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The Puppy Who Knew Too Much

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I loved the latest installment in the Dog Club Mystery series!  Lilly has moved to Chattanooga, where her friend Dixie lives, for a new start.  I love the characters in this series and the dogs are a great element in the story.  Also, since Lilly starts a new temporary job and she's in a new city there are several new characters that are introduced and I hope that many of them will return in future books and have a bigger role.  I was caught up in the story and couldn't wait to see what would happen next.  I can't wait to read the next book in this series! 

I received a complimentary copy of this ebook from Lyrical Underground through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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I thought that this was a great follow-up book to the first one in the series.  These characters are already becoming like friends.  As an avid dog lover, I like how much of the information regarding dog training is sound.
This was a nice mystery that was well-written and kept me interested until the end.  I'm looking forward to the next one in the series!
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Melanie Travis - watch out! There is a new poodle in town with an owner who attracts trouble and can sniff out clues.
Lilly Echosby may be a bit on the more experienced (read that as mature) side, but that doesn't mean she is slow or unobservant. She is starting over, with a new job and new friends while taking her poodle Aggie to obedience classes. 
While spending time together, this pair stumble over a dead body and Lilly has another mystery to solve. Fortunately, Lilly's daughter is also in town and has a friend who is a K-9 handler. Lilly also finds supportive friends at her new job. The characters Ms. Burns introduces to us are wonderful. I also appreciated the canine insights and tips.
This book offers something for everyone - mystery, danger, romance, and friendship escapes.
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Loved this book for me it was a quick fun page turner for me. Once I started reading it I wasn't able to put it down. I enjoyed it so much. I can't wait to read more from this author. I recommend this book to others.
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I love all of VM Burns books., and especially tje2 ones in this series. They have already become friends I cant wait to visit with again!
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This was a quick, light, fun read. I didn’t want to put it down I enjoyed it so much. I would recommend it to others.
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This book bats 1000%.  The title and cover are enough to draw a reader's interest while the jacket description will pique your interest enough to start turning pages.  As a widow who also spends time as an amateur sleuth, our heroine moves away from the site of her husband's murder, just in time to find a body in her new neighbor's flower bed.  What else can a woman whose dog's name is Agatha Christie do when she finds a body?  She solves the mystery, along with her family and friends.  Along the way, this cast of characters will keep you entertained and trying to guess what their next move will be.  Good luck with that!!!
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The second in the Dog Club Mysteries features Lilly Echosby, a 50-something widow from Indiana who is making a fresh start in Chattanooga TN after the breakup of her marriage and her husband's subsequent murder. Lilly was the obvious suspect in his murder but was cleared due to her amateur sleuthing. Armed with her CPA license, and with the help of her old college friend, Dixie, and her lawyer daughter, Stephanie, Lilly is ready to move on. She finds a perfect rental house in a Chattanooga subdivision through a chance encounter. She and her rescue toy poodle, Aggie, move in but quickly are at odds with one particularly unpleasant neighbor. Lilly quickly finds a job at a local art museum and enrolls Aggie in obedience training. However, her discovery of a dead body while walking Aggie brings her into jeopardy again.

The Puppy Who Knew Too Much is a fun, complete escape mystery with likable characters, plenty of twists and turns, and lots of dog lore. I immediately ordered the first in the series, In The Dog House, so I could catch up on the background. Thanks to Lyrical Underground and NetGalley for an advance digital copy. The opinions are my own.
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This book is just too adorable for words!!! To start with the cover is just too cute with all the puppies and that is before the story. I side we get a town full of adorable fur babies that help solve the case while moving the story along. Lilly is a strong lead character with some interesting side kicks. Full of humor, mystery, and cuteness to create a book you just cannot stop reading. Perfect for fans of animal cozy mysteries. I totally loved it so I give it 5/5 stars.
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If it wasn’t a definite after the first novel, it is now - I absolutely love V M Burns’ wonderful new mystery series.  Not only does it have brave, funny, and lovable pups, it also has fascinating larger than life characters (I love Dixie) and just the right amount of humor.  The Puppy Who Knew Too Much even has a hint of romance.

After solving her cheating husband’s murder, Lily and her poodle, Aggie, make a fresh start in Chattanooga Tennessee.  What she doesn’t expect is to come into conflict with the neighborhood curmudgeon or find another body and become a suspect in yet another murder investigation.  Determined not to leave the investigation to the police, or the charming TBI agent that is helping to protect them, Lily, her daughter Stephanie and her best friend Dixie set off to find the killer.

If you love dogs and lighthearted mysteries with an engaging, unique plot, you should definitely pick up a copy of The Puppy Who Knew Too Much.

5 / 5

I received a copy of The Puppy Who Knew Too Much from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

— Crittermom
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The Puppy Who Knew Too Much

by V.M. Burns

Chattanooga, Tennessee, is my hometown, and it is also the setting of V. M. Burns’ The Puppy Who Knew Too Much. Although I know Chattanooga has changed since I moved away from the South, this book became a trip down memory lane. There are many factual details that make the book more realistic—the scary winding roads leading up to beautiful and tony Lookout Mountain, interstate highways that ease traffic across the Scenic City, and greasy burgers and delicious shakes in East Ridge. Other aspects are altered but have a basis in truth, particularly the fictional Chattanooga Museum of Art, situated on the bluff overlooking the Tennessee River and backed by the Hopewell family. When I lived in Chattanooga, it was actually the Hunter Art Gallery. From there you can see the Walnut Street Bridge, now a pedestrian bridge, that I crossed every day in our family VW to attend school. Other authentic tips of the hat are extended to Moon Pies, Southern hospitality, and great weather (compared to the Midwest and Northeast). As well as providing me with an outlet for my nostalgia, all of these smile provoking memories are related to reassure the reader of the authenticity of the setting.

As to the other aspects of this cozy mystery, the plot is intricate with several murders and the strong possibility that the crimes are related. Lilly has recently moved to Chattanooga with her toy poodle, Aggie, to push the restart button on her life. Just a few moths prior, she was jailed for the murder of her philandering husband. She is convinced by her friend Dixie to relocate in Chattanooga, and she finds a temporary job as an accountant at the museum. Life becomes “interesting” for her quickly as she informally investigates a murder with the help of her lawyer daughter Stephanie and her friend Dixie. Along the way, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation officer Red joins forces with the group and romance is on the horizon.

The best part of this book is the role of various dogs. There is a lot of information about dog training to be picked up by osmosis as Dixie is a dog trainer. The story features a K-9 officer and Aggie, a smart puppy desperately in need of training. There is also a rescued dog with a surprise involvement.
The Puppy Who Knew Too Much barks out: Welcome to the South, one that has moved along with the times, but has retained beautiful views, the friendliness it is famous for, as well as a slower pace of life! 

I would like to extend my thanks to and to Lyrical Underground (Kensington Press) for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 5/5

Category: Mystery

Notes: #2 in the Dog Club Mystery Series, but works quite well as a standalone.

Publication:  February 12, 2019—Kensington Books (Lyrical Underground)

Memorable Lines:

…she had the You poor pitiful thing look in her eyes that she always gave me before she said, “Bless your heart,” which I’d learned was Southern speak for You’re an idiot.

I always thought the Midwest was a relatively friendly area, but two weeks in Chattanooga showed me the South was on a totally different level of friendliness. Complete strangers talked to you.

“It’s a Southern thing. We’re always trying to feed people and get them married off.”

“Honey, you’re in the South. We believe in hugs.”
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In THE PUPPY WHO KNEW TOO MUCH, V. M. Burns has penned an entertaining whodunit that will leave readers begging for more. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. With wonderful characters both human and canine, I quickly felt like I had known them all for some time. And it was a lot of fun to see the dogs playing a part in solving the case.  

A great plot and a complex mystery, I found it very hard to put this book down. I kept telling myself, just one more page. One more chapter. Well, I’m sure you know how that worked out. I didn’t let it out of my sight until I had finished.  

Pick up a copy of, THE PUPPY WHO KNEW TOO MUCH. You’re going to be happy you did.
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I really enjoyed this one way more than I expected.  
Honestly the cover just didn't 'Get Me' but I gave it a chance and I am glad I did.  

I loved the story/plot and all the characters.  Even though this one is book 2 I jumped right into the story.  I will be reading book 1 because I enjoyed this one so much.  

The characters drew me and didn't let go.  I enjoyed Lilly her 
'beastie' Dixie and her daughter who comes for a visit and then stays to help her mom solve the crimes. 

The dogs are great too.  After discovering the first body that ends up being the owner of the house that Lilly's rented Aggie makes friends with a dog that appears on their porch.  He's ill and not taken care of.   The drama unfolds as different people keep claiming the retriever.  

And then there is a 2nd murder so Lilly jumps into sleuthing out the answers.  

There's a little romantic sizzle that I suspect might be played out in the next one and I am looking forward to it.  

I received a complimentary copy.
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Lilly is eager for a fresh start. Three months ago her cheating husband was murdered and she was the prime suspect. She’s finally cleared of suspicion and moves to Chattanooga and a new beginning, Her tiny poodle, Aggie, isn’t so keen on the move and finds creative ways to make it known. Fate is on Lilly’s side and she finds the perfect rental house and a great new job at the museum. But her rosy new life hits a bump in the road when she stumbles upon a dead body. Then her new house is ransacked. She won’t sit idly by when her new beginning is threatened.

I was surprised when I reached the end of this book. It felt like I’d just started it. I was immediately charmed by the characters. Lilly is so authentic and likable and would be such a great friend to have. Some other favorites are her boss and co-worker at the museum. I loved how they welcomed Lilly, made her feel at home, and how they actually used some of the antique pieces. Dixie is the perfect best friend. And her daughter and son-in-law are very supportive and a great couple. As for the grouchy neighbor, I couldn’t wait to see if she could win him over. The author brought them all to life and I had such fun getting to know them.

I don’t want to forget the other characters. The four legged ones. So many dogs in this book. I say, the more the merrier. Each have their own personalities and charms. And the part where Lilly’s daughter rescues a stray golden retriever had me almost in tears. So sweet.

The mystery here wasn’t easily solved. There were some obvious suspects and then some that lurked off the radar. I picked my culprit and followed the story closely, sniffing out clues, wandering off the obvious paths, and I was wrong. What a fun surprise.

This is my first book by V. M. Burns and I’m thrilled to discover another cozy author and series. I’ll be following these characters to their next adventure and I’ll miss them til we meet again.
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I knew I loved this new series when I read the first book, but after reading this one, I am beyond in love with it! It's the perfect cozy mystery with a great twist! 

Lilly Echosby had made her move to Chattanooga TN and no sooner had she moved into a house she was going to rent, when she found a body in the woods nearby. It was identified as her landlord that she'd never met. After another body turned up and Lilly was told by the local officer that she was a person of interest, the TBI officer that had befriended her family took over the case. He hadn't known Lilly that long, but he realized it was futile to ban her from investigating. And as usual, she and her friends came together at the end to solve the murders. The twist was great and I definitely never saw that coming.

I loved how Lilly's daughter Stephanie immediately bonded with the Golden Retriever that they'd found cowering under the deck at the house. She got him medical help and he truly proved himself to be a loyal friend. Little Aggie was coming along with her obedience training and also had a fairly important part in taking down a killer. I am over the moon about Lilly and her new friend Red! I can't wait to read the next book!
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I really enjoyed this second book in the Dog Club Mystery series. I loved the first one, and I enjoyed this one as much or more. Lilly Echosby is a recently widowed CPA who’s just moved from Indiana to Chattanooga, Tennessee with her toy poodle, Aggie (short for Agatha). The first book in this series has her in the middle of a divorce, but when her husband is killed, she becomes a widow instead. I recommend you read the first book as it gives you a great introduction to the main characters as well as being a great story. 

Lilly is staying in an extended stay hotel, but really wants to find a house to rent. When she and her best friend Dixie are out together, she has the opportunity to rent a nice house practically drop right in her lap. She rents from an older woman who has been tasked by her son to rent his house for him as he has business out of town. A disagreeable neighbor manages to infuriate her quickly, which causes her to get a bit physical with him at a neighbourhood meeting, but she’s told no one can get along with him so not to worry about it. She is also looking for a job, and a great temp. position at a local museum is available, so she is ready to start her new life. When Aggie, finds a dead body on their morning walk, Lilly becomes the main suspect. 

This is when the book gets fun. With her new co-workers taking her under their wing, her daughter and new boyfriend coming for a visit, and Dixie, the fast talking southern belle, the story moves quickly. Lilly, Stephanie and Dixie decide that the only way to clear Lilly is to investigate themselves just like they did to find Lilly's husband's murderer. The story is well plotted and executed with strong and sassy leading female characters, twists and turns, a few suspects but no clear motives. All this keeps the reader turning the pages to follow the clues and see whodunnit. With a great cast of secondary characters including all the dogs (four in this story), plus a possible romantic interest for Lilly, this is a fun, fast read! I highly recommend this one. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book upon request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.
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Can Lilly and Aggie find a nice place to live in Chattanooga?
The Puppy Who Knew Too Much by V.M. Burns was an excellent cozy mystery that kept me guessing from the first moment I started to read the book. Ms. Burns has a great way of capturing you and making a believable world full of great characters. Especially our sleuth Lilly Echosby and her dog Agatha Christie aka Aggie and everything that they’ve gone through.

Lilly Echosby
Our sleuth is Lilly Echosby, and she is a recent transplant from Lighthouse Dunes, Indiana to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Lilly needed a fresh start away from Indiana and everything that happened there. She moved to Chattanooga to be with her best friend from college Scarlett “Dixie” Jefferson. Lilly is a bit skeptical about being there since no one wants to rent to her and her toy poodle who is so adorable. Until a nice old lady lets her rent out her son’s home while he’s away. Things are going ok until she finds a body. Then things go crazy after that.  

What I like about Lilly is that she is after justice especially once she is considered the prime suspect again to a murder that she didn’t commit at all. She is excellent at sleuthing even though she is told not to. Another thing that I like about Lilly is that she is trying to get back into the workforce after not being in it for quite some time. The last thing that I like about Lilly is that she is very protective of not only her dog but of her family and friends. The one thing that I dislike about Lilly is that she isn’t a keen judge of character.

Dennis “Red” Olson
Dennis “Red” Olson is a friend of Joe, who is Stephanie’s boyfriend, and works for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. We don’t meet Dennis until after some circumstances required him to come in. Red is a pretty interesting guy who seems to have had a crush on Lilly since there were first introduced. What I like about Red is that he knows how to cook and bake which is pretty cool.

Another thing that I like about him is that he knows when the girls are lying which they don't like. The last thing that I like about him is that he is a Southern gentleman. The ole Southern charm is nice. However, I wished we had seen more of him.

The Mystery
This book has quite a few “mysteries” but they all lead back to the first one which was who killed the man in the forest. Is he Lilly’s landlord? Did Lilly kill him? And a bunch of other questions like that. It’s a great story and I liked how the sleuth, her daughter, and her friend go around solving the crime. Especially when she figures it out at the end. Let’s just say that this book has quite a few plot twists that I love and a couple of red herrings.

Five Stars
The Puppy Who Knew Too Much by V.M. Burns is set up to be a great cozy mystery series. The sleuth was believable, the mystery was so awesome, and I am glad that the sleuth's love interest is in law enforcement. I am giving this book a five-star rating as it is that good. I highly recommend this book to those who love a good cozy mystery.

Anyways until the next time enjoy this review brought to you by,
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I received this book for free from Great Escapes Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Dollycas’s Thoughts

Lilly Echosby has left Indiana behind and followed her best friend Scarlett “Dixie” Jefferson to Tennessee. It took a while but a chance encounter helped Lilly finds not only a job but a house to rent that was in her budget and allowed her adorable toy poodle, Aggie. She is excited her daughter Stephanie is coming to visit to help her get settled. Lilly finds it refreshing how friendly everyone is until she meets her new neighbor. He is not happy about having another dog in the neighborhood. Her daughter also falls hard for a golden retriever found under Lilly’s deck. After rushing it to the vet and getting its injuries cared for she declares she won’t be giving it up without a fight.

When dear sweet Aggie digs up a body instead of a bone the neighbor is apoplectic and Lilly finds herself back on a suspect list. Stephanie calls in the cavalry, aka Joe, her new boyfriend, the one that helped clear her mom in Lighthouse Dunes. He, in turn, calls in a friend and they along with Dixie are all determined to find the real killer, especially after another body is found.

First, the cover is a little deceiving. The two standard poodles owned by Dixie and Lilly’s Aggie return in this story where they all make a new friend. Aggie does start obedience classes with Dixie where a variety of dogs come together.

Lilly can’t catch a break but she has the perseverance to keep moving forward. New house, new job, new people in her life, and another murderer on the loose. She quickly finds new friends at her job and they are so supportive. I loved her new boss, Linda Kay, and love that we have something in common. The author does such an excellent job with all the characters. They have depth and something about them that draws the reader in and pushes us to want to know them better. Even the cantankerous neighbor and the man that used to have Lilly’s job.

Moving Lilly to Tennessee adds a very interesting twist. She was used to the flatlands of Indiana and Dixie lives on a mountain top with a fantastic view. The road to get there was winding and narrow and made Lily very nervous with its huge dropoffs. She is also very unfamiliar with the area and dependent on her GPS. Each place was nicely described as we readers saw it through Lilly’s eyes for the first time right along with her.

The mystery was not easy to solve with the requisite twists and turns. What I love and what makes this story unique in the part the canines play in solving it all. The motives were very unclear and the clues weren’t falling into place either until the wonderful, surprising, and exciting ending.

Well-plotted and written this story was hard to put down. A complex mystery with its share of Southern charm and humor. Right in Chapter 1 Lilly experiences her first “Bless Your Heart” which she learned was “Southern-speak for “You’re an idiot.” I really enjoy the way V.M. Burns tells a story. The care she takes with her characters is commendable and her love of dogs glows within the pages.

I highly recommend this series. I can’t wait for book #3!
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The Puppy Who Knew Too Much
Dog Club Mystery, Book #2
V.M. Burns
5 Stars 


Lilly Echosby and her toy poodle Aggie find a fresh start in Chattanooga, Tennessee, spoiled by the scent of murder...
Having solved the shooting death of her cheating husband, Lilly's left behind the drama of Lighthouse Dunes, Indiana, to start over in the hometown of her best friend, Scarlett "Dixie" Jefferson. As she gets settled in her new rented house, Lilly gives Aggie, short for Agatha Christie, her own fresh start by enrolling her in the Eastern Tennessee Dog Club, where Dixie is a trainer.
But drama seems to hound Lilly like a persistent stray. Her cranky new neighbor appears unfamiliar with Southern hospitality and complains that Aggie barks too much and digs up his prized tulips. But what the poodle actually unearths is the buried body of a mysterious man who claimed ownership of the lost golden retriever Lilly recently rescued. Now it's up to Lilly and Dixie to try to muzzle another murderer... (Goodreads)


This is such a great book and series.  It has everything that I look for in a cozy: relatable characters, an inviting setting, humor, intrigue and adorable animals, (just look at the cover).  

The characters are well rounded, well developed and three dimensional.  Lilly is older and more mature and she did not just forget about her safety while investigating another murder.  The relationship between her and Dixie, a long time friend, was sincere and heartwarming.  They would do anything for each other.  We should all have a friend like that.  Dixie is very funny and I laughed a lot while reading this book.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.  The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and made the setting so inviting that I want to go to Chattanooga, Tennessee, for a visit.  I would love to spend a week with Lilly and Dixie.

The mystery held my interest throughout the entire book.  With two murders to solve, you better put your thinking cap on.  There were plenty of suspects to consider and clues to sift through with plenty of suspense to keep the reader engaged.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy.  I would not change a thing about this book, I thought it was perfect just the way it was.  

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher, Kensington Books, and NetGalley, which I greatly appreciate.
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Lilly Echosby leaves Indiana and settles into to Chattanooga, but before long she finds herself embroiled in a mystery and a murder. Cleverly written mystery with likable characters and, of course, adorable dogs. I actually learned a thing or two about training dogs (even though I don't have one!)
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