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I'm sorry, but I wasn't engaged by this book at all. It felt like recycled content, for one, and it also felt like reading a textbook. I didn't feel like a real person wrote this book. It was so bland. Just not my cup of tea.
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The book is a good set of knowledge and interesting approach to engage people with an organization. In practice, it may be a bit difficult to apply this theory. Authors have done a big research job and I have found several interesting tips. The point of consistency and hard work on keeping people engaged and more interested /motivated to contribute in their day-to-day job is important however, the efforts are not always there. Also, judging from my experience, the engagement of employees depends on the age group and the nature of the business. In general, the practices and advice from the book can be useful in organizational development practice. I can recommend the book to HR and talent management people.
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I read this for the new job--I keep reading these business and management books for insights, and this is stuff that I already knew from teaching.  You can make people do tasks, but if they know why, and it is something meaningful to them, they do a better job and do it more willingly.  Ordering people to do stuff and then "rewarding" them with something you think they should want (pizza party!) turns it transactional and insulting, and backfires in spectacular ways.  If this is "magic," I'm the Queen of the Witches.
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