The View from Alameda Island

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This is a book that I could not put down. A powerful story of two lost souls, both going through divorces that have formed a friendship that develops into so much more. An accidental meeting, but they each find  strength through each other. 

My heart just broke for Lauren, the emotional abuse that she took for so many years because she wanted her daughters not to suffer from a broken marriage. Everything was picture perfect on the outside but you don't realize what goes on behind the closed doors.

Loved Beau, a strong man willing to raise his step sons on his own. He too tried to make his marriage work for his sons but finally decided enough was enough.

This book is so powerful, and it can be anyone in our lives!  I highly recommend.
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I always refer to Robyn Carr books as great summer reads. They're fun whether you're at the beach, lounging in the pool, or soaking in the tub. They have the sort of drama, romance, and just a little bit of ridiculousness you'd expect from a Harlequin. Not the type of book I want to read regularly, but something I enjoy on occasion.

This book follows the story of Lauren Delaney as she makes the decision to leave her older, controlling husband on their 24th wedding anniversary. She then connects with a man in a similar situation and the book follows along as they get to know one another and navigate through some tough situations.

I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more Robyn Carr from my pool float this summer. 

*ARC provided via NetGalley
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Lauren Delaney makes a monumental decision. It is her twenty-fourth wedding anniversary, and instead of heading to a restaurant or some other celebratory destination, she heads to a divorce attorney. Lauren has decided to divorce her husband Brad. Her marriage was never ideal. Far from it. Brad was verbally and emotionally abusive, yet she stayed with him, Lauren had wanted to leave Brad for years. However, they have two daughters, Lacey and Cassie, and Brad always made her worried about custody

Lauren finds a new apartment, even meets a new neighbor, Beau. However, one day Brad shows up because he wants his ideal life back. Lauren was his everything. Brad didn't even know where the dry cleaners is located, for example! Well, when he gets to Lauren's apartment, the actions he take are totally shocking. Poor Lauren! Well, that's what I thought. Despite what happened that day, Lauren showed incredible strength and battled through experiences worse than she ever experienced during her marriage.

The View from Alameda Island was often a tough read. I was with Lauren every step of the way as she struggled through the changes her life took. I cried more than once, especially when dealing with one of her daughters. The girls had opposite reactions when they learned of Lauren's appeal for divorce. That part of the story was very difficult to read. With the changing circumstances that hit Lauren, her one daughter's reaction was even more frustrating and painful.

Meanwhile, Lauren's new friend, Beau, is also going through a divorce, and makes no secret that he is very drawn to Lauren. Even more so, he is very protective of her. However, Lauren has to guard her heart, lest she end up in another very bad situation. In addition to Lacey, Cassie and Beau, readers got the pleasure of the character, Tim, a priest and Beau's lifelong friend. Tim's counsel and experiences were an excellent addition to a very well-written and engaging story. 

I was absorbed in this book from start to finish. Lauren went through so much, yet managed to come out on top. It was so beautifully done. I am sure that many, many women will be able to relate to this story on more than one level. Kudos to Robyn Carr for writing an incredibly compelling read. This is definitely one of my favorite reads this year thus far.

Many thanks to Mira and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.
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The View from Alameda Island was quite a good read. It's Robyn Carr doing what she does best, tackling tough issues and having her characters fight through to find their HEA.

I sometimes wonder where she finds new ideas after having written so many books, but she still comes up with interesting plots, relatable characters (and some you really do not like at all) and beautifully written descriptions of people and places.

As long as she keeps writing this way, I'm sure I'll continue to be a fan.

Thank you to the publisher, author and Netgalley for approving my request for an ARC. Thoughts in this review are my own.
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Classics Robyn Carr. She’s brilliant. We all know it. We all love her. So let’s just say what it is and move on. Enjoy this one!
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I loved 90% of this book - centering on Luaren, the verbally and emotionally abused wife of Brad.  Carr had me hooked when Lauren planned how to leave ... and I enjoyed almost every chapter from there until the end.  Carr did a great job developing the ancillary characters - Lauren’s coworkers, her boss later in the story, her new friends... and the friends of her new friends.  I especially loved the unexpected secondary romance developing slowly but surely throughout.  What I didn’t like - dropped this book to 3 stars - was a particular love scene that lasted about 4 pages and was contrived as all get out.  I didn’t like it as part of the plot for the characters involved, and I didn’t like how the scene was described.  Besides that, excellent story.  Just skip those pages and you’ll be good to go. 
NetGalley provided an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Meh. I desperately wanted to like this book, even just because of the cover. But alas, NO. The nicest thing I can say about it is that I think I’ve simply outgrown this insipid and overly-explained /exhaustively-described type of romance/women’s fiction. I probably wouldn’t have finished it but I was so sick while reading it that getting up to grab another book wasn’t an option. The cover is strong, though.
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I LOVE Robyn Carr’s writing, so I’ve been looking forward to The View From Alameda Island, it was amazing and crazy!  I think this has been the craziest exes I’ve read from Ms. Carr, but the relationship between Lauren and Beau was steady and calming throughout any drama that came at them.  Their romance was slow and steady, felt real, but also had heat and chemistry! I loved it!

Let me just tell you I wanted to strangle both of their exes! Their pictures would be up by the words “narcissistic”, “megalomaniac”, and “delusional” in the dictionary!  Wow! I honestly can’t believe they both put up with so much, but I can somewhat understand because there were kids involved.  Each wanted to wait until their kids were out and mostly settled on their own path.  Beau get special props for being a stepfather and not bowing out because he split from the boy’s mom. They truly needed a stable force in their life since their mom was flighty, full of drama, and manipulative! 

I was touched by the wonderful friends and family Beau and Lauren had, a testament to the kind of good people they were at heart, they definitely needed the support!  I loved how each ex had their own comeuppance at every turn, and never got away with things too long.  I’m so sad for anyone who goes through this kind of drama in their family.  At any rate, I loved how it all turned out.  

The setting of Alameda Island was lovely!  I’m in East Bay San Francisco just about every other weekend, but I haven’t got over to that neck of the woods yet, but now I want to! It sounds like a charming little town full of character!

I mostly listened to the audio version narrated by Therese Plummer, one of my all-time favorite performers!  She nails both the male and female characters, and I love her easy cadence.  She narrates most (if not all) of Ms. Carr’s books, as well as the Casey Duncan (Rockton) series by Kelley Armstrong. Another favorite author/series!  I’d be willing to give just about any author a go if Ms. Plummer is narrating the story!
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I thought this book started a little slow. But after the story really picked up! I also didn't really care for the priest's story, I felt that would have been a great book on it's own with more detail.
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Ms Carr gives us a middle-age divorce story for the ages.  It has a bit of everything, greed, murderous rage, child division, friendship siding, and sweet romance—All the elements that make up a good television drama.  I think this story could do very well on television.  But, back to the story, I loved the Alameda Island setting from the start.  She creates a quaint little community of up and coming folks that give Lauren a space to breathe and let down her guard.  From having gone through a divorce myself it is very good to have that.  She never could have stayed where she came from for the simple fact she wasn’t a rich aristocrat and needed a support system.  His friends weren’t going to give her that.  
This story takes you on an adventure of what it might be like in those homes we drive by thinking, they must have a marvelous life and it is not pretty from the abuse to the constant feeling of imperfection.  Her escape seems good until he decides there is no way he’s going to divorce her and then it gets bad.  I love how Ms Carr gave us a look into why people could become so desperate in divorce situations to go to such extremes as to want your spouse dead.  
Beau on the other hand has a crazy spouse who thinks her marriage is a revolving door and that her married life will be there whenever she gets back.  Well, guess what honey, it eventually decides to change the locks and you are left in the cold.  His spouse learns the rules the hard way and also makes a big fool of herself in the middle of the divorce as well.  So we get to see two spouses melt down in spectacular ways while the other two find love and peace in each others arms.
There were a few issues with the story that makes it a 3.5 of 5 for me.  First, this story was great from the start, but was a little slow in the middle.  It was hard to stay engaged through the middle, but I really did want to know how Karma would affect her soon to be ex-husband so I kept reading.  Second, I really could have done without the priest’s romance in it.  I think it was an unnecessary element that didn’t add to Lauren and Beau’s story at all and would have been better left to another book.  This book is great if you are looking for a crazy divorce situation or for middle-age romance.
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This book was a complete roller coaster ride. I was expecting a simple romance on an island with a heartbreaking story. Well, this book has all of that and much, much more. Lauren is getting out of a long marriage to a verbally abusive husband. Beau is getting out of a twelve year marriage to a flighty woman. The two come together in a beautiful friendship that helps ease the pain for both of them. Neither of them were happy in their marriages, but they never would have expected the chaos to ensue after. This story made me laugh and cry, and I highly recommend checking it out.
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Lauren Delaney has it all - a great job, a wonderful marriage to a successful surgeon, and two beautiful daughters. After 24 years of marriage, Lauren files for divorce, because the truth is her husband is abusive and controlling, has made her life miserable and she’s had enough. However, he Isn’t accepting the divorce or the rejection ... and he’s scaring her.

This is a coming-of-age kind of story about a woman taking control of her life, and finding the strength to do it. I found the book very inspiring and well-written, the character development also excellent and I most highly recommend it.
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I’ve read a few Robyn Carr books and find I always enjoy them. Some I enjoy a bit more than others, but I’m always wiling to come back for more. The View from Alameda Island is another enjoyable read, but it does not make it into my top Robyn Carr reads. In fact, I’ve come to the conclusion all my favourite Robyn Carr reads are part of a series, with the standalones not quite wowing me in the same way. That being said, it’s still worth the read and I’d certainly recommend it to fans of the author.

One thing I always enjoy about Robyn Carr’s work is that the author does not shy away from dealing with topics outside the norm, providing us with very real reads. It’s not one of those dark romances, or one of those angst filled romances, but a very true to life story. You get to look at things from many perspectives, you get a story that mirrors life, and things are very real throughout. As much as I love a good dark romance or an angst filled romance, there’s something about the true to life stories that have me sucked in throughout.

The View from Alameda Island certainly sucked me in. It had me turning the pages at a rapid pace, curious to see how all the elements came together. It was more than just a single element that had me sucked in, more than wanting to know more about a couple of the characters, as all the different aspects had me wanting to find out more.

Although The View from Alameda Island is not my favourite Robyn Carr read, it was an enjoyable read and worth it for fans of the author.
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Lauren and Beau meet in a garden as they are both going through a divorce.  Neither of the, were looking for a relationship, but that is what they found.  An engaging women’s fiction novel that I stayed up too late reading!  ARC from NetGalley..
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Another fabulous story from Robyn Carr, who I have been reading for years.  A standalone, the story revolves around Lauren, an abused wife of a surgeon, with 2 grown daughters who finally decides to file for divorce.  And Beau, a landscape artist, who has also recently separated from his wife.  They meet, and the story is of their relationship as it pertains to their divorces, their grown children and their families, as well as their exes.   A richly rewarding book, this story has so much heart.  First of all, I love reading books about “older relationships” as these people have already lived a lifetime, and all come with interesting  baggage.  And the way Ms Carr develops their personalities and relationships makes for a a rich full story.
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Wonderful book. Tough story line, very well told. Engaging, interesting characters. A must read for fans of Robyn Carr. Hooked me from the first chapter.
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This story is about the struggle of leaving a marriage behind; no matter how cruel a spouse can be, and no matter how toxic a relationship is.
Lauren meets Beau who is having similar issues and wanting to leave his marriage as well, so they form a friendship that soon starts to lean towards more.
But, can that happen with Lauren’s spouse still lingering so close by?
There is the family dynamic with the children and who they each side with, and the friends along the way.
I found that this story dragged a bit in few places and I got a little bored sometime; I have to be honest. Maybe I just didn’t really feel attached to many other characters. But, my interest in the outcome for Lauren was enough!
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Fans of Robyn Carr's will be delighted to find that she has a new (non-series) novel out just in time for spring and Mother's Day.  This book is about second chances, making the kind of life that you want to have happen and of not holding back out of fear.

The story focuses on Lauren who seems to have it all...except that, of course, she doesn't.  She is married to Brad, a successful surgeon, and has two daughters.

Beau is married with two stepsons.  He is a landscape architect whose marriage has been unhappy for years.

Tim is a priest and friend of Beau's.  He also becomes a friend of Lauren's.

What happens to each of these characters, those around them and their relationships forms the basis of the novel.  The pages turn easily and readers will be interested in how the characters fare.  A good women's fiction book all in all.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I love this author. 

Robyn Carr is one of my favorite authors. She's an author whose new books I'll read before even knowing what they're about - I trust her that much. I believe I've read every book she has written, going back to THE HOUSE ON OLIVE STREET and, of course, THE VIRGIN RIVER series. She consistently challenges me as a reader, keeps me laughing, keeps me wishing the worlds she creates on the pages of her books were real life, and entertains me.

This story is about two similar people, both working at finally getting out of toxic marriages. They meet and become friends, talking about their grown children, common interests, bad days caused by their soon-to-be exes. And as their divorces head into the final stages, they discover happiness together, but not without terrible moments.

Lauren Delaney was married to her successful surgeon husband and stays with him for 24 years until their two daughters are grown, putting up with his emotional and physical abuse.

Beau Magellan is a successful landscape architect and has helped raise his two stepsons as his own while his wife periodically leaves them, has affairs and is a miserable person.

This is a well-told story of the many sides of domestic violence and definitely wasn't always easy to read but I still enjoyed every word of it and hated having it end.

I received this book from MIRA Books through Net Galley in the hopes that I would read it and leave an unbiased review.
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A lovely story of growth and learning to live and love again.
Amazing how one person can make you weak and change who you are. Immersed in an emotionally abusive relationship at the hands of a manipulative husband who utilized gas lighting techniques to prove her unworthiness. Lauren is manipulated into staying in their horrible marriage. Can you believe her husband does this by threatening to damage the future of his own children?
She finally takes the steps to remove herself from the unbearable situation. Through the divorce and self-discovery process she begins to find herself and discovers she really likes who she is. She begins to open up, making new friends, and living the life she’s missed out on. 
While appreciating the beauty of the church gardens she meets hunky Beau. Beau is equally embroiled in a messy divorce. The two bond over their common situations and start becoming each other’s supporting shoulder. Neither is looking for love. But through companionship their love grows. 
“I was content with my life,’ he whispered to her. “I wasn’t aching for something more, or someone to make me happier. But you’ve filled up an empty place inside me that I didn’t even know was there. You’re everything to me.”
“The moment Beau touched her, she opened up to him like a beautiful flower and he filled her with all his love and lust.”
During her marriage Lauren worked hard to hide from everyone the reality of her marriage. But after breaking away from her husband she discovers that she didn’t have anyone fooled. Her jerk of an ex works diligently to make the divorce and her new life miserable.
Out of her two daughters, one understands completely and supports her mother unconditionally. The other, only has her own interests at heart and sides with her father. The writing is raw and emotional. Lauren handled it with much more grace and heart than I think I could. 
The relationships between Lauren and her daughters, Beau and his sons and how they handle the adjustments they go through was beautiful and realistic. I laughed, I cried! This was a beautiful story!
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