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Cat and Nat's Mom Truths

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If you're a mom, or are thinking about becoming a mom, read this book! 

Here's the thing about parenthood - we all have moments before it actually happens that we say 'not me! I won't do that with my kids!'. You absolutely will do it with your kids, and this book is the perfect way to not only get that across, but that make you feel some kinship. We're all on this crazy, frustrating, amazing parenting journey together!

This book was so funny and so honest. Tantrums are just a part of life and oh my, did I feel the kinship when reading the tantrum stories. The chicken wing story had me wheezing! Stories about marriage and working and just the all consuming overwhelming feeling of creating and being responsible for another human being, this book has all of it.

It's so nice to feel heard and understood when we sometimes feel like no one else can possibly be going through the same things we are. This book will feel like chatting with a friend!
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I love watching Cat & Nat's videos on Facebook so when I saw they had a book coming out, I was all about it. This ended up being my first read of 2019, and it is the perfect book to remind me of what's important. 

The book is broken up into chapters alternating between Cat and Nat. A lot of the chapters include personal stories that had me laughing out loud. Nat's story about eating chicken wings will stay with me for a very long time! 

I read the book in one sitting and found a lot of great advice--the hospital tips were gold (although in the US, most of the items they mentioned are actually provided by the hospital). I also was touched by some of the stories they shared. The story about the meltdown/tantrums reminded me so much of my autistic child that it brought tears to my eyes.

I find that I personally relate to Nat more than Cat--the yelling, the bribery, it's as if Cat was talking about me when she described Nat's way of parenting. I found myself wishing I could load my kids in the car and drive to one of their houses to spend the afternoon. What's two more kids when there are already seven?
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I was able to read Cat and Nat's Mom Truths by Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer for free from Netgalley, the publisher and the author for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Netgalley and publishers for offering me this book!
The book was light, funny, straightforward, honest, encouraging, and at times, downright hilarious and completely perfect!  Short easy chapters to read made reading this book a breeze. Highly recommend.
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O. M. G. I LOVED this! Moms, you are NOT alone! This book made me feel like maybe my best friend and I aren’t crazy after all! Or at least we aren’t the only crazy ones! Loved this. Loved it.
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I wanted to love this... 
I reallllyyyy did. 
I expected a laugh out loud comedy and some "bad mom" moments. 
what this book actually is ... is a book that reads like a memoir that isn't very entertaining. 
I sadly DNF this book around the 3rd chapter. 
I did not leave a review online due to this.
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I thought Cat and Nat's Mom Truths was hilarious. I related to it personally and I think many other moms would to. I am giving it five stars.
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Cat and Nat's take on birth, recovery, life with a baby, and life with toddlers was interesting and quirky at times. The humor was not to my liking, however, and that made the book sound more like two self-centered women trying to be funny but failing. I am sure this is not the impression that many people will have, but it was mine. The best takeaway from the book, was that no matter what, all you really need to do is love your kids.
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I have been following Cat and Nat for a while and LOVE their Mom Truths. It is so easy to put on a happy face and post the best shot on social media, but the truth is all moms have some form of chaos going on in their everyday lives. This book will make you laugh out loud and depending on what stage of life your kids are in relate on so many levels. I wish this book was out when my kids were newborns and in infancy when I felt in the trenches and that no one else could possibly be going through this too. Their real life stories make you love these two ladies even more!

Thank you NetGalley for this ARC.
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This book is the perfect depiction of what my first year as a mother has been.. Cat & Nat make things so relatable so that you don't feel alone! The world can be harsh against moms, especially new moms, but to know that someone is on your side is reassuring. I will definitely be purchasing a copy of this book.
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How I wish there was a book like this when my kids were babies! This book is straightforward, honest, encouraging, and at times, downright hilarious! Highly recommend!
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This book was light and funny and completely perfect! These women are so relatable and real! Short easy chapters made reading this a breeze.
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As someone who has always wanted to be a mom but just isn’t quite ready, I was immediately intrigued by Cat and Nat’s Mom Truths by Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer. The synopsys describes the book as one that talks about all the things that most people usually avoid talking about when the subject of being a mother arises. This, of course, is what ultimately led me to request the book as I find there are a lot of things in life that people just don’t tell you about when it comes to life anywhere from relationships to your job.

It’s such a funny, universal concept and yet so often these “truths,” if you will, just aren’t discusssed and I frankly find that strange. It’s wonderful, however, when someone finally does talk about them. The things no one tells you until, eventually, someone does.

Cat and Nat’s Mom Truths definitely isn’t perfect, but neither is being a mom. There are occasions where the book gets into a repeat of things you hear all the time in self-help books, which was a little disappointing considering the fact that this was supposed to be about the things people don’t tell you. For the most part, however, Mom Truths was witty and amusing, using real experiences from the women to get each point across.

I really enjoyed reading this book and appreciated the few nuanced views it included. I think it’s a great book to read before having children, though you’ll definitely want to read some others as it’s not fully comprehensive or anything like that. With their large number of children, Cat and Nat definitely have a lot of worthwhile things to say about motherhood that I’m sure many mothers can relate to. I’d definitely recommend this book to others, though I can say I’d probably want a different cover than the one that was chosen. 

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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