Unexpected Partners

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Chloe was abducted, raped and physically beaten and left for dead. As a result she moves to start work at the Boston Police department where she meets the other protagonist Dana. Dana has a traumatic past and both women are in pain. 

I would be willing to read another book by this author. A solid 3 stars for me.

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I just couldn't suspend my disbelief enough to get over some of the key plot points and for that reason was never able to just sink in and enjoy the book.  Both MC had some pretty horrific backstories that in themselves strained my disbelief but they bounced out of all that and into romance so fast my head was spinning.  Enough people enjoyed this book that I will assume I'm in the minority and put it down to my reading entirely too many mystery and procedural books to ignore some stuff and focus on the romance.
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Unexpected Partners is a great fast paced thriller. Michelle Larkin has written a good storyline and well developed characters. I would read more from this author.
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Entertaining. With its implausible plot threads and anthropomorphic treatment of Taz, the police dog that failed it's training, this was a much lighter read than I was expecting. Very enjoyable though.
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I liked the action.  The chemistry was eh. I would be willing to read another book by this author. A solid 3 stars for me.
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This is a mystery which centers around a serial killer.  It has plenty of suspense and romance.

The two main characters are Chloe Maddox and Dana Blake.  Both women are employed by the Boston Police Department.  Chloe recently joined the department as a crime profiler.  During the previous year she was abducted, raped and brutally injured.  She does not recall much about the kidnapping, but bits and pieces are slowly returning after she sees her kidnapper at the police station.

Dana is a detective who works in the family justice division.  She, too, is carrying emotional baggage.  Her wife was killed as a victim of a sex crime.  Dana and Chloe are thrown together to solve a series of killings.

The third special character in this story is Taz, a dog who was dropped from the K-9 program.  Chloe adopts Taz for protection and company.  Taz has a great personality and is very intelligent.

I found the plot to be very well written with a lot of twists and turns.  From the very beginning I was drawn into the story.   Readers will find it a page turner.  Ms. Larkin has done a wonderful job with character development and I would not be surprised if she writes a sequel revolving around the same individuals.

I recommend this book and give it 4-1/2 out of 5 stars. 

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Read this in one sitting as I couldn't put it down, its a gripping thriller which sets the story for a romance to happen between the two lead women. One character Chloe has a really painful back story having been abducted, raped and physically beaten and left for dead. As a result she moves to start work at the Boston Police department where she meets the other protagonist Dana, both women are Police officers and both are in pain. The attraction between them is instant but what I particularly liked was that they didn't deny their painful histories, instead they acknowledged them and talked a lot so the romance builds slowly. It also has to take time as they are soon caught up in a dangerous pursuit when Chloe's attacker returns to finish up the loose end of letting her live. The characters are well written and the story moves at an exciting pace (although could be triggering in places, particularly for survivors of sexual violence). For me the best part of the book is Chloe's best friend and bodyguard, Taz a German Shepherd dog that was flunked out of the Police K-9 academy, he is loyal, fierce and with a totally engaging personality. The book really came alive when he was present.

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3.5 stars

This is my first book by Michelle Larkin and the reason I was drawn to Unexpected Partners was because I love myself a f-f, cop story with brave strong women and while the story does contain the mentioned, I didn’t quite enjoy this story as I had hoped.

The characters Dana, a police detective and Chloe, a behavioral profiler for the sex crimes division for the BPD meet by chance at a café and later partner up in hopes to take down this psychopath/sociopath who is connected to both of their very sad, very awful back story. 

I was taken aback and a little disturbed by how much darker the story actually was. I read a lot of crime books and watch the occasional crime show but I felt myself grimacing at this serial killer/torturer/stalker baddie who I thought was too evil for no good reason besides that he had always enjoyed dismembering things despite a rather healthy upbringing by loving family members. His reasoning for choosing his victims is beyond maddening! There were many times I wanted to throw the book in the air in disbelief as some scenes were just so beyond my imagination it felt like a really bad horror film or a Mission Impossible movie where you can’t help but roll your eyes. 

There is a decent amount of action throughout the story so it very easy for me to keep on reading. The romance is sweet if not a little too insta-love despite what happened in each of the MC’s past. The secondary characters Taz, the dropout K-9 dog is adorable even if it’s a little hard to believe a dog like him could exist and ADA Maribel are interesting enough characters.

Overall, not a bad story but it just wasn’t for me. 

WARNING for rape/torture/murder/violent aspects and scenes in this book. It was a difficult read for me and if the above are trigger warnings for you, maybe pass up on this one. 

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I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

I am not usually a fan of police novels, but this one may make me change my opinion. The characters were very realistic and were developed well. The attraction and love story were delicious to read and the ending was very satisfying. I am hoping this will be made into an audiobook because the story would be great to listen to and hear it come to life.
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This was an easy read despite its harrowing subject matter. The storyline was far fetched in parts and how the characters escaped their captor at the end was quite weak, but at no point did I want to stop reading. Loved the canine element of the story, the bond between Taz and Chloe was totally believable and heartwarming.
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Great thriller with a predictably sappy ending. The book is a blast to read and the end is s as expected.
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Dr Chloe Maddox a behavioural profiler is teamed up with Detective Dana Blake to find the serial killer who not only killed Dana's wife but abducted and almost killed Chloe. The more these women work together the stronger their bond and attraction for each other.  
Behind the romance is a great thriller to keep you guessing throughout the book.  A really enjoyable read, would definitely recommend this book.
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Well written story, tense action packed plot.

Characters are strong, independent, intelligent and create an interesting ensemble of friends who become family against the odds
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A good crime mystery romance. Likeable characters and a good plot that moves fairly quickly. An engaging and enjoyable read.
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Wow what a fast-paced story! This is my first Michelle Larkin book but it definitely won't be my last. The premise was fantastic and I loved the characters. I couldn't put this one down and read it in one day. There were a handful of plot holes but still this will be in my reread pile.
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Unexpected Partners is good book ,and an enjoyable read. Dana and Chloe get together under the strangest of circumstances, deal with violence and brutality, and solve a mystery while falling in love. I liked both the main characters but especially Dana. The writing was very good and the story well-plotted with a welcome ending. I do feel the events they have in common are so unlikely that is detracted from the start of the story - I mean, what are the odds? But once the story got going properly and I put that on one side, it was much better.
Overall a very good read and recommended.
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What an unsettling read. Having strong female leads supporting each other was a nice redeeming factor in opposition to the creepy bad guy. I enjoyed the flow of this read much better than the author's previous read, Mercy. Entertaining thriller that kept this reader interested throughout. Dr. Chloe Maddox, working to get past her abduction, almost death, and murder of her fiancee'. Detective Dana Blake, upset and looking for the criminal that abducted and killed her wife. The backstory for both characters is limited but the little we do know is very sad and unfortunate. I also smiled as ADA Maribel was presented and the clothes she had on. She was definitely "styling".  Maribel and Charlie added levity to an otherwise dark and dangerous story. I appreciated how strong both Chloe and Dana prove to be as they faced a talented killer.
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When police officer Chloe's past comes back to haunt her, detective Dana Blake learns her story and vows to protect her. While both on the run form a serial killer and trying to prove he's guilty, the two women grow closer. Will they and their loved ones make it out alive?

This is my first book by Michelle Larkin and I'm sure it won't be the last. I liked this book for the most part but I never quite fully sank into the story. It was fast paced which kept you going but it was also perhaps a little too fast paced so I couldn't connect much to the characters or the story. So many happened in so little time. A few of the twists were a little unrealistic and normally I can get past something like that but because there were so many instances right after another it was a little hard. I was oddly most thrown off by the first chapter  - the first chapter felt like the beginning of a totally different book. I hung onto that first chapter for a while before I had to let it go and realize that the book was going in a different direction. 

All in all I really enjoyed the book and the romance and the family moments were very sweet. Taz was adorable and badass and a nice feel good addition to the book.  I really liked all the characters, really liked them, even the ones that didn't come around until the end of the book. My enjoyment of this book was definitely character driven. 

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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When Detective Dana Blake lost her wife to a serial murderer she promised to find her killer. Four years later and she isn’t any closer to fulfilling her promise and her friends are trying to get her back to living her life again, you know moving on.  Dr. Chloe Maddox joins the Boston Police Force looking for a fresh start. She was attacked and left for dead by the same killer that took Dana’s partners life. She just wants to get on with her life but when the psychopath who held and tortured comes back into her life she teams up with Dana to try to stop him from killing any more women. This is a nice fast paced story that keeps you engaged from the very first page. Very enjoyable read with more than a few twists and turns.  
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I got this book from Netgalley, premise had me excited but i ended up disappointed. The background of both characters is emotional and quite awful.
One is abducted, raped and tortured for nrly a month and then dumped nearly beaten to death, she survives and doesnt remember what happened to her.
The other one was married and had the same thing happen to her wife, only the wife didnt make it due to her injuries.
So, same horrible guy and you can feel it in your bones how badly you want them to get evidence so he gets what he deservs!
The layout sounded intriguing and i loved Taz the dog, but i really dont like when things just suddenly happen all convinient and at just the right time, things that sometimes make no sence just to push the storyline and make it feel unsatisfying when you reach points you been looking forward to and the book was full of this.

Unsatisfying - truely feels like the right word- 2,5 stars for me.
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