitle, the three novellas collected in Ladies of Intrigue share one vital thing in common: Michelle Griep’s stellar, immersive storytelling.

The Gentleman Smuggler’s Lady is set on the Cornish Coast and is perfect for fans of English Regencies involving smugglers and thieves. While I had previously read and enjoyed The Doctor’s Woman, it did not stop me from reading it anew and relishing this story of opposites set in the American frontier. Rounding out the trio, A House of Secrets combines political maneuverings and two people unintentionally clashing in their attempts to do good works.

Each heroine is determined but distinct, as are their stories and settings. Whether it is the governess unwittingly becoming involved with a gentleman smuggler, the missionary doctor’s daughter finding herself practically conscripted into assisting an Army doctor struggling with his rigid approach to medicine, or the society miss determined to prove herself despite the perceived lack of support from her politically ambitious fiancé, each of the three heroines finds a bit of danger when others have something to hide.

For fans of historical inspirational romance set in the 19th century, this is a trio of stories that are sure to delight. Recommended.

This review refers to a digital galley read through NetGalley, courtesy of the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.
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In Ladies of Intrigue by Michelle Griep is wonderful stories in one book. With stories spanning from Ireland in 1815 to America in the 1800s In Ireland you meet Helen, a governess daughter of a Minister. In America you meet Emmy, the daughter of a doctor who is working as a doctor's assistant in a fort after her father passed away. Finally you meet Amanda, who wants to help the poor children of her city with a school.

I loved each of these novellas! They each tell the story of a woman with unbreakable spirit who is determined to help others. Mrs. Griep has does a wonderful job of transporting you to a different time and place and brings captivating characters to live. If you love historical romance novels these are a wonderful read. I will be looking for more of Mrs.Griep’s works.

I received a copy of this novel from Celebrate Lit, this in no way influenced my review. All opinions are my own.
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The Gentleman Smuggler’s Lady

Helen Fletcher is a surprisingly determined young woman whose past has left her more than a little biased against Isaac Seaton. Yet his complicated past (and present) winds up being the very thing which draws them together. A fresh twist on the robin-hood concept, complicated by questions of biblical morality, this story was fun to read and kept me turning the pages.

The Doctor’s Woman

The romance between Emmaline “Emmy” Nelson and Dr. James Clark was, by far, my favorite of the three entertaining novels included in this collection. Unexpectedly paired to tend to the soldiers and Sioux people encamped at Fort Snelling, the two work side-by-side on a daily basis allowing their friendship to blossom into something more. With several sweet moments that warmed my heart and enough surprises to keep me reading, this is a story I could have kept reading for much longer, despite its satisfying conclusion.

A House of Secrets

A bit reminiscent of the plotline from A Heart Most Certain by Melissa Jagears, this story nevertheless held its own charm. Featuring a heroine struggling to win her father’s heart and a hero fighting to right past wrongs, you can’t help but root for the two of them as they overcome fierce adversaries, troublesome secrets, and life-threatening events.

Overall Conclusion:

This collection takes the reader from a small town on the Cornish Coast of 1815 to the American frontier of 1862 and finally to 1890 St. Paul, Minnesota. With engaging characters and entertaining plot twists as diverse as their settings, all three stories are fully worthy of your time and money.

Overall Rating: 4 of 5 stars
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A great collection of of mysterious ladies!
This book was a fun read, all the stories flowed well and they were full of unique ladies with a dash of mystery tossed in. Michelle Griep really takes you all over the world in these stories, I loved it.  I would definitely add this book to your reading list this summer.  
I volunteered to read this book from Barbour Publishing in exchange for my honest feedback, the thoughts and opinions expressed with in are my own.
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The Gentleman Smuggler’s Lady
Cornish Coast, 1815
When a prim and proper governess returns to England from abroad, she expects to comfort her dying father—not fall in love with a smuggler. Will Helen Fletcher keep Isaac Seaton’s unusual secret?
The Doctor’s Woman (A Carol Award Winner!)
Dakota Territory, 1862
Emmy Nelson, daughter of a missionary doctor, and Dr. James Clark, city doctor aspiring to teach, find themselves working side by side at Fort Snelling during the Dakota Uprising. That is when the real clash of ideals begins.
A House of Secrets
St. Paul, Minnesota, 1890
Ladies Aide Chairman, Amanda Carston resolves to clean up St. Paul’s ramshackle housing, starting with the worst of the worst: a “haunted” house that’s secretly owned by her beau—a home that’s his only means of helping brothel girls escape from the hands of the city’s most infamous madam.

If your looking for good clean period dreams look no farther, there short stories with suspense & romance. 
I'm going to be looking into more books by Michelle Griep! It's nice to find sweet , clean , proper romances in stories!!!
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I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher Barbour Books through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

In Ladies of Intrigue by Michelle Griep you wont just find one but three tales set in the 19th century. Each novella has an inspirational message and a sweet love story with a dash of mystery. 

The Gentleman Smuggler’s Lady
“You can’t judge all men by the actions of a few. Did you ever stop to think that by shutting off your heart from man, you’ve closed the door to God’s love as well? Those who leave everything in God’s hand will eventually see God’s Hand in everything...even in man."
At a small port in Cornwall, England, a young women finds herself swept up in an adventure when the ship she is traveling on is set upon by smugglers. What she does not count on is finding herself indebted to the handsome rogue, least of all falling in love with him.

The Doctor’s Woman
“You have a healing gift, daughter. It’s not for man to chide what God’s given. Never be ashamed of what you are."
It’s 1862 in Dakota Territory and Emmy Nelson has suffered terrible loss. Her betrothed at the hands of Indians and most recently her father who made it his mission to minister the gospel as well as healing in the backwoods of Minnesota. After growing up under his tutelage, Emmy has become a proficient healer. When she finds herself assisting a city Doctor her plans for her future become more uncertain especially when she finds herself falling in love with him. Dr. James Clark has his future all planned out and it certainly does’t include a post in the middle of no where or a woman. Will they both trust God with their futures and open their hearts to love?

A House of Secrets  
“Surely if God created such beauty in the midst of ashes, He could do help her-for surly it would take heavenly assistance to accomplish the plan she was about to undertake.”
Amanda Carston has been newly appointed chairwoman to the Ladies Aide Society. With this new position she hopes to prove to her father that she, as a woman, can bring value and is deserving of his love. Her fiancé Joseph Blake is the district attorney charged with cleaning up the streets of St. Paul, but a secret from his past threatens all he holds dear. 

Michelle Griep’s Ladies of Intrigue is delightful and charming. She does a wonderful job of developing her characters and the storyline in such few pages that each novella is perfectly complete. An enjoyable read!

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As I began reading this book, the copy I purchased, I thought it was very familiar. I did not realize this was a compilation of three previously published novellas by Michelle Griep. 
I enjoyed having them all in one book. 
A novella written by Michelle Griep has never disappointed me. I found these to be fully engaging, well formed stories. 

The Gentleman Smuggler's Lady can be found in The Regency Brides Collection
The Doctor's Woman is in The courageous Brides Collection
House of Secrets is the Of Rags and Riches Romance Collection
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I have to say I just love Michelle Grieps stories!
Her characters are deep and endearing, the plot captivating, interesting scenery, and always a dash of mystery and intrigue.
Well this was not the exception! I was not expecting well developed characters, because they were not full length novels, but I was wrong! In a short time I feel I knew this characters and was quickly rooting for them and their HEA's!
I loved each story and especially the heroes and heroines! They are all strongminded, but kind and compassionate as well. Helen and Isaac, Emmy and James, and Amanda and Joseph. All of them ready to put their heart and life on the line for others.
My favorite of all was definitely "The Smugglers Lady". I totally fell in love with Helen and Isaac. Seemed opposite but they were the perfect match, and I loved the adventurous part of the story!
I really enjoyed each one, and I have to say that I would love it if Michelle would expand them into full length novels. There's awesome material there!
A definitely must read! Totally recommended!
I received a copy of this book from Barbour Publishing via Netgalley. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.
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