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I received a free digital copy of Nothing to Lose by Victoria Selman from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Nothing to lose is the second book in the series. The first book is Blood for Blood which I have not read.  Although part of a series, it can stand alone.  It is not necessary to read the first book to understand and enjoy this book. 
The first thing I noticed was that this book has 143 chapters.  For me, this made it very choppy.   I did not feel that the language flowed well.  At times I felt that the author used a thesaurus to use bigger words, but it did not have a natural flow.  The language was awkward for me at any points through out the story.  

Ziba MacKenzie has worked as a consultant in many homicide cases. She arrives at a crime scene a notices that the victim looks a lot like her.  At the same time she is trying to solve the her husband’s murder. 
This was a solid storyline, but the flow wasn’t there for me.
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I couldn't stop reading. I love how this author crafts her characters. There's always surprised in her books even if you think you understand most of the story. I wish the books were longer but then I'd never get anything since. Love it so much.
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I really enjoyed the first book in this series and was excited to get the second. I am enjoying Ziba's story but thought the plot of this one was a little out of left field. The writing was fantastic and the story was very suspenseful and entertaining. I hope there are more in this series.
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Ziba Mackenzie is back in action. The killer brutally murdered two women in London. What’s surprising these women look familiar to Ziba. Only Ziba notices this! But her mind is not on the case. It’s her husband Duncan’s unsolved murder that's on her mind. Will she be able to solve both the murders or she will be the next victim?
My take on the book.:
This is the second book in the series and by the author. Ziba Mackenzie is a profiler who specializes in serial killings. Even it’s a part of the series, one can read it as a standalone book. 
There have been two murders in 5 days and the Scotland yard has yet to solve the case before the killer strikes again. And Ziba is still looking into clues for Duncan’s murder. 
This book is good. But if I have to compare with the previous book, this is better. There are a few parts that make it better. Like, Ziba goes to the hospital (for some turn of events in the book) and she’s reminded of Duncan (can't describe it as part of the mystery comes out. That entire part is written beautifully. 
 This time the author has interwoven 2 stories. And they both have a good conclusion. In fact, both the stories are unrelated author worked well to give them a good ending. 
Moving onto the characters, most of them remain the same as the first book, except for the victims and the related characters. Ziba’s character didn’t change from the previous book. She does imprudent things at the face of a crisis. I can imagine the author has written the characters with flaws but it kept nagging. 
Victoria Selman has again done a brilliant job in writing a page-turner.

My Rating is 4 stars for the book. 

Thank you NetGalley and Amazon Publishing for the giving the ARC in exchange for an honest review,
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Nothing to Lose is the second book in the superb freelance criminal profiler Ziba Mackenzie series, based on the mean streets of London town; I have to say I loved this instalment even more than the opener as it takes you hostage for a very entertaining and thoroughly gripping few hours. These thrillers remind me of Criminal Minds in book form, a programme that has long ranked among my all-time favourites. I find the building of the unsubs profile absolutely fascinating and that transferred into huge page-turning potential here. Boy did I turn those pages till late into the night, or early into the morning depending on which way you look at it, but there was no chance of sleep until I had found out exactly how it ended.

There are two compelling strands to the plot; both are credible and interesting enough to engage with any problem for the duration of the story, and although I predicted quite a lot of what happened ahead of time it was so well written with a cast of such stellar characters that it did not put me off wanting to read it in its entirety. I'm pleased I did as there were still a few surprises in store for me. I'm looking forward to seeing if I warm to Ziba a little more in future books and hope we see a softer, more human side to her personality as right now she's rather snarky and spiky but clearly intelligent and dogged in her pursuit of those who are to face the full force of the law. 

Many thanks to Thomas & Mercer for an ARC.
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Wow absolutely gripping, I love Ziba McEnzies character, also she’s doesn’t always play by the rules. Her character comes across as such a strong determined women, who is not only helping to find a serial killer. She’s hell bent on trying to look into the truth of her late husbands death. I love the fact the author has created such a strong powerful women no nonsense, yet with the vunrabilty deep down that not many see. She’s a master of getting into a criminal mind. Bloody awesome book, Victoria Selman you are amazing and I am so captivated by Ziba, a real page turner. When is the Next Ziba book out. I know it’s only a novel but Ziba has got into my heart, that’s how absorbing this book is. I finished it without realising I had not put it down not even to make a cuppa. Time was lost on me, I was on another world  genius piece of writing with a amazing character.
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Ziba Mackenzie has a problem. Someone is killing women who look like her.  Geez.  She's a criminal profiler with a military background-and a very tough woman.  And smart. She's also trying to solve her husband's murder.  No spoilers!  This has lots of twists and turns and will keep you guessing.  I didn't read the first book but was fine with this as a standalone.  It's very plot driven although I'm now a fan of Ziba.  Thanks to net galley for the ARC.  A page turner.
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Loved this so much I am going to read the first book as soon as possible.  Excellent story, intelligently written with a main character who has brains, wit and justifiable confidence.  There is an obvious backstory which will feature in the first and possible subsequent books and the two sat beautifully beside each other.  No wonder the first book was so well received.  More please!!
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The second book in the Ziba MacKenzie series by Victoria Selman. Ziba is a profiler who works on gruesome murder cases. Her latest case involves the murder of two women who bear a striking resemblance to Ziba, making her a potential target. In addition to this case, Ziba is secretly investigating her husband's murder, which was never solved.

The first book in this series is Blood for Blood. In the first book, Ziba wasn't all that interesting to me, but I enjoyed her character more in this book. Maybe I was more in the mood for this type of read, or maybe this one is just a better book. Could go either way. Anyway, I recommend reading Blood for Blood first, but Nothing To Lose can be read as a standalone.

This story is told over a series of days as Ziba works to discover who is behind two gruesome murders. To complicate matters, Ziba seems to be a target herself, adding an extra layer of suspense. While the women's murders presents an interesting and twisty case, I also enjoyed Ziba's investigation into her husband's death.

A highly entertaining read for fans of crime fiction. Fast-paced, suspenseful, and exciting.

I received a free eARC of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Police thriller with many twists. Like the characters who are developing with each book. Look forward to the next one.
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With thanks to Netgalley and Thomas and Mercer for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.

 Nothing to Lose is the second book featuring ex special forces turned profiler Ziba Mckenzie.  I missed the first book in the series but Nothing to Lose can easily be read as a standalone.

The plot had two distinct threads running through the story.   Two years earlier Ziba`s husband Duncan a policeman, had been shot outside a restaurant.  The killing looked professional but the gunman  was never found.  Ziba found a flashdrive that Duncan had taken the trouble to hide behind a fake plug socket.  On it were concerns that Duncan had about a investigation called Sunlight.  Excited to find a lead she went to the man who was investigating Duncan`s murder Bodi Caulder.  Calder became defensive and asked for the flashdrive that Ziba had found. When one of the detectives in the Sunlight investigation commits suicide after speaking to Ziba she decided to do her own private investigation.  Ziba discovered a scandal that could rock the police and British government.

Meanwhile  Ziba was called in the early hours to the grisly murder of lawyer Lily Abian. Her murder bared the same hallmarks to the murder of young mum Yasmin Pejman who worked at the same firm. Another clue was that both Lily and Yasmin looked similar to herself.  Ziba decided that the killer was emasculated by a female and was taking his anger out on another female.   Her boss DI Issacson did not believe in profiling preferring old fashion policework.

 Nothing To Lose was a fast paced book with short snappy chapters which kept tempting me to read just one more page.  I enjoyed both investigations especially the murder of Yasmin and Lily.    The book was very twisty, turny and I loved the double bluff at the end which I did not see coming.

I thought Ziba was a very interesting character,  intelligent and  tough enough to join the special forces.  Ziba`s used military phrases which was not surprising, but as an English person she also used aye and scuttlebutt which stood out to me.  I liked Wolfie who was Duncans`s best friend, although Ziba was attracted to Wolfie she was scared to move on.  I hope they get together in the next book.

I am glad I have found another new author and look forward to next book.
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I would first like to thank NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer for providing me with a free, advanced copy of "Nothing to Lose" in exchange for an honest review.
Her debut thriller "Blood for Blood" quickly climbed the charts for good reason. Now, follow Ziba Mackenzie once again in the second book of the series.
Being as I was such a huge fan of her debut novel "Blood for Blood", I had high expectations for Victoria Selman and her 2nd book "Nothing to Lose". As another fast -aced, hard hitting thriller, Selman did not disappoint. 

In this sequel, Ziba once again finds herself being called for her profile expertise. As she builds the profile and as the serial killer continues to target victims, she realizes that the victims all look like her. Could she be the killer's next target? While trying to help police with the profile and catching their newest serial killer, Ziba also becomes determined to solve her husband's murder. He has left loose ends in his own private investigation and Ziba takes it upon herself to pick up where he left off. As she continues to get closer and closer to finding answers, she also becomes less and less sure of herself. Are there murderers and dangerous criminals that are truly "untouchable"? How much power is too much and can this power protect their secrets forever?

As Ziba continues to work on both cases, she finds herself paying more attention to the investigations than the dangerous situations she puts herself in. She has a few close calls and a few times where readers are sure that her luck will eventually run out. She almost gets distracted by trying to find answers to her husband's murder and this could give the serial killer an opportunity to make her his next victim.

Overall, this book was fast paced and I finished it pretty quickly. I really like the short chapters in Victoria Selman's books and sometimes they read like a criminal investigation TV show. Her writing is easy to read while still providing enough details, and of course suspense. At times, this book became a little confusing because of all of the characters involved in both of the cases she was giving attention to but all of the characters played a purpose. It wasn't as if someone walking down the sidewalk while Ziba was driving was given a random name for you to try to remember for no reason.

I am really looking forward to seeing what else Victoria Selman has in store for Ziba Mackenzie. I'm definitely a fan.

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Thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful book, my first by this author.  I will certainly be looking out for more!  The author captured the suspense perfectly it had me on the edge of my seat holding my breath in places.  I can’t find any negatives in this book, I loved the characters and the storyline it kept my interest from page 1 right the way through to the end of the book.  There were plenty of twists to keep me guessing and very clever twists they were because I didn’t guess the outcome of the book.  A very well deserved 5 stars, I loved it.
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Blood for Blood was my Amazon First Reads selection for January and I absolutely loved (!) the book and the character, Ziba Mackenzie, a former special ops agent now freelance profiler working for the MET in London. When I found out there was a second book in the series, I was thrilled! NOTHING TO LOSE is the continuation of Ziba's story and she is back, despite her personal loss and her close encounter with a serial killer in Blood for Blood. 

When Ziba gets a call in the middle of the night regarding the second murder eerily similar to one a few weeks before, she isn't thrilled to be called back to work and there are those at the MET who aren't there with open arms to welcome her either. Ziba has just discovered a hard drive with information pertaining to her murdered husband's last case and much of that information points directly back to dirty cops somewhere within the MET. However, when Ziba arrives on at the scene of the murder she realizes that the murder victims bear an uncanny resemblance to her. If anyone should profile this case, it is Ziba. With divided attention, Ziba throws herself into both cases but her split attentiveness could lead to danger.

Ziba Mackenzie is a character full of flaws. She brassy, rash, drinks too much, is moody, abrasive and impulsive. These are her good qualities, actually. They are what make her an excellent profiler and an interesting person for a thriller. You know from the beginning that she will end up in trouble; there's simply no way for her to avoid it. You also know that if you needed someone working on your case, you'd want someone like Ziba.  Victoria Selma does a fantastic job bringing this character to life. I can envision exactly what Ziba would look like, how she sounds, even to the point that I want to tell her to cut out the slang already when it gets to be too "over the top." When you, as a reader, can feel the character's persona then you know the writer has done their job. In addition, the plot is ripped from today's headlines. It's gripping, suspenseful and not so horrific - although it is quite awful - that I would think it's unbelievable. Selma even goes to the point of explaining a fugue state involving one of the victims and a nuance of that state of which most people are unaware. It's attention to detail like this that puts Nothing to Lose in category of top-notch thriller. If you like action as well as old fashion detective work, you will love Nothing to Lose. And yes, you can read this as a stand alone, there is plenty of back story included, but I highly encourage you to read both books.

Thank you to #Thomas&Mercer, #VictoriaSelman and #Netgalley for my advanced reader copy of #NothingtoLose
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I love a good serial killer story and this is a great one. Very gritty, loved both the storylines, and couldn’t stop reading once I started. Will definitely be following the Ziba MacKenzie series in the future!
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The second in the series and I hadn't read the first but this didn't stop me from enjoying it. A good read, a bit of a slow starter but good characters who I soon got involved with.

Overall I enjoyed this book and intend to read the first in the series
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I have recently read the first book in this series.  I am glad that I did since the author did not do a very good job of integrating the information from the first book into this book.  If I had not read the first book, I would not have known what she was talking about much of the time.  Otherwise, it is a decent mystery read.
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Nothing to Lose Victoria Selman

I have to admit that I didn’t realise when I downloaded this that it was the second book in the series. The first book being Blood for Blood which is on my has to be read pile. Although I will say its plenty good enough to be read as a standalone.  

How spooky for Ziba MacKenzie a freelance profiler to attend the second crime scene of a horrific murder, as soon as she see the victim she realises that the victim looks just like her as does the victim earlier in the week. Both women have been horrifically mutilated and graphically displayed, their wombs ripped out being the most gruesome of the victims injuries.  Ziba and DCI Falcon soon realise that they could possibly have a serial killer on the loose.

Ziba has lost her husband Duncan through foul play so while she works on the murder of the two females she is desperately trying to figure out what happened to him. As if that’s not enough to be going on with she’s also confused about her feelings for Duncan’s best friend Jack.

This is a fast paced thriller that will find you reading ‘just one more chapter’.  Its definitely a book I will be recommending to everyone.

Read for an honest review.  Thank you Thomas & Mercer and Netgalley
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I have just finished this book which held my attention from  page 1. A very well written and informative book.  A profiler is involved in 2 cases. Her husband's murder and a serial killer. She has to make a very hard decision on the one to priorities. It give lots of insight into mental illness, child abuse and deception. Thank you netgalley for letting me read this book.
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Brilliant second novel. I was totally gripped from the start. I really like the relationship developing between Ziba and Jack. They are strong characters that I would like to read more about. The plot in this book was really good. It was very cleverly thought out and had me guessing right up to the end.

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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