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This book is a love letter to Italy, Sicily in particular, and more specifically to the late husband, daughter, and in-laws of the author. One is drawn into her life from the first chapter where she ( an African-American woman) goes to Florence on vacation and meets a Sicilian (white) man. They have a torrid love affair, marry, adopt a daughter, move to LA. Within a few years he becomes sick with cancer which overtakes their lives for 10 years. This portion of the story is brief and, sadly, much is left unexplained regarding the 10 years.

Much more evocative and detailed is her life after his death. To console herself, she spends 3 summers in her late husband's hometown on the island of Sicily. His parents, who were reluctant to accept her during his life, become dear confidantes. After the death of the father, his mother and the author become very close. The author and her daughter become part of the family of this Silician village in which the late husband's family has resided for decades.

Lush, evocative descriptions of Sicily, Italy, grief, love, longing and FOOD. The food they prepare and eat is intricately woven into the narrative with recipes at the end of the book.

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