The Memory

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Thankyou to NetGalley, Bookouture and the author, Lucy Dawson, for the opportunity to read a digital copy of The Memory in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.
What an amazing story!!! It was  a gut wrenching, emotive, nail biting ride. 
The storyline was well thought out and written with well developed characters. I loved it.
Well worth a read.
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Emotional , gripping , page turner . Keeps you guessing until the very end , highly recommended if this is your genre .
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A very thrilling fast paced read. I totally enjoyed it. Looking forward to upcoming books by the author

Many thanks to NetGalley and publisher for supplying my copy of the book in exchange of an honest and unbiased review
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*thank you to Netgalley and Bookouture for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

3 stars.

What made this 3 stars and not 4 was the ending did disappoint me a bit as I was expecting this huge shock to happen, which didn't. In fairness though, I dont remember being told that there was ment to be this huge shock ending so its just me that was expecting it. I think also that because I was unfortunately not prepared for it to be PTSD triggering, that did unsettle me as well. I wish I had of had a warning about that. Maybe its just certain people with PTSD that will find this triggering and not everyone who has it will react the same way. I'm just saying that it did trigger me.

The story though was interesting the whole way through. It had my attention and while I wasn't overly hyped up to keep reading more and more, it was still a good read and I am glad I was given a chance to read it. The story is told by 2 female narrators, Eve and Claire and how their stories become intertwined. I didn't really like either of them the more I read about them. At the beginning I did, until I got to know them a bit better. The character Isobel was interesting. I often had questions about her and found myself wanting to know more. She was a character type that I haven't come across often and she was told so well. I liked Adam as well. He was rather sweet and the ending with him.... well..... that wasnt expected but I won't be giving spoilers so enough said. 

Overall, I did enjoy this for the most part and yeah, if it sounds like a story you would enjoy I would suggest you read it.
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The story started with a bang-a young widow and mother of seven year old Isobel,  being asked out by a sports teacher we know straight off is horrendous, telling her she should be grateful for the request and that her husband is gone and she needs to move on. Her obviously refusal angers him and things begin to get out of hand. Fast forward nearly thirty years and what happened that day has caused a ripple effect, Eve, now older (obviously, sorry!) has lived in the shadow of that day, not fully sure she's not to blame for what went down which has caused her now grown daughter to retreat into herself.

From the start we realise that there is something different about Isobel, but for me she was the true chill factor of this book, alongside the house they live in, which was something from the past and creepy as heck! But I'm totally digressing here!

Eve has the house for sale and we soon meet the next people to be dragged into Eve and Isobel's lonely existence, a lady and her family who come for a viewing which had me inwardly screaming 'don't buy the house!' The interconnection between the two families ensues.

Funnily enough, while this is a supernatural kind of tale (one that I don't really read usually so excuse the review) the bit that made me a bit 'come on' was more the decisions that led them to the house and them staying in the house at all, really. Also it slowed for me a little in the middle but then built again to a good ending.

A creep out book which I note is on audible so actually in a way I'd love to go back and listen to it for added atmosphere as for me it really was such an atmospheric read! Thanks so much to Bookouture for the book in return for an honest review.

Rating: 4/5
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I actually don’t know what I think of this book; I feel quite passive about it. Some parts had me thoroughly hooked and somewhat on edge, and then others just annoyed me. The book contained a lot of mental health concerns and I feel that there was little support for it throughout which I found a little frustrating; perhaps this is a reflection of real life though. Overall, I could take or leave this book.
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A wonderful book and quite scary in places! An amazing read with such a good plot that captures the imagination and has you on the edge of your seat. From the first to last page the story captures your interest and each word brings the reader to a startling conclusion. Have bought another book now by the same author. A good read for anyone who enjoys a gripping story that you just can't put down!
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This is a creepy psychological thriller, and is a real.belter of a thriller, with quite an emotional twist!
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I enjoyed this book and it kept me wondering what was going to happen next. I liked the mystical and magical aspects of it, but also that it never became overwhelming. It never became supernatural, but there was always that undercurrent of something "other" happening. I liked that it was never really clear if the girl was really so affected or if her mother did have a part in her condition and that ultimately, it didn't matter.
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Isobel has had a traumatic childhood. Her Father dies unexpectedly in a car crash & shortly afterwards she is part of a group of children who have a terrible experience. Her mother, Eve, has done her best over the years but Isobel bears the deep psychological scars from her early years. Now Eve must sell the family home, Fox Cottage, which brings complications.

This book is written from two points of view – Eve, Isobel’s mother & Claire. Claire is the woman who buys Eve’s rambling home from her under difficult circumstances. I did like this style of writing with two different points of view. At times we see the same event but through the two women’s very different eyes.

There is a lot going on in this book – I wonder if perhaps there is too much.We have Eve, Isobel & Isobel’s boyfriend Adam with all their difficulties. Isobel is obviously deeply disturbed particularly about leaving their home, Fox Cottage. Eve is struggling with Isobel’s needs whilst trying to sell Fox Cottage & come to terms with Claire & her family who are buying it – there is a lot of history between the two families – I will say no more! Add into that the situation with Claire, her husband & her parents-n-law who all seem to be pulling in various directions with differing agenda. Although I did keep track of it all I wonder if the book would have been better without quite so much going on? The author could then have added more depth to one particular strand.

On the whole this was a good book which I enjoyed. The beginning is gripping but things started to get more complex after that. I am not sure that the author was able to do justice to all the issues raised in this book.

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley.
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Lots of twists in this story and a  bit creepy but well worth reading. . Another good book from Lucy Dawson
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A fabulously dark and creepy psychological thriller.  Well written with believable characters and plenty of twists and turns.  An ending I didn't see coming.  Highly recommended.
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Thank you Bookoture and NetGalley for the ARC.

I liked this book though Wasn't exactly what I expected. That being said - I didn't see the ending coming at all. I thought I knew, then I thought I knew again. Then I got to the end. I would say check this one out.
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Great book with a great storyline. Not what I was expecting at all so was a nice surprise. Easy to read and good characters in there too.
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Lucy Dawson is one of my favorite UK authors and is why I became so interested in UK writers.  I went into this book with high hopes because I was already aware of what a phenomenal writer she is and was not let down at all.

She weaves a tale of a mother and daughter in the aftermath of something tragic.  The storytelling is superb and as always, Lucy Dawson doesn't just tug at the heart strings... She grabs your heart and squeezes.  This book was beautifully written with unforgettable story.

Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for this ARC.
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Loved this book. Full of secrets, suspense, twists and suprises. I really loved the plot. It was very engaging. Thankyou for the opportunity to read it.
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Thank you Netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
This definitely has a suspense, super natural feeling to it. A young girl is left traumatized by a violent event that happened in her childhood. Years later her mother sells the house to a family connected to that event. The story is full of twists and surprises. A bit slow and parts that are a bit confusing but worth reading.
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This book was a pleasant and creepy surprise! It was in my Kindle for a while and I finally read it and it was thrilling and kept me guessing until the end! ✨✨✨✨✨ (5Stars)!
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Fantastic book that weaves its way through the secrets a family has. Love al;l the twists and turns and skeletons that pop out of the closet.
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This was a nice surprise for me.  It was fascinating and creepy and held me on the edge of my seat in anticipation.
I like to let a book sit on my shelf long enough to forget what the synopsis was.  So when I started reading this I had no idea what was going and that led to a little more enjoyment on my side.
It's a little heart-wrenching, a lot psycho, and a great setting.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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