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First, this book is beautifully illustrated, I truly enjoyed looking at every single page.  However, the way it's written was a bit confusing, I stumbled over some of the vernacular used, some of the transitions were a bit rough in the beginning of the book.  The ending was tied together beautifully and I did enjoy the story over all and I would recommend this book for K-2 who are already discussing similar content and looking to add to the discussion.  Thanks to netgalley for providing this ARC for free in exchange for an honest opinion.
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A wonderfully illustrated book that encourages love and grace. I enjoyed reading it to my three children very much and they seemed to love it as well. It was engaging and colourful.
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This book has two things going for it, great illustrations and some fun activities at the end.

Love Big is about learning that being kind to others is an easy thing to do and it will reap rewards. The story is set in the African Savanna, reminiscent of The Lion King. Baboon watches his friends who have become grumpy since the land became dry and they became hungry. Through random acts of kindness, the animals learn that they might be hungry, tired, thirsty but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be kind to their fellow animals. It makes for a better living environment. This is a great message, but it is done in a really cheesy way. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book upon request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.
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Love Big has a great message but at times it felt a little too "wordy' to keep the attention span of my 6-year-old. I think this might be a great picture book to read with kids around the age of 7-8 because the writing and pages without text were wonderful for starting a dialogue about this important and timely topic.

I did love that it focused on the importance of kindness and supporting one and the illustrations were beautifully done. Thank you to NetGalley and Greenleaf Book Group for a copy of this book.
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Kronenberg's Love Big follows Baboon’s adventures on the African Savanna. Drought has come to the savanna, and the animals begin to grow mean and selfish as food becomes scarce. After seeing an act of kindness by Rhinoceros, Baboon sees how things change, and tries out his theory by helping Lion. Can Baboon help the other savanna animals learn the value of kindness? This was a cute read with lovely artwork. Baboon's lesson spreads, though each savanna resident learns something different. One important lesson is how to maintain your kindness even when people treat you nasty. At the end is a section of suggestions for kids on how to be kind to others. This would be a great addition to any classroom, or kid's library.

***Many thanks to Netgalley & Greenleaf Book Group for providing an ecopy in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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I have yet to read Kat Kronenberg's first book, Dream Big, but I am glad that she recognized the need to remain a moral, kind person in the pursuit of dreams. Children need to learn that from day one, otherwise their pursuit of their dreams is all about them and they lose sight of others' needs.

The book is filled with gorgeous, engaging illustrations paired with current, colloquial normal speech. I appreciate that a character exists in the book who sets the example for how to be kind even when someone treats you poorly, rather than a typical children's book wherein the adult figure brings the wisdom down on the kids. 

I can see this book working well in a classroom, in homeschool, or just as bedtime reading for all preschool and elementary aged kids. It takes courage to be kind in the face of adversity and we need more courageous people in this world.
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This is a cute story about the animals of the African Savannah learning to get along, be kind, care for others, and share things.  Each animal learns a different lesson.  The end of the book has tips for kids on how to be kind and share.   I enjoyed the idea of the story, and the illustrations were beautiful.  I just felt like the story was a little bit cheesy, as an adult reader.  Young kids might really enjoy it, though.
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This book has beautiful illustrations, and it works to send a good message to kids. I feel that my kids (2 and 3) enjoyed it (they loved the song!) But I was turned off by some of the language chosen ("pooper situation").
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I don't even know what I just read. The instruction manual for a new children's cult? Half the time, I thought the author must've been high on something.

Look, there's nothing wrong with writing books to inspire. But this one just hits you over the head. Also, it's weird. The pages of notes at the end further contribute to the feelings of confusion and disorientation. The termites are supposedly leaving hints throughout the book, like little riddles to be solved, but when I looked at the answers, I thought they were pretty obscure (and I'm coming at it as an adult reader). The notes are also strange because they talk about stuff that wasn't even mentioned in the book itself. This "CATCH-M" business is only talked about in the synopsis and the end notes. I'm still not sure what this kiddie acid trip is all about:

    CATCH-M is the name of The Magical, Mystical, Miraculous Star-dust that surrounds us, who can “WHOOSH” into our lives when INVITED by SHARED SMILES to “WHAM” IGNITE through our belief the gift of STAR-DUST in our CHESTS, giving us the extra faith and courage we need to LOVE big & achieve our DREAMS.

    Baby Baboon came up with this catchy nickname as our reminder. She also has some fun things you can do alone, with family, friends, or in a classroom to celebrate LOVE as we all go on adventures to “catch CATCH-M” too-gather!

(That's copied and pasted from the end notes. If you can decipher that, you'll probably like this book more than I did.)

The whole "too-gather" business (what does that even mean?) and the overly modern and colloquial language in the rest of the book just turned me right off. There's talk of poop, bums, being buff, animals calling each other "dude"... And don't even get me started on the punctuation of the dialogue.

Some of the illustrations are quite nice to look at; they're perhaps the book's only saving grace. Unfortunately, the rest of it is just a chaotic mess.
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“LOVE BIG! Share your SMILES—Be kind! Share! Listen! Care!” 

A cute book about Baboon, Rhino and little Hare who learned that life is sweeter when you are kind to others! A perfect little book for my 6 year old son to practice his first grade reading skills on!
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Set in Africa, this story teaches kids the art of kindness. Delightfull illustrations, that are brightly drawn take us on a journey of learning kindness vis messages sent they thru the stars. This book is the sequel to Dream Big and both these books would be an amazing addition to any child’s library. Guaranteed to be read again and again.
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Love big is a playfully narrated mythological fable about the power of kindness, sharing, listening and caring. Animals in the wilds of East Africa had quit believing in their dreams. They have become mean, miserable and hungry as their land has turned dry and desolate. Is this going to be their end??? No. 

It starts with the beetle and its kind words to the rhinoceros even when the latter lashes out at it.The kindness of beetle melts rhinoceros heart. How did this kindness develops into sharing, listening, caring, believing, smiling big among the other animals forms the whole story.

All the animals learn they can be kind, they can share, they can listen, they can care and finally they can believe as a WE empowered by the magical, mystical, miraculous star dust that surrounds each one of us.

Overall, the story is inspiring. We are all humans but do we all know the power of love?Really? We are partial and stingy in showing love sometimes or on many occasions. Why is it so? The act of kindness, sharing, listening and caring (you can add some more not mentioned in the book) is missing in this world. We need to first understand what is the root cause. Through ‘Love big’ the author has gifted the readers the contentment of reading a meaningful book.

My verdict

I loved it. The book is humorous and the illustrations are picturesque which makes it worth reading. I recommend this book to readers of all ages. As for children, it needs to be read carefully as they would mistake things and get into unpleasant situations where they can fall victims.
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I read this with my daughters (3 & 5), and we all loved the bright, bold, colorful illustrations  throughout the book, and also the great message in the story. Mom and kid-approved!
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An interesting book with a lesson that children can understand and benefit from. It is also very cute and doesn't bore.
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Love Big has bright, colorful graphics and a wonderful message.  The dialogue ruined the flow of the story for me--too wordy and the word choice didn't fit the feel I was hoping for in this title.  One aspect I particularly enjoyed, however, was the inclusion of ideas at the end for further activities and learning.
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Using colorful and attractive illustrations of animals, "Love Big" teaches children about loving others by being kind to them, sharing with them, listening to them, and caring for them. This book is very reminiscent of Disney's "The Lion King." This is a sweet book to read to young children.
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Love Big is all about learning that being kind to others really isn’t that hard to do. Set in the African Savanna, Baboon closely watches his friends. They have become grumpy since the land became dry and they became hungry.

Through random kind acts, the animals learn that they might be hungry, tired, thirsty but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be kind to their fellow animals. It makes for a better living environment.

The book is filled with full-page bright, colourful illustrations that bring the African landscape and the animals to life. The expressions that have been drawn on the animals are really quite something.

At the back of the book is a guide for young children to read and learn all about how to be kind to others. There are also creative lessons too, making rhino horns and a lions crown, plus many more.

This is a book that would work well in schools. It is a story that will make children stop and think and anything that encourages kindness is simply worth reading. It is beautiful the whole way through and thoroughly enjoyable.
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A concise message about being kind to others. A message that children of all ages can benefit from. Lovely illustrations.
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Educational, funny, nice pictures, short...
This is well done and interesting for kids!
I recommend it!
4 stars
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Love Big is a book that tries to teach lessons of being kind and sharing, but it falls a little short. It's centered on a stink bug who has a poop ball, which may be to try to elicit smiles from little ones, but it doesn't seem to be carried out well.

All of the different animals interact and talk about listening and other lessons, but it is hard to follow, with pages with lots of text and then pages with no text. The animals fight and are not nice to each other (but then is rectified with kindness). A song is incorporated in the middle for the reader to sing as well.

Overall, too many themes are explored with different characters and messages. This would have been better had it been a bit more focused.
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