Sorry Not Sorry

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A contemporary romance that centers on Charlotte as she ponders the next steps in her life.  She is in search of a companion, and aims to put herself out there after listening to a podcast, but as she masters each challenge her life becomes more and more out of whack.
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I received this ebook copy from the publisher and NetGalley for an honest review.

It started good but it was hard for me to get into this book and then about midway just started to drag and I had to force myself to finish.
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Sorry Not Sorry is an amusing tale of one woman willing to try anything to make her love life better.We get to follow Charlotte as she goes through a list of challenges that are supposed to improve her life .Charlotte was a pretty sympathetic character, I really felt for her, she really had a lot on her plate.The secondary characters were also lovable.The story was sweet and so fun!
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I didn't love it and it took me a WHILE to get through it. The plot didn't really propel forward organically so I was just pushing myself chapter to chapter in an attempt to find a thread I would want to follow. Instead, it was a bunch of random obstacles getting in the way of the main character that never really served a purpose. I definitely wish a book marketed as a rom-com had more actual romance, and I really didn't find it funny. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Bookouture for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.!
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I really enjoyed reading this! What a fun and exciting story - about Charlotte having to explore what the world has to offer and how she can face it while stepping out of her comfort zone. I feel frustrated with her friend, Maddy who easily believed in Bianca (who is a perfectionist) to ruin her friendship with Charlotte. I sometimes want to shake and pull Charlotte's hair for being too kind and nice without putting a fight. 

I laughed a few times, but I still want to see the progress in the plot. It gets delayed about her repetitive meetups with Myles and her being nice to her co-bridesmaids who don't have a spine to tell Bianca to quit bitchin'.
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Back in the 90s I think I read every chick lit title out there, right until the moment in the oughts when chick lit was declared dead and gone. Then I switched to YA.

There were things I did like about Sorry Not Sorry, things that felt a bit too familiar, and things that were somewhat of a let-down.

I liked Charlotte (she was kind of a Charlotte in SaTC terms, a nice girl who wants a guy). There were some nice friendships (Charlotte and her friends even have a weekly brunch just like Carrie and Co.) and amusing moments.

This book felt a bit like a cross between Bridget Jones (Charlotte’s work life, in which she’s the dependable Girl Friday at a hedge fund) and Bridesmaids (a subplot in which Charlotte’s best friend gets married and Charlotte’s maid of honor duties get hijacked by a rich perfectionist.

I wasn’t so much a fan of the whole Bad Girl podcast element, which basically ends up with Charlotte involved with a married man (the relationship itself was more interesting.)

The middle of the book dragged quite a bit. The ending was good but with too much crammed in. Plus, I felt the romance with Mr. Right felt way too rushed and shoved into the last few chapters.

If chick lit is back, I’m in!
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Did a book’s ending ever make it hard to fairly rate a book? I am not saying that the ending was terrible, its just that…well, I just didn’t like it. Which stinks because up until the 95% mark of this book I thought it was rather fun. I was whipping through the ending because I wanted to finish and then BAM, that “twist.”

It was a fun story; classic chick-lit, light read that is easy to whip through. I liked some characters, I hated some characters (which you were supposed to).  But obviously meh about the ending.

Charlotte’s dating life is non-existent. She stumbles upon a podcast “Sorry Not Sorry” that will challenge her to go beyond her comfort zone and open up more within the dating scene. Each episode is a series of challenges which she will embark on (or at least try to).

Like I said, super light and fun concept. I was jiving with it, I just didn’t understand the ending. Please don’t confuse this with the ending being confusing: its not. I can’t explain without giving it away – and I try to be spoiler free – so I will leave it up to you to decide.

It is a cute beach read if you are looking for one. I want you to read it so we can discuss it. You can tell me you agree with me, or that I am overthinking it and to stop being so serious. 

So, if you read it already let me know!
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Sehr unterhaltsam und kurzweilig, toller Schreibstil, viel Gelächter und schmunzeln ist angesagt bei der Lektüre dieses frischen und frechen Buches.
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Geeez, poor Charlotte!! I felt so sorry for her throughout the book as she always seemed to draw the short straw in life. It was as though her friends saw her as the butt of all jokes and her work saw her as a skivvy who would pick up the pieces anytime things went wrong. How much could one character endure?!

I didn't find this book to be as laugh out loud as I would have expected, given that it's in the tag line on the front cover. However I did snigger at some of the colourful personalities which make themselves known as the storyline progresses.

I honestly expected a proper light hearted read and, whilst there were moments where I felt as though the storyline was on cloud nine, it was quite deep and serious.

I loved getting to know Xander - he was so fun and made Charlotte's personality shine like it was meant to all along.

I did enjoy 'Sorry Not Sorry', what with the unique characters and unpredictable storyline, and I think that this is a read which is perfect for reading by the side of a pool. Sassy, colourful and unique - I am SOOO not sorry that I read this one!!
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This is brilliant! I absolutely loved this novel which at times I could really identify and at which I laughed out loud….a lot!  I’m so glad I got to read this!

Charlotte is a fantastic character who I’m sure many women will identify with….especially when it comes to dating and men!  After her best friend and housemate moves out with her soon-to-be husband, Charlotte gets some new housemates and decides she needs to start sorting out her own love life.  She starts listening to a podcast called ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ which sets her weekly dating challenges and some of them are hilarious!  We get to go along with her and it’s honestly brilliant!

Not only that she builds some brilliant new friendships although at the same time goes through a lot of struggles……as it says on the book cover….’When life gives you limes, make margaritas’!  She has problems with work, fallings out with friends and man trouble and all the while you’re completely willing her on!  She’s definitely the sort of person that I’d happily have as a mate, with lots of nights out drinking!

There are so many real moments in this book, and plenty of moments that make you cringe but they genuinely had me smiling and laughing! There were also plenty of times when I felt sad, frustrated and angry for her too…….And there was a BIG twist at the end which I didn’t expect AT ALL!

Honestly guys, if you want to read something that will give you all the feels, and plenty of smiles and laughter then you NEED to pick this up.  Highly recommended by me!!

I’m looking forward to reading more from this author for sure!
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Captivating, suspenseful, entertaining novel! This beautiful thriller kept me on the edge of my seat while I was reading it! Would highly recommend to those who enjoy this genre.
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A cute departure from my regular thrillers and suspence novels. Light but laugh out loud funny. Bit of a twist which was excellent. All in all, a satisfying read that not only focuses on romance but relationships of many kinds. Friendships, office relationships with co-workers. The other relationships with whom we spend much of our days.
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I feel like I should pull a Charlotte and do what she did. This novel could be used as a self-help book for sure!

Charlotte has always been good. She focuses on work, rarely goes out. But as you can expect, it gets boring so she decides to try and change it. Thanks to almightly Google, she finds a podcast to spice up her life. There starts the journey of completing weekly challenges - my worst nightmare as I'm a total wuss. Will she find her Mr Right?

This is a rather lighthearted and enjoyable read, if not a little too predictable.
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The first book I’ve read by this author. I enjoyed it. It seemed like typical chick-lit but I found it funnier than most I’ve read in that genre in the past. Some of the British/UK terms I found confusing but they were easy enough to figure out the meaning of from context clues. I look forward to checking out other books by Ms. Ranald in the future.
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The first book I’ve read by this author. I enjoyed it. It seemed like typical chick-lit but I found it funnier than most I’ve  read in that genre in the past. Some of the British/UK terms I found confusing but they were easy enough to figure out the meaning of from context clues. I look forward to checking out other books by Ms. Ranald in the future.
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Charlotte loves her job. However, her job involves long hours, dealing with highly-tensed financial traders who throw tedious and arduous tasks her way as their assistant. But when Charlotte's best friend and former roommate, Maddy starts her wedding planning, Charlotte finds balancing her career, non-existent love life and maintaining her bridesmaid's duties quite a challenge. As her world changes dramatically once Maddy and her fiance move out of Charlotte's shared home to start their own home, Charlotte is forced to take a moment to find out what she wants. Well what she wants at the moment is to kick-start her dormant single-life and heeds the advice from the podcast, Sorry Not Sorry that takes her on an adventure of stepping outside of her comfort zone and ask out a guy rather than wait for them to ask her. 

Sorry Not Sorry provided me with laughter by Charlotte's antics and uncomfortable situations that she seemed to regularly land in. This chick-lit book was well written with the intertwining humourous adventures and it was never a dull moment in Charlotte's life. If you're in the mood for a  lighthearted read, this is a novel that will provide and a much needed break from the intense novels such as the ones I've been reading in my book club. She was very relatable with her insecurities and and held on to her morals (well, mostly).
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Sorry Not Sorry is a genuinely feel good book that will brighten up any day and one that I enjoyed reading.

Charlotte shares a house with her two friends, Maddy and Henry, but when they hook up, get engaged and move out to get their own place together, Charlotte realises that she's stuck in a serious rut. With the prospect of two new flatmates on the horizon, she soon reaches the conclusion that she needs more in her life than just work and Netflix. So when she stumbles upon a podcast called 'Sorry Not Sorry' that challenges women to embrace their inner bad girl, she decides to embrace the challenge and potentially spice up her life a bit.

I tend to read quite a lot of psychological and crime thrillers so I always relish diving into a humorous romance and Sorry Not Sorry didn't let me down.

Charlotte was a very relatable character and she could have been me or any one of my friends. Watching her trying to complete the challenges from the podcast was sometimes funny and other times cringe worthy, but I think we've all been there, it's just whether or not we admit to it! I thought that this made her and her interactions with her friends really believable. Her new flatmates Tansy and Adam were interesting and I was intrigued to see how they would be Incorporated into Charlotte's world and there were a few things that I wasn't expecting so that kept me on my toes.

This was my first outing with author Sophie Ranald and I thoroughly enjoyed her writing style which was littered with witty humour and although it didn't have me 'laughing out loud' there were a good few chuckle worthy moments. I'd definitely read more from her.

I would recommend this book for anyone who is looking for something fun and light-hearted to read and it would be the perfect accompaniment for a poolside lounger and a cocktail!
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A cute, quirky contemporary romance novel that will having you chuckling many times.  You really get a sense of how quirky Charlotte is.  I really liked that there was many supporting characters that you were able to get insight into.  Thoroughly enjoyed this one
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Charlotte is a workaholic living with her best friend Maddie and has always been a good girl!  When Maddie leaves to get married she begins to realise how dull her life is and so when she listens to a podcast called Sorry not sorry she decides to take its advice and get out there. 

A lighthearted fun book,  easy predictable reading but plenty of humour and antics to keep you interested,  perfect for the beach.
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This book was cute!  Was it pretty predictable? Yes!  but show me a romance that isn't.  I liked the characters a lot. , especially Charlotte.  The plotline was pretty believable and I really enjoyed that it delved a lot into the relationships between Charlotte and other women, probably more than the men in her life.  

This was a super cute quick read, that would be perfect for reading poolside.
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