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The Guy Who Died Twice

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I unfortunately had an issue with Netgalley and never saw I was approved for this book until well past when I could read it. I apologize!
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The Guy Who Died Twice, by Lisa Gardner, is a Detective D.D. Warren story and it fits perfectly into the series.
In this story Detective D.D. Warren is telling, her husband Alex, the events surrounding a very strange case she has been working on. A man goes to the police station and tells them he's dead. They try to convince him he isn't dead and send him home. A few hours later he is dead. D.D. Warren and other detectives arrive at a house filled with many suspects. Now to unravel the story and figure out what happened.
A great little mystery that kept me interested until the very end!

Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Group/Dutton for a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.
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2019; Dutton/Penguin Groups
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Lisa Gardner is great a novellas! She manages to capture a good mystery/suspense tale in just a length of a chapter or two.  While you do not need to read these for the series, they are enjoyable.

***I received an eARC from NETGALLEY***
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I love these little D.D. Warren books. They are such a delight to read. It's like a late night snack, so fulfilling and satisfying. It's a great hold over until the author's new book releases. 

In this particular snack, D.D. is competing for case of the week with her husband. With spouses both being in law enforcement its bound to happen at some point. 

How can a man die twice? Especially when on one of those occasions he's walking and talking. Breathing and thinking like someone who definitely isn't dead. Only to end up hours later with the very condition he was saying he suffered from. 

D.D. has a mystery on her hands that can only be answered by the man's wife and all of the hired help throughout his house. Somebody is hiding a secret. It's D.D.'s job to find out who.
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Favorite Quote:

In the silence, D.D. could already hear his lie forming. For most people, the truth came quickly. Deception, on the other hand . . .

My Review:

This was a quick and mind-tickling tale that could easily be transformed into a television program – oh how I miss Goren and Eames on Law and Order, this would be a perfect case for them to dither and muse over.  I enjoyed the conundrum of the mystery with the overlays of humor, odd details, and insightful observations. I have just recently stumbled onto the craftiness of Lisa Gardner’s intriguing cases with Look For Me, and am ready to assist the hard-working D.D. on her next case with Never Tell already loaded on my Kindle.
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I love everything Lisa Gardner, and although this was just a short story, I do love detective DD Warren. It reminded me a bit of the game Clue.
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I love everything I have read by Lisa Gardner and enjoyed this fun, fast and entertaining novella.  I am now wanting more from one of my favorite authors and I will be starting Never Tell.
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This was a cute short story. It was not extremely exciting or engaging. In the begging of the book, it was a little comical. The reader will feel like they are in the middle of a clue game.

If you like Agatha Christie you will like this short story.

I received this galley from NetGalley.
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Detective D.D. Warren has to tackle one of her strangest cases in this novella. When a man comes into the station claiming he is dead, she tries to convince him otherwise but ultimately sends him home very much alive. However, a few hours later Detective Warren is called to a homicide and discovers that this time the gentleman is very much dead.

This was a great novella, it was a closed house mystery, where either the wife, the doctor or one of the servants could have been the murderer. It was like the novella version of Cluedo…was it the wife in the bedroom with the dagger…or perhaps the driver? The cook? The maid? The doctor? Detective Warren and her team has to ferret out the inhabitants secrets and find out who killed the victim.

It was a great story, I really enjoyed this quick mystery. It keeps you guessing all the way to the final reveal, where as tradition dictates, the detective gathers everyone in the parlour and reveals the truth!
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It's a short little novella this The guy who died twice. I found it hard to get into and didn't really enjoy it as much. I prefer Lisa Gardner's longer books
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This little mystery just took me a little over an hour to read and I was thoroughly entertained the whole time!

Lisa Gardner is one of my absolute all-time favourite authors. Whatever she writes I will read. She has also been known to get me out of a reading slump. 

I don't normally read novella's and tend to shy away from them but I definitely couldn't resist reading this mystery by one of my go-to authors. THE GUY WHO DIED TWICE by LISA GARDNER is a fun, easy and quick read. Love D.D. Warren! 

Thank you to NetGalley, Penguin Group Dutton and Lisa Gardner for the opportunity to read this entertaining and fantastic short little book!
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I can't say enough about this author. All of her books are amazing, and this one is no exception! Her suspense and intrigue keep me on the edge of my seat. You will lose sleep, because you won't want to put this book down! A must read!
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This book although shorter than her usual was just as good. Very intense and always keeping you trying to guess who the killer was. I must say I wasn't expecting the twist and the end. Great job to the author.
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A fun short mystery. Worth a read if you are into Gardner's D.D. Warren books. I was right about the ending which doesn't happen too often with these, but the reasons were still a surprise.
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I love the DD Warren series so I am always after getting the newest release in her saga. While I really enjoyed this novella I thought it was extremely rushed but I guess that's really what happens in a novella. I love DD ad seeing where her and the family are heading in each new adventure!
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Lisa Gardner’s latest short story is a psychological thriller not to miss. Detective DD Warren is on the case of Adam La Toile’s death. 
Experiencing  Cotard’s  syndrome, it appears that Adam has died twice. An interesting medical mystery with a who done it murder. 
The cast of characters were intriguing, with interesting back stories. The story  ends in an unexpected way. 4 stars,
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Lisa Gardner is one of my favorite authors. Even though this is a short story it definitely packs a punch. I loved it. I just wish I got to know more about these characters. It made me want more. Thank you to NetGalley to allow me to review this amazing short story.
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The Guy Who Died Twice by Lisa Gardner is a short story about a man who goes into the police station where D.D. Warren works. He insists that he is dead and they cannot convince him that he is really alive. Shortly after this incident they are called to his home where they find that he is actually dead. He has been stabbed in the back while sleeping. The story then goes into details about the lives of all those that live and work in his home. D.D. learns their histories and solves the crime. The final ending is a pleasant surprise. 
The story is short but I enjoyed it. The ending almost made me cry!
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I really enjoyed this book, it was short like a novella and a lot lighter than the usual D.D. Warren stories. It's still a murder mystery but some parts are almost comical.
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I am a huge fan of Lisa Gardner and especially, the DD Warren series. I was pleased to see a new book, although being a novella or short story, it did not have the twisting, detailed storyline that I have come to expect. Saying that, this was a quick, fun story. The story is written in two timelines, albeit, twenty-four hours of each other. The actual crime and investigation and DD sharing the story with her husband and having him guess what happened.

A rich man walks into the police station claiming that he is dead. He is adamant, even though the police insist he is very much alive. His wife is called and sends the chauffeur to pick him up. He is returned home, only to end up dead, with a knife in his back a few hours later. This is a locked room mystery, as the only people in the house were his wife, doctor and staff. Can DD and her team determine who the murderer is? 

This is a very short story, but Lisa Gardner was able to pen an interesting mystery, introduce some new characters and keep the interest in the DD Warren stories piqued while waiting for the next novel in the series. If you are a Lisa Gardner fan, especially a DD Warren fan, you will want to read this quick story.
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