Corned Beef and Casualties

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Another great Tourist Trap mystery, staged around the town St. Patrick's day celebration.  A visitor to the coffee shop intrigues Jill, only to learn later that she was found murdered on the beach.  This new set of novellas centered around holidays are sometimes a bit too brief to be enjoyable, but this story had enough substance to satisfy me.  Good characters and interesting plot line.
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Jill Gardner’s store, Coffee, Books, and More, is raking in the green as her little coastal town holds a big festival for St. Patrick’s Day. But the locals aren’t exactly feeling the luck of the Irish, thanks to the rowdy behavior of some of the tourists who are pouring in.

Then a woman who just visited Jill’s shop is found dead near the shore. The fireworks display on the beach may have already happened, but the real fireworks have just begun.

The author gives us a well written and intriguing mystery that is told at a nice pace. The characters are also well written and the author gives each of the characters their own personalities and eccentricities. I've been a fan of this series since book 1 and look forward to reading the next books in the series.

I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley and Kensington Books for my review.
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Darla has arranged a St Patrick's Day festival at South Cove, this means for a lot of people all day drinking, so Greg has drafted in some extra police help, this does mean that he and his fellow officers can take a brief dinner break, which Jill is providing at her house, instead of Irish food she provides easy Tacos (although the lady that does the sweet treats for Coffee, books and more has provided a mint chocolate cheesecake!), Jill and her Aunt expect their busiest day to be the 18th (namely lots of people wanting coffee to sober up!) but even so they do a steady trade, one of the visitors makes an impression on Jill (she seems to be there for the fun, but not so much the oodles of alcohol!) so when she is found dead later on Jill is shocked and even more so when it turns out to be murder.
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The "Tourist Trap" is another series that I've been reading since book 1.  I like the quirkiness of the characters and the way their relationships are growing.  I also appreciate that Jill is in a relationship and not trying to decide between two interested guys.

I think that this is a well-written series and I like the pace of the mystery.  I'm already looking forward to the next in the series.  I can't wait to see what Jill's handles next.
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St. Patrick's Day has arrived in South Cove and crowds or revelers are wondering throughout the town.  Alana McDaniel wonders into Coffee Books and More and Jill Gardner, the owner, enjoys a conversation with her.  They  plan to meet later but before that can happen Alana is found dead on the beach.  The holiday festivities and rowdy visitors are keeping the police busy but Jill is able to uncover clues that the police have missed.

Love this series and the warm and friendly characters.
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This was my second Tourist Trap Mystery. The perfect cozy for a St. Paddy's day weekend with a side of corned beef and Guinness.  I did have to reread the last three chapters because the reveal was fast and furious and I thought that perhaps I had missed some clues or part of the story. I look forward to reading Mother's Day Mayhem next month to see what mystery Jill and her friends solve next!
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Another excellent edition to a wonderful series! Full of twists and turns that leaves you wanting more and enjoying each moment until the end when the killer is caught!
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This is a nice quick read as it's very short celebrating St. Patrick's Day in South Cove, California.  This is book 10 in the Tourist Trap series and the entire gang is here to celebrate.  Jill doesn't even find the body but goes a long way helping Greg and his team solve the murder.  Lynn Cahoon puts out novellas for some holiday treats and this one is an exceptional story.  Might be difficult keeping track of all the characters if you haven't read any previous books but it would still be a good cozy to solve.  I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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This was the perfect quick read for St. Patrick's Day.  I like the Tourist Trap series and the characters in this series.  I like the interaction among the characters and how Jill cares about her customers and is so observant.  I know that Greg does not like her to get involved in solving the murders in South Cove and she really tries not to get involved in this one.  The ending seemed a little rushed, but I still enjoyed the story.  I'm looking forward to more of the Tourist Trap Mysteries.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Kensington Books through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Princess Fuzzypants here:  I enjoy the Tourist Trap series both the full length and the novellas, of which this is one.  Visiting with Jill and all the locals who inhabit these stories is always a delight.  I have become quite engaged in the development of the various relationships of the characters.  This is no exception.
This time the town is invaded by drunken tourists who are attending the first St. Patrick’s Day Festival.  Some of the guests are downright rowdy and one is downright dead.  It turns out to be a young woman whom Jill met briefly and liked.  The girl has everything to live for and now she is dead.  The question is who and why.  As Jill learns more about the dynamics of the foursome of which the victim is one, the sad side of the story emerges along with the killer,
It is a super fast read yet still entertaining.  I have always been a fan of the short story and these novellas qualify in that category.
I give four purrs and two paws up.
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I love spending holidays with the gang at South Cove in Southern California! Of course, there is never a dull moment. South Cove’s St. Patrick’s Day festival is in full swing and the crowd enjoying themselves is massive. The alcohol is following, green is a popular color along with glitter, among most party-goers. Jill happens to strike up a conversation with a girl that comes into the coffee shop and learns just a little bit about her. 

This is such a delightful novella that’s not short on the enjoyment factor. Jill always feels her co-workers and friends are like family. That’s how I’ve come to know them as well. When the girl that Jill met, ends up dead on the beach, Jill feels the need to investigate. I loved this short, quick read, plus trying to figure out who the killer was. I must admit, it wasn’t until the end of the book when it was revealed that I knew. I love a challenge!

Thank you #NetGalley!
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It’s St. Patrick’s Day in the small town of South Cove, California. The tourists are having a great time partying. The drinks are flowing and the fireworks are blasting, but one tourist is partying a bit too much and is found murdered. 

Jill Gardner, owner of Coffee, Books and More, is shocked to hear of the murder. She had met this tourist only a few hours earlier. Although her cop boyfriend warns against it, Jill can’t help but stick her nose in this investigation. She is determined to find out what happened to this woman.

I always have a great time visiting South Cove and catching up with Jill and her friends. This is one of those “feel good” series that keeps drawing you back for more. It’s number 10 in the series and a novella. I’ve really been enjoying these shorter episodes in this series. It tides me over until the next full length book is released. 

Although this is part of a series, I don't think you had to read the previous ones to enjoy this.  The mystery is contained in this story and doesn't leave you with a cliffhanger.  Of course I think it's always best to read these series from the start so you get to know the characters and watch them grown.

It’s a quick read with an intriguing mystery to figure out. It’s a great way for me to relax for a couple of hours.  Corned Beef and Casualties is the perfect book for this time of year.
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My rating: 2 of 5 stars, it was okay.

Another holiday novella in the Tourist Trap series and another quick visit to South Cove.

I like these quick check ins, but I will admit that the timeline bothers me. All of these novellas seem to be set earlier in the series, and I want to know what's going on NOW. We were left with a bit of a mystery about Aunt Jackie at the end of A Killer Party, and I want an explanation.

This one seemed a bit sad to me, and I wasn't a fan of the abrupt ending. It felt rushed.

I am waiting very impatiently for more than a novella in this series.
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I've really been enjoying these novellas that fill in various bits of time between some of the already published novels. I would be curious to learn if Cahoon had ideas she had to cut from various stories or if she decided to create new pieces--many are holiday themed, so that does seem sort of logical. South Cove is always looking for ways to improve tourist traffic, especially during the off season, so a huge St Patrick's Day parade and fete is apropos. A young girl that Jill chats with at the coffee/book shop winds up dead later on during a bike ride. Knowing the young girl had good news to live for, Jill noses around the case as Greg investigates. The time warp seems even further back this time, Aunt Jackie has just taken up with Harrold and Jill is still in her "I don't know what to call out relationship" phase. But that's alright, because I don't mind at all.
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Corned Beef and Casualties is a fun cozy St. Patricks Day mystery.  The  book is an easy quick read.  The chatacters are well developed and the writing was well done.   I  enjoyed this book and all the other books in the  series.  Thanks to netgalley for gifting me an arc of this story.   The opinions are only mine
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Love the Tourist Trap Mystery novellas by Lynn Cahoon.
In this installment the town is celebrating St. Patrick's Day, there is drinking everywhere and the streets are full with drunken tourist. 
When a dead body is discovered after the festivities, our main character can't help the need to investigate what happened. 
A nice comfy mystery to sit back and relax.
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Corned Beef and Casualties

by Lynn Cahoon

How about a quick and easy read? Corned Beef and Casualties is good for St. Patrick’s Day or any day you want a brief distraction. It is a fun little novella from one of my favorite cozy mystery authors Lynn Cahoon. It is part of the extensive Tourist Trap Mystery Series.

Cahoon does a great job of making the novella into a standalone with necessary information about the characters relayed succinctly. We witness  unusual cooperation between the main character, Jill, who owns a bookstore/coffee shop and Darla, the proprietor of a winery and also a reporter for the local paper. Be ready for a surprise ending!

I would like to extend my thanks to and to Lyrical Underground (Kensington Press) for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 5/5

Category: Mystery

Notes: 1. A Tourist Trap Novella
	 2. Cheesecake recipe included

Publication:   February 5, 2019—Kensington Press (Lyrical Underground)

Memorable Lines:

“You need to stop worrying about her and get on with your life.” The look he gave me was filled with such love and sadness I almost teared up. “Miss Gardner, that sounds like a perfectly logical thing to do. Unfortunately, the heart isn’t logical.”

“Some couples just fight…I see couples at their worse. They get a few too many into them, and every slight becomes a big deal.”

Darla was always preaching about the free press and her responsibility to the newspaper-reading public, but deep down, she knew not to release something that might ruin someone’s life. Especially if he was innocent.
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Corned Beef and Casualties:  A Tourist Trap Novella
By Lynn Cahoon
February 2019

Review by Cynthia Chow

As a California town whose economy depends on tourist, South Cove has chosen to celebrate this year’s Saturday St. Patrick’s Day in a big way.  Jill Gardner’s staff at the Coffee, Books, and More coffee house are doubling their shifts as they serve out shamrock coffees and cheesecakes, while the rest of the town enjoys the fireworks and green-tinged beers.  While overindulgence of the latter is one of the reasons Jill’s police officer boyfriend Greg King intends for it to be their first and last St. Patrick’s Day festival, none of them expected that the day would end with the death of a young tourist on the beach.  Jill had met the woman the day she died, and as a result she’s not about to tamper down her need to investigate and find the killer.  Especially when the death not only threatens their tourism, but has Greg pressured and too busy to relax and spend time with his girlfriend.

This novel is a treat for fans of this long-running series, as it not only celebrates the green-themed holiday, it expands and explores the romantic relationships of beloved characters.  The normal everyday quibbles and teasing are played out for the enjoyment of readers, with Jill’s aunt, close friends, and of course herself all involved in the fun.  This becomes enmeshed with Jill’s investigation, as while taking notes and following the trail of the victim, Jill sees the darker side of relationships and jealous conflicts.  Of course, the cranky owner of the antique store next to Jill’s coffee house is now an ever-present reminder ever since her aunt dumped him for the much  more thoughtful and amiable Harrold.  Readers can ease back and quickly be immersed in this appealing West Coast town, with events tied up not just with a well-played-out solution but with a mouth-watering cheesecake recipe delivered by an entirely unexpected guest.
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Corned Beef and Casualties by Lynn Cahoon is A Tourist Trap Mystery Novella (No. 10).  The town of South Cove, California is having a full day of festivities in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.  Jill Gardner, owner of Coffee, Books and More is looking forward to enjoying dinner and fireworks with her friends after a day of taking care of customers.  Alana McDaniel comes into the shop for coffee with a rowdy group of friends who have obviously been overindulging in alcohol as are many of the tourists.  Late that night, Detective Greg King is called out to a crime scene.  Jill’s customer, Alana has been found dead on the rock cliffs above the beach.  Jill immediately goes into investigator mode despite Greg’s pleas to stay out of this case.  She checks with local business owners to work out the victim’s timeline and discover who could have harmed Alana.  Will Jill solve the crime before the killer flees town?

It is always a pleasure to visit South Cove and check in with the residents who live in this small seaside town.  I like the cast of characters with their various eccentricities.  Lynn Cahoon has a casual writing style that reminds me of talking with a friend.  I thought Corned Beef and Casualties was well-written with a nice steady pace throughout.  The mystery is uncomplicated and can easily be solved.  However, it is just the right type of mystery for this length of book.  Personally, I recommend reading The Tourist Trap Mystery series in order.  It is the best way to get to know the characters.  I have enjoyed watching Jill settle into South Cove, manage her store, get close friends and fall in love.  Corned Beef and Casualties is a quick, easy to read cozy mystery novella that is a delightful distraction from reality.
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“Corned Beef and Casualties” earns 5/5 Festive Fireworks…Fun!

Just like many communities, St. Patrick’s Day heralds parades, festivals, and green everything, but in South Cove, California, it also promises rowdy tourists. Lynn Cahoon has penned a delightful novella starring all the marvelous characters from her Tourist Trap Mystery series. But it is no way short on entertainment. In true cozy fashion, Jill Gardner owns a cafe and bookshop, includes her friends as family, has handsome boyfriend, and always finds time and necessity to investigate a suspicious death. Using the first-person narrative we are engaged with Jill’s inner thoughts along with vivid descriptions and entertaining banter. A young woman’s body is found on the beach after the St. Patrick’s Day reverie, but Jill met the woman in her café, so she's compelled to find out what happened. I am a fan of the Tourist Trap Mystery series, and these novellas are so much fun with a clever plot line, wonderful characters, and such a satisfying solution. And a recipe for Gertie’s St. Patrick’s Cheesecake made festive with green crème de menthe liqueur!
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