The Princess and the Fangirl

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The Princess and the Fangirl is an amazingly awesome. This book will be book-talked and put on display every time it comes into the library. I am already planning on having my teen book group read it. This book has everything - romance, friendship, geeking out over fandoms. This is the best!
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Thank you very much for allowing me the opportunity to read this book!  I appreciate the kindness. 
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HOW ADORABLE WAS THIS PRINCE AND THE PAUPER RETELLING?! I absolutely LOVED it!  I did not read Geekarella, I will admit, but I found that I didn't really need to in order to enjoy the book. 

The book revolves around Imogen and Jess. AND JESS IS QUEER! Can I just scream that to the top of the world please?! It always warms my heart when I can TRULY relate to a character in the book. The plot is the typical P&P plot, the girls swap places, hilarity and chaos ensures (in my best Kristen Stewart voice). 

The heartfelt fandom moments, the connection between the characters and the truth that Poston puts in her novels are what make them so special. 

This novel had the dual POV and while (as i have mentioned in past reviews) this usually annoys me, I've found lately that it has been well done, especially in this novel. We get to see the uncomfortable moments each have while living as the other. 

Over all, this tale was wonderfully delicious. I enjoyed so many things about this book it's hard to be able to sum it up shortly. I will just say this: If you love sci-fi, queerness, fandoms, retellings and just all around awesomeness, READ THE PRINCESS AND THE FANGIRL, OKAY?! 
4/5 stars!
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I love, love, loved this book. The Prince and the Pauper has long been one of my favourite fairy tales and I was incredibly excited for the retelling by Ashley Poston. I thoroughly enjoyed the linked novel Geekerella and although you don't need to read it to understand The Princess and The Fangirl it certainly helps. In this book we follow Jessica (The Princess) and Imogen (The Fangirl). Jess and Imogen meet eachother at Excelsicon where Jess is a guest and Imogen has her own booth. Although I don't follow cons or go to conventions myself it felt very familiar and enjoyable to return there. 
This was one of my most anticipated reads of the year and I would recommend it to everyone.
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I really liked the first book in this series. I thought it was cute and geeky and fun. I am not sure I am sold on this one though. This book will appeal to people who love the con scene and appreciate pop culture references. I feel as though it was very similar to other things that I have watched and read in the past. Predictable the whole way through but it was a quick read and a nice journey to go on.
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After 'Geekerella' I couldn't imagine that Ashley Poston coul do it again, but she did. 'The Princess and the Fanggirl' is a wonderful heartwarming, geeky, feminist book about the love for a fandom and the people who make it come alive. 

On the background of Excelscon whe meet Imogen and Jessica two people at different ends of the Starfield Fandom. Imogen loved the Starfield series as long as she remembers and after the devastating end of the first re-make movie she started a petotion to bring the beloved character princess amara back to the screen life. 
A person who couldn't care less about Amara is Jessica, the actress playing the female lead belong side Darrien Freeman, who we already meet in 'Geekerella' as the handsom Prince Carmindor. 

Jessica doesn't see any potential in the role of a sci-fi princess when she was already nominated for an oscar. She would love to take on more challenging roles and is frustrated with the contract that binds her to Princess Amara for a pontential other movie. She wants to move her careen up and is hugely annoyed by the passionate fandom. 

It happens that Imogen and Jessica cross paths and discover that they look alike. As Jessicas script for the next Starfield movie gets stolen she takes the chance and trades places with Imogen. Disguised as Imogen she can roam the floors of the convention freely and hopefully find the script thieve before he leaks some major plot points of the script. 
Imogen is in for the deal because she sees it as a chance to work towards her goal to restore the dead Princess Amara as speaking out about her in Jessicas place. 

Of course not everything is going well beyond the trade of places and both Jessica and Imogen need to understand the other persons perspective in order to maintain their secret. 
I loved this book because it explored the love for fandoms deeper and shows different sides of it through the Actress and the Fangirl. It is hugely feministic and funny, a wonderful trip to fandom-land for a few hours. 
As I learned to mention ist also has a f/f relationship which I loved and my beloved haters-to-lovers trope. 

This book is about coming to terms at who Jessica and Imogen are, to accept themselves how they are and trusting other people with their real self.
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I received this as an earc on netgalley for an honest review. Okay so I didn’t love this as much as geekerella but I was happy to say I did enjoy it. I didn’t think I would like the main character because of how she was in geekerella but I found myself rooting for her towards the end. I gave this 4.25/5 stars. I really enjoyed it and the continuation to geekerella.
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In book two of her Once Upon a Con series, Ashley Poston puts a modern, female spin on The Prince and the Pauper featuring Imogen, a diehard comic geek and Jess, a jaded young actress who plays Princess Amara in a movie version of the time-honored Starfield series (with costar Geekerella’s Darien Freeman). In a case of mistaken identity, Imogen takes her place on a panel when Jess pulls a disappearing act and the stage is set for the switch. 

Jess is desperate to make Oscar-worthy movies, fears being type-cast, and is on the run from the paparazzi. She also has a compulsive need to check social media despite being vilified and threatened by Amara fanatics who are faithful to the original TV star, Natalia Ford. It’s a cautionary tale about the evils of social media and how trolls can have a negative impact if you let them. This story is a gift to fans of ComicCons, but the overwhelming use of SciFi jargon (nerfherder, Muggle, Starflame, Noxballs, doge) necessitates a glossary for the uninitiated. It features a diverse cast of characters and several charming romantic relationships, including Imogen and Ethan’s love/hate and four LGBTQ pairings. Highly recommended for teen collections.

I received a complimentary ARC of this book from Quirk Books through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Opinions expressed are completely my own.
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I LOVE this book! Ashley Poston has done it again! My nerd heart was so excited and I felt like this book was a great companion to Geekerella. There were hints here and there and a ton of fandom! I want to go and reread it right this second!
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This was a wonderful addition to the Once Upon A Con series! I loved getting to see old characters from the previous book and how they interacted with the new faces in this novel. I really enjoyed the writing style throughout the book and liked reading from both perspectives.
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What I love best about Ashely Poston’s books is that she makes it so easy to fangirl over the characters and plot. Reading Geekerella and The Princess and the Fangirl is like an invitation to be a part of a fandom. They’re essentially love letters to fangirls and fanboys, reminding us that it’s okay to be excited about what you love—whether that’s a video game franchise or an anime series or retro science-fiction TV show.

But The Princess and the Fangirl goes above and beyond welcoming someone to a fandom. It also points out the negative side of fandom: the harsh Internet comments, the unnecessary comparisons, the judgmental inclusiveness, the backlash when something doesn’t happen as the fans originally envisioned. Right now, the Internet is ripe with such hate and negativity, and the way Ashley Poston balances the positive and negative sides of fandom is an inspiring and necessary platform amid the chaos.

The story also highlights the difficulties of an actress in any mainstream role. From sexual assault to impossible standards, The Princess and the Fangirl gives an unfortunate yet honest depiction of what an actress in a lead role may go through on a daily basis. And it also shows that people can change and first impressions aren’t everything.

At its heart, The Princess and the Fangirl is a story about fandom: the good, the bad, and the super ugly. It doesn’t shy away from the hard topics and it doesn’t sugarcoat the experience as only good memories and fun costumes. But it does make you appreciate fandom as it once again seamlessly combines the fangirl experience with the fairy tale plot. Ashley Poston is already working on a third book for “Once Upon a Con” series, (a Beauty and the Beast retelling) and I am ready for more because she doesn’t just write fandom, she knows fandom.
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Imogen is a fangirl trying to save her favorite character Princess Amara. Meanwhile Actress Jessica Stone is happy about the idea of her character dying off and has pretty much made it clear. When a case of switched identities happen at a panel of ExcelsiCon Jessica isn't happy about it. But when leaks of the script of Starfield sequel leaks Jessica's career can be on the line if shes blamed. She needs to find the person behind this but with all the panels and shows she'll need a double to take her place. Imogen steps up in helping out and gets to see for a short while into Jessica's world, while Jessica solves the mystery of who is leaking the script. 

Love love Loved this book. Almost as much as I liked the book Geekerella. I loved how the author took the basic of Prince and the Pauper and turned it into something amazing with it. This was such a unique take and I loved seeing what the author could do for it. TBH I'm not a fan of prince and pauper which is why it took a bit of time for me to pick this book up, but knowing who wrote this and after loving the previous one I knew I finally had to pick it up. I was not disappointed this book exceeded my expectation. I loved getting to know the characters and seeing how everything turned out in the end. I thought it was interesting seeing how both girls got to see the other side of each other's lives and finding their own HEA. It was a pretty cute book, I enjoyed it.
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I enjoyed Geekarella but The Princess and The Fangirl fell quite flat for me because the two main character voices are just too similar. Of the two, Jess is more developed (and I liked her being unlikeable), but Imogen is just along for the ride and doesn't get much chance to be anything but a rather moody foil for everyone else. I was also caught on the back foot by Jess suddenly being into astronomy and far more geeky than she had any right to be after all that grumping around. It felt more "plot device" than "natural progression of character development". Speaking of, the stolen script really faded into the background and ended up as not much more than a carrier for the various romances. That was a bit disappointing. 

I look forward to hearing my teen daughter's review, though, she's dying to read it.
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A super cute addition to the Once Upon a Con universe. This retelling of the princess and the pauper had all the fandom references and overall geekiness which made me fall in love with Geekerella. Jess is dealing with the fame that Starfield brought to her when Imogen steps into her place at ExcelsiCon. This hatches an idea in Jess so she can handle script leaks that might be her fault. Imogen takes her place and neither girl is ready for everything that happens in the following days.
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I was eager to read The Princess and the Fangirl after being so thoroughly charmed by Geekerella. While it didn’t necessarily end up being as lovable or memorable as its predecessor, this young adult contemporary is not without its charms. I enjoyed returning to the world of ExcelsiCon and the fandom nods, seeing a whole host of familiar faces pop up and the shenanigans that ensued after the identity switch Imogen and Jess initiate; all three of these elements made the reading experience fun for me. It was our two narrators that fell short, however, because it took entirely too long for either one to snag my investment in their situations. I was frustrated by Jess and her terrible attitude, and equally irritated by Imogen’s tendency towards denial, and while those things are addressed later in a believable, sensible way, it didn’t make my initial experiences with both of their perspectives any more tolerable. Additionally, and likely partially for this very reason, I just didn’t love their romantic entanglements the way I had loved the main romance in Geekerella. Still, even with my reservations, I flew through The Princess and the Fangirl and would ultimately deem it a fun read, whether you’re familiar with this world or completely new to it.
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In true Piston fashion, the book was a delight. A few moments felt forced and the plot dragged in a significant portion of the middle, but overall, I still enjoyed it. It did what it had to do, and it had a good message with agreeable themes thrown in the mix. The first book in this companion-type series still holds up better than this one, but maybe my expectation were too high, or mayb it just didn’t meet them on its own. But, again, it’s still a worthy read if you enjoyed Geekerella or anything Ashley Piston writes.
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A sweet, geeky, pop-culture-ific tale of love and fandoms -- and love of fandoms. I really enjoyed this follow-up to Geekerella. The characters are quirky and lovable, and the setting at a con made it extra special.
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Ashley Poston's geekified take on the prince and the pauper was initially unappealing. I had a really hard time connecting with the characters - I didn't like Jessica or Imogen. After I got about halfway through the book, it all came together and the story took off.
The second half of the book was terrific. I enjoyed the madcap adventures and crazy plotting that Imogen and Jessica engaged in. I also liked the LGBTQ representation in the book.
While I won't recommend this book to everyone, I will definitely recommend it to a YA, Con loving audience.
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Another romp in the Geekerella world, at ExcelsiCon, this time focusing on Jessica Stone, the actress who played Princess Amara, and the fangirl, Imogen who has started a campaign to #SaveAmara. These two have such a cute journey when they end up getting mistaken for each other, and then end up experiencing the Con unlike ever before. Also, you get plenty of references to all things nerdy & geeky, plus your favorites from Geekerella make a few appearances!

Even though Jessica can be a bit prickly to start, I really sympathized with her. I can’t imagine being a young star during this internet age. I mean I get sad when my bookstagram pics don’t get likes, could you imagine if people blamed you for role in a movie?! Whilst posting mean and negative things all day, every day. But yes, once she was at the party with Harper…I just knew Jess was holding back and needed to experience some normality for once.

This book had me smiling through the entire thing. I didn't want to put it down. Absolutely love this series, I am excited for more and I think it would be so cool if Quirk & Ashley wrote a graphic novel that would be the actual Starfield movie! 

I clearly both loved Geekerella and The Princess and the Fangirl, and no matter what level of fangirl you are or consider yourself to be, you are sure to enjoy these books!
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While this book is a typical ‘everything will turn out right in the end’ type book it is still super fun & addictive. Hands down the best way to describe it is addictive! The Fandom/Con atmosphere of this book makes my book loving heart happy! I love the hints to real fandoms, Harry Potter especially of course!

“Nice to meet you, Gryffindor.”

There are also other fandoms/movies/TV shows/Games/etc. mentioned like Edward Scissor Hands, Mortal Kombat, etc. But Harry Potter the most which I LOVED!

This book is very fast paced and gripping, I read it so damn quickly and loved every second of it. There is a mystery element to this book which I really enjoyed trying to guess. You’ll be glad to know I did not guess correctly at all! So definitely unpredictable, that or I’m just blind haha.

Of course I loved the first book, Geekerella, so I adored seeing characters from Geekerella make an appearance in this book. While I love Darien & Elle from Geekerella, it was really refreshing that this book was a companion and followed new characters instead of the same ones as Geekerella. It was awesome getting to know characters mentioned in Geekerella in this one as well. There is also a book 3 and I can’t wait to see how it is tied into the first 2 books!

This book is in multi POV following Jess & Imogen. My only negative for this book was the POV. I enjoyed our two main characters, they were 2 very different people. However the POVs read very similar, so at times it was a little hard to follow as you would kinda forget who you were reading from as they felt very similar at the beginning. After a while we kinda got into the swing of it and they felt different. But in the beginning they didn’t have a lot of substance, I guess, to make them feel like different people. That’s my only negative for the book.
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