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I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this book. It was amusing enough but just very predictable. The whole plot just seemed vaguely thrown together and you could see what was coming a mile off. I like this author and her writing but I just feel like her plots could do with a bit more work as they are flimsy at best. 2stars.
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Whoa. A lot happened in the first couple of pages. Poor...everybody. 

Scotland is as good a place as any. 

Books are always safer. 

It's going to be the blind leading the blind. 

Ah, the days when all you needed to get a husband was money and rhythm. 

Don't leave a paper trail. Smart. 

He is not taking this news well. It's hilarious! 

Now, now, boys. It's not going to be that kind of party. 

Good thing he trusted his instincts. 

The student becomes the teacher.
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The second in the Gentleman of Temptation Series by Kristin Vayden. This book can be read as a standalone, I had purchased the first some time ago but not read it as of yet. I will most definitely be going back and reading it after this book. 
Regency romance at its best. Vayden does this genre so well. Heathcliff swore he would never love again after his first marriage. Miranda shouldn’t fall in love with her employer, especially when she is in hiding. The truth comes out and Miranda must marry to keep herself safe from her controlling father. The story ends up going where the reader would wish, our hero and heroine ending up together with a happily ever after. 
Another book I was unable to put down once I started reading.
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Loved this book! The romance and characters were great! The story was sweet and I loved the humor. The steaminess was the perfect amount.
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I really enjoyed this story.  Samantha is hiding secrets including going by the name Miranda. She becomes a governess for Heathcliff’s ward. Heathcliff has had a rough past and has trust issues.  But the chemistry is strong between them and love conquers all.
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This is the second book in the series of a trip of Lords that one a scandalous club named Temptations.  The scandalous Heathcliff finds himself stuck with a ward who needs a governess to  prepare her for society. Miranda aka Lady Samantha is the to escape her father. Lady Samantha's sister and her sister's husband find her a place to hide as the governess to Heathcliff's ward. Heathcliff tries to avoid love after having his heart broken by his deceitful wife. The story follows the love that grows between the two and shows that the right individual can heal a broken heart. This was a great read. I cannot wait for the next one in the series.  This book was an ARC from Net Galley.
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Heathcliff Marston, Viscount Kilpatrick, has lost both his parents, his cheating wife and his stillborn child (though he's not sure if it was actually his or not) in rapid succession. Along with his two equally downtrodden friend, Lucas Mayfield, the Earl of Heightfield, and Ramsey Scott, the Marquess of Sterling, Heathcliff establishes an elite gaming hell called Temptations, which thrives on anonymity and exclusivity. Samantha, under the assumed name of Miranda, has accepted employment at Heathcliff's Scottish estate as a governess to his new ward, Iris. Miranda got this position thanks to her sister's recent marriage to Heathcliff's friend, Lord Heightfield, thus enabling both sisters to escape the control of the tyrannical father, the Duke of Chatterworth. Upon arrival, Miranda experiences some definite culture shock due to her self-imposed demotion from the status of lady. With investigators sniffing around the viscount due to his best friend's hasty marriage to the duke's eldest daughter (not exactly with the duke's approval), Lord Heightfield decides it is best to keep Heathcliff temporarily in the dark about Miranda's true identity. In fact Healthcliff isn't able to meet Miranda upon her arrival, not that he really cares to actually meet the sour new governess, so long as she does her job well enough to enable him to marry his new ward off as soon as possible. When he finally does meet his new governess, he is decidedly surprised. She is nothing like what he expected and he senses there is more to her than meets the eye. He is also decidedly attracted to her. When his friend Lucas and his wife, Liliah, Miranda's sister, visit the estate, Lucas clues Heathcliff in to Miranda's true identity. Heathcliff can't believe he's been duped by a woman yet again; though he knows it's not really her fault, he still holds the trickery against her. He just seems to be having a hard time holding on to his feelings of resentment. Miranda wants the viscount, but when her sister and brother-in-law begin making plans for her to meet eligible suitors in Edinburgh, Heathcliff doesn't protest, so Miranda sees she must go along with the scheme if she has any hope of finding a love match and escaping her father. She can't be with someone who would use her and then show no feelings for her. Heathcliff is jealous and quietly tries to find issues with the suitors, even though he tells himself it's no competition since he'll never marry again. Heathcliff feels he would certain fail as a husband yet again and he isn't willing to risk his friendship with Lucas, though his feelings may change as Miranda's true location is betrayed and she finds herself in danger of being found by her father.

This was a complicated trope with the relationship beginning on a foundation of lies, but I found it very well done and enjoyable. My only complaint was that Heathcliff never really opened up to Miranda/Samantha about his past and his hurts and reasons for being the way he is. Otherwise, a great read.

I received a complimentary ARC via NetGalley. Thank you! All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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The wonderful follow up to Falling from his Grace, one of my favorite books from 2018. This one follows the plot from book one but I don't think you have to have read that one to enjoy this one. Miranda (Samantha) is running from her father by posing as a governess in the home of Heathcliff Marston, Viscount Kilpatrick, a man who was burned by love and marriage and wants to never repeat that mistake. Of course, he has never met anyone like his beautiful new employee, Miranda. Her secret unravels fairly quickly, which was nice because he got to know the real her, as opposed the just the role she was playing. I lovely build in romance and seduction. Of course they have to overcome a few trials but in the end you will enjoy the journey. I can't wait to get the third book about Ramsey!
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Kristin Vayden is a must read! I have enjoyed every book of hers I have picked up.
Lady Samantha has escaped from her father and she's working as a governess. Her employer, Heathcliff was intrigued by her. 
They had great chemistry
There were a few spelling errors that I had to read over a couple times in order to understand the sentences but overall an enjoyable read!
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I had a really hard time keeping my attention in the book. I didn't always understand the humor the author was trying to convey, sometimes I didn't understand the characters thought processes,  I would have liked to know how Kilpatrick knew his ward's parents. All these things could be due to the fact that the book didn't really keep my attention, so I didn't really take much of it in, and maybe I missed some things that could have made the book read better for me. I hate giving a bad review. This is the first time for me reading one of this authors books. Maybe this author just doesn't jive well with my preferences.

Thank you for the copy. I appreciate it.  :-)
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I liked that it was set in Scotland and we got to see regency Edinburgh. However, I did skim a fair bit of the book.
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This is the second book in this series and just as enjoyable as the first one. I guess you can read it as a standalone since the author does a fairly good job of explaining who is who, but you will get so much more from the story if you read the first book to know how everything came to be and you will not regret it since I loved that story too. In this book we have Samantha who is going by Miranda and is working as a governess for Heathcliffe and working with his new ward Iris. I liked Iris she was spunky and as Samantha kept thinking reminder her so much of Lila (first book). When Heathcliffe finds out who she really is he is upset since he is really attracted to her and already kissed her and was planning to do so much more, but now knowing who she is changes everything since he is not thinking of marriage, he has been there and regretted it and now does not see himself as worthy of Sam. The story was fun my friends so grab a copy and Enjoy! Loved reading of Lila and Lucas, and can't wait for the next one with Iris.
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I received this novel from net galley and the publisher. Thank you!
This novel was a nice read. Miss Miranda is actually Lady Samantha, who has left her father, a duke, to avoid an unwanted marriage. She and her sister escaped, where she becomes a governess to her sister's husband's friend, Heathcliff Marston, Viscount Kilpatrick. Heathcliff with his friends, runs a club called Temptations, which is highly successful. Heathcliff has a painful past and has greatly affected him. Samantha helps Heathcliff's ward, Iris, learn more ladylike talents. Both are attracted to each other when they meet, but Samantha keeps her identity a secret, but longs to tell Heathcliff. Heathcliff eventually learns the truth and wants to help Samantha. However, the only way to keep her safe is marriage. Heathcliff does not want to marry, but he cannot stand to see her with another man. Samantha wants to be able to chose, something that has been denied to her. Still, with her current circumstances, how much of a choice does she really have?
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Heathcliff needs to work on his wooing, “you bloody well know I’m wouldn’t be,” he snapped. “But you don’t have a choice anymore. Improper or not, I’m all you’ve got, lass.” I liked when the man showed off some tender sides, “I share the same problem. All evening I’ve scarcely been able to keep my hands from you. And my thoughts: I’m afraid they never made it past our bedroom and linger there still.” I liked this book, I seriously fell in love with Heathcliff.
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