Christmas Secrets by the Sea

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While the secrets involved in this story weren't particularly Christmasy, they were at the core of motivation for the lead characters.  Both Tansy and Davin turned out to be nothing like the façades they presented. Each one hid the secrets that they believed defined them and breaking down the defensive walls almost proved too hard for them to handle.  Forces of nature took them on an emotional journey and I am glad to have been a witness to the transformations that came as a result of their physical and emotional struggles.  
I voluntarily read an advanced review copy provided by the publisher via Netgalley and I offer my honest opinion in response.
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First book I have read by this author and I really enjoyed it.

The story of Tansy and Davin. When they first meet they don't get on, but as they slowly get to know each other, they share their secrets and get closer.

Looking forward to the rest of the books in this series.

Thank you to Netgalley for a review copy of this book. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for a voluntary review
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Thank you so much to Farrago and Netgalley for the eARC of this book! 

This story was cute, but just not the story for me. I found myself getting lost a couple of times, and finding myself backtracking  here and there.
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This was a fun to read holiday romance. A fast read, but by no means without substance or depth. I found the main characters to be realistic and believable, likeable but with flaws. There are also a couple dogs in the story, which help round out the plot and move it along in spots. I enjoyed getting to know the back stories of some of the main characters, and look forward to reading more in future books in this series. There are some funny moments, some sad moments, some nail-biting moments, and some moments that may make you say, "Awww!" I enjoyed my first Jane Lovering book and can't wait to read my next!

I received an advance copy of this book. This review contains my honest thoughts and opinions.
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Christmas Secrets by the Sea by Jane Lovering is a heartfelt, warm story about new beginning and second chances.

Fabulously fun and entertaining, with steady rhythm and a lot of heartbreaking secrets is a perfect read not only for the most magical time of the year but for any season.

For those who believe in love when you least expect it, for those who trust that love will find a way even when you don't want it, for all of us who are looking for a forever love, this is the book that will prove them right.
Absorbing and intelligent, without any mushiness it will still make you cry and give you hope that just about anything can happen. And that love comes in all sizes and shapes. And not just romantic love but any kind of love that will heal our souls.  

An absolute must read.
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After her life has been turned upside down, Tansy moves herself to the Dorset coast to lick her wounds and put her life back together. She is offered work as a location scout for a new TV show. But with the job comes Davin, the very sexy star of the new show who she is asked to babysit. As Tansy gets to know Davin she comes to realise he is totally different to his public persona.

As a friendship between them develops, they reveal past secrets to each other that they are trying to overcome. With each other’s help, will they be able to put their pasts behind them and move on?

An entertaining story with good characters; it is a heartwarming read with plenty of fun and laughter along the way.
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I really liked this book: it's heartwarming, engaging and entertaining. It's also full of Christmas spirit without being fluffy.
I loved the characters, both human and canine. 
The plot was good and I laughed out more than once.
I look forward to reading other books by this writer.
Highly recommended!
Many thanks to Farrago and Netgalley for this ARC
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The story was charming, heart-warming and at times, heart-wrenching. Davin is a famous model-turned-actor and has a lot of secrets in life. Tansy's also been through a lot and has been carrying her grief, bundled tightly. And though they don't gel well initially, as time passes by, they find comfort and consolation in sharing secrets with each other.

Christmas Secrets by the Sea is the story of love, hope, and life. It makes you laugh. It also makes you cry. Tansy's grief makes you cry. Davin's childhood memories makes you sad. But past is now a memory. How two individuals, who have had difficult times in the past, meet and find hope is well portrayed in this story.

The twist in the story was when Davin's very curious to know if Tansy's signed the non-disclosure agreement. And when he recruits her as his assistant, Tansy puts two and two together and finds out the truth behind Davin desperately wanting an assistant. 

The story is engaging and keeps you hooked on till the end. Lovering's writing style is superb. When you think that the story is going to end on a good note, there's a twist. And of course, all's well that ends well. The story does have a happy ending or two. There's a little bit of humor too but the story is inclined towards human emotions.

The characters are unique, with each of them having a story of their own. The characters and their stories are beautifully amalgamated into one big story. Life gives you second chances, never lose hope and faith in yourself and you are not alone, not even during your tough times - these are the things you get to take away from this book.
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Thank you so much to Farrago and Netgalley for the eARC of this book! 
Tansy has left her life in London behind and set out to the rough coast of Dorset. She soon gets adopted by a very rough looking little dog. When looking for work, she gets a tip about a tv production (run by an acquaintance of hers) that ends up needing some help with the broody, grouchy leading man. 
This book was in some ways a typical sweet, slightly predictable (in a good way) romantic story- in the beginning that’s all I thought it was. But, about halfway through it becomes a much richer story. 
It’s a nice holiday romance, but definitely with some substance to it as well.
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I really loved this book and I wiill definitely be reading more by the same author. Can't wait for the next one
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What an entertaining, wonderful story. I was immediately absorbed by these two broken people – Davin and Tansy – and their initial mutual hostility was really well written.
Our aloof hero, Davin, is a great addition to the gallery of wounded heroes, hiding beneath layers of broodiness, rudeness and the “sulk factor” a great deal of vulnerability and a really caring and nice person. I loved how the author, Jane Lovering, slowly revealed the solitary man and the “lost boy with his dog” of the past. I also liked the fact that he and his family managed to succeed despite all the problems. However, I would have liked his secret to be more elaborated.
Tansy is a great heroine, too, her humor and sarcasm always tempered with intelligence and an innate kindness.
I loved the vivid descriptions of the Dorset coast, the secondary characters; and, finally, the dogs, Brian and Seelie: they are characters in its own right, with their animal personalities and quirks. They are endearing and so fun to read.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher, for this free eARC.

Wanting to read all the Christmas books in December, I quickly requested this one, and really enjoyed it.

Tansy is down on her luck. She lost her business and her relationship, and her home is now a camper van on a Dorset beach. Soon she is adopted by a scruffy dog, named Brian. 

Tansy finds a job as a location scout for a new TV show, and pretty much has to babysit the shows star, Davin O'Riordan. 

As Christmas approaches, Tansy and Davin discover each other's secrets, and a new bond begins to grow between them. But how will they cope with the storms headed their way? 

While I felt this book started out slow, it eventually picked up, and I didn't want it to end. I didn't feel any Christmas vibes with this book, but that didn't take too much away from it. I enjoyed all the characters and how everyone came to together to save the cafe. The two dogs Brian and Seelie were very unique, and I loved that they were a huge part of the story. This was a charming, and funny book. I am excited that there will be a second one, and I can't wait to get my hands on it!
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I was excited to start this one. But the second sentence is forty nine words long. And most following sentences are at least a twenty word description. By the time I get to the end of the sentence I’m totally confused and lost. I can’t track with this writing style. Maybe that makes me a horrible reader. I’m sure there’s a fan base for it. Maybe there’s less adjectives in the next chapter. But I’m not going to finish reading to find out. Sorry.
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Christmas Secrets by the Sea by Jane Lovering is one of the most entertaining reads I've had in a long time. This is a well thought out story featuring quirky characters, humor, romance and an stray dog that will win your heart. .
#ChristmasSecretsByTheSea #NetGalley
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I loved this book!

It had a warm and endearing plot.

The characterisation was great and I loved the attention to detail - the characters were ones I could easily relate too and I really enjoyed that.

It was very well written and a really addictive page turner.

Five stars from me, an excellent story - very highly recommended!!
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Another wonderful novel by Jane Lovering.The charming cover drew me right in to this warm emotional lovely story.Highly recommend. #netgalley#farrago
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Christmas Secrets by the Sea, Jane Lovering

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre: Humour, romance

I've read several of Jane's stories now, and she has a style of writing I really like. I'm cautious when a book is styled as “humour” as so many are just that forced, OTT that I simply just don't like them. Jane's humour though is typical British subtle humour. 
The romance is muted, a side part of the overall story but was very satisfying and the perfect ending. 
I loved the characters, Tansy, clearly escaping from something – but what? It takes the full length of the book for everything to come out, little bits are released along the story but you always know she's holding back something more. Likewise Davin, he's so obnoxious to begin then as we get to know the real man, the secrets of his past I really liked him. He's got a real sensitivity about him, something that isn't apparent until we get to know him. 
The rest of the cast are great too, Karen from the cafe, Rory, a typical teen, written so well. Everything's a drama at that age, its all highs or all down dramas....I loved his openness and how close he was to his mum, how protective of her he was. Even Larch had me warming to her by the end. People really aren't as they first seem all the while, some just need you to get to know them, in real life and in books. 
Then there's the real stars of the story Brian and Seelie, they were so perfect. They brought a lightness into more serious moments, brought people together, brought in some gentle humour ( Brian and the ever present sardines and seaweed) and provided real emotional support to Davin and Tansy, something they both really needed. 
Its a wonderful story, fully of whimsy and gentle humour, a terrific story and wonderful characters, all wrapped up in a very satisfying ending. 

Stars: Five, a fantastic read, one that kept me gripped, sniggering one moment and emotional the next. 

Arc via Netgalley and publishers
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Tansy is living in a van, and licking her wounds after the loss of her company and fiance. Ashamed and tired, she just wants to get away from it all. While walking the beach she sees a pretty whippet being chased by a shaggy mutt, and closely followed by a gorgeous man in a weird coat. After he screams at her for the mutt attacking his prize dog he stomps off. It is not her dog, although he starts following her around and basically becomes her dog. When she goes to a local cafe for the wi-fi, she meets up with the lady and her son who run the place. Her teenage son takes her to a place where a tv show is being filmed, in the hopes she can find a job. Surprisingly enough, she knows the director, who gives her a job finding a local spot for a spin-off show. With the help of the teenager, they start looking, and also get stuck babysitting grumpy Davin (the gorgeous man from the beach) who is the lead in the show. Enjoyed this one a lot, and the banter is fun. Highly recommend this book and author, and hope to read more by her.
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One of the reasons I chose to read this book is because I thoroughly enjoyed the author's previous book Little Teashop of Horrors and the other reason is I thought it'd be Christmas themed, but to be honest there wasn't much of a Christmas feel to it at all nor much festivities. 

However despite that it was still a good read, a very well thought out story that is quite emotional at times and heartfelt in places throughout the story.

I loved getting to know the characters some of whom were a hoot as they came out with some very weird words and phases.  The two dogs Brian and Seelie were certainly unique and I loved how they had their own little storylines going on.

Looking forward to reading the second book to the series.
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Tansy Merriwether is not where she expected to be. This time last year, she had a loving fiance, a beautiful apartment and a fast-growing business,. Now she's just scraping by, living in a run-down caravan by the beach with a scruffy dog who has adopted her as his own. 

Okay so this one wasn't a bad read by any means. I loved the characters and the concept and I really thought it had so much potential. My big issue, was that there just wasn't enough substance, not enough action. I would definitely consider reading more from this series, if the storyline was more detailed and developed.
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