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I enjoyed this story.  It starts with with 4 women who all have the loss of a loved one in common.  They have come together to start a business revolving around Lavender.  Hannah lost her 7-year-old son several years ago.  As the women fix up the farm house and plan their business adventure, Hannah meets Will, a stonemason who has suffered his own loss.  Can the two of them heal and fall in love again?

This is a nice romance and I love the characters. They story and writing moves along nicely and really grabbed my attention.  I wonder if the author is planning to tell each woman's story.  The only thing I didn't care for and stopped me from giving it a 5 star rating were the love scenes.  There was only one or two, but they were a bit more detailed than needed.  In fact I don't think they added to the story..
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I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Hannah and Will’s story in Lavender Blue by Donna Kaufman, book three in her Blue Hollow Falls series and I really struggled to put it down; visualizing the beauty of this place through its descriptive words.  This is a story of two grieving souls struggling, along different paths after losing a loved one. Grab a box of tissues and curl up while enjoying this wonderful story enriched by friendship, love, grief, humor, and healing.  
Will McCall, a widower, is a stone mason, learned at his grandfather’s knee. After the death of his wife and also his mother Will left the military returning to Blue Hollow Falls to raise his son. His grief truly broke him, leaving him lost and with living an empty existence. Hannah Montgomery and her friends, also survivors of grief, moved to town to open a lavender farm.  Hannah, an illustrator for children’s books, lost her seven-year old son in a car accident, which was also the end of her marriage. Will, repairing the stone work around the old farm house, finds Hannah intriguing and interesting, wanting to spend time with her. Hannah is interested in the quiet, hot man in the white t-shirt.
Hannah is the yin to Will’s yang, wanting to help heal the brokenness in Will from his loss. She is the perfect antidote in assisting him move forward, working through those powerful emotions holding Will’s heart hostage and putting it back together again; open to loving another. Will’s teen son Jake, neighbor Bailey and Addie Pearl all play a role in supporting these two in healing as well as a loving relationship. Healing from grief appears in a variety of forms, and love blooms when you least expect it.
Ms. Kauffman, a talented story teller, wrote a joyful, funny, tender sweet, emotional and heartwarming tale that is not to be missed. She provided a story rich with sexy banter, a little steam, emotion, and endearing characters not only giving Hannah and Will a chance at having a solid, loving future together but also a wonderful community of supportive friends.  I highly recommend Lavender Blue to other readers and look forward to the next book in this outstanding series. 
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
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This is another great addition to the Blue Hollow series. Wonderful cover and it's a quite an emotional read.
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I keep falling in love with the Blue Hollow Falls Series every time I read another book in the series and Lavender Blue is no exception. Here you will get to know Will and Hannah and hopefully fall in love with a fictional town like I have.
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Hannah and Wilson's story is complex and delightful.  Helping each other over unimaginable heartbreak and moving towards true love and affection.  There are many obstacles in their way, much on which is in their own hearts and minds.  Donna Kauffman's Blue Hollow Falls series is wonderful.  She just doesn't write fast enough for me!
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I loved this book! I adored her characters and story line! this is one of those books you need a physical copy of!!
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4.5 stars!! 
Wonderfully heartfelt! 

Such a great, emotional, addicting read!
With laugh out loud moments and genuine heartache, this book has it all. 

These characters felt so human and I absolutely loved getting to know them. They had emotional journeys that felt so real and honest. So sweet reading a story where the characters overcome and love again. 

This was my first in the series and I loved it! Will definitely be going back to read the first 2.
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Hannah Montgomery and three of her friends purchased a lavender farm in the small town of Blue Hollow Falls in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  These women were an unusual mix of women, both ages and personalities.  They had each experienced a terrible tragedy and loss of a loved one which brought them together and formed an unbreakable friendship.

Hannah lost her young son, Liam, when he was seven years old.  As she heals from that loss, she hopes to honor Liam’s memory by creating something wonderful and trying to live a full life.  

She becomes friends with Wilson McCall, who was hired to do some work on their new home.  He has a fourteen year old son, Jake, and is struggling with his own grief due to the death of his wife about a decade earlier.  

As Hannah and Will’s friendship deepens into the possibility of something more, they both have to come to grips with the grief that they have experienced if there is a possibility that they could live a full and rich life.  But they will both need to be willing to take a risk.  Will it be worth the risk or will they settle for part of a life?

I really enjoyed the characters in the book.  They were told with rich detail, as was the landscape.  The friendships are genuine and real and wonderful.  The one thing I am not a fan of is very descriptive sex scenes, of which there are a few in this story.  Will and Hannah’s story is beautiful and emotional.  The other characters play a wonderful part in weaving a story that is rich in the realities of grief and the beauty of healing.  

I was given an arc copy of this book by netgalley and I willingly offer my review.
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A wonderful story for two broken souls who take the chance of falling in love again. Hannah has arrived in Blue Hollow Falls to buy a lavender farm and to start a new life. Wilson is a stonemason, that has been hired to fix the chimneys of the farm. Soon a friendship develops between the two but are they both willing to open their hearts up again.

 Loved these characters, very heartwarming and full of emotion.  Loved Will's son, Jake.He is so open to Hannah and Will's friendship that is growing into so much more.  Loved this story, so much more than a romance, I highly recommend.
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Some books are fast burns - you get in, and things start moving super fast, and before you know it, the book is done. That isn't the case with this book. The characters, and the story itself, were more of a slow burn. I hadn't read any of the other books in the series, and didn't feel bereft due to that, but had read some of Donna Kauffman's earlier books. So, I was intrigued by the cover and the description. 

Hannah and Will meet through the farm she is renovating (with friends), and their connection is clear. Both are cautious due to traumas in their backgrounds; both are struggling with grief and the loss of very important people. Hannah and Will connect and help each other to move forward... and to move forward together. 

Really enjoyed the story, and enjoyed the way in which Hannah and Will's relationship evolved. The end is truly satisfying. You will cry , and cheer, for their connection. 

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Lavender Blue, the third book in Donna Kauffman's Blue Hollow Falls series, is a wonderful, heartfelt read about dealing with loss, moving on from the past, and being open to finding love again.

Hannah Montgomery has come to the Blue Ridge Mountains to start fresh as a partner with three other women in Lavender Blue Farmhouse & Tea Room.  The quartet met in a grief group where Hannah was learning to deal with losing her son and, subsequently, her marriage.  They formed a unique sisterly bond and decided to tackle new goals, take new risks and jump into life full on.

Wilson "Will" McCall, a stonemason and former marine, is working on the renovation of the tea room.  A widower, he is raising his son, Jake, as a single parent.  Will is attracted to Hannah but feels he would betray his wife's memory to pursue her.

Kauffman deftly builds the attraction between Hannah and Will and brings them both out of emotional hibernation.  They are helped along by a charming, quirky cast of characters that butt their noses in with the best of intentions.   You will also really enjoy Kauffman's descriptive prose that paints visual pictures of the lavender fields and surrounding town. 

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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It seems this is the third book in the Blue Hollow Falls series about an small mountain town in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I had not read either of the previous books so I can honestly say this is a standalone.  However, I will also admit that there is  good possibility that I will go back and read the first 2.  Hannah and three other friends have bought an old house in Blue Hollow Falls and are opening a lavender store with a tea room.  These four women have become friends because they have all lost someone close to them and met in a grief counseling group.  Each has come to terms with their loss (mostly) and now are living together and starting this venture.  The Romance revolves around Hannah and Will, a stonemason who is repairing their old house.  This book’s theme of loss is consistent throughout the book and what makes it a good and meaningful read.  Hannah and Will realize they have both suffered loss, and between them, they develop a loving relationship.  Will has a teenage son who plays a prominent role in this book, and between Jake and his friend, Bailey, I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with them. A nice contemporary read that has all the feels.  The “heat quotient” was mild to moderate, so if you love a good small town story, and I am a sucker for them, this is a very good read!
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This book was packed full of emotion. Grief, anger, love, panic and friendship all showed up in this book. I'll have to admit it started off kind of slow for me, but I also had lots of distracting life issues going on at the time. I definitely got more into it in the last half of the book. 
I did love Hannah and Will together. They had both suffered tremendous loss in their lives and were still pretty deep in the grief process. I loved how they were able to help each other through to the point that they could at least see light at the end of the tunnel. Their passionate feelings for each other came as a surprise to them...a lovely surprise. The building of that passion and emotional feelings were accomplished in a superb fashion by Kauffman. I was totally vested in their relationship.
This book made me laugh and cry. As always, the secondary characters were well developed by Kauffman and very interesting in their own right. Love must come to them as well--and I can't wait!
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This author is one that can for sure provide the escape you need for a moment to fall into a excellent read. Hannah and her friends where the characters you would love to have as friends. They have a lavender farm that needs a bit of help here and there that Wilson has been tasked to provide. The development of the relationship between Hannah and Wilson is the joy in reading this one. The feelings that it heals and also grows is also a factor that plays on our emotions. Delight from beginning to end.
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In this third book of the series we are introduced to Hannah Montgomery who has, along with three friends, purchased a lavender farm.  She is trying to make a new start for herself and hopes to honor the memory of her son at the same time.  Enter Wilson McCall a man with his own tragedies and grief to deal with.  Wilson has been hired to fix several items in the house that comes with the farm.  As time goes by and the two spend more time together Hannah is able to bring some laughter into Wilson's life.  The two feel a connection but will their grief be to much of a barrier or will they be able to break through and both find true happiness.  Along the way she realizes that she must heal herself if she will ever be able to move forward and share happiness with another.  Will Wilson come to such a realization or will his grief get the better of him?  This was such a charming and heartfelt read that will have you crying, laughing and rooting for love.
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A great addition to the Blue Hollow Falls series. I have enjoyed everyone of these books. They are full of interesting characters and they have a believable storyline. This book held my interst from start to finish.
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Emotional and heartfelt are two words that come to mind when trying to describe Lavender Blue by Donna Kauffman. This book deals with loss, grief and recovery. For some that happens sooner than it does for others which is part of what this story shows. How that affects our life and those around us also comes into play. 

Lavender Blue begins the journey of Hannah and her three friends that have come to Blue Hollows to begin anew. Since all have experienced loss, this is not as light of a book as some of Donna Kauffman’s other books that take place in this Blue Ridge Mountain community. However, it is beautifully written with sensitivity conveying a spirit of hope. Still a romance but one in which one must learn to love life as well as loving another. 

Highly recommend.
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Lavender Blue by Donna Kauffman
Blue Hollow Falls #3

I love Blue Hollow Falls and the community that lives there. I can see it, feel it and want to be a member of it as I read the stories that take place within it. This was a book that warmed my heart and made me happy even though the heavy topic of loss, grieving and making one’s way forward with life after a great loss was central to this book. It was healing, good and provided a HEA...I thoroughly enjoyed it! 

Hannah Montgomery and three of her friends, met at a grief group, have gone together to purchase a lavender farm in Blue Hollow Falls. Each of the women have suffered loss and bring special talents to their joint business venture. I look forward to finding out what will happen to Chey, Avery & Vivi in future books. Hannah is an artist and illustrator who lost her son and is divorced from her husband. Her way of living through the pain warmed my heart and as she shared her thoughts with others I grew to like her more and more. She was comfortable in her skin, knew what she wanted, was a good friend, willing to give and to share, enjoyed life and found humor and beauty around her. 

Wilson “Will” McCall was a hunk and a half but a quiet deep sort of man. He is a widow and single parent of a fourteen year old son. In the previous book I liked him and hoped he would be able to deal with his grief and in this book he does just that...and opens himself up to what life again. I loved the way he interacted with his son and how that relationship grew, too. Will and Hannah were perfect for one another and I liked the slow growth to their relationship and the fire that entered it when they finally opened up to one another. 

I loved this book and hope that this series will continue long enough for Will’s son Jake to grow up and choose what he wants to do with his life and also to find out what will happen to Bailey – she is someone I would love to see as an adult in the future. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Kensginton-Zebra for the ARC – This is my honest review. 

5 Stars
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“Lavender Blue” is a heartwarming story, with likeable characters, about deep loss, grieving and healing and then constituting a new family of tree.
It’s great to have an older romantic couple. Will is a guarded hero, all silent and strong, and I already loved him from the first book. His and Hannah’s frankness with each other makes him loose some of his aura of mystery, but the honesty is refreshing. And perhaps the pinning for the late wife was a bit exaggerated?
All the talk and psychoanalysis, especially between the female characters but involving Will too, was a bit redundant and brought too much telling for my taste, but all in all this was a pleasant read about love, friendship, family and parenting, set against the backdrop of the beautiful lavender fields, in Blue Hollow Falls, Virginia.
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Wonderfully sweet and heartwarming.  It's a story of two lost souls who have suffered great loss and are trying to find their way through the grief.  Hannah Montgomery has come to Blue Hollow Falls to start over along with three friends.  Together they have bought a lavender farm  Wilson McCall is working on the farm when he meets Hannah for the first time.  He's a widower left to raise his teenage son on his own.  It's been years since he lost his wife but he's never moved on.  Now Hannah is stirring his heart back to life.  These two quickly form a friendship but it's not long before they are both yearning for more.  Trusting and loving again may be more than either of them can handle though.

Beautifully written with many emotional highs and lows.  Don't miss this must read.  I highly recommend it.
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