Neron Rising

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Okay so this book was exactly what I was looking for at the time. As far as YA science fiction books go this was a good one. I enjoyed the world-building, Nero is a pretty badass character and there wasn’t a dull moment. Not gonna lie I went through this book faster than I'm used to with other YA books. The ending seemed more like the climax and I was expecting a couple more chapters (there were a few concepts and characters that were introduced but not explored) imo it would’ve been a stronger series if we had a better conclusion. Still I'm definitely going to read the rest of the series I want to know more about this Valen character 👀. If you like YA+Sci-Fi+Romance you should check this one out!
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I’ve had such lousy luck on Netgalley with books which looked really promising but ended up being disappointments that I didn’t really expect Neron Rising to be any different. But this book turned out to be a surprising little gem.

For a story of only about 30,000 words, Neron Rising sure packed a punch. This was my first book by Keary Taylor and I’m glad I wasn’t disappointed. The writing was so good that I couldn’t stop reading.

This story was well-written so that at no point in time did I feel it was a short story. It had all the feels you get with a saga and the author somehow managed to link the backstories in such a way that the story felt deep.

The plot-line gave me a Star Wars vibe that I enjoyed very much. The major plot twist was a tad obvious but no less spectacular. I’m rooting for the main character and her other half but I can’t quite imagine how they can get together.

I had forgotten how much I loved Sci-fi books but Neron Rising reminded me. I found this story pretty epic and can’t wait to read the other books in the series.
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This was a solid start to a sci-fi novel! I’m actually kinda surprised, I went in with no expectations really and it turned out well. I’m excited to see where this story goes. Nova seems to be a headstrong and morally gray, just like I like my heroines.
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Neron Rising: A Space Fantasy Romance (The Neron Rising Saga Book 1) Kindle Edition
by Keary Taylor
I received an eARC via NetGalley and am choosing to leave a fair and honest review

A good book that goes a bit overboard with scifi language that is proprietary to this series is still an exciting and action packed romantic sci-fi adventure. If you can get passed the tech speak like: Lunars for months, Solars for years and various new expletives, the writing is tight and the characters are fantastic.  Readers who like a complete book beware, this series borders on a serial. The books are still whole in their own but they do end on cliffhangers and are short.  The characters and plot are set up but do not reach a full arc.  

Nova lives on a planet that is completely made of a megalopolis.  A giant planet-wide city that houses 28 billion souls.  A maker of illegal Neron weapons and a legal mechanic, she leads a simple and boring life until she realizes the Dominion is about to take over her world.  She also has a voice in her head, the voice of a man she has never met. When she does meet him, her world is turned upside down.

Overall, a fantastic, fun new series.

41/2 stars rounded up to 5 stars.
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I thought that despite this book being sci-fi I would really be able to enjoy it because of that gorgeous cover, but I found the dialogue and inner monologue in this book quite basic and the scientific and world building jargon overpowering. Still, the storyline was fun enough when I understood it and it's far from the worst book I've read.
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I didn't realize this book was so short! I was left hanging when it was over, that's for sure. This book was action-packed. We flew through the worldbuilding at just the right speed, not lingering too long on explaining self-explanatory things, nor leaving us confused about how this world works. The main character was active and interesting. I definitely guessed the twist about half-way through, but that's okay. I'm intrigued and I definitely want to continue the story. I read it through in one sitting!
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My low rating of Neron Rising doesn’t come as a surprise to me. This science fiction book had the impossible task of impressing me in just over 100 pages. I don’t typically care much for short stories, but was conned into it by that awesome cover.  Unfortunately, I found problems beyond the one I have with short stories, and this book ultimately felt like a very amateurish attempt at science fiction.  

This book follows Nova Ainsley, who has been working with the owner of a secret mine for months building highly illegal weapons wielding Neron; the galaxy’s purest form of energy. Neron is also incredible on its own, there are those that can wield it to their will, allowing them to read minds, see into the future and destroy worlds – the Nero. However this race cease to exist, and the most powerful corporation in the world owns the last know Nero, using him to take over planets and destroy billions of lives. 

Nova’s planet Korpillion is known to be void of any Neron. However when Dominion sets their sights on Korpillion to potentially find and harvest any Neron; she wants off the planet for her farther and herself, and selling these weapons will buy her and her father a ticket to another planet in the galaxy. 

Firstly, Keary Taylor is evidently eager to establish the rich world she has created for Neron Rising. However, the execution of the world building lacked the sophistication for me to really get lost in and enjoy it. Instead I was just frustrated by what felt like incredibly clunky exposition. 

The clunky exposition consequently overshadowed any meaningful introduction that was needed to get me to connect with the main character. I really wished she was given more of a voice at the beginning and throughout this story. Unfortunately I felt that the poor world building hindered me from getting a sense of who she really is as a character.

Worse so, Nova just feels really bland. Her voice and motivations felt so tethered to what was happening in the plot. Beyond the plot and ongoing political antics she finds herself involved in, who is she? 

There’s just something about Nova as a MC that didn’t work for me (beyond her lack of character.) The reasoning behind why she is the main character is lost on me. It’s one of those instances where by happenstance she is a very pretty girl who finds herself in the middle of the war, lives a boring life as a mechanic and oh…  she somehow is connected with a man whose voice she hears inside her head and vice versa. 

Also this novella is annoyingly predictable. Nova’s mental pen pal was predictable. As soon as the character was mentioned I thought “yep, that’s her pen pal.” I’m shocked I didn’t see the Reylo similarities sooner.  

Ultimately, the lack of innovation, care for the world building and the characters is what let this novel down for me. This story is likely good for those looking for Reylo inspired stories and need to get their fix.
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This isn't the first book I've read from this author and I'm glad to say that I liked this one as much as her other series. Neron Rising hooked me from the beginning. It's fast-paced and even though it's only 112 pages, there are four "episodes" in this saga so that's nice! 

In this book, we follow Nova. She's (illegally) making and selling Nero weapons to earn money and survive on this overpopulated and polluted planet. We quickly learn that she is connected and can communicate with someone in her mind. She doesn't know who he is but we easily guess his identity. However, that connection was really interesting and quite the page-turner. To be honest, I kinda like that the Nero is one of the bad guys. It makes me want to know more about him and hopefully, he'll redeem himself somehow. 

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book! I was easily immersed into the story and I'm starting the next one right away. 

By the way, the illustration on that cover is so beautiful!
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This was a great book!!! From start to finish the pace and action had me by the throat!!
I fell in love with the world, the characters and the plot line.

Nova, a mechanic in search of a way to escape her "boring" life. Shes somehow connected to a man whose voice she hears in her head. Who is this man? Why the connection?
You can feel her desperation as the story unfolds.  As her planet is put in jeopardy, her escape, and the mysterious man.
Cant wait to read the rest of this series!

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This was a very interesting read, the author does a beautiful job a weaving words and building the world of this title. I loved the characters and their interactions, the action and suspense, the promise for the relationship. I’m excited for future novels from this author, especially part two of this series!
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It's barely 100-page long, but this first episode of the Neron Rising Saga utterly hooked me.
I can't wait for reading the next one!
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I received a free ARC from netgalley.

This is a science fiction story.  After watching Ready Player One, I was disappointed that the heroine also lives in the Stacks.  But the rest of the world building was unique and different enough to be fascinating.

The intrigue leads to action and a few questions answered with many more popping up. The open ending got me.  I'm hooked enough to read episode 2, yes, these are serial shorts.  I don't have much patience for these if there is more than a couple weeks between installments so my rating could decrease through time.
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An interesting and unique science fiction romance with characters that are well written and likable a high a nice story along with it.
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This was really interesting. I like that it's in episodes and can't wait to read the next one. Since this was short I can't say much about the story yet but I did leave me wanting more.
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Brilliant start for a new series based in another universe

Neron Rising is a brilliant start for Keary Taylor's newest series. It sets up the Neron universe in which Nova lives, and yet it is still fast-paced. The characters have a clear potential for growth. The main character, Nova, has already won my heart with her will to survive, her compassion and her underlying strength.
The storyline is rather standard, yet Keary has managed to put a twist to it that makes it enjoyable and clever, introducing themes such as superpowers, romance (of course!!) but also sustainability, overpopulation and corrupted power. I look forward to reading the next book in this series!
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".... Honor, glory, love. When did we become a galaxy full of survivors?”"

In a nutshell.
88 pgs and Im amazed how it still managed to love the story, the characters and worldbuilding . End of episode one left me yearning to read more about this world, about Nova and the fate of their galaxy.

The first chapter felt choppy and didnt really grip my interest, but after that it just got better and better. Its exciting, realistic and I could easily picture the world the author created.
The few issues I faced were, I found some parts of the story was predictable and we sort of get to know our MC in a rush so I dont really connect with her very much (probably because its just below a 100 pgs, so its justified I guess).
As much as I liked the world,  something I felt off was, we get to know a preview of her surroundings and then MC gets involved in her business and we dont get to know much of it. Again its just episode 1, so im sure episode 2 will make up for it.

The whole idea of the story is pretty intrigueing (trust me its way cooler than it sounds in the synopsis), and the author did a pretty good job executing the idea, making it plausible and amazing. 
The antagnoist...I have a thing for villains, I tend to be more drawn to them than the good guys.sometimes. Its pretty impactful the events surrounding the villain, and I feel we'll have something good coming up in the future episodes (villainish good though).

Overall I loved this book, despite being short it managed to hook me in and not leave it till I got to then end.
Worth the read!
Looking forward to the sequel!

Thank you Netgalley ,Keary Taylor and Xpresso book tours for this e-Arc.
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I am so grateful that I had been approved to read this because it absolutely blew me away. 

The front cover drew me towards this book, it had a very Star Wars feel to it and I adore this type of genre when it comes to reading. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I came to the realisation that it was 88 pages long but it feels so much longer than that because of how great the story itself is.

I loved the whole world that Nova describes, it wasn’t confusing or too much for me as a reader. I truly immersed myself in this and got lost in the pages. The characters were well written and I truly felt for Zayne a little when it came to his and Nova’s past. But I could also understand why Nova was drawn to what she did also. I liked the language and the dialogue between characters, the description of the planet and of course the entire existance Of Neron. How it is practically described as a life source, how it powers this and that and how weapons are made with it. It was great picturing it in my mind filled with this electric blue colour that surrounded the galaxy.

My love of all things sci fi also includes gaming, hearing about Neron reminded me a lot of “Eezo” or Element Zero from the Mass Effect Series. It too powers mostly everything and is mined. However not to the extent that Neron has however, its the source of life and is everywhere and is used to power practically everything and is also very powerful when in the wrong hands.

I loved the episode format, it is very different - it really leaves you wanting more. I will definitely be recommending this book and I was lucky enough to be accepted to read Neron Skies and I simply cant wait to find out what happens to Nova and the mysterious Valen Nero who I need to read more about. 

This is a brilliant story, and it’s a really great example of Sci-Fi / Romance at its finest and is a great book as a starter in to the genre for the people who aren’t to sure about it and want to give it a try.
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I received this novel from net galley and the publisher. Thank you!
This novel was a short read and the series is being told in "episodes". In this first episode, we meet Nova, who wants to get off the planet with her father and friend. She has a job but on the side makes weapons illegally with Neron. The Dominion wants control over all the Neron and they currently do not know about the Neron deposits on Korpillion, but secrets never stay secrets forever. Neron has incredible powers when it weapons and can even be dangerous to those who can wield it. Nova is independent and smart, but she wants more than just the same daily routine. Nova has a mind connection to a young man, but she does not know who he is, but he seems to know about her. Nova does not understand this ability though. When Nova discovers who the man whose thoughts connect with her, she is in shock. He helps her to get off the planet when the Dominion arrive, but she does not quite know what to think of the visions she has of this man. Nova and others are now travelling to find a people only thought to be legends to discover who Nova is.
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(The Neron Rising Saga book was is a fabulous blend of sci-fi and action. Good story and greatly enjoyed
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