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This is a great counting book for young readers. The illustrations are helpful and cute. My daughters loved this book and we highly recommend it.
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I was given an electronic ARC from Annick Press through NetGalley.
A delightful counting book that uses illustrations from many of Munsch's stories. 
Older children will have a terrific time identifying the characters used to count from one to twelve.
Younger ones will laugh at the illustrations as each page comes to life.
Board book for toddlers and preschoolers with enough fun for older kids to join in.
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Disappointed it was just counting.  But the pictures were good.  Probably better suited for a younger age, new reader.

Nathan, age 8
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This is a counting book that features characters from previous Robert Munsch/Michael Martchenko stories as it goes from 1 to 12. I have only read a couple of Munsch's books (The Paper Bag Princess is a favorite of mine) and it was fun to see some familiar characters throughout the book. I enjoyed the quirkiness of the unfamiliar characters as well. Something that stuck out to me about the characters was their cultural diversity as well as how some of them behave outside of typical gender stereotypes (there is a dad pushing a baby in a stroller, a woman working on a telephone wire, and a man wearing bright red boots lovingly watering a plant). I'm sure kids who are very familiar with this author/illustrator duo will especially enjoy this book, but it is an enjoyable read even if the characters are all new as well.
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What can I say? Like all his other books, this was such a joy to read. And I loved seeing all the characters from his other titles,
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Counting books are a simple concept. It's usually the illustrations that determine how good they are. In this case, though, Classic Munsch 123 also has the advantage of being wonderfully meta.

If you're a fan of Munsch and Martchenko's picture books, you'll probably recognize quite a few of the characters presented on these pages. It looks like the illustrations were lifted straight out of the source material. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, as that's the whole premise of this book. I enjoyed seeing some of my favourite Munsch/Martchenko characters again. There were a few I didn't recognize, though, which makes me want to scour the library for more titles so I can figure out who they all are. Kids who are already familiar with the storybooks will take delight in picking out familiar faces.

A counting book is a counting book, so I don't know if there's anything I can really say about the writing. I was pleased it went up to 12, though, instead of just 10; that allowed for a few more fun illustrations.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend this one, especially to fans of Munsch/Martchenko books. It's got everything an aficionado could want... including a couple of new illustrations as icing on the cake.
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This is a simple counting book.  What makes this special is the Munsch illustrations.  They make you want to laugh out loud.  The grandma with her purse and pursed lips, dad in his underwear, etc.  A great laugh, and a great look back at my childhood.
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Our family love Robert Munsch and have almost all of his books. When I saw this one, I could not resist. This is a great book about learning how to count to twelve. Michael Marchenko’s illustrations for a variety of Munsch books are used to show each number. My grandson has so much fun telling me which story the various characters were from. My granddaughter joined in the fun as well as counting with me. This is a humorous counting book and perfect for older siblings to read to younger ones. An amazing board book that I will be buying to add to my Munsch collection once it is released. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book upon request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.
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As a Robert Munsch lover, I was super excited about the chance to read this book! However, I have to confess I was a little disappointed. Though the illustrations are nostalgic (images from his previous books), if you aren't familiar with Robert Munsch books, it would probably be a strange book. If you're not expecting a typical Robert Munsch story, it's a cute, fun little book, but I think I was expecting a story-line.

This book is definitely a book for infants and toddlers (only a few words), but a cute way to get familiar with numbers. It would be a perfect board book for budding readers :)
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I love this Canadian author and illustrator and one look at their resumes will confirm that thousands of others feel exactly the same way.  Their books are always happy and funny and kids can't get enough of them.  

Munsch's new book in the " Classic Munsch" series is another winner.  All his beloved characters from the past are featured in it, supporting him in his effort to teach kids how to count 1 through 12.  

A high-spirited text housed in a sturdy board book is partnered with illustrations that are action-packed and simply delightful.  They are full of colour, expression and detail. The large, colourful numbers dance through the pages introducing young readers to the skill of  numeracy.  

Together, with its previous marvel, Classic Munsch ABC, you will discover that a perfect gift has materialized.  I highly recommend this book one that will delight both the young and the old.
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I LOVE Robert Munsch, and I'm so happy to have read this ARC of this board book. Can you think of a better, more enjoyable way to teach kids to count? All of Munsch's beloved characters from his previous texts you'll find here. This is a perfect primer to introduce each and every youngster in your life to this beloved Canadian author and to kindle a love for numbers with a bevy of joy and good cheer.
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Robert Munsch has a uniquely entertaining style.  It is shown to good effect in this counting book.  While your child counts to twelve, s/he can search the illustration for the object that is being represented.  A fun addition to the genre.
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The first thing every parent wants to do is teach their child, give them the tools to succeed. This is a wonderful book to get a head start on that. 

The bright colors and illustrations keep the child's attention but they learn at the same time. The two-page spread gives them a chance to look at every detail between them, memorizing or counting objects from the pages.

Make counting fun with this brightly colored book.
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Ah! Who can resist a Robert Munsch book?  In this counting board book, though, it's illustrator Michael Martchenko who does the heavy lifting!

Each 2-page spread teaches a different number and features lots of familiar faces!  There is plenty to see and count on each page.  

This is a perfect book for older kids to read with their younger siblings. Even I had fun trying to remember which characters are from which books.

4.5 stars for this fun little book!

Thank you to NetGalley and Annick Press for providing me with a DRC of this book that will be available in March of 2019.
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