Lone Star Protector

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I enjoyed being back in Calamity Valley for a meet up with some friends from the first book and to see Lauren overcome the Great-grandfathers curse and find her man and come to terms with her soothsaying gift, this one is a very up and down journey with a lot of humour, fun, and a sensual pull.

Lauren Mackillop always knew that she would return home to her town of Surrender but not the way it happened by being swindled out of her business, the long trek starts with a strange meeting with a man at LAX airport and a pull that she cannot get over, she tells a few stories but makes her way home to the fold of the family, her grandmother Ava, cousin Molly and aunt Marie and here starts a journey to bring the town back to life and stop the developers, but when the stranger from the airport shows up things are about to get a little strange.

Mark Sterret is on a mission to save his family and this means that he has to do what he can to help the developers get their hands on the land in Surrender, but when he runs into the beautiful woman from the airport again he knows he cannot do anything but help her and the town out with their problems, and in the meantime he also cannot help falling for the beautiful different Lauren.

This story has a lot going on there is fun and a very quirky side to this town but the love and caring that they all show each other stands out strongly, they band together against the developers, even though Mark’s family is in danger, he is always there for them and Lauren what a heroine trying so hard to come to terms with her gift and knows that she is falling head over heels with Mark, yes theirs was a rocky journey but what a HEA and I do look forward to Pepper’s story, thank you MS Jones, this is such a great story.
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LONE STAR PROTECTOR is full of quirky characters, a great story, a touch of the paranormal in the form of a curse and some abilities, two people who obviously are meant for each other but start out hiding behind half-truths… and so many secondary characters that you’ll fall in love with along the way. In fact, I suspect that you’ll fall in love with the entire population of this very small town, Surrender (besides the bad guys) in short order.

The cover description pretty much tells you what you need to know to pick this one up… but the best parts are the residents of the town who will fight, squabble and disagree among themselves but will bond together to protect their town, their community in every way possible. I think I loved the residents as much as I did the main couple in this romance.

Lauren and Mark each have their secret agendas which make the sizzle between them a bit uncomfortable since they seem to be working at cross-purposes. Watching them work their way through the half-truths, the mistrust and eventually banding together to take down the bad guys was a fun journey. I enjoyed LONE STAR PROTECTOR and if you love small town romances with a touch of paranormal and some bad guys to thwart then you’ll want to pick this one up real soon.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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This is the second book in the Calamity Valley series that is based in my state of Texas. Author, Jeannie Jones has given us readers a really fun read that starts in Cali and makes it way to our fine state. What I love about this book is right from the start we get humor with Lauren's relatives who have passed over talking to her and letting her know about things that are going to happen (and we get a peek that she did not listen to them in the past as well.) This is the second book in the series and while you do not have to have read the first book to enjoy this onem i will say it is a good book that i recommend as well. The first book is about Molly's town Hopeless and this one is based in Lauren's town of Surrender. Yes all in Calamity Valley and there is a reason for the theme of the names which you will find out when you read the books. This is a romance with a touch of comedy. I am so looking forward to the next book in the series!
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Like your stories with suspense, a family curse and inherited paranormal abilities being used to thwart big business developers out to take over the valley? Look no further - this has got the lot as well as plenty of humorous moments, strange happenings and great community spirit working together. 

Calamity Valley has three small towns - Hopeless, Surrender and Reckless. Each has its own member of the Mackillop family living there, and each older member of the family has their own unique and special mystic way inherited from their maternal ancestors. They need their powers to help free their communities from the curses put on them by the Great Grandfathers - aka the GGs - which meant all the men who courted the Mackillop ladies left. The first story in the series is Lone Star Hero and that concerns the Hopeless community. This is the second story in the series and is about Surrender. I believe that it can be read as a standalone but it does include many characters introduced in the first story and follows on from events in it, too.

Lauren Mackillop is returning to her home in Surrender after being  duped by her business partner. Mark Sterrett is moving there to take over the lease on the saloon. The two meet accidentally in the airport but both play roles rather than tell the truth. Both have secrets but only by learning to trust and work together can they thwart both the developers and the curse as well as have any chance at finding love together.

This is a fun, engaging read that had me laughing out loud. I'd enjoyed the first story in the series and this was equally as entertaining - I can't wait to read the next one! I requested and was given a copy of this book, via NetGalley. This is my honest review of the book after choosing to read it.
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The Calamity Valley, Texas Series is mysticism in the contemporary west, not so much the wild west.  Lone Star Protector continues that concept with curses, special powers, meddling family and scheming land developers.  Jennie Jones gives us another Mackillop woman, Lauren, returning to the valley. On the way she has no idea until she gets there that she has be fraternizing with the enemy.

  Mark Sterrett is between a rock and a hard place. As the story progresses, he is drawn to Lauren. When the story begins, Lauren has been fooled by a man so the story is not just one to save the town but also one to rebuild her trust in others. These characters are facing some serious problems but are so likable you hope that all will be worked out for them. The story has a slow start while building up the background of the characters, the town and the takeover plot. Once that is all in place the pace increases, bringing a satisfying conclusion. 

At least one more book since the scheming land developer has failed in Hopeless and Surrender, this story implies he has set his sights on Reckless. Fun reading to see the bad guys lose while the good guys win at life and at love.

An ARC of the book was given to me by the publisher through Net Galley which I voluntarily chose to read and reviewed. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Lone Star Protector by Jennie Jones
If you don’t fight for what you love, you won’t know what you’ve lost
When Lauren Mackillop’s shady business partner gambles away her small business, she heads home to Surrender in Calamity Valley, Texas, to lick her wounds and plan her next move. But she walks straight into another battle to thwart a development company’s scheme to take over their charming Texas haven. Determined to safeguard her town, her senses are on alert when the sexy stranger she flirted with while briefly stranded at LAX turns up as the new owner of the saloon. Something’s going on, and this time, Lauren isn’t going to give in without a fight.
Mark Sterrett has trouble on his heels and more on the way. To protect his family’s reputation from ruin he’s been tasked with ensuring this land deal goes through. But he’s up against more than he bargained for. Making his life more complicated, he’s drawn to the intriguing and enticing Lauren and as their attraction simmers and the threat to the town heightens, Mark wonders if he can get through the next two weeks with his conscience and his heart intact.
This is  Lauren Mackillop and Mark Sterrett's story.
“Heading to Texas, are you?” the man standing next to her said as they queued for the check-in counter. “You won’t know what’s hit you.”
Oh, but she would.
Born under the stars, with a curse on her head to boot, she was well versed in rugged living and hadn’t wanted to go back to any of it. But here she was at LAX, flight booked.
“It’s hotter than a stolen tamale in Texas,” the man said.
Mark Sterrett was used to dealing with whatever came his way. He took life in his stride. But the job he was about to embark on had been forced on him, and he wasn’t in the best of moods. Not that his grim expression had made any difference to the guy with the bald head now sitting opposite him.
“It’s hot in Texas,” the guy said, continuing a conversation that had been mostly one-sided and going on for a few minutes.
Mark picked a pretzel from the bag he’d bought and munched on it. The little guy had taken a seat at the café table in Terminal One, LAX without asking but Mark pushed the packet of pretzels toward him, not wanting to be selfish just because his life had hit the pits.
"I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book."
Lone Star Protector by Jennie Jones is a 3 star book.
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OMG...amazing, with a touch of love, community, and little special ability.
I adored the story between Lauren Mackillop and Mark Sterrett. It's one you will just have to read no spoilers here.
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The first thing I fell for in this book was the way West Australian Author Jennie Jones infuses humour into her characters. From the get go when Lauren and Mark meet in the airport  the stage is set for all kinds of humour. Lauren's Cousin, Molly, her aunt Momma Marie and her grandmother Wild Ava all add their own kind of quirky charm and humour to the mix in the town of Surrender.

Lauren and Mark both arrive in Surrender with very different agendas. Lauren is there to help save her home town after losing everything she's worked for, whilst Mark is there to protect his family from the danger  his estranged father's corrupt dealings have threatened them with. The chemistry and banter between these two was really enjoyable and you just never knew what each one was going to do or say next, or if it would be the right thing.

The corruption that has bought Mark to town is part of a realestate takeover that the bad guy wants desperately and he seems willing to resort to whatever it takes to get it.

I loved this little town of 30 people, all willing to work together to create a new beginning for their town. The way they stood by each other, including newcomer Mark and their decision to fight against the realestate company, was simply wonderful, as well as infused with the humour I mentioned.

There is a bit of everything in this novel, romance, suspense and a touch of the paranormal. I look forward to catching up on book one and will wait in anticipation for book 3.

Thanks to NetGalley and Tule Publishing for a copy in return for an honest review.
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The intriguing Mackillup women and their unique talents never fail to give us a fun story.  This one is no exception.  Lauren returns to Surrender, TX after her business partner costs her everything.  Now she needs to figure out what comes next for her.  when the sexy stranger from the airport shows up in town, Lauren knows something is up but she's just not sure what.  Soon Laura is in the middle of a town battle against that same stranger.  What will happen when these two go head to head.

Recommended read.
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Well this was a fun story! It’s the second book in author Jennie Jones’ Calamity Valley series. Set in the Texas Panhandle, the series focuses on three cousins each blessed with some psychic ability and each facing the curse of their great grandfathers as they work to revitalise the towns of Hopeless, Surrender and Reckless, all of which faced uncertain futures. 
The first story was set in Hopeless and featured Molly, who successfully faced up to her problems, found love and got her town back on the map. This story is Lauren’s and is set in Surrender, where she’s returned after her business partner lost her business in a poker game. She’s home to start again and save her town from developers who want to buy the land. Mark Skerrett is also headed to Surrender, having been blackmailed into spying on Lauren by the developer, who has threatened Mark’s family if he doesn’t get what he wants.
I loved these two! I loved the make believe that arose out of their first meeting, and the way that despite trust being somewhat scarce they worked together nonetheless to give the townspeople some hope. 
The story is written with tongue firmly in cheek. It’s light and it flows really well with gentle humour poking its way in to lighten the tone when needed. Many of the characters are larger than life, Lauren’s aunt Maria being the stand-out. Of course our stars find their happy ever after and the town regains its sparkle — that’s a given — but the journey is an entertaining one.
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Book two in the Calamity Valley series, Lone Star Protector is beautifully written with wonderful characters. I enjoyed the story and look forward to reading more
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"Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review."
Loved this book very much.  It had just enough sweet romance and the storyline was great! I highly recommend!
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Author Jennie Jones creates many likeable characters and entertaining stories, and the Calamity Valley series has not fallen short on such entertainment! Another good read from the author.
Review copy received from Tule Publishing via Netgalley
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An imaginative and highly entertaining story. 

It was no secret that all of the Mackillop women possessed mystical powers and that they were cursed.  But, was it possible to break the curse?  Lauren is about to find out when she returns to her hometown of Surrender, Texas, after her life fell apart in California.  Lauren was needed to help restore Surrender and prevent Donaldson’s Property Development from swooping in and buying up the town.  The one thing Lauren didn’t expect to happen was to run into the man she met at the airport; the one who kissed her and caused visions of the future to appear.

Mark Sterrett was being blackmailed.  He would do anything to protect his family from the dangerous people who were making threats against them.  The one thing Mark didn’t see happening was for him to fall for the woman he was supposed to be watching.  As he got to know Lauren, he wanted to help her too.  This put Mark in a sticky situation, but with a little luck and some good planning, he might be able to save his family, Lauren and the whole town of Surrender.

This is the second book in the Calamity Valley series, but it can be read as a stand-alone.  In fact, I never had the chance to read the first book, but I will definitely be going back to read it soon.  The author’s writing style felt so real, like I was part of the story.  The book started out a little slow but I was glad I stuck with it.  It was such a fun book to read.  It is filled with action and interesting characters.
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Enjoyed it 

What I liked:
The writing style 
The characters 
Part of a series: Calamity Valley 

I look forward to reading the next book in this series.
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Jennie Jones writes an engaging style that has you feeling like your apart of the story and that you go on the same journey as the characters do. Her three dimensional  characters are sure to tug at your heart strings and leave you begging for more of this sweet romance. Absolutely recommend
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3 1/2 Star Review......

Lone Star Protector is the second instalment in Jennie Jones Calamity Valley series, and this one is Mark and Lauren’s story. Ms Jones writing is easy to follow and the storyline flows nicely, creating a slow burn between these misunderstood and flawed characters. A beautiful setting, and some deep emotional moments, made for a heartfelt and sweet romance.
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Lone Star Protector by Jennie Jones, book two in the Calamity Valley series. The story of Lauren coming back home and Mark who isn't who everyone thinks he is. Likable characters and setting. I look forward to reading more by author.
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Jennie Jones writes an engaging style that has you feeling like your apart of the story and that you go on the same journey as the characters do. Her three dimensional  characters are sure to tug at your heart strings and leave you begging for more of this sweet romance. Absolutely recommend
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Lone Star Protector is a well written romance.  I enjoyed the plot, character interaction and the author’s writing.  Fans of romance books will enjoy this book.  I received an arc from Netgalley and this is my unbiased review.
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