The Saint

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This is the third book in a series, and it is the first one I have read, and I loved it, I didn’t feel that I had missed out on anything else but I now really need to read the first two stories, because MS Butler had bought the Scottish Highlands to life for me, a place I have always wanted to visit and she made me fall for Callum and Isla what a beautiful couple, this is a book that I enjoyed so much.

Callum is an orphan who has a couple of memories from his early childhood and at the age of twenty four decides that it is time to go in search of these memories and see what he can find out about his parents, he has been celibate because of memories of his mother and has a few decisions to think about. He ends up helping in a leper’s house and when a dying man asks him to escort his daughter to Restenneth Priory, Cal is determined to do so, but when he meets the lovely Isla his feelings are going to change this woman shows such strength and love.

Isla lost her mother when she was young and lived with her father in a small village, but by the time she was sixteen life had thrown some pretty tough challenges her way and she never has given up and when she is orphaned at nineteen her father has sent someone to escort her to the Priory and there will be a lot of challenges and trials along the way, and one of those is falling for this strong, caring and protective man.

Truly this is a story that I highly recommend, so very well written it bought to life, the characters and setting to make me feel that I was travelling through this road to find a true love and happiness. Cal finally found out about his family, and happily gave up his celibacy to marry the woman who held his heart and to see Isla grow even more with that courage and strength she possessed has left me smiling, thank you MS Butler, I did love this one.
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The hero and heroine in this are lovely people.  They are trying to be the best they can be even though life has given them many challenges. With the best intentions they set out to save each other and it is a lovely read.  Even the villains in the piece deserve compassion.  How refreshing.  Looking forward to more from this author.
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I received a copy of this book via NetGalley and Escape Publishing for an honest and voluntary review.
The Saint is the third book in the 'Highland Brides' series. I had the pleasure of reading the first and the second books and this series and loved them both. This book was great but I was hoping for the same sort of story as the first two books. The hero is so intent on believing the bad memories of his mother and his determined to discount so many other memories of his childhood that it affects his life and also his outlook on the life he has. The Heroine on the other hand is a really strong and capable young women who is not so easily pushed around as she knows that her life would be better in the convent than excepting the arranged marriage that her father has set up for her. The relationship between the pair is a difficult one but I was happy when all the secrets and lies were revealed and there was a HEA. 
I can recommend this book but advise that maybe readers should read the other two books in the series.
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This is my first time reading this author.  I enjoyed the book.  I thought the pace was a little slow at first but then picked up.
Callum is the hero in this story.  He is traveling in search of his family.  He is looking for a stone cross, one of his only memories. So he is visiting all the Kirk's and piories in Scotland.  While staying at one Priory, he helps take care of a dying man. The man extracts a promise from him, to deliver his blind daughter to a priory, where she will take her vows. Little did he know what that would entail. 
Isla  is all alone. Her father is at the Priory, dying. He has promised her to a man twice her age but he really wants her  to go to the priory her uncle lives at as a monk, to take her vows. 
When Callum shows up at her house with a message from her da and to fulfill his promise,  Ilsa goes with him. 
This starts an adventure that leads to a beautiful romance. 
This story was good.  This story was good.  Maybe a little too long or a little slow,  I'm not sure which.  I gave it 4 stars.
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Callum takes leave from his laird for a year to find the source of these memories when he finds an old man dying and he stays by his side where he apparently make a death bed vow to protect the man’s daughter. Isla Beaton has lived at the convent since the age of six now finds herself orphaned and alone at nineteen. She long ago had dreams of love even though she refused betrothal arrangement set up by her father years before and marriage and she must rely on the stranger her dying father sends to her door to protect her and take her to the Restenneth Priory where she will dedicate her life to God.  As they travel together and become better acquainted they grow to have feelings for each other, only Callum feels unworthy and Isla begins to wonder if maybe there is hope for her treasured dreams of a family. A romance of two people who meet and have a perilous journey with  unanswered questions , looking for answers and finding them in the least likely place. This my honest opinions after I voluntarily read a copy of this book that was provided to me with no requirements for a review.
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I have read tons of highlander books and will read million more. This one has great plot, characters and writing. Highly recommended to all historical romance readers!
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Callum is fulfilling the wish of a dying man by escorting his daughter to a priory.  Both Cullum and Isla plan to serve God in someway but what will happen when sparks fly between them?  The story is fast-paced with lots of drama and suspense.  Callum and Isla are both great characters with lots of depth and the story is entertaining and takes you on a journey back in time. I liked it.
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Very enjoyable story with a sweet romance between the main protagonists. It is the third in a trilogy, but you don’t need to have read the other two to fully enjoy this one.

Callum (Cal) is an orphan, his mother was a prostitute, so he has vowed to be chaste, to fight against any supposed wantoness in his character. He is on a quest to find out about his mother, as he had found his way to Castle Redheugh, and the Elliot clan, as an orphan, and he had forgotten his history. He is searching for a cross he remembered as a child.

The story opens when he is tending to a dying man in a leper house in Aberdeen in 1404. He is working with men of god to ease his guilt at his mother’s behaviour, he feels he should be doing penance for her sins, but is struggling under this burden too. The man, Thane asks him to take his daughter Isla to Restenneth Priory, with his dying breath. Almost against his will, he feels compelled to take on this task.

He goes to Thane’s house, and whilst he is trying to convince Isla he means to help her, he is attacked by a mob led by a man with a scarred face. Isla’s  house is burned down, and she escapes with Cal. 

Isla has been going blind since the age of 6, she lives a completely isolated life. Her father has promised her in marriage, once he is dead, to Dalziel an older man who had been in love with Isla’s mother, . Her father has regretted his actions, and wants her to go to the priory to his brother Norval. 

Callum is surprised by Isla’s blindness, and impressed by her competence at managing without sight, They journey towards the priory, with Cal keeping Isla safe from Dalziel and his son Morgan (the scarred man) who are chasing them to abduct Isla. They ride together on his well trained horse, Minho, who becomes a key character in the story.

Over the journey, Cal and Isla are drawn together, and come to trust and admire each other as they are pushed into such close proximity. They share a kiss, and everything changes. 

They arrive at the priory, and eventually so does Dalziel. Cal let’s Isla go, for now, and on his way to rescue her and Mungo, is attacked and injured by Morgan. He manages to catch up with Dalziel and exchanges Isla for Morgan, they then, with difficulty, make their way back to the friary in Aberdeen. 

There Cal heals and despite the fact that they love each other, they believe the other wants something else. Isla goes back to the  priory to become a nun, and Cal is going to Braemar to meet up with his friends Duff and Adair, to travel back to Redheugh together as planned. 

Cal realises this was a mistake he goes to the priory, learns about his history from Norval, and the lovers are  reunited and get their HEA. They travel to Braemar and all three friends are reunited, the gather with their respective ladies.

I was pleasantly surprised by this, the history and details were well handled, the relationship between Cal and Isla is sensitively handled and they have lots of respect for each other. Their characters were well handled, I liked the way the author handled their inner monologues, Cal didn’t come over as priggish, as he might have done, and Isla didn’t seem helpless, despite her disability.i also think the fight scenes were very well done.

I received an ARC of this book which I reviewed voluntarily. All opinions are my own.

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3 stars

Title: A good yet slow paced Highlander romance

Overall, I enjoyed this book, though it was a little frustrating to get through some parts where things slowed down and there was some unnecessary angst (a personal pet peeve of mine) between the main characters. Callum ("Cal") is the title character here as he has taken a vow of celibacy at the tender age of 14, and the reason is revealed to be because of his mother's "profession." He considers becoming a man of the cloth, but when he is trusted with a dying man's final request (for him to see his daughter Isla safely to her uncle), he feels obligated to fulfill he promise. As he journeys with Isla (who is also considering a life in the church and who has learned that blind women have little value), he feels things he has never felt for any woman before. The will they/won't they goes on from there. 

For me, the book was a bit repetitive, and the romance was a pretty long slow burn. Some people like that in their romances, but I tend to prefer a little more action. Also, as they are both virgins, the sex scene would have def been a lot more awkward (if ya know what I mean!)... But a worthwhile read in all that can easily be read as a standalone (I had not read the previous two books in the series).
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This is the third book in this series and I was watching and waiting for it.I loved it!Callum is such an honorable and good man I admired him from the start.When Thane,a man he was helping asks him to take his daughter to her uncle,he meets Isla.She is determined to serve God not fall in love with Callum.He has sworn to be cellibate but now Isla in the picture and he has feeling he didn’t expect.The story had good flow and had my full attention from start to finish.
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This is the first Allison Butler book that I’ve read and it wont be my last. I like the authors writing, she tells a great story that sucks you in and has a sweet tone. It is also evident that she does her research and tries to tell a fictional story with historical references, which I like. But it did take me until Chapter 4 to really get interested in the story, the beginning was a bit dry for me. Liked the twist of Isla’s medical problem, definitely gave the story interest and was well described and told. The biggest drawback however to this story is A LOT of repeating throughout which made me question on if I was reading the correct page or had somehow skipped backwards. Then the repeating and reiterating over and over of the same things became a bit maddening. There was also some editing mistakes where one character would be saying something and the other character would speak but it was all written on the same line and you couldn’t tell who was speaking. Maybe this was an e-book mistake? But if you can overlook those negatives, the storyline is good, characters are good, and overall I would recommend this book, especially if you like sweet romance without the bedroom scenes. 
*I received an advance copy in exchange for my unbiased review*
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The Saint by Allison Butler is book Three in the Highland Brides Series.  This is the story of Isla and Callum.  I have read the other books in this series, but feel you can make this a standalone book if you wish to do so. 
Callum's memories from childhood have turned him into the man he is today.  Callum's has swore to be celibacy which he has maintained now at the age of 24.  But Callumis a care person who tries to help other that are in need or are weak.  Callum sets out to research the memories that he has had to get the full meaning of what happened.  When asked by a dying man to help his daughter, Callum cannot turn him down.  This sets Callum on the path to meet Isla.  Isla hasn't had it easy her whole life but she goes forward the best that she can...even giving up her dreams of a love marriage.  
Callum hasn't ever been tempted to break his vow of celibacy until he meets Isla and gets to know her.   But can these two overcome their past to make a future? 
Enjoyed their story!
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Memories from childhood can often affect our lives and that is the case with Callum. He only remembers his mother's loose behavior and a stone cross, before he was left as an orphan. He want to devote his life to the church. But at the age of twenty four he goes on a quest, with two of his friends that were orphans also, to discover from whence they came. Along the way Callum ends up caring for some lepers and one man, Thane, who is near death, asks Callum to protect his daughter, who is alone, and help her get to her uncle.
It seems fate has taken a hand to lead him to Isla, Thane's daughter, but there is more at stake than he could imagine! He finds her in dire circumstances and they find themselves fleeing for their lives and needing to get to her destination which is to devote herself to God. Yes I see a similarity her to her and Callum, but can they stop the attraction that blooms between them? Will they go their separate ways once she is safe?
This is the first book I have read by this author and I really enjoyed it. The characters were very descriptive and I could feel their emotions. Looking forward to reading more in this series and I know you will too!
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Callum, the handsome, brawny Highlander here, is truly a saint, folks. In more ways than one. His word is his bond, with no exceptions. He lives his life serving others, whether that be by offering his sword to his Laird or his heart and hands helping the less fortunate. Even those others go way out of their way to avoid. He’s no skirt chaser either, my fellow romance book loving friends. He’s kept his hands and lips off the lasses his entire life. Isla is the first woman to tempt him to break his vow of celibacy. 

Isla was verra much the sweet, innocent, damsel in distress. Sad circumstances seem to follow this lass around, though she still tries to find the good even in the darkness of life.

The synopsis is pretty much what you get here. If you find it appealing, you’ll likely enjoy this book verra much. The vast majority of the story line is this main couple traveling under perilous circumstance to a particular destination, where along the way they slowly but surely fall into love. Even then they both ultimately have to take a blind leap of faith to step forward to claim their future together.

It was slow paced, which somewhat dampened my overall enthusiasm. Loose ends regarding Callum’s life get resolved, which gave him some much needed peace and closure. However, I wasn’t particularly fond of the history of his parentage. An old grudge and lethal secret gets revealed that has slowly festered over time and set the stage for unintended consequences to be unleashed. A twist there does try to at least acknowledge and point the blame at its original source. 

I feel almost guilty for not rating this book higher, because Callum was so noble and good. Isla so very sweet and endearing. They both were quite saintly and perfect for each other. Probably the pace and one aspect of the subplot of why they were on the run likely is what held me back from doing so. 

Overall, I did enjoy seeing this main couple get their HEA. It would make a good Highlander Hallmark movie, if such a TV channel existed. Of course, the one steamy scene and bloody fight scenes would need to be edited. Either way, once again this author proves she can win me over with emotions rather than a lot of graphic smex scenes. 

Title: The Saint, Series: Highland Brides (Book 3), Author: Allison Butler, Pages: 235, stand-alone but part of a series, virgin main couple, rather slow paced, not intimate until the end, bloody fight scenes, relationship angst, no cheating, no love triangle, no OW/OM drama, afraid to love hero. 

Book 1 - The Protector
Book 2 - The Rogue
Book 3 - The Saint

(I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not given any payment or compensation for this review. There is no affiliation or relationship between this reviewer and the author/publisher/NetGalley.)
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Callum has few memories as a child. He made a vow of celibacy at fourteen, but doesn't know why. At twenty four, he leaves his home and starts looking for answers. While searching, he is asked by a dying man to take Isla, his daughter to safety. They are attacked by a band of men, but why? Isla  is mostly blind and thinks she will never marry for love. What will Callum find out about his life and why is Isla in danger ? Is Callum really a saint or a flesh and blood man who needs more? I received this book from Net Galley and Escape Publishing for a honest review.The opinions expressed are my own.
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I don’t read many romance books outside of ‘chick lit’ and ‘women’s fiction’, but I thought I’d give this a try as it reminded me a little of outlander, a show that I loved until they moved to France in series two. I have a bit of an obsession with Scotland and Scottish culture, so this book sparked my interest.

All that I can say about it was that it wasn’t bad. It was kind of ‘meh’ the whole way through. I didn’t DNF the book, but I didn’t really enjoy it either. I am not actually sure what kept me reading. It is the third book in the series, but it didn’t seem to be connected to the books before it in any way until the end, so it made it good to read as a one-off at least.

I did like Isla as a character though, and I think she might have been the reason I kept reading. I didn’t really care much for Cal’s story at all though. However, Isla is blind, and it really made me happy to see a protagonist with a disability in a romance novel. So I have to give Allison credit there, and she wrote Isla’s situation and experiences with being blind really well. She gave us a good insight into what it might be like to live blind.

However, I can’t give this book more than two stars. The start is really slow, I didn’t like the ending and the only part I did like reading was the scenes when they were travelling. I am grateful for the fact that I did watch the first series of Outlander, as a lot of the speech is written in Scots, which I can imagine would be hard for a lot of people to read, especially if English isn’t your first language and you have never been to Scotland or seen a show like Outlander. I like that Allison put some historical accuracy into the book, but this did take away from the enjoyment a little as it made everything that little bit harder to read.

I did like that this book wasn’t overly explicit for a romance book, but at the same time, it really seemed to lack chemistry for me. The love between Isla and Cal didn’t give me butterflies and I wasn’t all that bothered by the ‘will they won’t they’ that this book contains as the ending was a little too obvious for me to be convinced by it.

And the ending was really strange. It seemed like a whole chapter was added unnecessarily just to try and make it a sequel to the other two books before it. It didn’t really work with the rest of the story, and it just seemed like it was added because it had to be in order to make it a sequel instead of a standalone.

All in all, this book was just a bit average all around really and it won’t be a series I will be tempted to continue.
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The Saint by Allison Butler is an enjoyable story.  The main characters are Callum and Isla. They make this an interesting story as they are not a typical romantic couple.  The novel flows slowly but smoothly and is well developed as it contains romance, as well as danger as they make their journey together.  It is an interesting story.  I recommend it and look forward to reading more from this author.
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He has chosen a chaste life, but he's never been tempted like this...
Callum has two childhood memories: a stone cross, and the wanton behaviour of his mother,
At the tender age of six, Isla Beaton learned a hard lesson about never giving up despite the challenges and grief that might come her way.
Blindness has changed the course of Isla's life. Will Callum's life be changed also by this young woman headed to a priory to also serve God?
Although this book isn't what I had come to expect from this author it isn't bad. It just wan't my cup of tea. 
A hero who vows to remain celibate and a heroine who is blind, both determined to serve God in their own way.
Not the usual hero and heroine I have come to expect from this or any historical Romance author.
I gave this book 3.25 of 5.0 stars for storyline and character development.
I received a complimentary ARC of this title to read. This in no way affected my opinion of this book which I read and reviewed voluntarily.
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Callum of Clan Elliott, has left with two of his friends, who are also orphans. They wonder who they are and do they belong to anyone. They have been looking for a year. Callum is helping to care for some lepers. During his short time there he cares of Thane who is near death and makes it known what his last wish is. His beloved daughter is all alone and needs to be protected long enough to get her to Restenneth Priory. Isla is the daughter of the Thane and she has slowly gone blind. She loved her father greatly, but now that he had died, she had to go to the Priory, where her uncle lived. She felt she had no choice. 
I enjoyed this tale very much, there is fighting, escaping, and danger. It was a sweet romantic story thru all the action. She trusts him and does as he asks. The author has done a great job keeping the novel flowing smoothly and it is well written, the characters are well developed and the descriptions help fill in the the rest. I highly recommend this book and hope you like it as much as I do.

I received this ARC from Net Galley and I voluntarily
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Callum takes the final request of a dying man, who wants his daughter taken safely to her uncle. He agrees, and goes to find her, when she is attacked by a group of men trying to kill her. Callum protects her, and they make their escape. Isla is frightened, and learning of her father's death she is sad as well. Also, a big impediment is that she is basically blind. Back in the late 1400's it was harder than now, but overall she does ok. A good story, and one I enjoyed, but did find it easy to skim a bit. Some description is not needed, and made it easier to skip some of the words. Overall though, I would still highly recommend this book and author.
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