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2.5 Stars

I love Adriana Locke’s writing. I really do. But I’m sad to say this book was just not for me. There are certain aspects of the book that I don’t like reading in romance books. I know some readers don’t mind it, and others even like it, but I personally won’t read a book, even by a favorite author of mine, if this theme is a big or small part of the story. It’s makes it really hard for me to stay in the story. Or connect with the characters. I just could not connect with these two, and if I can’t connect with the main characters then I can not finish the book. 

But by no means does that mean I’m going to stop reading this authors books. This one just personally wasn’t for me. Adriana Locke is great at writing small town, blue Collar. And I will definitely be there to pick up her future books. 

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WTF. I normally looooooove second chance romances, but when the premise involves not only cheating, but the love interest KNOCKING UP THE MAIN CHARACTER'S BFF????? Nah fam. And now she's back after 10 years and he's raising that kid he had and she just forgives him??? I can't y'all. I had to DNF this. Not only is this dude a douche, but she is just straight up DUMB.
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I really had trouble getting into the book initially and getting caught up in the emotions of the characters.  The storyline was good, but it just didn’t stand out in my mind amongst other books in the genre.  The blurb was great, but overall the book just fell flat for me.
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This was a second chance romance, which I usually really love, but I’m torn on how I feel about this book. I really liked the setting of Dogwood Lane. It gave a really nice, comfortable small-town feel which is something that I like to have in a story.
Honestly I didn’t really care for any of the characters except for Mia. I mean… the circumstances of her conception wasn’t her fault and she’s a pretty great kid. I just couldn’t fully root for Dane and Neely. I’m not okay with the fact that Dane broke up with Neely just so she could go off to New York and be whoever/whatever she wanted to be, ultimately making that decision for her. I’m also not okay with all of the back and forth that Neely was doing once she returned to Dogwood Lane.

If you don’t want to get caught up with your ex and feel all those old feelings, then fine. Great. Good for you. Neely stayed firm for a bit but then she started all of this back and forth which drove me absolutely crazy. She knew it was going to hurt, yet she just kept spending more time with Dane and Mia, knowing how it was going to end, and ultimately hurting them when she did in fact leave. It just didn’t sit well with me.

I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to read the next book in this series. The next book features Haley, a secondary character in this story, and I wasn’t all that fond of her character either. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.
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Neely Kimber returns home to Dogwood Lane after losing her job.  She just needs a reset and hopes to avoid Dane Madden, the boy that broke her heart.  Dane regrets that he hurt Neely but he doesn't regret the aftermath of what happened.   Now he has a second chance with Neely and he knows he has an uphill battle of trying to earn her trust, but Neely doesn't plan to stay long and will Dane be able to change her mind?

I liked this story but the reason they broke up is a tough topic for me.  3.5 for me.  I will say the chemistry between Neely and Dane is instant, it oozes with each page they interact in.  Great story.
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If you follow my blog, you know how much of a fan I am of Adriana Locke! As soon as I heard about Tumble, I got so excited! Every single thing about this book screamed "Must Read!"

This story had me swooning! Dane and Neely draw you into their second chance love story immediately. Dane is the perfect hero. He is sweet and caring, and always cares about Neely and what is best for her. Not to mention how sexy he is as a single dad. When you see him with his daughter, you can't help but feel emotional. He has devoted his entire life to that little girl, and your heart bursts when you read about them together. He would do whatever he could to make sure she has the best possible life.

Neely was a more complex character to like. She was constantly going back and forth about what she wanted. Did she want this? Did she want that? Once you get to the part about why she constantly questions things, everything makes sense. She is cautious, protecting herself from heartbreak. Ultimately, she knows what she wants. She always has, she just has to take the leap, and go for what her heart desires.

I cannot wait to read the rest of this series! If they are anything like Tumble, I am going to devour them, and fall in love over and over again!

5/5 Stars!
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Tumble was a very cute romance. It’s part of a series but I was able to read it as a stand-alone. I really loved getting to watch these characters romance grow and we went on their journey
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I was super excited when I heard the announcement for this new series. I love a good small town story, and with the Gibson Boys series, I had a good feeling that this one could give me the same feeling. After reading, I was wrong and I was right.

Dogwood Lane was filled with the small town feeling I was hoping for - it had old friends, family, high school acquaintances (and enemies), and first love. When Neely returns there to lick her wounds and regain her composure, I was encompassed into this world with her. Seeing Dane, I felt like I was struggling right there with her. While we're on the subject of Dane ... single dad? Yes, please. Mia is his little girl and she is sooooooo cute! Honestly, I think I was most invested in her.

If you've read stories from this author before, even with the love and laughter they provoke, there was always something deeper to them. Something I felt deep inside myself. For this story, I felt a lot while reading, but the vibe was a bit ... lighter. I enjoyed the story (single dad stories are my THING), the characters, and the world created, but there was something about my connection that just wasn't as vibrant in this one.

Saying all this, I am still anticipating the next installment. I'm completely invested in these characters and I really want them to find all their happiness.
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Tumble is the first book in Adriana Locke's Dogwood Lane series and it is such a sweet story. Neely and Dane were the town's sweethearts in high school whose breakup was as big as their romance. This book not only has lovable main characters, but the supporting characters are just as fantastic, which really helped round out the story and pull me into life in Dogwood Lane.

Adriana Locke gracefully combines light-hearted and emotional moments to form this wonderful summer romance. As soon as I finished Tumble, I flipped my Kindle over to Tangle and started book 2 in the series!

I voluntarily received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I. Couldn't. Stop. Reading. I am absolutely in love with Dane and Neely. I love Mia, and I love how quickly you get sucked into this world.  Absolutely my favorite read of 2019 so far! I can't wait for more from all these amazing characters. It's books like this one that make you wish they were movies. I definitely give this one 7 stars.
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Seriously love this author and love all her books. This one definitely did not disappoint. Neely and Lane are the perfect couple. You can really feel all the emotions and know that they are meant for each other. I can't wait to see where this series goes.
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Loved this new series by Adriana. Her books are so great and this one is right along with them. Loved Dane!
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This story is about Neely, a late 20-something who has been working in New York.  After quitting her job, she comes back home to Dogwood Lane, her hometown in Tennessee.  On her first day home, she goes to the coffee shop, where she runs into Dane.  Dane is an ex of Neely’s and you get a sense in the first three chapters alone that things did not end well for them but that neither of them are over each other.  The story basically continues in this fashion, Neely and Dane run into each other and feelings spark.
Both Neely and Dane narrate; I enjoyed getting a sense of both of their thoughts throughout.  There are other characters and storylines to keep you interested in Dogwood Lane.
I rated it a 4/5 just because it is SO predictable!  There was a couple surprises throughout but otherwise it is a completely predictable story.  Enjoyable and a quick read, but the ending should come as a surprise to no one.
Thanks to Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review!
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Adriana is a genius at combining steam, humor, and all the feels and Tumble is no reception. I adored Tumble by the end.  The problem for me is when the victim ends up being the one apologizing.  I have a really hard time with second-chance romances because of secrets, lies, betrayals, and being hurtful in any way does not bode well for any kind of strong foundation.  While the end of the story did go quite a ways to soothing over my frustrations, I still don't think I fully forgive Dane.  Overall, the story is definitely steamy, had it's funny moments, and made me feel.  So really, I can't complain too much.  Not a complete redemption, but a sweet ending that bodes well for the series.
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I loved this book by a new to me author. Great characters and emotion, sweet storyline. The small town atmosphere was right on, just what I love to read.
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3.5 stars

Neely heads back to her hometown after quitting her job in New York. She only plans on being there a short time, but is hoping to avoid her ex Dane.

Single father Dane is surprised to see Neely for the first time in years. His feelings for her never really went away, but they have a lot to reconcile and totally different lives now.

I went into Tumble expecting a sweet, light-hearted small town romance. There were certainly moments that met that expectation, but this book was a lot more than that too. It's a story of love, forgiveness, and really figuring out what makes life special.

I loved the small town that the author created. It was full of unique places and funny townfolk. It also made a great setting for Dane and Neely to find their way back to each other again.
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Home is where the heart is and for Neely Kimber, New York City has been home since she graduated from college. But when she was passed over for a promotion for her dream job, she decided to go back home to Dogwood Lane, Tennessee. 

It had been 10 years since she had set foot in her hometown, the day she left for college. Familiar faces greeted her. Though time had not stood still, Dogwood Lane was still so far removed from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.

Still, Kimber’s heart beat faster in this laid-back town, faster than it had in the city, all because of one man – Dane Madden – her high school sweetheart who also broke her heart.

A story about first love and second chances, Tumble truly plays on the saying “home is where the heart is.” It was never said the story, but it was implied as Neely agonizes on her choice – stay in Dogwood Lane to be with the man she loves or go to New York City to work on her dream job.

This is a romance novel, so you have an idea what is the answer. But if we put that question into the real world, how many men and women give up on love to pursue their career? How many choose to be alone so that they can be on top of the world? 

Kimber and Dane might not necessarily tug at your heartstrings. This is a sweet, light read after all. It can even be said that it is a romantic comedy. Still, behind that lightheartedness is the serious question of what will you give up for love?

When I was in my 20s, I was faced with that question. Leave a lucrative job in the city and go to the boonies of Alaska with my fiancé. I chose him! And as newlyweds, we left everything behind to go to the home of the glaciers.

Those newlyweds are long gone. We are just an old married couple now. Looking back, I have no regrets putting my career on hold and choosing love. Even if I can go back in time, I will do the same thing. 

I don’t see myself as a romantic. I don’t even see us as romantic heroes. All I can say is that there is a kernel of truth in romance novels. So, I guess this is one of the reasons why I’m a romance novel junkie.

Tumble is Rated T for Teens. Parental guidance advised due to some sexual content.
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Sweet romance. Fans of Locke will enjoy this one--it's a little bit country, a little bit city, and a whole lotta rock-n-roll.
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I need more Adriana Locke books in my life. Her writing is so relatable. I love second-chance romances. Small towns are my life. Single dad stories are the bee's knees. Dane was swoon-worthy and how could I not fall in love with his daughter Mia? It's always fun to read about strong, ambitious women like Neely, but I loved watching her fall in love all over again with her hometown and the people in it.
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Yay! I finished another book and it was another good one. 

Tumble was a very sweet read. It’s second chance romanse which take place in a small town Dogwood Lane, Tennessee. Neely, our heroine is coming back home and fell in love once again in the city and the men, who btw have a nine years old daughter now. There is a lot of sweet and funny scenes, just like you can always count in Adriana Locke books.

It was easy reading, nothing spectacular, so 4 stars.
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