The Loch Ness Papers

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Such a cute cozy.  

Delaney Nichols is drawn into a mystery when she meets an older obsessed with the Loch Ness monster and has made it his life work,  When the man’s nephew is killed and he is accused Delaney must find the real killer.

I love the setting   The reader feels transported to Scotland.  The characters are rich and well-developed.  Although this is the fourth book in the series I did not feel lost.  

I highly recommend...
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"The Loch Ness Papers" earns 5/5 Nessie Sightings... Engaging Fun!
I am a fan of Paige Shelton's Scottish Bookshop Mystery series, and the mention of Edinburgh, a quaint bookshop, and a Loch Ness Monster enthusiast had me very eager to start reading. Along with vivid descriptions of Scotland tantalizing the senses and creating marvelous pictures (bucket list candidate), I enjoyed the first-person narrative from Delaney Nichols perspective sharing her inner thoughts, humor, and clever techniques to uncover a killer's identity. She is fun to follow with a bit of a-fish-out-of-water as an American in Scotland, but in this fourth book of the series, she is settling in and set to wed a hunky Scottish pub owner. But no matter how organized, her wedding plans have hit a snag. She needs a new reverend and her family will be arriving from Kansas soon, and In the middle of all the drama, she meets Norval Fraser, a local Loch Ness fanatic. But, murder interrupts it all and she feels compelled to help her new friend. Along with the traditional cozy elements keeping me engaged, Paige Shelton adds some of the fascinating information about the Loch Ness monster myth through Norval's notes, illustrates a loving relationship between Delaney and her Scot, and shows humorous and endearing interactions between the soon to be in-laws. Entertaining. Fascinating. Fun.
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I havr been a fan of Paige Shelton's books since discovering them. While this series is vastly different than what I am used to, I still found it to be an enjoyable read.
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I picked up The Loch Ness Papers by Paige Shelton because the description sounded interesting. It's the fourth book in the series, but I frequently read things out of order and most of the time it works. This time, it didn't. Delaney Nichols works at a bookshop in Scotland and is preparing for her wedding. While going to make last minute arrangements to replace the pastor who was supposed to perform the ceremony, she meets Norval, an old man who is obsessed with Nessie and looking for someone to take over his research. When his nephew is murdered, Delaney tries to help Norval clear his name.  

The murder mystery and Norval's stories about his childhood encounters with the monster, who he firmly believes took his father, are interesting but I never really felt pulled into Delaney's world. She hears "bookish voices" which aren't explained at all until most of the way  through the book, and although she was planning a wedding I really didn't get any sense of her relationship with her fiance. Those are things that I probably would have known if I'd started with the first book in the series, but jumping in with this one wasn't the best idea.
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Love a cozy mystery? Love books set in Scotland? Love the Loch Ness Monster mystery? Love a book set in a book store? This book has all that and more! This is the only book in this series I have read and I was able to just sink right into the story and quickly fell in step with characters. I thought the mystery in this was also a good one. There were side characters that were introduced that you knew had to be behind the murder but exactly who and how were well spun up to keep me guessing to the end.
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In this book we follow Delaney Nichols, a bookseller who befriends a Loch Ness monster fanatic. Her new friends nephew is found dead, and Delaney has to find a way to clear her new friend. With her upcoming wedding, Delaney is very busy and her stress level has reached maximum capacity. Will she make it to the wedding with her sanity intact? Will she save her friend?

This is the 4th book in the Scottish Bookshop Series, but was easy to read and get to know the characters. Many books are difficult to jump into mid-series, but this was a pleasant surprise!
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Paige Shelton continues her intrigues in the Scottish Bookshop in the Loch Ness Papers.  Delaney Nichols is engaged to marry the son of her bookstore employer when a murder involving  the son of the keeper of Loch Ness legends interrupts her preparations. The police think the elderly eccentric may be the murderer.. Delaney and her bookstore compatriots disagree.  Whodunit? Is Nessie real?  What happened to Delaney's wedding gown. Lots of red herrings. A good cozy to read before a fire.
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The Loch Ness Papers is #4 of the Scottish Bookshop Mysteries. It does work as a stand-alone but like so many series books, it’s better if you have all the background and know the characters and their quirks. And the books are all set in and around a unique little bookstore in Edinburgh, Scotland, so really, why wouldn’t you want to?

Delaney and her handsome-as-all-get-out pub owner Tom are getting married in a week or so, but of course, a mystery has to pop up. Delaney meets the slightly-off-his-rocker Norval Fraser who is a firm believer in the existence of Nessie and has a houseful of papers and artifacts to try to prove it. The next day, Norval’s nephew is found murdered and Norval is hauled off by the police – and Delaney needs to help him out.

I feel like I am just repeating things I’ve said before. Delaney and her friends are warm and smart and funny. The setting is amazing and obviously the Loch Ness monster myth fit perfectly. Of course, she might really exist.

This one didn’t grab me as much as a couple of the others. I don’t know why. It’s well-written and there are several suspects, but the real killer stands out like a sore thumb, even if I didn’t entirely know his motive. I think Delaney and her boss and the cops could have been a bit quicker there. And I didn’t love the ending. I take that back, it ends with a wedding which I liked, but a scene or two before that was purposefully unbelievable and I just don’t buy it. I like when the stories delve into history, but I wish they would leave out some of the paranormal bits.
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Princess Fuzzypants here:  When Delaney goes in search of a new officiate to handle her upcoming nuptials she literally runs into an elderly man with a fascinating passion.  He is obsessed with the Loch Ness monster, convinced that Nessie stole his father from him when he was but a wee lad.  When she sits down with him he wants to give her all his research papers if she will agree to continue his research when he is gone.  Flattered though she might be, she probably would have gently refused his request outright but for the fact that the gentleman’s great nephew is stabbed to death and the old gent is the prime suspect.
Delaney feels compelled to help the man in spite of the last minute issues with the wedding and the arrival of her family from Kansas.  What she uncovers is so much more than she could have imagined both about the murder and Nessie.  I love the dialogue and the way that Delaney becomes involved almost organically.  Nothing seems strained or contrived.  It is a good mystery with plenty of twists and a small touch of whimsy.  I have found this series highly enjoyable.  I love the way Edinburgh is a character in itself.  I have become fond of Delaney and all the supporting characters, even the little dog.
I give it five purrs and two paws up.
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What a fabulous new installment to the Scottish Bookshop Mystery series! Delaney’s life in Scotland is so much more than she dreamed! I love the rare and antique books and more at The Cracked Spine, her store family, and now her fiancé! We also get to know Delaney’s parents and brother who come from their farm in Kansas for her most special day. It will be made even more unique as she befriends an elderly man with an obsession with Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, and her family gets to watch her help solve a murder.

As Delaney and Tom’s wedding day approaches, the clergyman who was going to perform their ceremony was no longer available. Delaney went to meet with Reverend Nisa Bellows to see if she will do the honors. As she walked into the church, she bumped into an older man. After he disappeared, she saw a deck of cards with a Nessie drawing on them in a plastic baggie. She mentions it to Nisa, who agrees to tell her where to see Norval Fraser and deliver the cards to him.

Meeting the sweet, eccentric Norval is fascinating, especially when considering his work about Nessie and attempting to prove her existence. He knows Edwin, owner of the Cracked Spine, and had offered to give Edwin all his research, no charge, with one requirement – that he continue the research Norval spent his life on. As they get to know each other, Delaney learns that Norval believes his father was taken by Nessie because of what occurred when Norval was a young child. Norval saw his Da for the last time at the lake. While it is rumored that his father left his family and started a new one with a young widow, Norval won’t accept it.

Within days of meeting, Norval appeared early at the bookshop when her landlord, Elias, was dropping her off to work. Norval was visibly shaken and believed something happened to his great-nephew, Gavin MacLeod. Elias and Delaney take him to Gavin’s apartment, where Elias finds the younger man murdered. When the police arrive, they determine that Norval is the only real suspect they have because Gavin had been stabbed with a Nessie-handled knife, and the only identifiable fingerprints are Norval’s. Norval might have some mental challenges, but a murderer? Norval pleads for her help to find the proof of his innocence in his apartment, stuffed somewhere among the photos, stacks of papers, and Nessie souvenirs. Delaney, with the help of Edwin, Elias, and Tom, begins to try to prove Norval innocent before he ends up in worse places than the local psychiatric ward. In the meantime, will she find the proof that Nessie is real?

All characters are as well defined as necessary for their roles. Delaney is my favorite – she is a brilliant young woman who learned about researching antiquities when working at a museum in Kansas, experience proven invaluable at the bookshop. She is also a warm, caring person who would do her best to help others in need. Those traits often get her involved in mysteries and murder, and thankfully, the local Inspector now respects her. While he doesn’t always ask for her opinion, he still listens to it. It was great to spend time with Delaney’s family as they are introduced to her Edinburg.

The plot is beautifully planned and executed with a mystery that proves a challenge to solve. Plot twists continued to shuffle who the killer might really be, as well as whether or not Nessie is real. I simply couldn’t figure out who the killer was; the end brought several surprises! I very much enjoyed this cozy mystery because of the characters, subjects, and the inability to know who and why the killer was. I highly recommend it to fans of the author and this series, the ancient setting of Scotland, and those who appreciate well-written cozy mysteries.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*
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Dollycas’s Thoughts 

Delaney and Tom’s wedding is just a couple of weeks away and they are in need of a new pastor to perform the ceremony after their original one passes away.  On her way into the church to meet a potential replacement, she meets Norval Fraser, a man who has researched the Loch Ness Monster his entire life. Delaney finds herself drawn into the man’s obsession and they become fast friends. He is very protective of all of his papers and wants to be sure someone will continue his work after he is gone. He had hoped his nephew would take the mantle but when the nephew is killed and police believe he is responsible he reaches out to Delaney for help to find the murderer and to protect his papers. Delaney already has her hands full with her upcoming wedding and her family arriving from Kansas but she can’t say no to this man. Believing the truth will set Nordal free she jumps in with both feet to find it. But she may be up against the beast itself before she can get there.

I loved absolutely everything about this story! A wedding, a priceless book, Americans visiting Scotland for the first time, and Nessie featured throughout it all.

Who has not heard the tale of the Loch Ness Monster? It was about time Delaney paid the creature a visit to see for herself if their really something residing in the Loch. Nordal’s vast amount of papers and his stories really pushed her desire to see if the monster really exists. The man is clearly haunted by his memories and Delaney realizes he needs someone to pay attention. It was heartwarming the way she took this man under her wing, especially because she herself is so new to Scotland. Her need to prove his innocence overtakes almost everything else, including her wedding but her hunky pub owner fiance completely understands.

That leads me to the romantic side of this story. Delaney has found the perfect mate in Tom and we see it abundantly in this story. He takes care of her but trusts her and gives her the freedom to pursue her endeavors. He is ready to step in when she needs him but knows when to back off. She supports him thoroughly too. I am excited about their future.

This installment brings her adopted Scotland family, the staff at the bookstore, her landlords, Tom and his father together with her biological Kansas family to celebrate their upcoming nuptials. Delaney gets sidetracked with the murder and her new friend, so I was so pleased the way the two families got along. Meeting her folks and her brother gave us a clearer picture of the protagonist I have grown to love over the course of this series.

Again, Paige Shelton’s words deliver her readers to Scotland. The town, the countryside, the rain, and the infamous loch. We follow Delaney each and every step of the way. Ms. Shelton paints such vivid imagery.

You will find myth, a rich history, mystery and love within these pages. The ending left me breathless. Such fantastic storytelling took me away. The reality around me seemed to disappear as I became immersed in a tale I couldn’t put down. In fact, I sad when the story ended. My virtual escape ended much too soon. I just was not ready to leave Scotland behind.

This book will be on my list of best reads of 2019 for so many reasons. It can be enjoyed on its own but to experience the character development and the passage of time I strongly encourage reading the series from the start. This story receives my Paradise Rating! 10 stars!
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This mystery series has never failed to transport me to glorious Scotland and the world of Delaney and the where she works, The Cracked Spine. First off, while this can be read as a stand alone, reading them in order gives the reader the best reading adventure. Here we are in the fourth entry in the series and Delaney is on top of the world, her life is almost too good to be true. She is counting down the days to her wedding with oub owner Tom - a dreamy hunk if ever there was one. She loves her new home and her job and even having to entertain her family when they arrive for the wedding can't put a cloud over her days. Maybe it was a bit too good to be true? The officiating minister dies and Delaney has to scramble to find a replacement or the wedding is on hold. When she is off to meet a possible stand in, she crosses paths with Norval, an elderly gentleman coming out of the church yard. She sees that he has dropped something and ends up searching him out to return it. That starts another complication in motion - he is a Nessie fanatic - totally immersed in Loch Ness lore, in search of any evidence that the monster does exist. He and Delany forge an instant bond and not much later, he asks that she take over his papers and passion.
The mystery arrives front and center when Norval asks Delaney to go with him to his great-nephews home as he has not been able to get in touch with him. The reason - he is very dead from being stabbed and Norval becomes prime suspect number one. Delaney knows her new friend couldn't be the killer and sets about finding out who really did in the man. All the while juggling her wedding and all that it entails. 
For me, this series has it all - great characters, a well crafted mystery with the right amount of twists, turns and red herrings, an awesome location (I love Scotland) and a romance. I wish I had been invited to the wedding. As I was not, alas, I was happy to have read about all of the plans and happenings and I'm looking forward to the next book.
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I’ve read this series since the beginning and have to say that I recommend reading the books in order. In order to understand how the characters have gotten to this place in their journey, you need to have the background stories.

The sleuth in this series is Delaney. She has moved from Kansas to Scotland for a job at The Cracked Spine, a bookstore of some repute. Delaney has found her new home in Edinburgh and is engaged to the love of her life.

Her family has arrived for Delaney’s marriage just as murder has occurred. At the same time, a mystery regarding the Loch Ness Monster is provided to Delaney to solve. She takes it on it hopes that it will prove a man innocent of the charge of murder.

The story twists and turns and, as these cozy mysteries do, comes out right at the end.

I’ll be interested to see where the series heads from this point on.

I was provided a digital advance reader copy of this book by the publisher via Netgalley.
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The Loch Ness Papers is the fourth book in the Scottish Bookshop Mystery series. This is the second book I have read, and I can honestly say it works well as a standalone.

I have come to really like most of the characters in this series.  The main character, Delaney, has what she thinks of as ‘'”bookish voices”. They appear to be thoughts that usually come from her subconscious into her mind as quotes from books to help her understand the things that happen around her and guide her in the direction she should go.  Other enjoyable people are the ones she works with at The Cracked Spine bookstore. 

This story takes place in Edinburgh and much of it revolves around the existence of  the Loch Ness Monster and people who say they have seen it or want to. When a the nephew of an avid Loch Ness collector is murdered, Delaney hopes to  help solve the crime while trying to pull together her wedding which has been running into more than a few easy-to-solve problems.

The mystery was enjoyable to read.  The author is very skilled in telling a good story and knowing how to slowly reveal more details. If you like cozy mysteries, this is one that you should pick up.
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The Loch Ness Papers by Paige Shelton is book four in the Scottish Bookshop Mystery series. Delaney and Tom are set to ne married in one week. Delaney's parents are arriving in a couple of days. The last fitting for the wedding dress has happened when Delaney accidentally meets an old man whose life has been consumed by the Loch Ness monster. He lived at the loch as a child and is convinced that his father was taken by the monster. His apartment is full of research and Nessie souvenirs. After the one meeting he would like to leave his "research" to Delaney. She doesn't want it; she would not continue with it. In just a couple of days he is dead: murdered. Delaney spends her entire wedding week investigating-go figure. 

These books by Paige Shelton transport you to modern day Edinburgh, with plenty of history thrown in , just for fun. I chose this series so I could visit Scotland and they have yet to disappoint. Between Delaney and her cohorts: Elias and Aggie, Tom and his father, the folks at the Cracked Spine bookshop where she works, the readers gets a real feel for he life in Scotland. It is a delightful life, full of challenges, both professionally as a "curator" of a large collection and as an unofficial "investigator." This is a particularly compelling mystery given the focus on the monster. The Loch Ness monster has long been a controversy with hordes of believers around the world. Leopold was not taken by the monster but the week Delaney spends looking into his mystery is compelling and challenging, as much for the reader as the writer. Good job, Paige Shelton. I highly recommend this book. Read it for yourself.

I received a free ARC of The Loch Ness Papers in exchange for a fair and honest review.  #netgalley   #thelochnesspapers
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I'm always looking for new to me cozy mysteries so when I saw The Lock Ness Papers at Netgalley and learned it was part of the Sottish Bookshop Mystery series, I had to request it. It is book 4 in the series, and I haven't read the previous books, but I still really enjoyed it.

While you can tell the relationships have been developing over the course of the series, the mystery is definitely a stand-alone. I think it helped me that Delaney's family were visiting for the first time, so there were plenty of introductions to introduce a reader to the cast of regular characters.

Have read MC Beaton's Hamish Macbeth series, I knew I liked Scottish mysteries and I'm thrilled to be able to add Paige Shelton to my list of must-read authors.

I loved getting to know Delaney Nichols, her bookshop family, her Scottish family, and her family from Kansas. It is a delightful cast of characters. I liked that Delaney and her boss, and fellow amateur detective, Edwin were the kind of characters that are an annoyance to the local police. They seemed to be liked and respected by Inspector Winters. Delaney is also not nosy. She is curious and with her background in research, it makes sense that she would be drawn to mysteries and people's stories.

In this story, there are two mysteries. One, is the monster of Loch Ness real? And two, who killed Gavin, the great-nephew of a local (and somewhat famous) monster hunter?

Both mysteries tie together nicely as well as provide some Scottish history. There is also a bit about King Arthur.

The Loch Ness Papers is a light read and more about finding out family history. The characters are never really in any danger nor are there really any high tension moments, which I appreciated after reading some high anxiety-inducing thriller. It was just a really enjoyable story.

I do wish we had found out what happened to the dress shop owner and seamstress. Perhaps it will be revealed in a future book and be sure I will be picking up future books in this series (as well as going back and reading the first 3 in the series).
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This book took me four days to finish. F O U R. That alone should explain the 2 star rating. But in case it doesn't, I will try and break it down for you here. 

First, let me say, I loved all the previous books. Totally and completely loved them and the stories and the mysteries. Delaney is one of my favorite book characters right now and I was so excited that there was going to be a fourth book. I like the bookshop The Cracked Spine and all its workers and I love the story of how Delaney ended up in Scotland. In fact. there really isn't a character in these books that I didn't like. So when I started this, I expected it to be a one day, only put it down to pee, kind of read. 
I was wrong. Oh. So. Very. Wrong. 

I am not sure what happened, but all the magic disappeared with this book. *POOF* and it was gone. And this should have been a magical one. Delaney and Tom are getting ready to get married and her family is coming.  Magical right? Well, not when there is murder and fraud and the possibility of The Loch Ness Monster being real. And even if you can find magic in all of the, the writing [strangely enough] was tepid. And I just didn't care about anyone. Or the story. Or who the murderer was [and when it was revealed and the why, not only didn't I really care, I wasn't surprised at all]. It all just fell tremendously flat for me. And that, when you love a series as much as I loved this one, is a horrible disappointment. 

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin Press for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This book continues the Scottish Bookstore Mystery series.

Delaney Nichols is the MC, who is originally from Kansas, but now lives in Scotland. Delaney works at The Cracked Spine, a bookstore owned by Edwin MacAlister. The bookstore is a very interesting place with all kinds of items that have been discovered or continue to be discovered as Delaney helps Edwin organize the “Dark Side”, which is a warehouse where he keeps the things he has collected over his lifetime.

Delaney and her fiance Tom are planning their wedding. Delaney's family come over from the U.S.

We are treated to more of the recurring characters at the bookshop, Edwin, Hamlet, Rosie and the Hector, the miniature Yorkie. Delaney's landlord, Elias, returns as well. All the characters have well-defined personalities and it was a joy reading more about them.

In this mystery, however, much revolves around the myth of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, and those who believe they have seen her. The lives of families Nessie has touched over several generations are told around the unraveling of the murder Delaney and her friends and family work to solve.

There is also a bit about the legend of King Arthur, for those who are interested in that.

All in all, it was an interesting mystery but the highlight for me was the individual characters themselves.  I look forward to learning more about them as the series continues.

I received an advanced digital copy of The Loch Ness Papers by Paige Shelton from NetGalley and St. Martin's Press in exchange for an honest review.
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Delaney Nichols is living the good life in Scotland. She's engaged to a man she loves and she enjoys her job at The Cracked Spine. She also occasionally acts as an amateur sleuth when mysteries pop up around her. In this book, a local Loch Ness monster enthusiast, and recent friend of Delaney, is accused of murdering his nephew. Of course, Delaney steps up to help find the killer. Though Delaney is curious with the mystery, she has other things going on... she is getting married, and her family is in town for her wedding.

The 4th book in the Scottish Bookshop Mystery series by Paige Shelton. Delaney moved from the US to Scotland to work at The Cracked Spine, a rare books shop. Soon after moving to Scotland, she met Tom, and they fell in love. In each book, Delaney has a new mystery to solve. A light and entertaining series for fans of cozy mysteries. I recommend reading them in order, as it helps understand the characters better.

This book has Delaney helping a new friend... who is obsessed with the Loch Ness monster. Lots of talk about Nessie. Not much talk about The Cracked Spine, which, from previous books, sounds like an amazing book shop. Even though Delaney's family is visiting from Kansas, but she mostly focuses on the mystery, and not on her family and upcoming wedding.

I'll admit, this is not a very exciting book. Personally, I like the characters and can handle the mostly predictable stories. If you like easy reading cozies, and Scotland appeals to you, then it's worth picking up. A delightful addition to the series.

I received a free eARC of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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It's always a pleasure to visit with Delaney Nichols in Edinburgh and to wander the aisles (and the storeroom) of The Cracked Spine Bookshop, and this certainly holds true for The Loch Ness Papers. There's a lot going on in this book: wedding preparations, trips to Loch Ness, rare books, visiting family, and-- of course-- murder. In Shelton's capable hands, the plot does not seem overburdened, although I would be less than honest if I didn't admit that I had a problem or two with the book. At least I can say that I think the problem lies more with the reader (me) than the book. Let me explain.

There's a glitch in the driving time to Loch Ness that had me scratching my head for a second, and I thought the identity of the killer was very easy to deduce. But that's technical stuff and not what bothered this reader the most.

The pastor scheduled to conduct the wedding ceremony dies. Delaney asks for suggestions for a replacement from her friends and doesn't break a sweat. Another decidedly major part of the wedding goes horribly awry, and Delaney sheds a tear or two and goes back to helping Norval, the elderly man accused of murder. Her family arrives, horribly jetlagged, and she bundles them in a car to take them to Loch Ness because she has to interview someone about Norval. Once her family has finally recuperated from their flight, Delaney keeps on investigating and lets her friends show them around Edinburgh. Huh?

Quite frankly, if that were me, Norval could find another savior. I would be working harder on the bits of my wedding that have gone wrong (and probably ripping out a handful or two of my hair along the way). And I would definitely be taking charge of showing my family around as much of Scotland as I could. I could not understand Delaney's laissez-faire attitude. Then two things dawned on me. One, this entire series has a fairy tale quality to it. Delaney walks into her dream job with perfect co-workers. She falls into the perfect place to live-- and it's complete with a built-in chauffeur. She finds her dream man. Good things happen to good people, and who doesn't like to read about that once in a while? The second thing that occurred to me was that I've never had the kind of support group that Delaney has. Between family and friends whom she trusts completely, she can hand over those wedding disasters and know that they are going to be taken care of. Makes me a bit jealous, that does, but personal relationships, loyalty, and trust certainly add to the heart-warming feeling of this entire series.

Now all I want to know is...what's Delaney's next adventure going to be?
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