Her Desert Doctor

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Sara and Hassan's story in Her Desert Doctor is super hot. I read the first book in the series by Marie Tuhart, but this book can be enjoyed as a stand alone.
Sara's best friend is marrying Hassan's brother. Lucky Sara gets to spend some hot alone time with Hassan. Hassan is more than happy to spend time with Sara especially if it is time spent in the sack.
This one is a steamy emotionally charged read. Great book!
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The 2nd book in the Desert Destiny series and just as good as the first. It's a hot steamy story with a pretty good plot. Overall well-written.
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“Her Desert Doctor” did not disappoint one bit. 
 I could not put this book down. I read it last night and couldn’t go to sleep without finishing it. I'm a sucker to love stories so I smiled, laughed and fell in love with the characters.
Sara came to escape all the troubles back home with work and came to help her best friend get ready for her royal wedding. Hassan is a prince but also a doctor and as the minister of health, Hassan is trying to help his country overcome the problems with opium operations and addiction and to get the hospital update. It so happens that Sara was a nurse and works in administration. This gives them the chance to work together and get Bashir on the right track. It also means that they will get plenty of time to get to know each other better.

I fell for Sara and Hassan relationship. They’re meant for each other. This story goes in deeper into their lives and I would highly recommend reading it because it’s not just about their lusty and romantic time together.
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The heroine travels to a desert country because her best friend is about to marry the king there. She has been a nurse but went back to college and just quit a job as the hospital administrator. Upon arriving in the country she is welcomed by the brother of the king who is himself a trained doctor and the country's Minister of Health. Sparks fly.

This romance novel was like a box of candy of all kind of different romance genres: A royal family, an exotic country, a nurse and doctor storyline and a kink titbit. I wonder why is contemporary romance writers feel the need to introduce floggers and clubs. 

The story has no weird cultural mistakes and is not that bad. If you are into light reads and like to be able to finish a novel in a few hours this might be something for you.
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interesting story from Marie. Touching and loving. Like the way she wrote the story that captivate readers.
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What a wonderful, romantic foray into the world of royalty. But not any royalty but that of the land of Bashir in the Middle East.
In this world of desert, palm trees, and unique people, Sara has traveled far in order to visit her friend Catherine, who is preparing to marry the crown prince. Here she meets a local doctor who just also happens to be the crown prince’s brother. Hassan and Sara both feel an immediate attraction to each other.  Despite circumstances separating them and amidst the turmoils and triumphs of this culture that she yearned to embroil herself in, Sara finds the other piece of her heart.
I received an arc from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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Another engaging story from Marie Tuhart in her world of Bashir. The H&h of this book were very likeable and well developed, they took their relationship slow but were attracted to each other right off their introduction. There is a light BSDM scene and several discussions about it. The story had a fast moving intriguing plot that carried through till the end. I did take a half star off as the ending seemed a little too abrupt, and one of the threads specific to this story line didn't seem to be resolved adequately IMO. This is the second book in this series and can be read as a standalone, but you will see the family characters throughout the series as well as a problematic tribe leader, so you may prefer to read them in order. Overall, a very good story. *I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and this is my voluntary and honest review.
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📚I received an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) from NetGalley and Trifecta Publishing House as the publisher in exchange for an honest review📚

Book title         : Her Desert Doctor

Author             : Marie Tuhart

Release Date   : 15 October 2018

“I want to make love to you,” he whispered against her lips.


The word had his cock hardening. Sitting up, he stripped her nightshirt off then stripped his own clothes off. Her tongue darted out and wet her lips, and he fought his urge to ravish her.”

-Her Desert Doctor, Marie Tuhart

I really cannot understand why those hunky-tonkies portrayed either as the sheikhs or princes of the desert always screams the aura of sexiness, wildness and hot romance. And Her Desert Doctor by Marie Tuhart is without exception. This book is a the second book of the Desert Destiny Series. Telling a story about a nurse named Sara Fairchild who experiences such unpleasant past in a small Middle Easter country named Bashir.

Sara’s first purpose is to visit Catherine, her best friend who is engaged to Malik and becomes the crown princess (see the first series). During her arrival, a sexy hunk named Hasan picks her up from the airport. This Hasan boo turns out to be  the desert doctor, minister of health and one of the Bashir princes, one of those in line for the crown. Such a perfect jackpot for the ladies: sexy, hot, smart, rich and powerful. Their first encounter was a little bit unpleasant as they keep fighting like cats and dogs. Yet Sara finally ends up helping Hasan managing the hospital, doing charity works  related to drug rehabilitation along with other things that even a Kate Middleton may do for England

The point I highlighted from the book is only the ending, I know that the ending is quite a little bit cliché. As aforementioned, everyone can guess it straight away. I wish that Ms. Tuhart would make it a little bit spicy. She can probably evoke the readers’ emotion by adding a little bit of scene after the kidnapping. For instance, taking it from Hasan’s side like…he tries to push her away because he worries about her safety if she keeps staying with him then crawl over her after a while.

Despite of it, this book offers romance, great scenes of adventure, involving the kidnapping, shooting, and also steamy erotica a la FSOG (but in sweeter way).

“I am pretty much towards the light end of the BDSM scale. I like flogging, spanking and toys. I am not into pain or heavy-duty stuff.”

-Sara Fairchild, Her Desert Doctor, Marie Tuhart

I love it when Sara and Hasan try hard not to desire each other but end up exploring each other physically. Well, it is not that both of them do not enjoy it tho…

“He took what he wanted. His tongue thrust into her mouth as she stroke his dick. Little shudders racked his body. She’d never felt so powerful and yet so dominated by a kiss…”

-Her Desert Doctor, Marie Tuhart

And for the reason I do not know, I like Hasan and Sara’s sweet romance;

“Hasan broke the kiss and rested his forehead against her. “You taste like a fine wine and sunshine.”

“How does sunshine taste?”

“Fresh, clean, delicious.” His breath fanned her face….”

-Her Desert Doctor, Marie Tuhart

For those aforementioned reason, I personally think that this book is worth to read.
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Her Desert Doctor by Marie Tuhart is book Two in the Desert Destiny Series.  This is the story of Hassan al-Hakim and Sara Fairchild.  I have read the previous book, but feel this can be a standalone.  Sara has come to visit her best friend and help her prepare for her marriage.  Sara meets Hassan, the groom to be brother and sparks fly.  This was a quick hot read!
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I received an arc from Netgalley. Hassan and Sara’s story is intense but filled with so much love. The first time Hassan meets Sara he feels an electric attraction and from then on through some intense situations their love and attractions grow. A great read!
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This is book a solid 3 stars for me. It is based in a fictional country in the middle east, it surrounds the royal family of this country and an American nurse. The author did a great job of describing this world for her readers. I believe the ideal reader for this story is one who likes suspense, love, sex and the medical field. 

What worked for me:
-the steamy parts were steamy
-the story was well written with no obvious editing issues
-the book held interesting (potential) middle eastern customs and issues 

What did not work for me:
-I would have preferred more sex scenes 

Trigger warning: brief drug and physical abuse
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Her Desert Doctor is the second book in the Marie Tuhart’s Desert Destiny series featuring Catherine’s best friend Sara and Prince Hassan. Sarah and Hassan's story is one filled with genuine empathy and caring, and the will to overcome all obstacles to achieve their goal. Her Desert Doctor is a truly inspiring tale of the hardship of finding normalcy amongst the pressures of expectation and duty, and that a special someone can make the effort completely worth it. This couple were destined to be together and show a resilience and courage that is second to none. I thoroughly enjoyed their story and look forward to what comes next.
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