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Teddy is a bright and colorful picture book about the event of Teddy Roosevelt not shooting a bear and how that insipired the toy Teddy Bear. Kids will love this "mostly true" story of how the teddy bear was invented. It is well written with clear andeasy to read language. The Norman Rockwell style illustrations pull the reader into the pages and give you the feeling of being in that time era. This will be a great addition to an elementary library or classroom.
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This was a really nice story, I liked the images and the story was easy to follow

It is a great book to give to a child with a teddy as it will give the bear an extra special meaning, and who doesn't love to read a story with their favourite teddy! It might be a mixture of fiction as well as fact but I thought it was thoroughly enjoyable

4 stars from me for this one - highly recommended!!
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The true story of the inspiration for and creation of the first teddy bear, and the teddy bear craze that followed.

It is kind of weird to think about teddy bears as a new toy craze, but at one time they were that hot new item every kid had to have. There are a few other books about the first teddy bear, but most are either heavily fictional or they focus on Theodore Roosevelt and not the Michtoms who designed the first bear. Make sure to read the author’s note in the back of the book about which parts of this story are conjecture to help the story flow and which are solid facts. There’s also some more details on the Michtoms, the original political cartoon that inspired them, and more teddy bear history in the back. I like the way this book succinctly conveys this story (the other book I know that really focuses on this topic is several chapters long). The artwork is enticing, and who can resist a story about teddy bears? Recommended to toy lovers, reluctant history readers, and of course, those setting up a teddy bear picnic.

Note on content [based on the ARC]: Some parents/caregivers may want to be warned that there is one darn in the text (at least according to the ARC).

I received an ARC of this title from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This book is based on a little fact and a little fiction. As the story goes, President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt went on a hunting trip in 1902, while there he refused to shoot a baby bear.

“I’d never be able to look my children in the eyes again!”

Later, when a political cartoonist shared this, a couple who owned a shop in New York was so impressed that they created a bear and labeled it “Teddy.” The bear became so popular that eventually, they had to build a factory to take care of the demand for their special teddy bears.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a somewhat fictional biography. However, the back of the book includes more in the way of facts for adult readers to share with little ones.

My Thoughts
What Concerned Me; The illustrations didn’t feel in proportion or realistic, neither did they seem child-friendly. To me, they didn’t accompany the text in a flattering way, but they didn’t really distract either.

What I Liked Most: I feel sure this is a story that will interest most kids. After
all, who doesn’t love the teddy bear, and why wouldn’t some facts about him be interesting?

This should be a book of interest to most elementary teachers.
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Teddy brings together the story of the teddy bear in three parts. First, we have the legend: President Theodore Roosevelt refused to kill a "scruffy, no-account cub" while hunting. This story spread, and the Washington Post ran a political cartoon by Clifford Berryman, entitled, "Drawing the Line in Mississippi", which led to husband-and-wife toymakers Morris and Rose Michtom creating a bear doll to honor "the President's big warm heart". They received permission from President Roosevelt to feature "Teddy's Bears" in their shop, and an iconic toy was born. The book tracks the evolution of the teddy bear from those first bears, stuffed with wood shavings and with sewed on buttons for eyes, through today and notes how the teddy bear endures. It's a happy, warm story, and the digital illustrations lend a realistic yet warmly colored feel to the tale. An author's note mentions the differing versions of the Teddy Roosevelt story. It's a cute book to have in your nonfiction collections, and would make a nice display with the Caldecott Medal-winning Finding Winnie.For readers interested in learning more about Clifford Berryman's political cartoons, the National Archives has a wonderful Clifford Berryman collection, which includes a great piece featuring Berryman drawing a bear, while a black bear stands next to him. The Theodore Roosevelt Center at Dickinson State University has an interesting blog entry on the origin of the teddy bear, and a link to Berryman's artwork in their digital library.
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I received an electronic ARC from Kids Can Press through NetGalley.
The history of the teddy bear told in a picture book format for young readers.
Sage shares the history behind the creation of the bear from Roosevelt's hunting trip in Mississippi to Berryman's newspaper cartoon to Michtom's creation of the first bear.  The book does blend in some conjecture with the facts to keep the readers focused.
Elementary level readers will follow the text and enjoy the realistic illustrations that capture this piece of history.
Information text and author note at the end.
Would be a terrific read aloud to introduce non-fiction and talk about author privilege when sharing history.
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Teddy is an adorable picture book that tells us how President Theodore Roosevelt became the poster boy for teddy bears and how this famous and lovable toy got its name. The story begins when President Roosevelt, nicknamed Teddy,  refused to shoot a helpless bear cub that was placed in his path by friends who were hosting his stay in the south and wanted him to have a “successful” hunt. When he returns to Washington, the story hits the wires. A cartoonist for the Washington Post uses that information to do an editorial cartoon, that cartoon is republished in newspapers all over the United States. In New York, a couple who own a small store see the cartoon, and the wife makes a toy bear to commemorate the situation and the story takes off. Everyone wants their own "Teddy Bear". 

I loved the illustrations, they were done in such a way that it felt like the reader was actually there, a bit like a Norman Rockwell style. The text was written in a clear easy to understand way so that younger children would also be able to grasp the story. As the author tells us in his notes, it is an almost true story, a few facts were fictionalized such as the cartoonist giving the coffee delivery boy a doughnut. This is a wonderful book for a read aloud. This could be a springboard for discussion of other famous bears (Winnie-the-Pooh) or favourite toys, perhaps reading other books like The Velveteen Rabbit. The author also includes great material in the back pages such as a copy of the original cartoon, an advertisement for the “original” style bear, and a photograph of an early style teddy bear. A great addition to a primary or junior classroom. The publisher provided me with a copy of this book upon request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.
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Wonderful book for children, giving the almost true story about the naming of the original "Teddy" bear. I learned a lot about Teddy Roosevelt, and his refusal to kill a bear cub because he wouldn't have been able to look his children in the eye, if he did. This story was written about in the paper, and a couple decided to make toy bears called "Teddy". This book was very informative.
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Teddy, an adorable picture book that tells us how President Theodore Roosevelt became the poster boy for the new toy, a teddy bear. The pictures in this lovely tale are cozy and make you want to run right out for a new teddy to snuggle with.  Not only does this book discuss the historical features of our former president in an "almost true" story, it is beautifully illustrated as well. This book would make a great addition to a classroom library in honor of President's Day. 
Thanks to #netGalley for a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I loved this book. It is a great information book. I think it could lead to more discussion about how objects came to be as well.
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A really cool book about Teddy Roosevelts refusual of hunting a tiny bear and how that turned into the Teddy Bear that kids all love. I started with President Roosevelt, then a cartoonist and then a small toy shop. Very interesting tale.
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Great book! Kids will love to learn about how the teddy bear became famous and parents will love that children are learning about American history. Cute illustrations and good story. The book is easy to follow and well organized. Recommended.
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I did not like this book. The illustration style is very outdated. I can never understand why we see a man who kills animals for sport as heroic? So he didn’t kill a baby bear....what about it’s mother? Would he have shot it if he went back the following year and it had grown into an adult bear? Someone else saw it as a commercial oppertunity to make profit. What are we teaching our kids? I have three Teddy bears and love them dearly because they a wonderful animals not because of this fictional story.
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With a clearly written, inviting text and illustrations that give a sense of a bygone era, this book explains how the teddy bear got its name. Several key players were involved: President Theodore Roosevelt, who was also called Teddy; a cartoonist for the Washington Post; and a husband and wife who owned a candy store that also featured the wife’s handmade toys. The story begins when President Roosevelt refused to shoot a helpless bear cub that was placed in his path by friends who were hosting his stay in the south and wanted him to have a “successful” hunt.. At the very same time, a cartoonist for the Washington Post was told by his editor-in-chief to create a cartoon that would touch the heart of all the paper’s readers. When a coffee boy in the office told the cartoonist about the story of T.R. refusing  to shoot the cub, the cartoonist set to work on his soon -to-be famous cartoon.  The cartoon was seen by the toymaker and her husband. She, in turn, created the teddy bear. The rest, so they say, is history. This is a wonderful book for a read aloud. Children can share stories of their own teddy bears and perhaps research other famous bears in children’s literature like Winnie-the-Pooh and Corduroy. Excellent back matter also features a copy of the original cartoon, an advertisement for the “original” style bear, and a photograph of an early style teddy bear.
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Could not get this to download unfortunately.  Looks promising and a good read, a shame but looks like I am not the only one who had issues
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Who didn't have a Teddy Bear when they were younger (or still) that they didn't love? The story of the Teddy Bear comes to life in this little book! President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear cub, and the subsequent cartoon about the incident led to the creation of one of the nations most beloved toys!

This book was so adorable, and a fun read! I loved it!
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In the year 1902, President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt went hunting in the state of Mississippi.  His hosts wanted so much for him to shoot and bag a bear in their great state but alas at that particular time no bears could be found... "except, that is, for one scruffy, no-account cub." 

When prompted to go ahead and shoot the little fella the President vehemently declined the offer stating that if he did so he could never look into the eyes of his children again.  His tender big heart would not allow that to happen. Word got out of the President refusing to carry out that deed and the story was picked up by a political cartoonist who visually carried it in his newspaper.  In New York, toymakers Rosie and Morris Michtom were so impressed with the story that they decided to create a "Teddy" bear in the President's honour.  Everyone, including the President himself was very taken with this novel idea of owning and cuddling a soft, loveable "Teddy" bear toy.  The demand for "Teddys" became so popular that the Michtoms built a huge factory to meet all the demands of the public for this treasured toy.  

The book includes factual historic notes, photos and a rich list of sources to visit at the end.  Both young and old will find this book both educational and entertaining. Teddy bears are common in our culture today.  It is always fun to backpedal and find our how this iconic toy came into being.  I highly recommend this wonderful book with its universal appeal to kids ( and adults )  all over the world.
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This is a lovely picture book that gives insight into the beginning of an iconic toy.  I like the author's notes at the end explaining where he took liberties and showing the original cartoon.  A wonderful story to introduce a child to the history behind their favorite "Teddy".
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“You’re about to read the extraordinary, almost true, tale about a toy that swept a nation...”

Incredibly cute tale about the origins of the “Teddy Bear”. 

I remember that the bear’s were named after Teddy Roosevelt, but never really knew why. 

LOVED the illustrations. Unique and for the story well. 

Highly recommend!

*thanks to the publisher for the e-copy for review!
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Cute retelling of the first teddy bear. I especially liked the last page which compared the real event with the retelling - could be good for explaining to children the difference between fact and fiction.
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