Until the Day I Die

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I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Unfortunately I didn't like this book. I found it predictable and implausible. I wanted to like it, but I coudn't believe in the story. It's a fast thriller, there are a lot of twists but nothing original or unexpected
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In the midst of reading a bunch of non-thriller books, this page-turning thriller by Emily Carpenter was just what I needed! This one reminded me of a much better version of They All Fall Down by Rachel Howzell Hall because of the remote island that isn’t exactly what it seems to be. 

After the sudden death of her husband, Perry, Erin Gaines is struggling to cope. After a drunken night following the drop off of her daughter, Shorie, at college, her friends and family hold an intervention to send her to a remote Carribean island to reset herself. However, shortly after arriving at the island, Erin begins to wonder if she is really safe….

While the premise of the book is a little unrealistic, the relationship and feelings Shorie and her mother Erin have after losing their father and husband are real. Shorie is a teenager going off to college, but doesn’t want to go because she wants to stay at home and work at her family’s business to stay close to her father and what she loves, but Erin wants her daughter to go off to school, and get away from the business.

The short chapters and alternating viewpoints make for a very fun, quick read! I would recommend this one for fans of thrillers, that are ok with the unrealistic factor (I know there are plenty out there that don’t like this). I enjoyed reading this one, and look forward to reading more by Emily Carpenter.
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This was a really good book.  A little on the predictable side but I did thoroughly enjoy watching everything unfold.  This is my second Emily Carpenter book and I do think she has a nice way of creating believable and likeable characters with a good story line.
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This book had a decent plot and I'm really starting to enjoy this author. It was a fun summer read - nothing too deep or serious. I will look forward to reading more from Emily Carpenter.
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This another good book by Emily Carpenter. I loved The Weight of Lies but wasn't a fan of her second. This one lies in between. It honestly had me really thinking she meshed her two prior novels together to make this one. The first novel was involving a daughter and secrets and the second, an island retreat Felt a little too similar to her others which just had me confused.
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Until The Day I Die is an entertaining read about family, grief, love, trust, and a dash of mystery to tie it all together.

The first thing I noted was that my interest in this book goes on a slow climb. By 40% though, there are enough juicy mysteries to get me to stay up past my bedtime.

A quick introduction to the main characters and their places in this novel. The family that this novel revolves around is the Gaines. The readers get thrown directly into their lives a few months after Perry Gaines’s death (the father). Erin, the widower and CEO of Jax, a personalised budgeting app that categorises your spending for you (even gives suggestions on where you can spend according to your budget) so that you know how much you should spend at certain days according to where you’re located. For instance, you’re out at the local mall and it pops up a suggestion of what you should purchase for your lunch based on your budget. Jax was co-founded by Perry, Erin, along with their best friends Ben and Sabine, also a married couple. Then there’s Shorie, the daughter who lost her father, a coding geek who is strongly opposed against going to college and just wants to work at Jax, but forced to go to her parents’ alma mater anyway. 

Until The Day I Die is another novel with grief as its substance. Its intenseness can be felt not only through the thoughts of Erin but by observations of people around her. I’ve experienced first-hand and seen its effects on loved ones in real life. There’s a quality to a griever that’s not just sadness – it’s the apparentness of how full of effort everyday life is for them, at least for a while. How a smile is no longer the same because something’s different with their eyes. For Erin, it’s how scattered she is and how taxing everything is on her energy that she requires more rest. Until one day that she appears to snap and goes driving drunk to her daughter at college and tried to apologise (which then later turned into a scene ending with her passing out on the floor) for being so disengaged from Shorie. This was the last straw for her family and closest friends. She was then flown off to Hidden Sands, an exclusive ‘rehabilitation centre’. Hidden Sands promised to be a non-traditional rehab centre that they don’t even call themselves that but instead ‘restoration centre’. The thing is, this place raises all kinds of red flags for Erin.

At the same time, Shorie stumbles upon an anomaly within Jax servers that makes her think someone is messing with it. Also, soon after entering college, she accidentally meets a guy who knows everything about her and is offering her something hard for her to refuse…

Emily Carpenter’s writing is great and I have no issues at all with it. There is some jargon on programming generally made understandable to laymen. Regarding the individuality of the character’s voices, it did its job just fine.

The plot is twisty and intricate in a good way although unrealistic and depend a lot on coincidences. But I haven’t a problem with that, it’s fiction and one I enjoyed. The author did keep me guessing right to the end and my speculations never truly hit the mark.
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I love Emily Carpenter and her books. Every single one has kept me intrigued until the last page. The only reason I am giving this one 3 stars is because I was able to figure out the main villains pretty early on in the book. Nonetheless, it was a very gripping story and I loved the character development of the mother and daughter. Definitely a worthy read.
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I loved loved loved her previous book "the weight of lies" and this was just as delightful as that was. I am never disappointed by this author this far. Would read everything she writes next. Enjoyed.
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So, at this point, Emily Carpenter could write a book about tap dancing aliens in space and I would love it. Her books are just amazing portals into the world of her characters, and I’m always sucked in shortly after beginning.

“Until the Day I Die,” is another home run from Carpenter, though a bit different in style than her previous books, which are more slow-burn, psychological thrillers. There are two narrators: Erin, a woman struggling in the aftermath of her husband’s sudden death; and Shorie, her daughter who reluctantly heads off to college instead of working in the family tech business. When Erin has a meltdown after dropping Shorie off at school, her closest friends and family convince her to go to a remote Caribbean resort to relax and “restore.” But she soon realizes that something isn’t right at this picture-perfect spot. At the same tine Shorie, who is supposed to be focusing on school, discovers a weird server glitch in the business’ software. She soon realizes that maybe her and her mom could be in danger from a very close source.

This book is more action-based, with the book really picking up the pace about halfway through, with the fist half laying the groundwork for some high-stakes thrills. I liked the change of pace and I was sucked in by that point that I couldn’t look away. The characters were richly drawn and very realistic - Shorie was a frustrating teenager, and i felt so deeply for Erin, who is struggling in the midst of the loss of her husband.

I don’t really know what else there is to say about this book, other than you should run out and get it, but make sure to clear your schedule, because you’ll have plans for the weekend. Emily Carpenter delivers another great book that has a great story and just adds to her impressive resume.

Also, I am really hoping there is s sequel coming - the end of the book lays some framework for what could be some continuing storylines. Please, please, please!
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*Thank you to Emily Carpenter, Lake Martin Publishing, and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

Holy Moly this book was good! Carpenter creates a beautiful story showcasing the struggles in a mother/daughter relationship that is full of grief. On top of that, she weaves in mystery, betrayal, and a who's doing it that will keep you guessing until the very end! You won't want to miss out on this one!
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Loved this book, unexpectedly!
Have never read this author before but was pleasantly surprised.
Loved the way, chapter by chapter was written from either Mum or Daughter’s perspective
Would recommend
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OMG!! I looooved this book! Seriously was not expecting this at all. I think I found a new favorite author. Amazing story, and incredibly well written.
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An exciting, fast-paced and atmospheric read! 4 stars.

This was a fun read! I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I loved how the story put me right in the center of the action. I felt for these characters and was really rooting for the good guys (girls?) to win! 

I took off a star because it was all a little too convenient and there were definitely still some unanswered questions - I'm not sure if the author is planning a sequel for this book. I would read more books by her for sure, but I'd like to pick up something a bit different next time.

Would recommend for: This book reminded me of Shirley Conran's savages! If you loved those campy pulp fiction novels from the 80s I think you'd enjoy this one very much as well. It's like a smarter version of those books.
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Emily Carpenter is a force to reckon with when it comes to southern gothic psychological thrillers. My favorite part about her writing style is that she’s not afraid to tell you the twist mid-way through the book...and you still walk away from the ending shocked and with a racing mind. With Until the Day I Die, I found myself immediately in book-withdrawal. I wanted more and I didn’t want it to ever end.

Now with this novel, Emily starts off in a southern town, but she moves to a remote island—which is different for her. But does she do it well? Absolutely, yes. Her imagery and her descriptions were amazing! I wanted to be at Hidden Sands so bad the entire time I was reading—I don’t even care what kind of shady business occurs on this island—I want to go!! 

The characters were simple, but intriguing. The plot was not complicated, but it was intelligent and original. 

The audiobook narration by Kate Orsini was once again addictive. The way she breathes and reads is truly tantalizing and creepy—all the same time. I love her. 

This book is a must read this year. You won’t be disappointed.
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This was such a fun ride of a book and I LOVED Erin and Shorie, and mother and daughter who are both going through some tough times. Erin is grieving the death of her husband and her daughter, Shorie is pulling away from her. They think a vacation to the Caribbean is just what Erin needs to heal and process everything they're going through, but then things get reaaaaallllly crazy, y'all. Shorie begins to uncover some deceptions and secrets that threaten to ruin their lives and they realize that Erin's so-called friends might be the enemy. 

This was such a fun twisted thriller....well written and suspenseful until the very last page!

5 out of 5 stars for Until the Day I Die by Emily Carpenter.
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This is definitely a slow burner.

I have read this authors books and was aware she took a slight deviation writing this one. I chose to read it as I love her writing style.

I kept picking it up and putting it down several times as well as listening to a different book on audio.

I decided to give this book my undivided attention. So by the time I got to the 50% mark it got better. However I can’t say if I loved this book? I think I liked it, that will be my preferable word. I certainly didn’t hate it that’s for sure.

The heartbreak in the book was so well written as was the relationship between mother and daughter. 

I’m not sure if I’d class it under psychological thriller though as it’s more of a mystery/whodunnit to me. I’m thinking maybe I went in hoping for more classed on her previous books.

I’m glad I got to read it though or I’d be forever wondering.

It’s not put me off following her for more books .
I anticipate what she writes next.
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Erin Gaines life is full of problems:
1) She has lost her husband Perry to a freak car accident and hasn't come to terms with it.
2) She is adamant in her decision to sell off the app company Jax that she and Perry had created with their best friends and business partners, Ben and Sabine even though it's doing very well.
3) Her daughter Shorie, who would much rather work in the company than go to university are not on best terms.
4) Her family and friends are concerned about her well being and growing dependency on alcohol as they feel she is making irrational decisions which comes to a high when she creates a scene in an intoxicated state at Shorie's frat party.

All these things lead them to make a decision to send her off to an exclusive resort spa in the Caribbean Islands for a few weeks where she can de-stress and get her bearings back on track and they all insist they have her best interests at heart. But do they? Because the moment Erin steps in the resort she begins to question the going ons over there and soon discovers that she has been sent here to be permanently removed. Moreover, back home, Shorie around the same time discovers there is a glitch in the app which should not be there and on further investigation, it leads her to uncovering an embezzlement plot which could be the work of someone really close and the realisation that her mother's life is in definite danger.

The book kind of started out slow but picked up momentum around the point when Erin reaches the resort spa and from there onwards it did not slow down at all. The characters are well etched and interesting and even though there were certain bits that seemed over the top, it still was a really thrilling book to read.

My thanks to NetGalley, Lake Union Publishing and the author Emily Carpenter for providing me with an e-ARC of the book. I am a little late in putting up a review and I apologise for that.
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This was an outstanding book! It had all of the elements of a superb thriller, taking me through many different emotions. I felt anger, fright and edge-of-my-seat danger whilst reading "Until the Day I Die". It made me look over my shoulder a few times, in case anyone was watching me or if my imagination was in overdrive. 

Emily Carpenter has definitely written a suspenseful page-turner that kept me wondering and guessing until the end. There were so many twists and turns in this book and so much deceit that I had no idea who to trust and the conclusion was jaw-droppingly good.

This is one I highly recommend. A well-deserved five stars!

I received a complimentary digital copy of this novel, at my own request, from Lake Union Publishing via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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Really enjoyed this book. Found the character of Shorie as a strong young lady who despite her relationship with her mum still saw her mum as no1. Didn’t really understand the Rhys character as to why her came in as he did he didn’t really play much into the storyline. Thought Arch was an evil man!
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One of my new favorite books! This author has such a way with words the pages flew by in no time! I can’t wait to see the next work by this author! This was such a joy to read!
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