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I received a copy of this book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.

I've been meaning to write this review. Whoa! This book is hot! I was living vicariously through Mrs. Hot. She proves any age can be sexy. Very empowering for women, as we are told most of the time as we age, we are no good. Mrs. Hot puts all that to rest. I am not in her age bracket, but I would def. recommend this to my mother. Reminds me of a Stella Got her Groove Back. I'm giving three stars because at times I couldn't relate to some of the advice. 

Overall, very enjoyable and fun!
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Not sure what I expected out of this book, but I didn't expect what I got.  Maybe if I was older (I'm 40+) and believed that beauty was only skin deep maybe this book would have did it for me, but it didn't.  I probably won't read another book by this author.
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I think the word "hot" in the title refers to the hot mess that is this book. I chose to read it thinking it would be a little fun, a little trashy, but it's kind of just trash. The author is completely out of touch with reality and totally absorbed with the superficial. Advocating for women to change everything about their appearance, spend all their money on cosmetic surgery and become some plastic fantastic creation in order to attract men is insulting to women and men. Many of the authors ideas are archaic and some potentially dangerous. Even the second half of the book that details her conquests left a lot to be desired. I am unable to review this book for the website I write for as we recommend books to our readers and I can not in good conscience recommend this book to anyone.
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Interesting read.  I commend Mrs. Hot for her journey and hope that sharing her experiences have not back fired on her.
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Memoir?  This book interested me because it is about a single woman my age. I now understand that “hot” means that she is pursuing a sexual relationship with a man. The first half of the book was about getting her body ready for her quest. The second half was about her conquests. The book contains many details and I enjoyed the description of Santorini in Greece.  If you enjoy erotica, this is the book for you.
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This book has a lot of humor, mostly of the ribald kind. It's a series of blog posts about a woman reclaiming her life in her older years. Although the writing is well done and the articles are funny, it didn't quite hit my funny bone. I am in that age group, and agree that time beats the hell out of the body, I'm a bit more accepting of the years. I don't plan to come under the surgical knife for anything more than necessary. But more power to people who make those choices. Your body, your choices.
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I writing style was difficult for me to relate with; therefore, I didn't finish reading it.  DNF  Wish I could write more but I don't have any other feedback to give.
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I did not like this book.  It is supposed to be about a mature woman discovering her sexuality but felt very adolescent.  I also did not like the implications that you cannot be sexually attractive unless you can afford designer clothes and furnishings and to enhance all aspects of your physical appearance through any means, including plastic surgery.
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The Book of Hot is a fun compilation of stories for women who are coming of age and wanting to channel their inner goddess (clears throat)!! The book was outrageous and funny and overall a delightful read!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC for my honest review.
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Sorry, but this book just isn't for me.  I don't believe in moon energy or some of the new age elements of this book.  Even using groupon as she suggests would not make the procedures affordable for me. Furthermore botox and plastic surgery can be dangerous and you run the risk of the job being botched.  While there were a few helpful hints, it just wasn't enough to overcome some of what I saw as flaws.
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The Book of Hot is a book about realizing your worth. It's a shame that Mrs Hot didn't realize he's until she was older. Just think of what she could have done in her 50's. 
I've never been a fan of Sex in the City so I didn't get her references to it. 
I hope I have as much spirit and self worth when I'm 62.
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Thank you net galley for an eARC for an honest review.  A interesting read about life after 60 and how to keep it exciting Wasn't sure what I was expecting when I requested this, but it was interesting for sure!
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This is the journey of a woman finding her selfworth.   To me is seems to be a bit foolish but light-hearted.  She has stey out of her comfort zone and into the life she wants.
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I could t take to this book, perhaps it’s bevause I’m not a fan over ‘Sex in the City’ that I don’t appreciate the references to Samantha and how to act like her.
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Mrs. Hot is funny, I like the way she writes about her life.  I think I would read this book for the comic relief.  Unfortunately, her philosophy on beauty and aging--I do not subscribe to.  You can only be beautiful if you are thin, wrinkle free, and squeezed into a tight sexy dress wearing stilettos and mucho makeup... Men have to be attracted to you-everything you do to yourself has to be done to make a man want you. No,  NO.Just NO. Looks are deceiving--unless all you want is sex. If so,  then go for it.  However, I find that superficial and shallowness a little too much. If you go plastic you get plastic.  Loveless sex only lasts a few minutes.  But a life full of real LOVE lasts forever. Again, if you want to read this for the laughs you will like it.  Mrs. Hot is very smart and she makes me laugh. 
Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley for the chance to read and give an honest review.
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A steamy smoking hot romance book. Great characters that will make you fall in love with them and their stories. Relatable characters.
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Thank you to the publisher for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
4.2 stars.
This book was meant for a fast hot read. I do like it.
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You are only as old as you feel!

I must admit, I’m on the fence with Mrs. Hot’s The Book of HOT.  As a senior I’m all about not letting a number(age) keep you from living your life at your fullest, but how authentic is it if you feel you need as much cosmetic surgery to get there as the author says she’s had.  Not really what the average woman would do, presuming she could even afford it.  Part self help, part sexy times. I think each reader will have to decide for themselves if this book is for them.
I received an advance reader copy via Netgalley.
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I received an ARC of this book through #Netgalley in an exchange for an honest review.  The thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own, made of my own free will.

It's not often that I read a book of this genre/type but the description made it sound entertaining and something that real women could relate to.  Maybe help us in laughing at ourselves or inspire us to make changes in our own lives.

Unfortunately, I was very disappointed.  If another writer had written the story, in a format that flowed more easily, it may have been much more likable.  However, this autobiographical writer, made me feel that she was trying to prove something not only with her healthy life changes but with her writing style.

I am an educated woman who enjoys a story or author that uses less commonly used words in a place or two.  In fact, it's even fun for me to come across a word in a book, that I have to use my Kindle dictionary on, either for pronunciation or to make sure that I'm understanding it correctly.  This book, although I didn't have to use my dictionary much, was very irritating in the author's writing style and had no easy flow to it.  I felt as if the writer focused mostly on finding the least commonly used synonym of at least 50% of the words and there was almost never a verb or noun used that wasn't preceded by an adjective or four adjectives.  

While I appreciate the author detailing her struggles that many of us have in common, sometimes a woman coming into a shop is just a woman.  It doesn't have to be a gorgeous, sophisticated, superbly dressed, middle-aged woman.  The story got lost for me in the mess of "big words" and adjectives.  Add that to the fact that the word "hot" is grossly overused and printed in red instead of black, it became distracting.

Again, disappointed that a good story was lost in terrible writing style.
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I don't even know where to start, but this will be long.

I thought this would be a book about one woman's road to self love. Learning to love herself becoming the "goddess" she knew she was. 
While I may not agree with her process, this woman did what she needed to do to lover herself. And however she got there, I am glad she did. 

HOWEVER, this read more like a womans journey through... plastic surgery. She encouraged women “if you can afford them they make all the difference... “ and if you can’t most doctors “have a payment plan” or there are “deeply discounted Colombia and Thailand .... "
When I read that, I knew this was not the book I thought it would be.

I did not like this book, I did not like the writing, I did not like anything about it. 
THAT aside. I found this book to be hypocritical and plain damaging.

It probably did not help that I read this book sandwiched between two amazing books about feminism and equality.
While I think this book was meant to be empowering, for me tearing another woman down is never empowering.

Where to start ... 

There were small statements like
"Men are harrier than we are. So the less we have the more attractive we become." and  describing shaving as “our cross to bear”    ....  So if women do not shave we are not attractive? A woman's attractiveness is based on how smooth her pits are?  ok...

She encourages women to wear red nail polish, because "THAT is the color men prefer"

When talking about weight she says "A chocolate is always a welcome sensual indulgence on ones bedtime pillow. A toothpick not so much" 
So sorry to the ladies who were born with a fast metabolism ... because the implication is you are not desirable in bed. 

Referring to an instagram post, by what she calls a “so called feminist” and “feminazi” she says 

“She was venting her fury at men in a long tirade of defiant demands. I don’t need to wear lipstick. I don’t need to be thin. I don’t need to grow my hair long. I don’t need to shave my legs...” 
she goes on to say that this “sputtering red faced “feminist” "  was forcing rules on women. Dictating what a feminist is. 

If you call someone a "so called feminist" aren’t YOU implying that they are not a feminist, therefore dictating that a feminist is. 
She ends the chapter by saying,
"To the feminazi haters for whom not grooming is a political statement. Go ahead feel free not to wash your hair. Feel free also not to get asked out. Just saying." 

No where in the authors description of the instagram post does she say anything about not washing her hair ... SO in that rational a woman who does not want to shave. Or grow her hair long is ... what? Unhygienic? Unlovable? 

Putting another woman down based solely on her opinions is that feminism? 
Bringing down another woman’s self worth? Is that feminism?
Because the implication that another woman should change herself to be “date-able"... all I can say is if THAT is the kind of feminist you are ... then I mean call me a feminazi any day. 

The very next chapter she says. 
"True feminists: powerful women who make their own choices."  

Am I going crazy? 

She then says "true feminism is girl power. That means having the freedom to choose to wear makeup or not. To shave your legs or not. To grow a jungle under your armpits or not..."

That is exactly what the woman you JUST criticized said. 
She said "I don't need to wear lipstick"
You said "Having the freedom to choose to wear makeup or not"

HOW are those two statements different?
She says I don't need to, you say, you have the freedom to choose... so WHY is she a "so called feminist" and you're a ...? true feminist?
I don't get it. 

Moving onto weight
She says

"Obviously self love can extend to loving oneself at any weigh. But I’m not sure I buy all that “happy” fat people believe their own hype. Tho it’s trendy for fat people to shame fat shamers and proclaim how much they live and accept themselves, in fact they’re vibrating the exact opposite since it’s their lack of self loving choices that has made them fat in he first place. 

She goes on to say. 

​"​If big is beautiful. Then it follows that diabetes is beautiful. But it’s not. And that dear reader is the elephant in the room for the elephants in the room...​"​

A little further on she says to ​"​post loving messages to yourself. Like I love myself. I am beautiful. I accept myself unconditionally exactly as I am right now” 
I assume she forgot to add ​in t​he disclaimer that this is NOT for the “elephants in the room” you guys continue hating yourself. And change​. Oh and don't be happy. 

This book in my opinion is everything wrong in the world of feminism and equality.
Implying that a woman is not feminine because she has the " Androgynous silhouette of a twelve year old boy​" some women were born that way... they are beautiful and feminine and having another women tear them down and make them feel less than they are is the very problem in today's society. 

T​he term "feminazi" to describe a woman who does not feel the need to conform to what society has told them is beautiful, to call another woman an elephant? THAT is not feminism.

The ONLY reason I would ever read this book again, or recommend another human being read this book would be to discuss how this book would negatively impact the fight for equality, kindness to our fellow humans and feminism as a whole.
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