Atlas of Adventures: Wonders of the World

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Atlas of Adventure: Wonders of the World by Ben Handicott takes the reader in a world tour of awesome places. From natural wonders such as Uluru in Australia, to ancient man-made ones like the Moai of Rapa Nui, and modern ones like the towering Burj Khalifa, kids can travel the world through imagination. This was a wonderful read packed full of cool info and great artwork. My cubs and I read the together and loved it! We plan to get a hardcopy for the family library. Highly recommended!

***Many thanks to Netgalley & Quarto Publishing for providing an ecopy in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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I enjoyed reading this book with my son. He is obsessed with learning about 'his world' and this was the great addition to our bedtime reading! The fun book cover coupled with great worldly insights was a hit!
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Another wonderful addition to the "atlas" series published by Wide Eyed Editions. I have been in love with the series since their first book and I have adored every publications since. "Wonders of the World," again, does not disappoint and I highly recommend any parents to consider adding this book to their libraries.

There are plenty of book options about wonders of the world for juvenile. What makes "Wonders of the World" stands out are:

1- The STUNNING illustrations. And the graphics are even more impressive in the "Wonders of World." Before reading the text, I was in awe of all the graphics- realistic, artistic and well rendered. Be sure to pay attention to all the tiny people around the landmarks; there are local people mingle with the tourists. Few landmarks even have ancient people building the wonders or hanging around with the modern tourists. Cute!

2- Simple text for young kids which provides enough background information and interesting tidbits without overloading with information. For older/advanced readers they probably won't get too much out from "Wonders of the World;" younger readers definitely could learn something about each landmarks. 

The wonders introduced in this book aren't comprehensive as expected but they are representative or unique in nature. Readers will definitely be able to appreciate some of the wonders around the world in all seven continents in this book.
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A wonderfully illustrated and informative book, which will be enjoyed by both Kids and Adults alike. 
I enjoyed reading this with my daughter and will definitely be getting a hard copy of this book too!
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Thank you Quatro - Wide Eyed Publications for this ARC in return for my honest review.

This is a wonderfully illustrated book for children to learn more about our worlds wonders.  Each wondernhasnantwo page spread of including a lovely illustration and relevant facts.  Useful for children for  school projects and learning more about their world.
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A lovely, brightly illustrated guide to the wonders of the world for middle grade readers - it even has Antarctica!
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Showcasing the globe’s most impressive landscapes, iconic buildings and evocative antiquities from both the modern and ancient worlds, this book is the perfect read for any wannabe adventurer. 

Even as an adult I love books like this. Full of facts and information about these incredible destinations around the world, this Atlas really is such a joy to read, whether you’re reading about the Eiffel Tower or The Big Blue Hole. The facts are easy to understand and give you a real sense of each the places this book visits throughout. 

Accompanying the notes and writing, this book has incredible illustrations. Filled with landscapes that give you a sense of the animals, birds in the natural wonders of this book but also the in-depth detail of the architectural wonders, for example the under the lens view of the decor of the Taj Mahal. 

A really lovely book, it’s a great treat for a kid into geography! 

(I received an ARC from Netgalley for honest review).
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This is a wonderful book that will give young readers a sense of how amazing and interesting the world is.   The author describes places on every continent, including Antarctica.  The illustrator has created worlds with lot of detail that show how unique each site is.  Every two page spread includes fun facts.  The narrator speaks in the second person, telling the reader "You are there..."  
I enjoyed visiting places like the Eiffel Tower, Angkor Wat, Yosemite, Mount Everest and the Forbidden City.  I also spent time in places that I did not already know including Burj Khalifa and Pantanal.  Plus for additional fun, the end of the book has a section with details of illustrations that children can hunt for in the text. 

I highly recommend this one.  It will encourage children to dream of travel and adventure!  Many thanks to NetGalley and Quarto for this enjoyable trip.  The opinions are my own.
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Atlas of Adventures: Wonders of the World is a wonderful book for kids. The atlas will show them that they're part of a much bigger place than their hometown. Atlas of Adventures will inspire Google searches by small children and a desire for exploration in older ones.
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A pretty interesting book with very good illustrations. It contains brief information on each attraction site.
Apart from the backround  information contained in each page, it gives the reader a very good spatial concept, including the map with the country that owns each site. In my opinion this book is not exclusively intented for kids, although I believe that children will benefit greatly as this book is an inexhaustible inspiration for young explorers of all ages and sexes. Highly recommended
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Beautiful illustrations and lots of fun facts about many different places all around the world. Perfect book to get any young child interested in geography and the world around them! Highly recommend!
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Atlas of adventures is full of amazing illustrations and facts.  It is a book that is a pleasure to look at and just flick through reading the fascinating facts and information about different parts of the world.  Having a download copy does not do it full justice as it is definetly a book that I would love to have in the book corner of my classroom.  
This book is one that any primary school should have in their library and could be used for geography lessons within the classroom.  The focus on the Wonders of the World is really important as this is something that children need to learn about and be aware of, the book certainly makes me want to see all the wonders of the world.  I am sure that this book will open up the world to children and make them keen to travel to see some of the places mentioned in the book.
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Book feature on my blog. Added on Goodreads.

A great little book about some of the world's most famous - and impressive - sights. I'm proud to say I've visited a number of them.
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This is a great children’s Wonders of the World book full of beautiful illustrations and amazing facts from all around the world. This would be a book I would love to own and could see myself purchasing as a gift. 
As a homeschooling family I could see us really enjoying this book, and coming back to it from time to time.
I highly recommend adding this title to any classroom or family library.
Thank you Quarto Publishing Group and NetGalley for a chance to read this title in exchange for my honest review, my opinions are my own.
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From the team behind the best-selling Atlas Of Adventures comes this awe-inspiring journey of discovery. Travel around the world to scale the Eiffel Tower, trek the Great Wall Of China and raft through the Yosemite Valley. Showcasing the globes most impressive landscapes, iconic buildings and evocative antiquities from both the modern and ancient worlds, this is the most wonderful Atlas Adventure yet!
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Cartoon look at wonders of the world

This book is a series of two-page drawings of wonders, natural and man-made, throughout the world. Each has a short description plus some one-liners around the drawing. Overall, a decent introduction for a younger one to the best tourist sites in the world.

The publisher provided me a copy for review.
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"Atlas of Adventures: Wonders of the World" is a lively bright atlas of all the major wonders of the world. It covers nearly 30 wonders; both natural and man-made, around the world. Apart from the seven wonders, it covers some unique & magnificent places such as the Yosemite Valley, Northern Lights, Uluru mountains, the Neuschwanstein Castle, Angkor Wat, Easter Island and the Forbidden City.  

The unique thing about this book is that instead of real life photos, it has beautiful illustrations of each wonder. Each illustration is highly detailed & colourful and each illustration is accompanied by some interesting facts about the place. The book is divided by continents and each continent has an introductory page with a map which shows the wonders within the continent. 

The key wonders from each continent are adequately covered (Even Antarctica gets a page). The book is primarily aimed at the younger readers so the information with each illustration is brief but it's enough to make the reader want to explore more in future. In the end, there is also a hidden object game and a comprehensive index for locating the landmarks in the end, in case you want to explore more. 
Overall, Atlas of Adventures: Wonders of the World is a wonderful little book full of fascinating facts and beautiful illustrations. This book is entertaining as well as informative and it would be great gift for readers of all ages.
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This is a beautiful children's atlas for ages 7 and up. I think this would be a perfect gift book for elementary school kids. I plan to purchase a copy for our family's library. It's fun to read through cover to cover, but even better to flip through casually to read what catches your eye.
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I love this book, it is beautifully illustrated and contains a good amount of information. Wonderfully interesting and engaging for children. Highly recommend
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There's A Lot Here

I've found myself a bit surprised by how popular non-fiction books are with the elementary/middle grade gang. What with Harry Potter and all that you sometimes overlook the interest kids have in space, geography, STEM titles, and even history and biography. So, books like this aren't merely an eat-your-spinach nod by publishers to good reading; they are popular and well liked.

This book struck some nice balances. It is drawn; there isn't a photo anywhere. That means you lose a lot of detail, but it also means that essential elements of a site can be highlighted. Interestingly, this is a plus for some sites and a negative for others. Structures like the Coliseum jumped out as drawings. A site like Uluru, ("Ayer's Rock"), or Yellowstone loses a good deal of its majesty. And that makes sense and seems a reasonable price to pay for such an enticing lineup.

The other well thought out balance has to do with content. The text for each site contains enough info to really identify the site. Some basic background is provided, and a few odd details add spice. This is all fairly brief, (just a two page spread per topic), but it's enough to catch the reader's interest and introduce the Wonder. Thankfully, the author has not gone for puns and dopey bits that I think tend to trivialize the material or talk down to the reader, (although that's probably just me).

So, this was a snappy offering that had real appeal and decent content. It struck me as a nice find for a younger reader.

(Please note that I received a free advance will-self-destruct-in-x-days Adobe Digital copy of this book without a review requirement, or any influence regarding review content should I choose to post a review. Apart from that I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book.)
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