Tripping on a Halo

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Holy cow! Magic. Everything Alessandra Torre writes is magic. Tripping on a Halo is no different. This super fun and sexy read completely blew me away. It had the perfect blend of amazing character chemistry, original storyline, and witty banter. I love, love, love everything about this book!
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Whether its erotic romance, mind fucks, or RomCom, Alessandra Torre proves time and time again she can write in any genre and still keep the readers coming back for more. 

Tripping on a Halo had so many laugh out loud scenes, and then it took a turn I wasn't quite expecting. And that's what made this book so freaking great! It ended up messing with my emotions big time and it hit me out of nowhere. Reading as often as I do, I can usually spot a plot twist a mile away, this one escaped me. 

As Forrest Gump once said, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get." I feel like this fits Torre's work as well. Bravo! I heart this book so much. 

~ A Hopeless Romantic's Booklandia, 5 Stars
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Declan Moss has no idea why is stalker continued to follow him everywhere he went. It seemed his life had suddenly changed and keeping his distance was the only thing keeping him safe. He never considered that the reason why he was safe from harm was due to his self appointed guardian angel. Autumn felt a deep connection to Declan and vowed to keep him safe. Actually meeting him in person could seriously play havoc with being a guardian angel but she finally succumbed to his dashing personality. Did she truly save his life or would he end up saving hers? A great story that will make you laugh and bring tears to your eyes.
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I've never read a book by Alessandra Torre. This was my first. This romantic comedy was delightful and so enjoyable. 
The main characters, Autumn and Declan are GREAT!!! It's so funny how Autumn is a little bit of everything: clumsy, awkward, and even high maintenance, yet is somewhat stalker-ish. Declan, on the other hand, is sweet, kind, loving...everything we all want in a man. 
Thrillers and suspense are definitely my favorite kinds of books, but every once in a while I need an easy read...something light hearted and just enjoyable. This proved to be just this...and a little bit more. I definitely got more out of this book than I expected. I will be looking for more of Torre's books in the future.
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A fun, fluffy romance that's a great blend of sweetness and plenty of light-heartedness. If you're looking for a deeply emotional read, try one of Torre's other books but if it's a quick read you're after, this one would be perfect!
Good stuff!
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I have to say that I am a huge Alessandra Torre fan. Her talent has no boundaries. Although it is romance, I would recommend Black Lies to any reader. Her way of writing, the rawness and the boldness of it, is outstanding. 
This story, though, it just wasn't for me. It is a cute story, a fun romantic comedy with plenty of humorous incidents. It is a light read with a twist towards the end but I just prefer her other writing more.
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I almost gave up on this one. This was an awkward read, even for an awkward girl. I wasn't exactly sure what Autumn's deal was...other than an obsession for keeping Deacon safe. I didn't know if I could finish reading...but I did. I liked the idea that someone a little eccentric could still get the guy, even though maybe she didn't even want him? The book totally turned into a direction I wasn't expecting. It was quirky and sweet, with a little swoon and swine.
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Autumn has recently lost her mother and she has a weird head pain that leads her to know that she must keep Declan Moss safe. She is his guardian angel after all.

Does she know him? No Does that stop her? Also no..
Declan? He does notice Autumn following him. Especially after she steals his garbage.

He wavers on the thoughts of getting a restraining order...then he looks at her facebook profile. The girl has a pig! 

Surely no one that has a pig is a real threat? *cough cough*

This book is just pure fun. It's fluffy, made me laugh and the sexuals had me saying....

Booksource: Netgalley in exchange for review.
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Alessandra Torre’s talent has no boundaries.  She’s such a diverse author and whether she’s writing erotica, suspense or a romantic comedy, she nails it every time. Tripping on a Halo is creative and flawlessly written with a clever plot that had me in hysterics. 

Autumn is so unbelievably sweet, she reminds me of sunshine and I couldn’t help but fall in love with her. She’s quirky, a little naive at times, her stalker skills are on point (in a funny way) and the best part is.... she owns a pet pig!! Mr. Oinks is an excellent addition to this book. Declan is perfection, I mean there is nothing bad about him at all. He’s sexy, loyal, devoted and boy does he bring it during the sexy times!! They met under unique circumstances and it was fun reading how their relationship developed. Both characters are so easy to love with their charming antics that put a huge smile on my face. This is such a feel good book that is filled with so much depth and I seriously couldn’t get enough of it. 

The last few chapters are touching, heartfelt and oh so romantic. I was pleasantly surprised with Tripping on a Halo as it was so much more than I expected.  If you are looking for a refreshing, sweet and laugh out of loud romantic comedy, then this is definitely the book for you. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.
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I have never read Alessandra Torre but when I saw the blurb I knew I wanted to read it.

I was a little skeptical though because I thought this could be a paranormal book (her being a guardian angel and all that) but I found out then that it isn’t.

It surprised me how short of a read this was. The heroine is very quirky, at times weird. I didn’t know what to think of her. She had this idea that she needed to protect Declan even though he didn’t even know her.

When he realized he had a stalker he was all freaked out but when he talked to her and saw why she was doing it, he was like okay. From then on it was insta lust.

I didn’t feel very connected to them until the last 20 or so %. It was then that I saw the depth of his feelings.

Since I wasn’t quite okay with the heroine most of the book (even though it’s all very clear at the end), I’m giving this book 4 stars.
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This story was adorable and sexy and so much fun. It is absolutely sweet and full of heart and I laughed out loud. It left me smiling after I read this. This is different from what I have read so far from Alessandra Torre, but I loved it. I can't wait to see what she writes next.
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4 Stars! Loved this quick, little romance. I read it in 1 snowy day! It was funny, and not altogether predictable... which is hard to accomplish in this crowded genre. The characters were unique, memorable and endearing! With all of the dark, heavy stuff in our world today books like this are a breath of fresh air. This is my first read by this author and I will definitely be back for more! Thank you to NetGalley!
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"Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review."
Loved this book very much.  It had just enough sweet, sexy romance and the storyline was great! I highly recommend!
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One of the best, most upbeat yet tender books I've read from Alessandra Torre. Funny, moving and sexy all at the same time.
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This was my first Alessandra Torre read and she has a new fan! This book had me laughing right from the beginning. Autumn and Declan were PERFECT! And who can resist any story where the heroine has a pet pig?! Not this gal! 🐖
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Thank you to NetGalley for providing an ARC of Tripping on a Halo in exchange for an honest review. 

At first, I had trouble getting into the book and falling for the characters. However, after a little while, the characters grew on me and I became invested in their lives. I love to read romcoms and this one definitely had its moments. Autumn and Declan are quite the pair to follow through the book. This book had my emotions going everywhere, in a good way. I enjoy a book that can tap into my emotions. Overall, it was a quirky and fun read! Pick it up today!
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Tripping on a Halo is a laugh out loud kind of read. Autumn Jones is a force of nature, but with an intense side. Some people may call her crazy, but she’s a strong-willed heroine with a ‘who cares’ kind of attitude. I love that she doesn’t exactly apologize for her behavior. Meanwhile, Declan Moss is just wanting the chaos in his life to settle, but when Autumn not so graciously inserts herself into his life, he can’t help but carry a different tune. Especially since he inserted himself into Autumn’s. Alessandra Torre created a wonderful comedy romance where I could just relax and laugh to my heart's content. Along with realistic characters where it isn’t hard to imagine yourself as Autumn or had a friend like her. 

If you’re looking for a comedy romance, then Tripping on a Halo should be a story to check out!
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Rating 4.25 stars! 

I really enjoyed reading Tripping on a Halo! I loved autumn as the main character! She was funny and adorable - I loved how much she worried and researched over Declan! And Mr Oinks! What can I say about Mr Oinks...well after reading this I definitely wanted to invest in a pet pig! Although my boyfriend told me it was a straight up no ha! Overall this book was a really enjoyable romantic comedy that had me entertained throughout! I’d definitely recommend it!
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(3.5 stars)
This was a quirky and cute story. I liked it, but I had a hard time connecting with these characters.  This was my first book by this author, and I've seen a couple more that I've heard are absolutely amazing, so I am not done with her yet. I did like her writing style, and I laughed a couple times, which keeps me looking forward to more. This story, unfortunately wasn't right for me. My missing stars are due to the narrator choice, and the fact that I didn't connect to the story as much as I'd hoped I would. I would, however suggest this story to a couple friends of mine that I know would absolutely love it!
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Why didn't anyone tell me that Alessandra Torre wrote romantic comedy? Tripping on a Halo was a book that sparkled and had me busting a gut right to the end.

Autumn - this girl was a riot! Although she annoyed me with her refusal to see what was literally in front of her face and how she kept trying to push the hero away when she was obviously attracted to him, somehow her other qualities worked. She was incredibly awkward and delusional. She was a stalker who thought she was a guardian angel. She was absolutely nuts but it worked in her favor.

Declan - this man was funny too! He was stoic without being too uptight. He was honest and open and there wasn't any way people wouldn't like him. I LOVED him! I did think that he was almost as crazy as Autumn because even though he knew she was stalking him, after she gave him her cockamamie excuse, he was on board. What?!

So yeah, to truly enjoy this story, I think you really need to suspend your realistic beliefs because this story is very unrealistic. However, it was funny as heck and each encounter with these characters was hilarious. I especially enjoyed watching these two navigate their way to a happy ending. I do wish there was more to their romance and I think the pig was an extraneous element, but in the end, this romcom was lovely and I hope to read more of this from the author in the future.
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