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I love Asian food and was very excited since this cookbook is uniquely laid out by country, i.e. India, Thailand, China, Japan, etc. There are many recipes I look forward to making like Tofu Pad Thai, Teriyaki Tofu, Naan Bread, Mint Chutney, Pineapple Fried Rice, and more. I also love that in the back of the book she provided a whole section on how to mix and match your leftovers --a very clever idea that I haven't seen done by any other cookbook author! 

*Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley. However, all opinions are my own.*
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This is a beautifully illustrated cookbook of vegan Asian recipes broken down by region (India, China, etc.). It's full of information on creating authentic tasting dishes and provides a symbol to show you which recipes are GF and which are spicy. There are color photos of most recipes. They seem a little on the complicated side and you will need to buy some specialty ingredients, but they seem quite doable. This would make a great cookbook for those who want to expand their vegan cooking or who are looking for great Asian recipes in general.
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The food in this book is so delicious!! I love that this is a different sort of book that talks more about the delicious food from the other side of the world from where I am at. She talks about the origins of some of the dishes as well as the twists and how they were originally created. Just to add in, the pictures in this book are beautiful and really just make you want to try and make the food. I am not a chef, but I enjoy trying to cook new foods and this was a great book for learning how to do this.
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I was so excited when I stumbled upon this cookbook. My husband and I have always enjoyed eating and preparing Asian meals. In April of 2018, we started following a vegan / plant based diet and have never regretted that decision. It was definitely an adjustment at first and took a lot of research and prep along the way. We relied heavily on social media and a few popular vegan cookbooks to help guide us on our new lifestyle. 

East Meets Vegan is a wonderful resource that I will eagerly add to our collection and will recommend as a staple to any kitchen bookshelf. The book is incredibly colorful and includes vivid pictures with easy to follow instructions. It begins with a brief author intro as well as a few pages about pantry essentials, equipment, and certain explanations about techniques that you will find throughout the recipes. The book is broken down into color coded sections: India, Thailand, Singapore / Malaysia, China and Japan. I loved the personal messages that the author used to describe each dish. They included great memories, helpful information and came across very relatable. 

The recipes are fantastic and include easy to shop for ingredients. The ones I flagged to make first are: Cauliflower Samosas, Creamy Spinach Curry with Crispy Tofu, Tandoori Cauliflower “Wings”, Sweet Potato and Onion Pakoras, Tofu Pad Thai, Pineapple Fried Rice, Thai Basil “Chicken”, Mango Sticky Rice, Fluffy Peanut Pancake, Vegan Roti John, Mushroom and Chive Dumplings, Scallion Pancakes, Sweet and Sour Mushrooms, Dumpling Noodles, Teriyaki Tofu, Japanese Curry and Yaki Soba Stir Fry, As you can see, I have lots of new meals to try out. 

Overall, this is a fantastic cookbook for anyone interested in Asian cuisine and /or vegan cooking. It would make a wonderful gift as well.
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Already purchased a copy for our household and I'll be adding it to our library's book list for our food collection!  Absolutely loved making the recipes and enjoyed being able to share this with my partner who is vegan!  I highly recommend this for anyone who is looking for vegan versions of their favorite eastern cuisine!
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Pretty and colorful - which I love in a cookbook.  Directions are concise and the ingredient lists aren't too obscure, which is a plus.  The pictures are really appetizing and there are a few recipes I really want to try like the vegan naan and the creamy carrot halwa.  I love how the book is organized by region too!
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This was a very well written cookbook. I found the layout to flow well and the recipes were easy to understand and follow along to. I look forward to trying some of them out for my family.
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If you’re an American and have an interest in Eastern cuisine, including not-so-common Singapore and Malaysian recipes, you might find this vegan exploration fun and interesting. If you're looking for quick and easy recipes or recipes that require only ingredients easily found in the standard American supermarket, these recipes will not meet your needs.

The author tells us a little about herself (from Singapore but has lived much of her life in the UK) and goes on to explain pantry and equipment requirements needed for the recipes. The book is divided by country: India, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, China, and Japan. Each country’s (or countries’) section starts with a short essay about the author's thoughts about the food of the region(s). In general, Eastern cuisines are vegetarian- and vegan-friendly, so a lot of the recipes are ones that are traditional within the culture already. But the author also plays around with making nonvegan recipes into vegan ones, like a version of Thai basil chicken. The recipes in each chapter include appetizers, condiments, side dishes, main dishes, and desserts. 

Some of the recipes look to be potentially problematic. For instance, at least one recipe had the proportion of sauce to other ingredients completely wrong.

The book is sumptuously photographed. We see both pictures of the countries and photos of the recipes. When needed, the author also gives diagrams of how to fold certain foods, like samosas and summer rolls.
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One thing that made me choose this book was the vibrant book cover and boy i am glad i picked up this book!

Its vibrant and "full of life" kind of pictures and it starts off with a little background about the author and her growing up. 

The recipes are mainly Asian and revolve around the largely known recipes of India, China, Thailand, Malaysia etc like the curries, noodles and the soups and easily available ingredients. The author makes the recipes seem very effortless. 
Absolutely loved the pictures in the book!
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East Meets Vegan is full of delicious Asian inspired vegan recipes. Tandoori cauliflower “wings" are a must try! What makes your mouth water more than the sound of pineapple fried rice? I have always been a fan of butter chicken and now finally I have a delicious vegan version to add to our family favourites. Recipes are complemented by scrumptious photography that will have your stomach growling in no time!
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I'm new to being vegan, and this books was an eye opener. It's been easy to get stuck in a food rut, but everything in this book looks amazing and packed with flavor. I tried the Vegan "butter chicken" recipe and it didn't disappoint.

If you aren't vegan, or haven't been for very long, the ingredient list is a little daunting; but for the seasoned vegan, everything besides the fresh veggies are probably already in your pantry.
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What a great book!
This is a collection of all vegan recipes from China, Japan, Thailand, India, Singapore and Malaysia.
Very beautiful and appetizing book.
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East Meets Vegan is a wonderful cookbook with delicious recipes and incredibly concise instructions. As an educator, a father, and an uncle, this book hits all of my criteria for a staple cookbook in the pantry: easy, yummy, beautiful, and more. Even the kids enjoy it! So far we've tried about four different recipes from each section, let alone the neat division of recipes based on geography.

I would highly recommend this book to everybody looking for a healthy and cultural twist on cult classics.
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I almost never request cookbooks from Netgalley, but East Meets Vegan looked so enticing that I couldn’t resist. The author’s heritage is Indian and Eurasian, and she grew up in Singapore, so I figured that (but for the substitution of plant-based foods for animal products and some other creative experimentation) the recipes would be authentic as well as tasty. And they do indeed look delicious.

The cookbook falls into six different sections: Basic Recipes and Techniques, India, Thailand, Singapore & Malaysia, China and Japan. In its pages are both familiar favorites (Dal Makhani, Cucumber and Mint Raita, Tofu Pad Thai, Thai Green Curry, Satay, Sambal, Scallion Pancakes, Mapo Tofu, Baked Tempura and Shiitake “Tonkotsu” Ramen) and new-to-me dishes (Cauliflower Samosas, Fennel and Parsnip Tarka Dal, Thai-Style Ocean Cakes, Sweetcorn Fritters, Malaysian Rojak Salad, Tempeh Rendang, Gua Bao with Sweet Potato “Belly,” and Hong Kong “Egg” Tarts).

There are color photographs of most of the recipes, and directions are straightforward. Occasionally, some unusual ingredients are called for, but that is only to be expected of a cookbook that is both vegan and one of Asian recipes. On the whole, it seems very accessible for the kind of cookbook it is, and I very much look forward to cooking from it.

In fact, I like the look of it so much that despite having received an advanced reading copy from the publisher, I ordered it from Amazon in the hopes that the book will sell well enough that there will be more cookbooks from Sasha Gill.
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The Experiment and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of East Meets Vegan.  I was under no obligation to review this book and my opinion is freely given.

East Meets Vegan contains plant-based recipes that focus on the Asian countries of India, Thailand, Singapore & Malaysia, China, and Japan.  This celebration of Asian cuisine shows an alternative way of eating without sacrificing flavor.  The author starts the book with pantry essentials, those items like agave syrup and agar powder that are fundamental in many vegan recipes.  The beginning of the book also includes sections like equipment lists, basic recipes, and techniques, key for those readers who are unfamiliar with either Asian or vegan cooking.

India is the first section of cuisine, with such recipes as Tandoori Cauliflower "Wings" (p. 35), with all of the flavors of the classic dish and Butter Bean Tikka Curry (p. 55), as well as classic staples like different flavored chutneys, naan, and lassi.  The author does a good job of infusing the flavors India into vegan dishes, allowing plant-based eaters to experience the delicious cuisine.

The next section is Thailand, a cuisine which already incorporates many fruits and vegetables into the finished dishes.  A familiar dish, Green Papaya Salad (p. 70), can be easily made gluten-free with the use of gluten-free soy sauce.  Tofu Pad Thai (p. 72) is delicious and will have eaters not at all missing the meat.  Mango Sticky Rice (p. 98) is a delectable dessert made with coconut milk, rice, and mango.  The author gives a good spread of recipes from starters to desserts, allowing vegan eaters to enjoy all of the flavors that Thailand has to offer.

Singapore & Malaysia have many delicious dishes that are easily converted for plant-based eating.  Laksa Lemak (p. 109) is a soup with a creamy coconut milk broth and includes tasty noodles, baby corn, mushrooms, tofu, bean sprouts, and scallions.  Popiah Spring Rolls (p. 112) are the Singapore version of a burrito, with a flavorful filling of stewed vegetables, tofu, bean sprouts, and spinach.  Glutinous Rice Peanut Balls (p. 128) are a staple, deceptively easy to make and are simply delicious.

The section on China has delicious offerings like Mushroom and Chive Dumplings (p. 149), with a filling so flavorful that the meat will not be missed.  With other classic Chinese dishes made plant-based, such as Sweet and Sour Mushrooms (p. 153), "Egg" Drop Soup (p. 165), and Black Bean and Mushroom Stir Fry (p. 169), vegan eaters will be able to enjoy the flavors of the cuisine.

Finally, the section on Japan boasts many heart healthy dishes, such as Baked Tempura (p. 185), Shiitake "Tonkotsu" Ramen (p. 195), Vegetable Hand Sushi (pp. 196-199), and Yaki Soba Stir Fry (p. 209).  With recipes that span the entire meal, eaters will be treated to flavorful dishes with a Japanese flair.

With great instructions for items such as wrapping spring rolls and making dumplings, as well as beautiful photographs of the regions and of finished dishes, East Meets Vegan is a great example of fusing exotic cuisines and a plant-based diet.  I highly recommend this cookbook to all readers, not just those who eat a vegan diet, because all eaters would benefit from this great food journey through Asia.
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The book is well organized and colorful, and the recipes look delicious. It definitely doesn't seem like it's for the beginner, or for anyone who doesn't have access to a Middle Eastern or Asian grocery store, or at least some specialty spice shops (even Whole Foods doesn't carry some of the spices and other ingredients needed in quite a few recipes). But, I can likely find some substitutes, or at least use this as inspiration and then customize it based on what I have and what I like. 

The recipes themselves are quite complex at times, too. But, they all sound amazing and there's a good range. The chana masala fries look epic, and I can't wait to make them.
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Veganized versions of the authors favorite Asian dishes. It was a delight to read the recipes. The recipes are accessible, interesting and exciting. I enjoyed that the cookbook was organized by Country as it also felt like I was traveling. I can’t wait to try some of these recipes!

* I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review of this book.
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Fabulous full color cookbook full of tasty recipes from different parts of Asia. Love the new vegan take on traditional non vegan recipes. I’ll be cooking from this cook book for years.
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Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review East Meets Vegan. The following is, as always, my honest opinion.

To start, it is a beautifully put together book. It is filled with bright and colorful photos. Nice layouts. The recipes themselves are clear and easy to read. 

I tried the "Butter Chicken" recipe. The instructions were very easy to understand and follow. Most importantly, it was absolutely delicious. The two omnivores that ate it also loved it. As I am gluten free, I used the recipe included alternative of tofu instead of seitan. Love that it is a feature.

I would recommend this to vegans and non-vegans wanting to try it out or eat a little healthier.
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I love this book!

My fiance and I are foodies but we also like cooking at home and this book gave us the ability to enjoy ethnic tastes in our own kitchen! We found the directions easy to follow and while we occasionally had to search out ingredients, we found the exercise beneficial as it facilitated the discovery of shops we'd never visited in our own backyard.
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