Gift-Wrapped in a Kilt

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Mmmmm this was an ok read! This is Gavin and Jamie book, Gavin is an American ex marine and Jamie is a wee Scottish lass! (Yes you have to say that with the accent lol) five years ago Jamie gave up everything! She gave up her homeland and family for her man Gavin! She only winded up alone and humiliated when her man offers her a credit card instead of a ring!! This book was a fun light read! It took a little bit to get to the steam but it was an ok read! Thank you Netgalley and the publishers for sharing this book with me!
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Jamie has had it with her man, Gavin. So she dumps him after not getting the commitment she wanted (should have already have gotten). But, Gavin isn't one to give up on what he wants, even if he isn't himself lately, so he is determined to get his beautiful Scottish lass back.

But first, he'll have to get past her three over-protective brothers and her sleazy ex. Will this former military pull himself up by the bootstraps and get his woman back? Read and find out!

I've really liked this series of hot Scots and this one is no exception to that. Reading about Gavin get his groove (and his girl) back was entertaining and fun. Not to mention the two together are hot! Can't wait for more from this author and her hot Scots.
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An entertaining read. I haven't read the other books in the series but I don't think it mattered.
The story of Jamie and Gavin. She is from Scotland and he is from America.
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I didn't enjoy this one, I found the story a little ridiculous at times and thats be real even in a book its hard to believe a entire family from Scotland would marry Americans.
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A hottie in a Kilt. Anna Durand has written a hot and good story. I liked the plot elements as well the romance. GOOD!
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Jamie and Gavin have a loving, if dysfunctional relationship that requires some serious attention. The couple's story is written with a backdrop of several other couple stories that came before them. Unfortunately, the author never lets you forget that. This is a stand alone story, but too many reminders and references to the stories that came before them make it tedious reading at times. Other than that, the story of how these two find a healthy relationship despite the dysfunction of their pasts is engaging and compelling.  There are plenty of tastefully written, steamy love scenes, but enough real relationship and character engagement to round it out.  The characters are a rowdy, randy lot. It was fun to get to know them.
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The story of ex-marine Gavin, who falls in love with his sister's new husband's sister Jamie. A laugh out loud book, that had me chuckling a lot. A little odd that all these Scots need an American spouse, but what do I know. Like the three Mac brothers, and now wish I had read their books too. The cousin has a book coming next, which should be good too. Like how the characters are recurring, so can see the progression of the couples. Highly recommend if you want a fast and fun read for the holidays.
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Gift-Wrapped in a Kilt is book four in the Hot Scots series by Anna Durand.  This is my first book by Anna but surprisingly enough, I already have at lease a couple of the previous books in this series.  I just haven’t read them yet.  But when I saw she added a Christmas book to the series, I had to read it now.  These really can be read as stand alones.  It took me just a bit in the beginning to make sure I knew who went with whom.  But once I got that figured out, I was good to go.

Jamie MacTaggart is the youngest of the MacTaggart clan in Scotland.  Her three older brothers are very over protective of her.  Jamie first met Gavin a year and a half ago.  He is the older brother of her sister-in-law.  The connection was immediate and they began an inter-continental romance, flying back and forth between America and Scotland.  It hasn’t been easy but they love each other.  Gavin has seemed off lately and said he has something important to ask her.  So when he hands her a credit card instead of a ring, a credit card she doesn’t need, she’s through.  It’s been eighteen months and she’s tired of waiting for him to figure out what he wants.

Gavin Douglas loves Jamie so much.  So why couldn’t he take the ring out of his pocket?  Gavin is an ex-marine.  After he came home his life has changed in so many ways.  He lost his parents, his little sister married a Scott and moved away.  His wife divorced him.  And now he’s lost his job.  Even Jamie’s three brothers can’t stand him.  He pretty much doesn’t like himself these days.  Jamie fell in love with a confident, strong man and he’s not that man anymore.  

Emery and Rory, who were featured in the previous book in the series, are blissfully happy.   They can easily see that Gavin and Jamie belong together but have some issues to work through before they can make things work.  So they conspire to do a little meddling.  Although, Emery’s style of meddling is a little different than her husbands.

“Had she ever told Gavin how much he meant to her?  She’d declared they had no future unless he got along with her brothers.  Why had she said that?”

Jamie also has some things holding her back.  First she was hurt deeply in a previous relationship and the scars haven’t completely healed.  She might also rely a little too much on her brothers.  

“He thought he was a coward, but she was the one too afraid to speak up.  About her feelings for him.  About her desire to be with him, no matter what.  About her brothers.”

This book takes place starting shortly before Halloween and runs through both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  First, the MacTaggart men are seriously hot.  Thus, the name of the series, Hot Scots.   The sexy times between Jamie and Gavin definitely heat up the pages.  I got a little annoyed at times with all the procrastinating and the silly games Jamie played with Gavin.  Even after they re-committed to each other and admitted how much they needed to talk to each other about their past hurts and their fears, weeks would go by before they would do so.  Still, they were so cute together.  I also enjoyed getting to know the rest of the family and look forward to going back and reading the previous books.  This was a light hearted, sweet, sexy holiday book and I did enjoy it.  As I said, I need to go back and start at the beginning.  But, I also look forward to the next book in the series, Iain MacTaggart’s story in Notorious in a Kilt.
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3.5 Stars 
Gift-Wrapped in a Kilt by Anna Durand is book Four in the Hot Scots series.  This is the story of Gavin Douglas and Jamie MacTaggart. I haven't yet read the previous book, so for me this was a standalone book.  This was a good hot story with flash backs from the start to their current life.  Gavin and Jamie have been together for sometime now and Gavin goes to propose but a previous incident lead him to mess things up with leads to a break up between the two.  But with love there is always a way to work things out.
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I promised to give a fair and honest review in exchange for this ARC and here it is.  The writing was ok but honestly the storyline was a bit silly in my opinion.  one LARGE Scottish family marries Americans.  EACH ONE OF THEM?!?!  Bit of a hard chew I reckon.
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