Love Looks Pretty on You

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Lang Leav again delivers with a moving collection of poems surrounding the idea of love, with poems that read as odes to past and future loves and odes to yourself. Leav brought me to tears time and time again. This is a collection you want to read over and over and over.
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I actually forgot to write a review here, until the publisher decided to archive it. :( Deeply apologize!!

Soooo, another Lang Leav. I've been a huge fan of her works since I read her first poetry book and I just kept reading it again and again. This one was great though. I really wish to read more of their upcoming works.
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Overall a good collection of poetry, I could somewhat connect with a few poetry but not a lot. If I could I would give this a two and a half rating
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I rarely read anthologies, especially by authors I have never heard of before. But a friend recommended I give this author a try so I did. It took me a while to write a review for this so that I ended up buying a physical copy because from what I did initially read through the ebook was nice but I could not honestly remember everything I read and so started anew. I found the collection sweet overall.. Many of the poems struck a chord within me and made me think about my own past loves and relationships with others. Many of the works inspired me to write scenes or situations revolving some of the themes discussed in them and became a fun writing exercise for me, especially since I want to write my own novels one day and other literary works. The style is not something I am used to for poetry. Some were merely thoughts it seemed but they were lovely nonetheless. I'm intrigued by this modern poetry and wonder if others do the same thing. I look forward to more works by this author and other poets about love.
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Lang Leav continues to be one of the best poetry and prose writers for confessional poetry/prose in the business and this newest publication of hers is the next big step in that. She continues to capture the experiences of millions with such clarity and depth of feeling. I saw dozens of things I've been through, terrible and beautiful in her words in this volume, and I already must have copies, for myself and to give to friends.
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One of my favorite reads of 2019.
I’ve been a fan of Lang Leav since I read "Love and Misadventures", so when I found this book on Netgalley I was so happy! Also, I’m obsessed with this cover.
The author has improved a lot in her writing, which is quite noticeable in this anthology. 
A beautiful collection of contemporary poetry and prose, offering powerful insights into love, heartbreak, relationships, and self-empowerment. I would say this is a love letter to women.
It varies between poetry and prose. Some prose is in a letter format, some is in a sentence. Some poems were a page long, some rhymed and others were open free verse just lines along.
This book feels like a protective caring nurturer, giving you advice and helping you through some tough stuff. Almost everything in this book is things that we all need to hear at some point in our lives.

“My mother, my safe passage
into this world, fought a war
to show me wars can be won.” 

Special thanks to Lang Leav, Andrews McMeel Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I am sure Lang Leav is no stranger to any of us. And in her sixth book she has brought her magic back. I kept underlining her and highlighting so many of her lines, especially the ones about abuse in relationships and being a strong woman. 

When my best friend told me

she was in love

my first thought was,

‘I hope he is good to her.’

And it suddenly occurred to me,

what I held in my heart for her

was hope, when it should

have been expectation.

I love that her prose/poetry has always been easy to read and relate. I have felt in her earlier works she talks a little too much about heartbreak and being in love for my taste, and there is nothing wrong about that and it is just me, not her. But she has proved herself as a matured writer in this one. 

Final thought: Though monotonous at times, the author moved past from the heartbreaks to more mature subjects. 

Recommended to: If you liked her previous works, this should be on your list as well
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Fantastic read from a talented author. Thank you to the author and publisher for a chance to read and review.
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I really loved it. I feel like it is one of her best books after Love & Misadventures. Totally intense and relatable. Strongly recommend it.
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Good lord, Lang Leav has a way with words. 

I first fell in love with her work when I read came across some poems on Pinterest that were from her Memories collection. UH-MAZING. 

Her poetry is relatable, passionate, stimulating and thought-provoking. It just doesn't disappoint. 

Shut Out

I felt it every day, that feeling of exclusion. Like a gradual
drop in temperature. A slow freezing out of a world I once
belonged to. I was nudged ever so slowly toward the exit, I
didn't even see the door. I only realized it was too late when
I found myself standing outside.
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Really enjoyed this poetry book, this was my first read of Lang Leav's poetry! I will definitely be seeking out Lang Leav's previous work and look out for new releases.
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"The poet stands 
before the ocean
like an offering
takes of her clothes,
peels off her skin.
Keeps stripping herself back,
until she is only heart and pulse;
blood and saltwater."

I thought I never heard of Lang Leav before, after looking for other books by her I found one I bought not long ago. Let’s just say, it won’t be long left unread.

There are poems about love, good and bad relationships (may be a trigger for some), about her mother and feelings. There are so many topics but everything is fitting together very well.
The author doesn’t stick to a specific style of poetry. They are short and long, they rhyme and don’t, some feel very modern and some a bit old.

After reading just a few pages I fell head over heals for it. It spoke to me on so many levels. It is raw and empowering and beautiful with a lot of positivity.
I wanted to savor every page. I started reading on a family diner, I never really read much when people I know are around me, it distracts me. This book though had me completely. 
After a bit over half of it, I got a bit lost. Or more I couldn’t feel it as before. I took a break because I didn’t want it to be over so soon but it never had me again like it did in the first half. It felt a bit too rushed, I missed all the feelings I had before. I can’t really tell why but I felt like that.

But overall I really liked the book and I’m definitely reading more by Leav. She writes beautiful and I cannot wait to see how she does that in a novel.

"The half-moon yawned when we waved goodbye to another moment, lost to memory.
The walls learned our secrets like how you like your coffee black and I like mine with cream and sugar."
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Just the dedication page alone showing this book is about all types of love, not just romantic love really got to my emotions.

This book is full of poems that celebrate love - the big sweeping romantic relationships, the strong female friendships, self-love. I connected with so many of them and just had to sit with and savor them. That made this book a slow read for me, but not in a bad way. Its the kind of book where you’ll want to pick it up and read a few poems, but not sit and read the entire thing at once.

This is my first experience with Lang Leav so I don’t know how it compares to her previous works, but I’d definitely pick up more of them after this.
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This book was provided by the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Andrews McMeel Publishing and Netgalley! 

"Don’t stay where you are needed. Go where you are loved."

Love Looks Pretty on You is a poetry collection about love, heartbreak, relationship and empowerment. 

"I have been quiet lately, I know. Not because I don’t know anything to say, but because I have too much."

I wasn’t sure whether I was going to like Love Looks Pretty on You because I read one of Lang Leav’s other poetry collections and I wasn’t the biggest fan of it, but Love Looks Pretty on You was such a beautiful collection. I could relate to so many poems and they were just beautifully written! I cannot wait to discover Lang Leav’s other poetry collections!

"The most beautiful thing is not when you learn to live without something; it’s the moment you realize you never needed it in the first place." 

Favourite poems:

    Making History
    Endless Cycle
    Someone Else
    Letter to the Past
    Your Right to Love
    The Friendship Bond
    Slut Shaming
    First Steps
    Abusive Relationships
    True Love
    Why You Fell in Love
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Something weird happened with my laptop and a lot of my downloads disappeared, including this and other Netgalley ARCs I had not yet gotten around to, but are now archived and not available to re-download... I am sadness
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Can't possibly review since I have problems opening the book file. I read quite a few Lang Leav's poetry books and I really enjoyed it. I'm hoping to get into this and adore it the same way I adored her other books.
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Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with a earc.

I gave this a four out of five stars. This was my first poetry collection I’ve read by the author but I did really enjoy it. I plan on reading more of her works, o have been wanting to read some of her stuff for a while now. I plan on purchasing for myself in the future and recommend you do the same. 

Some lines I enjoyed: 

“Don’t go upstairs with him. You’re going to regret it. He’ll never change.”

“In the glow of my eternal youth, when I had yet to learn my truth; in sun-soaked days I saw no end— I should have left you then.”

“You pitcher on a pedestal. Love her, adore her, crown her as your queen.”

“If you find yourself worrying when you have done nothing wrong, you are not free.”

“Women are fierce. They are powerful. No matter what language they speak, how they dress, or the work they choose to do.”

“The truth is, I hope to God you suffer every heartache you put me through. I hope when the darkness comes for you, it will hit you twice as hard as it hit me.”
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This was honestly nothing special. I really was excited to read this collection and had higher expectations. Unfortunately, it fell flat and really none of these poems were memorable to me. It wasn't terrible, but it also wasn't anything special like I expected.
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This poetry collection made me feel good. About myself, about love and life. After I finished, I just felt calm and happy. There were some really strong pieces which made my heart either skip a beat or beating with so much love. I found myself in some of them. 

It felt more as a classic poetry than just some instagram posts. I am looking forward to read other Lang Leav's books. 


I am contrary, like the weather, 
I change my mind,
from moment to moment.
Something I once believed in,
I no longer do. 
But when I did, 
I felt it with all my sincerity.

I am made of the elements, 
ever changing.

A forest fire to a candle flame.
A breeze to a hurricane.
A handful of dirt 
to a mountaintop.
An ocean to raindrop.
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I received an ARC from Netgalley for an honest review: 

It is no secret that Lang Leav's works touches my heart in a way no other poet/author can. I absolutely love all her poetry collections and her debut novel; SAD GIRLS is a book that will stay with me forever. 

This collection of poetry/prose was a delight to read, touching my soul with every title that my eyes land upon. The beginning of this collection is my favourite part; most especially The Long Way and 

History will look back on critics 
as one collective voice,
tainted with bitterness,
coloured by their ignorance
and failure to find
the pulse of their generation.

As for the poets,
history will look back
and know us by name.

Refugee has a special place in my heart. 

Thank you, Lang Leav for pouring your soul into pages that reach out and hold mine.
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