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Cain by James Bryon Huggins –2 Stars
Publisher: WildBlue Press
ISBN: 9781947290808
The plot of Cain might be appropriate for a shallow action/horror film, but I did not enjoy this as a novel despite being well written. The lengthy description of the pseudo-science used to create and awaken a monstrous giant wasn’t close to credible, and, thus, beyond belief and interest. It consisted of a jumble of stereotypical characters and contained tired plotlines: a Frankenstein Monster, a vampire, potential death on a planetary scale, a little girl needing saving, a devout priest, a macho hero, and devil worshipers. It wasn’t anything new that hasn’t already been done before more successfully. There is enough action to keep the story flowing, but the dialogue and characters are flat and shallow.

Reviewer: Nancy
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would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for letting me read this amazing book

the ultimate battle between good and evil

cain a man dead brought back to life...but is it the same man or is there something else that has taken over his body and where did this superhuman strength come from plus with the added ability of the super soldier/assassin that he was previously adds to an ultimate killing machine

solomon the best of the best now living a life in the desert away from civilisation but who gets recalled back to active duty...but what can he add to the mix.....

a brilliantly written book with characters that come alive as they battle towards the ultimate scene with solomon and cain fighting against each other again and again and again

love how this authors mind works
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