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DNF at 33%.

Evalina flees her sadistic Russian mafia boyfriend Dmitri and runs away to Mexico. Naz is a former special ops soldier turned private security operative, his job is to follow a Russian mobster's runaway socialite wife and report on her movements - easy money! But when Eva gets attacked by a group of men in an alleyway Naz feels honour-bound to intervene. Unfortunately in such a small town they keep running into each other and soon overwhelming attraction threatens to jeopardise his mission.

I loved J.T.'s Slow Burn series so a new series from her was a no-brainer for me. Sadly this book just didn't work for me and when I start forcing myself to read a book I know I need to ditch it. What I loved about the Slow Burn series was the humour, that's here too but it just doesn't work in a romantic-suspense novel (in my opinion). Eva's story was too familiar from every other romantic suspense novel I've read, beautiful woman abused by wealthy powerful man, she escapes and falls in love with broken special ops guy, yadda yadda. The humour was great - just in the wrong book for me. This felt like a romantic comedy wedged into a military/special ops romantic suspense.

I still love J.T. as a writer but this was a did not finish for me. Luckily from early reviews I have seen everyone else loved the book.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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I really can't even express how much I liked this book! I was completely unfamiliar with this author when I requested an ARC from Net Galley.  I just really liked the cover and thought the description sounded okay.  I honestly put off reading it because I was unsure if I'd like it.  As soon as I gave it a chance, I was hooked. The writing style was witty and so easy to just fall into. Nasir and Eva were just perfectly matched. Their constant completely politically incorrect banter kept me amused while the suspense and intrigue of the storyline pulled me completely into the story. With lots of twists and sweet moments mixed with danger and sacrifice, I couldn't put it down. I pretty much read it in one sitting yesterday.  I also downloaded Connor and Tabby's (secondary characters in this book) book from a previous series and have already devoured it. I may or may not have also downloaded the next book in that series to start as soon as I finish this review.  One small word of warning, this is not a standalone and ends on a cliffy. The next book is due this August.  I was sad not to get the ending, but I loved this book too much to complain about a whole second book with these characters. I definitely have a new author to add to my favorites!
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** This review may contain spoilers **

First of all, Dangerous Beauty has to come with a least one note for readers: This book contains a major cliffhanger and is not a standalone romance. There is no HEA in this book! 

I would also suggest to have a trigger warning here for extended sexual, emotional, and physical abuse.

Now, let's get to the review part:
I’ve so longed for Naz’s story. I always imagined him in previous mentions to be a big bear type guy, all protective and full with gooey chocolate inside; a deeply emotional, passionate rock. He’s somewhat all that in this book but not as much as I’d hoped.
He also - at least for a few months - gets to be with the woman he comes to love - a strong woman called Eva who survived hell for years. She’s finally taken steps to start a new life.

I so wished for their story to be more emotional, and somewhat more connected and more sensical.
After all the horrific trauma she’s been through, it would have made more sense for her to be very reserved, deeply untrusting, and shying away from any sort of body contact, especially sexual contact.
So, for Naz to work diligently to gain her trust over a longer time would have been so much sweeter, and somewhat more sensical. 

And for her to pursue him (!), openly and freely blurt out her feelings, and be so trusting of him from the very beginning is a bit disappointing. Knowing now, that the story goes over several books, I don't understand the rush of getting both characters together so quickly. 

Disappointed also comes to mind when I think about what they said to each other to lighten the mood when things looked grey. I thought that humor in those situations is actually a good coping mechanism but what they said, I perceived as an easy way out and somewhat negative overall. With all the possible humours options, why go down the route of describing their obviously stunning bodies as something overweight or genetically disabled people look like? Or ask to be covered up in a burka or nuns outfit to cover up her beauty? Even though it’s said in a humorous way, it fell flat for me as it doesn’t honour people in all their diverse ways. 

Overall, at about 3/4 through, this book came in at around 3-3.5 stars. When I realized that the assumed/promised romance wasn’t going to happen in this book, I dropped further points and this book.

I really routed for Naz & Eva, I just don’t think this story runs deep enough to honour either of what they’ve been through. They, more than any of the previous characters in J.T.’s books, deserve more now. To drag out their overly deserved happy ending is so disappointing! Expecting now to read another 2 books and knowing the horrendous things to come for either of them, I’m hoping that the actual real-life world is in a better state than it is right now when the next books are out. That way I could brace myself for what’s to come. I needed a positive outcome now! 

As a dedicated romance reader who was led to believe a happy ending is at the end of Naz’s and Eva’s ordeal now, I’m super disappointed.
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Cliffhanger alert!  Proceed with caution!  With that out of the way, this was one GREAT book and even though I really try not to get sucked into a cliffhanger except with certain authors who turn around with the next book quickly, I'm really glad I requested and received this ARC.  Eva is on the run from her abusive ex and she is mistakenly, blissfully unaware of the danger surrounding her. Sure, she feels she is being watched and Naz has to break his cover but in this small tourist island he could be a tourist. But he is not. They keep running into each other and soon a friendship develops and she is telling him about herself. When she tells him about the abuse she has left, he is ready to end his assignment. The boss, Connor, has other ideas until his wife, Tabby (love her), gets involved and when they discover all the evil ways of Dimitri the assignment is over and Naz and Eva are on their way back to New York. Yea, I told you a lot but there is so much more and I you have to read this one! Twists, turns, and so much goodness until we are left with that ending!  Bring on book 2 NOW!

**Received this ARC for review from the publisher via NetGalley**
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Ms Geissinger is one of my favourite authors, everything I have read from her has been amazing and Dangerous Beauty is more of the same and.  This story is a beautiful love story with overtones of mystery and trepidation.  Beautiful Eva is running away from a Russian Mobster and thinks she is safe, but she is still looking over her shoulder and carrying a gun just in case.    Naz is a former bodyguard now working for a security company that is hired to find Eva so her ex boyfriend can get her back.  Eva has started a new life on the island of Cozumel where she thinks she is perfectly hidden, but Naz finds her easily and meets her when he saves her from some would-be robbers.  

Though they are instantly attracted to each other, they go their own ways as strangers but Naz makes sure that he keeps "bumping into" her after all is is a small island!  Both are keeping tremendous secrets from each other but bit by bit these secrets become revealed except that Naz will not tell her what his job really is because he doesnt want to lose the woman he is falling in love with.  

This whole story is one of intrigue and mystery that keeps you guessing while a scorching hot love affair is being played out.  Eva started as a broken and afraid woman but finding Naz's love and protection has made her braver and stronger.  Naz is the hot and super sexy hero, who was closed off, and not afraid of anything until he meets Eva. As he falls in love with Eva he shows his feelings and opens up to her, but remains strong and will do anything it takes to keep her safe including laying down his life.  

Just as I was getting to the end and thought it was all going to work out, Ms Geissinger had other ideas and left me dealing with a frustrating and unexpected cliffhanger.  This really different to her usual writing style where her books are complete in themselves though part of a series.  I understand from her notes after the story that she was unable to contain the full story in one book and our characters are going to have to go through more hurt, trials and pain before there is a happy ending.  

I just hope that Ms Geissinger does not give us too long of a wait for the conclusion of this epic story.
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Oh my gosh!  I loved this book!  Despite that ending, or maybe because of it.  

Naz has been hired to keep an eye on a rich man’s spoiled wife but when she gets herself into some trouble, he has to step in.  Within no time at all he realizes she isn’t everything the client described her to be.  And before he knows it, he’s crossing boundaries he warned himself to stay away from.  And Eva is eagerly waiting for him on the other side.

“He inhales deeply, then lets it all out in a gust.  “It’s how men are supposed to be.  Unfortuntaely, a lot of them don’t know the difference between protective and possessive, which is why you have so many a$$holes in the world.”
I close my eyes and sit very still, basking in that statement.  And in him, this beautiful man who is single-handedly redefining the word MASCULINE for me.”

Eva has some deep, dark secrets.  Secrets that will break your heart.  But she’s living her life now, enjoying every day for what it’s worth even as she keeps one eye over her shoulder.  When Naz enters into her life, she’s reluctant to share anything about herself.  When they keep running into each other she slowly opens herself up. 

“I love how she wears her heart on her sleeve and doesn’t pretend to be tough.
She isn’t tough.  She’s strong, but not tough.  She’s obviously capable and independent and whip smart, but she’s also vulnerable.  Sweet. Soft.”

This couple were so freaking cute and fun and sexy and just perfect!  I absolutely loved their banter and back and forth insults that were light hearted and hilarious.  Naz knew just how to defuse any moment that became too heavy with Eva and I loved him for his sensitivity.

This book has a relatively low angst despite what each couple are dealing with.  The pace is fast and so engaging that I hated each time I had to close the book to deal with real life.  With a slow burn, the steam was still extreme and there is never a doubt as to the chemistry between Eva and Naz.

I knew going in it was going to be a cliffhanger and while I hate them, I could tell this couple need more than just one book to do what needs to be done.  But the worse thing about a cliffy, is the waiting…sigh.  

Dual POV
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2.75 ★
So, like a few other people, I assumed this book was going to be like the others I read by Geissinger and be a standalone within a “series”. It is not. It is a full series and ends in a damn cliffhanger! 

I really wanted to love it since I loved her Slow Burn series, but to be completely honest, I was left underwhelmed and unimpressed. It came across to me as sort of an insta-love for him and a hate-to-love for her. 

There were some good parts and the storyline itself I enjoyed, but there were A LOT of cringe-worthy, eyeroll moments and it just did not hit the mark for me. Naz is one of those guys who likes to fix everything with humour, and at times funny, it honestly just got to be old and tiring. If it was me, I would have got really annoyed and told him to just be serious for once! (Ya, I’d be that girl. Whatever!) 

Eva was funny and I liked her spunk and bravery. The ending is what really threw me for a loop. I was not a fan and feel like there either needed to be more details and longer or something. I don’t know. But that final hospital scene… no. No. It did NOT work for me.

For the most part it had some good and some bad. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. I kind of feel like it would have come across better as a movie. I’ll still probably read the rest of the series because I hate cliffhangers and the unknown.
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Who’s watching the watcher?

Nasir (Naz) has been hired by Dimitri to keep an eye on his runaway wife Evalina (Eva) Ivanova in Mexico plus take pictures of her for his weekly report. Naz was new to the company and it was a change from being the bodyguard to Nico Nyx (Bad Habit series) so he figured out that it would be an easy job. Eva wasn’t a runaway wife because never married Dimitri but an unwilling part of his harem. 

Eva figured out she was being followed and when crooks tried to rob her, Naz saved her and befriended her. Eva and Naz started to hang out but when Eva told him that her boyfriend had hurt her and she wasn’t married, Naz figured out that something was wrong with the whole contract and he was being watched also.

Dangerous Beauty ends on a serious cliffhanger which continues on with Eva and Naz’s story in Dangerous Desires. I can’t wait to read the next book and Tabby is worth reading the entire book for. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own
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“Why is your heart hammering, Naz?” 
“Because you’re crack and I’m an addict.”

J.T. Geissinger is one of those authors that I will drop everything to immediately read her books, even if I'm in the middle of reading another. Dangerous Beauty is a spin off from the Wicked Games series which introduces Tabby and Connor, two of my favorite characters. While you do not have to read the series in order to enjoy this one, I still would. They're just that good. Those characters also play a pivotal role in this book and more than likely the next book as well. Warning, this does end in a cliffhanger and I did not realize that going in. Let's just say, I need the next book ASAP!

“Big burly men doing things like cooking or holding a baby are one of the most erotic sights in the world. It could be improved only if he were doing it in his underwear.”

Dangerous Beauty revolves around Nasir, whose first job as a PI working with Connor and Tabby, is to find Evalina who has run away from her husband. His job is to watch her, take some pics, and keep her mob boss husband in the loop of her going ons.

Living on the island of Cozumel, Eva is finally getting a taste of freedom that she hasn't had in a very long time. But when she runs into trouble, Nasir is forced to break cover and save her. He can deny the attraction he had for her behind the lense, but meeting her brings that attraction up close and personal for them both. While Eva might be wary of Naz, she can't help warming up to him as every conversation between the two is a mix of banter, insult and heat. Seriously, the book is a suspense romance with a strong dose of rom-com to it as well. The banter between the two is laugh out loud funny.

“You’re adorable.” He kisses me softly on both cheeks. “Adorable, charming, and completely irresistible.”
“You seem to be resisting just fine,” I grouse.
“What’s that mean?”
“I mean you still have your pants on. And your shoes!”
He strokes his thumbs over my cheeks, gazing down at me with his heart in his eyes. His look leaves me breathless. “I don’t have a condom,” he says softly. “But even if I did, we should wait to take the next step.”
I stare at him. “Wait to take the next step?” I repeat slowly, horrified.
“Not for me. For you. I want it to be special—”
“I want it to be now,” I interrupt. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve waited to feel like this? I’ll give you a hint: forever.” He inhales, his gaze contemplative. “And furthermore,” I say, my temper rising, “we don’t need a condom because I’m on the birth control shot. At least I’m assuming your concern is pregnancy and not diseases, but if I’m wrong, I’ll have you know I’m disease free. Are you?”
“Yeah,” comes the instant reply.
“Okay, then. Let’s do this.”
In response to my challenging stare, he dissolves into laughter again, rolling onto his back and taking me with him so I’m splayed across his body like a blanket. He cups my face in his hands. “We have all the time in the world now,” he murmurs, gazing up into my eyes. Then, in a different tone, “Did you just glance at the gun?”
“I bet I could force you to do me at gunpoint.”

As Eva begins to warm up to Nasir, He quickly learns that not all is what it seems when it comes to Eva and while she is beginning to trust and open up about everything that has happened, he begins to feel guilty that they met, essentially under false pretenses since he is working for her husband. As their stories unravel and truths come to light, both characters will face danger at every turn and the action ramps up exponentially. Get ready for twist and turns and an ending I didn't see coming, mostly because I didn't know it was a cliffhanger.

“I’m not fearless. I’m afraid of everything. I’m even afraid of you.”
“But you’re still right here with me.”
I blow out a shaky breath and close my eyes. “I won’t let my fear make the decisions.”
With exquisite tenderness, Naz brushes his lips against my temple. He whispers into my ear, “And that—my sweet, brave, beautiful girl—is the definition of courage.”

This author always blows me away with her characters and stories. It's seriously hard to put down her books before reaching the last page. Honestly, I got to the last page immediately lamenting and the "What?! Why?!! Nooooo!!!" echoed in my room because I needed more. Dangerous Desire releases in August which feels so far away and I will be anxiously awaiting the next book. 4.5 stars!!
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Dangerous Beauty is my first book by J.T. Geissinger, so I had no idea what to expect. I have heard many good things, but you honestly don't know until you experience it yourself. I am more than happy to admit I thoroughly enjoyed it and I devoured it in just a few hours. 
Well written with descriptions that capture everything vividly. From the characters to the scenery around them I felt like I was their, experiencing everything first hand. 
The characters had depth and the banter between them was genuine and hilarious. I fell in love with Naz and Eva, who they were and who they will become. I loved the connection between them and their respective suffering only brings them closer. 
Except Naz is hiding something big from her, and she senses it, no matter what he says. Will she continue to be strong and accept what he has to tell her? You will have to read it to find out! Definitely one of my favorite so far this year and the best part is there is still more of their story to come! It is not over! Action-packed with an eclectic cast if supporting characters that will leave speechless, you don't what to let Naz and Eva pass you by.  Definitely a five star read!
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I tried to get into this book but I just couldn’t...not that it isn’t a good book, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. 
The characters were well written and developed, the plot was there and an intense one at that (I’m just not into thriller/suspense romances).

For those who don’t like cliffhangers as well...then please wait for the rest of the series before diving into this one as it’s a huge cliffhanger ending.
I may continue with this series but as of right now it’s not looking like I will. I’ll wait for a new series by this author because in all honesty I do love the previous book by this author.
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**Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for giving me the ARC in exchange for an honest review#DangerousBeauty #NetGalley

A brand new series by J.T. Geissinger!! It was a great read despite the fact that it has a major cliffhanger!!! The chemistry between Naz and Eva was amazing!! Eva was so brave so strong and definitely she was survivor!! I really liked it and I totally recommend it!!
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Simply an amazing start to a series!!! I am patiently waiting for more

Loved this start, enjoyed it, can not wait to see what happens with the next book!!
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Dangerous Beauty is the first book in the brand new series—Dangerous Beauty by J.T. Geissinger. The story takes on the journey of Nasir & Eva, two people who were not meant to meet each other, but once they do, staying away is not an option—and no matter how careful they were, secrets and lies are dangerous, and you always get caught. 

As always with J.T. Geissinger, I loved the writing style and the characters' flirty banter, but for me, there was something missing. Feelings—this was supposed to be a slow burn romance, but I didn't get those vibes from the story, on the contrary, it felt a little rushed at times, not allowing me to create a bond with the characters as a couple, therefore no feelings. 

Nasir, I loved that man. He was the kind of hero you find yourself falling in love with from the moment you meet him, an alpha male with a lot of heart. Nasir, with the help of the side characters, Connor and Tabby, made the book for me. I’m so reading their story. 

If you love suspenseful romance novels with an alpha hero who is willing to sacrifice everything to protect his love, then this book is perfect for you. Dangerously Beauty is a love story with some twists and turns that will make you swoon over the hero and will keep you glued to the pages from start to finish. Am definitely looking forward to the rest of the upcoming books in this series!
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Dangerous Beauty was an excellent story. That grabbed me from the start and never let go, and I loved the slow burn of it, and how it gradually built to that explosive and shocking cliffhanger. That  did not see coming. Plus, I loved the intensity of the story. Not to mention the characters Naz and Eva and I'm really excited for books two and three. And I would happily recommend this story to others.
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Wow!!  What a page turner!!! This book doesn’t disappoint!  I can’t wait to see the sequel to this book!!
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What an amazing start to this series. I don’t even care that there is a cliffhanger. I loved both Naz and Eva so much. The effortless way they fell for each other and the sparks between them was everything. They are just so stinking cute together...ughhh the nicknames they have for each other. Just adorable. And while this book gave me all the good feels, it also gave me the heartbreaking feels. Naz and Eva have endured so much already and I have a feeling they’re going to endure a lot more. This book is perfectly paced and I couldn’t put it down. The next book can’t come out soon enough!!
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I loved the chemistry between Nasir and Eva but I am not happy that the book ended on a cliffhanger.

When I saw that Dangerous Beauty was noted on Goodreads as “Dangerous Beauty #1”, I presumed, wrongly, that it would be the first book of a series which would feature other couples like so many that I read. But I know now that it is at least Book 1 of a series featuring Nasir and Eva. I had hoped it is only two books but it turns out that this is going to be a trilogy. I am so unhappy about that right now.

Nasir works for Connor Hughes and Metrix Security (Wicked Sexy). Metrix was hired to watch over the wife of a Russian mobster. He said that his spoiled wife ran away from home and he wants her watched over until she is ready to return home.

Weeks go by as Nasir gives his reports to his client and watches Eva. Everything is fine until he is forced to step in to protect her. Now that Eva knows who he is, Nasir is no longer just a face in the crowd who can watch and observe her. Eva spot him again in a crowded market and makes conversation with him. She sees him again at a bar and after a drink and some conversation, Eva realizes that she is enjoying Nasir’s company and begins to seek him out. He knows that he is supposed to be simply an observer, but he is drawn to Eva as well.

Nasir is struggling with the fact that he is blowing his first assignment with the company by being made by the subject but he is also convincing himself that he is watching over her only more closely now. He might have struggled with this fact a while longer except being closer to Eva, he learns that she is isn’t the mobster’s wife, but a woman who was kept captured by the Russian and was part of his “stable” of women. He also learned that Eva has suffered years of rape and abuse by this man.

Nasir isn’t going to let Eva go back to the Russian and he needs to get her out of the country before he needs to check in once again. They need to go somewhere safe and in order to do that, he will need to convince Connor to betray his client. But even harder than that, Nasir will need to confess to the woman he is falling in love with that he has been betraying Eva’s trust from the beginning. He will have to give up the trust of woman he loves to keep her safe.

I really liked the chemistry between Eva and Nasir, but have to admit that their banter could only really happen between two people who really understand how gorgeous they are. He jokes that she is hideous and fat and they laugh about it.  A woman who has body issues, like Joellen from Geissinger’s Melt for You, wouldn’t be able to laugh it off and have fun with it, but it worked for Eva and Nasir.

I like that Eva has found her strength once she escaped the hands of her abuser.  But where Book l leaves off which doesn’t make me very happy and leaves Eva very vulnerable. 

I am not certain that I will continue with the next story. I might need to wait to see what other people say in their reviews and be ready to be left hanging once again until the final story comes out.

One thing I did find very odd is that the author indicates in her author’s notes that Nasir was known by another name in the Wicked Games series.   Since I did not read that series, I don’t know why she would chose to change his name for this book or if he was undercover in the prior series.  It just seemed an odd thing to do.
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I have read and loved this author's Bad Habit and Slow Burn series so when I had the opportunity to read an ARC of her new novel, Dangerous Beauty, I jumped all over that. This is quite different from the ones I have read from her and not at all what I expected. Even so, I really enjoyed it. Basically, this is a classic "damsel in distress" book and I am a sucker for those. We have Eva who is on the run from her past and Naz who she believes is an ex-cop on vacation. While there are feelings between them pretty early on, I wouldn't necessarily call it insta-love, but it comes close. Their chemistry is off the charts and steamy even though it takes them a while to really get together. I thought the suspense was great and I also really liked the supporting characters, who are apparently from the Wicked Games series (which I put on my TBR list immediately.) I usually don't read books with cliffhangers until all books are released, but I went into this not knowing it was a trilogy. I'm not thrilled about waiting for the next book but will read it the minute I can get my hands on it! Highly recommend!

*ARC received from NetGalley in return for an honest review
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Dangerous Beauty is book one in the brand new series, Dangerous Beauty by J.T. Geissinger!  THIS BOOK!!!!!  This is one of those times in my life, both with this book and the one I previously read, that I can’t believe how lucky we are to get to read these books!  To get to absorb these words!  In full disclosure, “I DIDN’T KNOW!!!”  I didn’t know that this was a cliff hanger!  Would it have made a difference?  NO!  Because it is that amazing!  The problem was that I finished the final sentence at bedtime last night and was left in shock!  SHOCK I TELL YOU!!!  It took some deep breathing to get myself to settle down to go to bed.

Nasir (Naz) is ex military, ex body guard, brand new private investigator.  His first assignment is just to watch a very rich man’s wife who has run away from him.  She is living on the island of Cozumel and all Naz has to do is take pictures and report back to the client once a week via skype.  He can’t deny that the subject is beautiful and he becomes more and more entranced with her every day that he watches her.  But he keeps his distance, until she gets herself into trouble and he has to step in to save her.  The chemistry between them is instant and strong.  But she’s the subject.  He’ll stay away, only that is easier said than done.

Evalina (Eva) Ivanova meticulously planned every detail of her escape.  She took every precaution.  But she’s so tired of being alone.  When Naz comes into her life, she’s instantly wary.  But she can’t deny the immediate connection she feels to him.  The next time she runs into him, the feeling is even stronger.  She can’t get him off her mind.  Can she trust him with her secrets?  From the horrendous life she ran from?  Can she trust “him?”

“If I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.”

As Eva and Naz spend more time together, the bond grows stronger as does the guilt Naz is feeling regarding the true nature of his reason for being there.  Eva is falling for Naz and slowly begins to tell her story, baring it all to him.  She knows Naz is hiding something big but she thought by divulging her past, it might help him to reveal his.  But it only seems to upset him further, making matters worse.

These two!!!  They were so good together.  Their constant banter and teasing was adorable.  I spent a good portion of the time reading about them smiling from ear to ear!  Their growing relationship was a very slow burn but in the best of ways possible.  I loved them both so much.  Eva was so very strong!  And Naz was just everything.  

“She moves like a poem and smiles like a sphinx, and draws eyes to her like moths to a flame.  Because beauty will be noticed.”

As secrets are discovered, though, everything changes, as does the intensity of the book!  The danger they are facing is real.  You will meet evil in its truest form!   I really don’t want to say much more other than you don’t want to miss this book.  I don’t know that I’ve ever felt so intensely for two people.  This is my fifth book by this author and every one is so unique.   But this book…..Just read it!  As for the next book, Eva and Naz’s story will continue with Dangerous Desires.  It can’t get here fast enough!  

“Anything for you.”
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