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I have really mixed feelings on We Can See You, the first part of the story is brilliant, it pulls you in and has a good pace going but unfortunately it just falls flat. Brook is an annoying, stereotypical strong woman character and the end storyline is predictable but also doesn't make much sense. Writing style is good and it's a thrilling quick read, I just wasn't for me.
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It wasn't really to my taste.  It was a little far fetched, and also a little predictable.   I don't really like books where the main character turns detective themselves, and follows the leads.  It followed the same format / theme of some other plots.  

I think it will appeal to a lot of other readers, it was an easy read with a little bit of suspense, enough to keep you reading, but not too much that it was hard to follow.
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We Can See You by author Simon Kernick is a fast paced thriller with a very suspenseful plot line! This was a great book! The characters are developed great and the plot is seriously intense. A great book! 
Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of We Can See You in exchange for an honest review.
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Brook Connor is a successful best selling author and life coach. When her perfect life suffers a set back in the form of her daughters kidnap, she discovers she can trust no one.

This is a tense filled drama and is utterly gripping.

I found I couldn't breathe at time such is the tension that builds and with the twists and turns this is a brilliant page turner of a book.

It is one that you cannot put down and it was a one sit read for me.
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I cannot believe that I wasted my time on this book! It is insanely ridiculous. The abduction of their daughter, We Are Watching! This incredibly expensive home; did not have an adequate Security System? We live in a Gated Community, apparently with a better Security System; as do our neighbors, and we do not live in Carmel! The other major problem for me is, why all of these extraneous details of Brook's clients; when her child is missing? Why didn't they search the house for all these supposed cameras? I would have! Of course, this book has been written for feminist; Brook has to be the hero. If she had gone to a store, picked up a Trac phone, she could have called the FBI! I am sorry, there are too many overly contrived scenarios which make this book a waste of time. I probably should have given it a two.
I do not recommend! Thank you Netgalley!
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I'm a massive fan of Simon Kernick's novels but I have to admit I was more than a little apprehensive about reading this given I have decided to stay away from many domestic noir titles due to predictability. I shouldn't have worried though, and although this is part family drama it has many of the thrilling characteristics of proper crime fiction too. The pace gallops along, the author is one of the best in the business at creating a tension you can feel in your bones for the entirety of the story and action-packed. I was surprised every time a twist came around and blindsided me and I found this incredibly refreshing given that I seem to be able to predict many developments in crime fiction ahead of time. Not here and that illustrates exactly why I love this author so much.

Full of high-octane thrills and spills it had my adrenaline-pumping throughout as it's impossible to know who to trust in a cast of characters that are fabulously shady. The author plays on the notion that most parents would go to great lengths to protect their child, and Brooke certainly does everything in her power to retrieve her daughter from the kidnappers. She is a likeable and strong character who you really get behind in her search for answers. Kernick has cleverly written a standalone novel here that will not only please those who enjoy thrillers but also fans of domestic noir and more generally crime fiction as there are elements for everyone. From the moment I opened the book to reaching the truly explosive conclusion, I was glued to my Kindle. Superb!

Many thanks to Century for an ARC.
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In an essence, this story is one hell of a wild goose chase. A lot of things happen that have nothing to do with the killers motives, but that's what makes it intriguing, right? 

People die when the heroine barks up the wrong tree. One of whom I'll forever feel sorry for.

The show down between the heroine and Tony took a fair amount of suspension of belief for me, but once I reminded myself this is fiction, I went with it. 

I'm not sure I've ever read a story with so many characters who are cheating or being cheated on. At times it felt like overkill but others might feel differently. 

The writing is solid with very few errors and copious commas.
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Brook Connor has what many people would call a perfect life,she has a successful career as a best selling author and life coach. A handsome loving husband,gorgeous five year old daughter and a beautiful home.

But the most perfect life can shatter in seconds.

When Brook returns home late one night after a meeting with a client,she discovers a empty house and no sign of her daughter or her daughter's nanny. In the kitchen she discovers a note informing her that her daughter has been kidnapped. She is to wait for further instructions and must not inform the police. If she has any doubts about how serious the kidnappers are then she should take a look at the gift that they have left for her in the cutlery drawer. She must obey their instructions at all times,if she doesn't,they will know because they have chillingly warned her.....We Can See You

Within hours Brook is on the run,desperately trying to stay one step ahead of the police,having no idea who she can trust but having only one thought on her mind.

She will stop at nothing to get her daughter back.

Even murder...

Told in chapters that alternate between the points of view of  Brook and Detectives Tyrone Giant and Jenna King,We Can See You is exactly what readers have come to expect when you curl up in your comfy chair and dive into a book written by Simon Kernick.A fast paced,roller coaster ride that holds you in a vice like grip from the very first page. His words are so enthralling and mesmerising that you sometimes forget to breath as the twists and turns unfold before your eyes. I absolutely adore Simon's stand alone thrillers in which he puts a normal,everyday person through hell. Pitting them against some very nasty villains and finding themselves in a number of life threatening,breath taking situations. We Can See You is no exception as we follow his heroine Brook's desperate quest to find out who has kidnapped her daughter and why. Brook was a feisty,likeable character who wasn't afraid to speak her mind and confront people when she needed answers from them. She was a strong willed mumma bear who was prepared to do everything in her power to get her beloved daughter back. As the story unfolded,she encountered a number of vivid,realistic characters,some likeable,some not so likeable. But who hated Brook so much that they were prepared to go to such extreme lengths to destroy her life? And what were the reasons behind their actions? 

I don't usually beg for things but I was prepared to really grovel for this book and was overjoyed when I was approved by the publishers. We Can See You is a gripping,adrenaline ride that had me hooked in and frantically turning the pages from the first page right through the shocking revelations in the final confrontation between Brook and her tormentor. I absolutely love Simon Kernick`s books and cannot for the life of me understand why they haven't been adapted for tv or films yet. Definitely worth far more than five stars. Very very highly recommended.
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Fantastic to read! 

The story is gripping and full of tense moments. Twists and turns await every page! I really enjoyed reading this a lot and can highly recommend it.
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