Drawn Into Love

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I absolutely ADORED this book and whole series from Aurora Rose Reynolds! Single dad Lucas meets newly divorced and relocated Courtney, and the budding romance had me turning the pages
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AurorA Rose Reynolds always delivers on a fun romance that keeps you turning the pages and wanting more!
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This series just got better and better. I didnt lose interest in any of the characters right through the series. 
Single Dad books are my kryptonite, and tjis didnt disappoint. I totally resonated with Courtney and her fertility issues, so felt her pain. Live a stong heroine and thats what Courtney is. 
Lucas stole le my heart and his little girl. 

A feel good love story that leaves you smiling, and hopeful.
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I loved Courtney and Lucas! I haven't read much ARR but each book that I have read, I really liked. Her heroines are relatable, her heroes are delectable, and she has a style of writing that gets the reader vested in their story and you don't want to stop reading.
 Lucas and Courtney are a slow burn.It was so refreshing! Instant attraction, but a slow build up  to the hot and heavy stuff.Their story is low on angst, just the right amount of drama, and the cutest little girl I've read in a long time. I really love single dad romances and Lucas was one of my favs. Courtney was the best. She's funny, feisty, a little insecure, and so sweet! She's the book best friend you have to have.
 Drawn into Love is a lighter read so for those of you who like your romance low on drama and angst, this is perfect for you. You will laugh, it will melt your heart, and it will make you believe in giving someone a chance
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I have enjoyed the Fluke My Life series immensely and have been eagerly awaiting Lucas's book since the first time we met him and his crazy (now ex) wife.  Courtney is the perfect balance for Lucas and is written so differently than the Reed sisters.  Lucas's daughter Maddie was a scene stealer in the best way and the protectiveness Lucas has for his daughter makes it impossible not to fall in love with him right along with Courtney.
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This is the fourth book in the series and can be read as a standalone, the couples from the previous books make a brief appearance so you don’t need to know their stories.

This is Courtney and Lucas story, following her divorce, Courtney moves to the city for a new job and a fresh start. Lucas is hired to remodel her apartment, sparks fly from the first meeting. A single father and divorcee, Lucas falls head over heels for Courtney, they take things slow because of his daughter, Maddie, can Courtney let go of past hurts and let them in?

I’ve really enjoyed this series and this book was a great addition to it, I was drawn in from the start and read it in one sitting. Although there is an instant attraction, the romance is built up slowly so we get to see not only Courtney and Lucas romance blossom and bloom but also the relationship between Courtney and Maddi, which was sweet. There is some drama from both ex’s but ultimately this is a nice, sweet romance with a great ending.
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I am a big fan of Aurora Rose Reynolds and I love everything she writes.  DRAWN INTO LOVE is the fourth book in the Fluke My Life series and I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful, feel good story. 

Courtney meets Lucas, who is an interior architect, when Lucas is hired to renovate Courtney’s home. Even though Lucas and Courtney are immediately attracted to each other, they are both cautious because they are still hurting from their past relationships. Courtney’s ex husband left her vulnerable and afraid of relationships and hesitant to trust again. After divorcing her cheating ex husband, Courtney decides to start a new life in New York. Lucas is also new to New York.  He is divorced and has custody of his six year old daughter, Madeline. Lucas is a sweet, bossy, protective alpha male and a great dad.  

I loved  Lucas and Courtney.  They are great together as they deal with their self absorbed ex’s, Lucas’ daughter and family members all while trying to start a relationship.  Lucas is the perfect guy for Courtney and he makes her feel good again.  Courtney is everything that Lucas has been looking for.  She is loving, kind and wonderful to his daughter. Courtney has no idea how beautiful she is inside and out but if Lucas has his way, he will show her.  I loved this heartwarming story.
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4.5 Stars

Drawn into Love by Aurora Rose Reynolds is the fourth and final book in the Fluke My Life series and was sooo amazing!! It can be read as a stand-alone, but I highly recommend reading the others in the series as well. Ms. Reynolds always knows how to hook a reader with her stories. They are always full emotions and have such incredible characters that you can’t help but fall in love with. Drawn into Love was no different. 

Courtney is looking for a change after her divorce. Well needing a change is more like it. After heading to NYC to start fresh, she meets a man that she is instantly drawn to. Lucas is everything she’s ever wanted but there is no way she’s ready for another relationship…

Lucas is extremely focused on raising his daughter and his ever growing business. After being burned by his ex wife, he really hasn’t found the need to date. That all changes when Courtney walks into his office. Time literally stops when their eyes meet. But is anything ever that easy?

This story was fantastic!!! Full of ups and downs, their journey wasn’t smooth sailing. It was emotional but also left me with a smile on my face. I felt Lucas and Courtney’s connection coming through the pages. Both characters showed growth throughout. Ms. Reynolds did a fabulous job with this book and truthfully the entire series. I highly recommend reading it and cannot wait to read more from her!
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Drawn into Love, by Aurora Rose Reynolds, is the story of Courtney, a newly divorced paralegal who has recently moved to New York to start over. Thanks to a hefty settlement from her cheating ex husband she is able to purchase a house and an interior architect to design it. Her architect is Lucas Fremont, a sexy single dad. The two are instantly attracted to each other and through misadventures that involve vomit, Courtney and Lucas come together. With Lucas’ daughter Maddie they start building a life together until both their exes make a reappearance, Luckily, love conquers all in this story of love, romance and finding family.

Normally, I try to write a bigger synopsis of the book I’m reviewing, but there really isn’t a whole lot more I can write about the plot here, without revealing spoilers. The storyline and characters are simple. When people write about formulaic Romance novels, this is the type of book they write about. That’s not really a bad thing, it just is what it is. The story, written in the first person perspective, is fairly one dimensional and in my opinion struggled with a lack of detail in some places and too much unnecessary detail in others. For example, Courtney doesn’t really remember how she met her ex husband and had no idea how wealthy he was, like “didn’t bat an eyelash at a 10 million dollar settlement,” wealthy. Then, near the end of the book, she goes into detail about what it was like to be born addicted to crack and then turned over to the foster care system.

I also found the characters really flat. Courtney is adorable, competent and slightly naive, she could also be anyone. There’s nothing that really stands out about her. Likewise with Lucas’ daughter Maddie. Lucas on the other hand is touted as an alpha male, but more often than not came across as more asshole than alpha.  He contradicts Courtney’s decisions throughout the book, flies off the handle often and is continuously growling. Naturally, the exes are conniving, horrible and selfish.

I could have chalked Drawn Into Love as not being for me, forgiven it all the issues I had, and maybe given it a C, but then the author included one of the most obnoxious elements of Romance – the magic peen. If you’re not familiar with the magic peen, it’s a peen so magical that it overcomes years of heartache and expensive medical intervention to dole out the miraculous. It heals the womb of the woman it services most and allows her to reach her full potential, as not just a girlfriend, wife or even a kind stepmother, it allows her to carry a child for the peen-bearer and become the most important thing in the world, a mother. (To be clear, that was sarcasm.) The minute Courtney’s struggles with infertility were mentioned I wondered if the author was going to go there, but hoped that the magic peen had gone the way of Fabio covers and dubious consent. Apparently not.


F rating
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5 star

I was pulled right into this story. The story has laughs, pain, secrets, and heartbreak. 

Before reading this story please read the below books first
Running into Love (Fluke My Life #1)
Stumbling Into Love (Fluke My Life #2)
Tossed Into Love (Fluke My Life #3)

This is Courtney and Lucas’s story. Lucas is Levi’s brother. He moved to town so he can support his daughter and start fresh after his divorce. Courtney is recently divorced and has also just moved int town. She is buying a house and needs help with the renovations on it. Lucas is the architect that is going to work with her. The chemistry is there but they are both jaded from not so happy marriages. They try and ignore the chemistry but it’s no use. Courtney is not convinced it’s a good idea to try a relationship, but Lucas is going to convince her. If only they didn’t have things working against them. She has a few secrets and he has a crazy ex. Can they push through the secrets and crazy to get a forever or will this ending break them both even more? 

I loved these characters and the side characters. I felt I could connect with the characters and the story was a great read. 

I highly recommend this book.
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In the fourth, standalone installment of Aurora Rose Reynolds’ Fluke My Life series, Courtney, who is reeling from her recent divorce ex-husband’s betrayal, begins a new life in a new city and meets Lucas, the sexy single dad who is designing her apartment. From the moment they begin working together, they just click, but she is hesitant to let her guard down and risk her tender heart. Lucas convinces her to take a chance on him, and he makes her believe in love again. Drawn Into Love has it all – heart, humor, chemistry and romance – and I loved every moment.
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I enjoyed this book. I love single father books. Luckily, Lucas was just that and divorced. I loved how Lucas was with his daughter. He was so sweet and patient with her.

Now, for the heroine I did like her too. I would say I felt sorry for her ( in a way I did) but if this hadn't of happened then she would of still been with her ex and I didn't like him. So I'm glad he cheated on her. She totally belonged with Lucas. They were adorable together. 

Overall, it's a cute story. I loved the scenes with all 3 of them together. Courtney was a good "step mom". She was great with Lucas's daughter.
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Drawn into Love by Aurora Rose Reynolds is book four in her Fluke My Life Series. Every book is about another couple and can easily be read as standalone. The previous books are Running into Love -Fawn and Levi; Stumbling into Love - Mackenzie and Wesley; Tossed into Love - Libby and Antonio. For better understanding I recommend to read the books in order.

Drawn into Love is Courtney and Lucas's story.
Both are divorced, burned people. Both had to start over. New city, new job, new life, new everything. And fate brings their paths together. Both are good people who were dealt a bad hand. It took exactly one chapter and I was hooked onto their story.
I read the book cover to cover in one sitting and on the edge of my seat. I simply couldn't put it down. The writing is excellent, the storyline is fantastic, the characters are great - the sidekick is adorable and the story gave me all the feels. I laughed, I cried and I was angry at the characters at some point. All in all a great read and I give 5 wonderful stars.
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4 super sweet and fluffy stars

This is SUCH a cute read! Sweet, easy, sexy and swoony, it’s the kind of romance that Aurora Rose Reynolds writes so well, and I loved losing myself in this gloriously fluffy love story.

Courtney has just gotten out of an unhappy marriage and is starting over in NYC. She has bought herself a house in dire need of renovation, and that’s how she meets hot architect, Lucas. Lucas is also divorced, and is a devoted single father to his adorable 6-year-old daughter, Maddie.

From the moment Courtney and Lucas meet, sparks fly. They both feel an attraction which leads to them finding more ways to run into each other and more opportunities to spend time together. There is no game playing, no stupid, no drama, no holding back. They like each other, they don’t hide it, deciding to see where it goes, and they follow their hearts. Yes, it’s that simple, but Reynolds brings so much heart to their story that I revelled in every moment of it.

Both Courtney and Lucas have been burned before and their exes have done a number of them (and continue to so), but it’s something for them to work through as they fall deeper and deeper for each other. There is no OW/OM drama though, they are together and committed and working through the hurdles together, and I loved watching them move toward the future that they both want so badly.

It’s sweet, easy and sexy. Lucas is an absolute sweetheart and a bit of a dirty talker, God bless him, and it’s so beautiful to watch him as a father to little Maddie, who absolutely melted my heart. And Courtney has had a hard life, but she hasn’t let it bring her down. She’s strong and sensible with dreams of love and family, and she finds that in Lucas, and all of it is just gorgeous.

    I love you … I love you, Maddi loves you. Like Maddi said, we are your family.”
    She sobs. I smile, then press my mouth to hers and say, “I’m not letting you go. Or giving you space. Or taking time. This is us. This is our future, our family.” 

This book is part of the Fluke My Life series (Lucas is the brother of Levi from book #1 – Running into Love), but it can absolutely stand alone, with only minor character crossovers. Though I did love catching up with the characters that we saw.

I was so in the mood for a read like this, and if you want easy and angst free with a beautifully happy ending – complete with epilogue that left me grinning like a loon – then this is the book for you!

4 stars!
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´¸.•⭐´¨) ¸.•⭐'¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` 
❤~🌟~❤ 4 DREAMY STARS! ❤~🌟~❤ 

Aurora Rose Reynolds sure gives us a reason to gush over DRAWN INTO LOVE, the fourth and final installment in her Fluke My Life series.

Her hot, sexy, possessive alpha heroes ALWAYS make my heart skip a beat, but when said book boyfriend is also a caring and devoted single dad, well then I am DONE FOR! 

This is a sweet and swoony second chance tale featuring a young divorcee named Courtney Williams who has moved to NYC looking for a fresh start. She has been burned big-time by her cheating ex, and after struggling with infertility, her dreams of motherhood have been shattered. Perhaps forever. So, after all she’s been through, the last thing she wants is romance. 

Well, as it turns out, fate might have other plans in store for the pretty paralegal when she ends up unwittingly falling for Lucas Fremont, the hunky architect who is remodeling her house. If his smoldering blue-gray eyes, lean, muscular physique, and sinfully delicious smile weren’t enticing enough, the big guy is good with his hands, a wiz in the kitchen, AND the piece de resistance? He is the best father in the world to his adorable little girl, Madeline, whom he is raising all on his own. What’s a poor gun-shy gal to do when this daddy/daughter duo worm their way into her wounded heart? Can a second chance at love—and motherhood—truly be possible? Gotta read to find out how it all plays out, but rest assured you will be GIDDY WITH DELIGHT from start to finish!

With DRAWN INTO LOVE Aurora Rose Reynolds has proved once again why she is the #ReigningQueenofSwoonyRomance! I absolutely loved this captivating story about two broken hearted individuals who find themselves powerfully drawn together and slowly but surely find the courage to build a new foundation of love! It was just so sweet and endearing and tugged mightily at my heartstrings from page one!

Sighhhh. Lucas is the quintessential ARR Alpha hero—ruggedly masculine and fiercely protective with a “bit” of a bossy steak, and of course, a soft, mushy center! So, it should come as no big surprise that this hottie gets bit by the love bug pretty fast and makes his intentions to stake his claim abundantly clear! But I am HARDLY COMPLAINING and really it’s no wonder that he was so enamored with a great girl like Courtney. She was gorgeous and sweet and super kind and caring. Not to mention totally gaga over his little girl!

Speaking of Maddi, it goes without saying that some of my all-time favorite interactions involved Lucas’s adorable 6-year-old. Lucas as a single daddy made my OVARIES COMBUST and I loved how Maddi forged such a touching bond with her dad’s new gf! 

Which all ties BEAUTIFULLY into Courtney’s own personal journey. After growing up in the foster care system, she never had a solid foundation of love or anyone to lean on during hard times. She always dreamed of having a big family with a loving, affectionate husband and kids of her own. But her struggles to conceive with her ex and their painful divorce makes her fearful that marriage and motherhood may never be in the cards for her. 

Gah. My heart hurt so bad for what this heroine has been through. But then the happiness that has evaded her for so long fills her heart with hope as Lucas and his little girl fill an aching void in her life. But despite falling blissfully in love with them both, a part of her worries it's too good to be true and that the pain of losing Maddie and Lucas on top of all she's already lost would be impossible to bear. And to complicate matters, would it be fair to commit to this wonderful family man knowing she may never be able to give him more kids? ARR explored some powerfully moving themes about love, family, and picking up the pieces and starting anew in the aftermath of heartache that RESONATED DEEPLY!

Overall, the development of this romance was exquisitely paced. I adored the insta-spark of attraction between Lucas and Courtney and their chemistry was PALPABLE. And I loved how they took such wonderful care of each other and little Maddie. However, this is very much a SLOW-BURNING romance with less sizzle than some of her previous books. And while I would have enjoyed some sexy time earlier on, there’s something to be said for delayed gratification! And considering their emotional baggage, I got why the MCs did not dive immediately into bed. It was actually kind of refreshing seeing them take their time to get to know each other and establish themselves as a couple before finally taking that final step and surrendering to their smoldering passion. But once they finally hit the sheets, it was SCINTILLATING! 

And just like with all of the other books in the Fluke My Life series, the secondary cast was a HUGE HIGHLIGHT! It was fun catching up with some of the characters from the past books--including Luca’s brother Levi , his sister-in-law, Fawn, and Libby and Antonio. And I also really enjoyed the scenes with Lucas’s parents. And since the MCs are both divorced you can expect some juicy drama with their exes to make your BLOOD BOIL! 

Ex melodrama aside, this book is relatively low angst and is all about the warm, fuzzy feels and the toe-curling romance. So plan on grinning like a love-sick fool by the book’s end. I swear, ARR pens THE MOST HEARTWARMING HEAs that never fail to make me cry, and the epilogue was so poignant it gave me goosebumps!!

DRAWN INTO LOVE was a treasure trove of swoonaliciousness and I could not have been more thrilled with how this unforgettable series ended!

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4.5 stars

Oh my stars, Lucas Fremont is one special single dad and if I didn't love Courtney so much, I just might fight her for him (you know fictionally, of course. ;)

Courtney Williams hasn't had the best luck with relationships, marital or otherwise. After learning her douchepants husband not only cheated on her but got his mistress pregnant, she packs up her life, moves to the city and starts over. Still raw over the devastating loss of her marriage and dreams, the last thing she expects is to feel sizzling chemistry with the man she hired to remodel her new home. 

Lucas Fremont knows all about to the disillusionment that comes with marriage to someone that doesn't share your dreams. His marriage to his incredibly self-centered ex-wife gave him only one thing he cared about, his beautiful daughter, Madeline. He worries about her growing up without a mom but breathes his every waking breath for her. The truth is Maddie is the only woman in his life, despite his sister-in-laws' various attempts to set him. He  had no intention of falling for anyone else but that was before SHE walked into his office. He knows Courtney is special from their first meeting and she proved him right when she puts her generous heart on display for his little girl. 

This book is beautiful and although, it can be read easily as a standalone, it actually made me sad that I hadn't read the earlier books; that's how much I loved it! Lucas is an amazing single dad but he's all alpha with Courtney! It was delicious! Courtney was sweetness and light personified. I loved her grace, tenacity and how generous she was with her boundless love!  With some of the things she's been through, she could've been  bitter but this lovely lady had a huge heart and I couldn't help to fall in love with her, too. Maddie was the star of the show though. Utterly adorable and worth so much more than her jerk of a mother would give. She, Courtney and her hot dad make the perfect family! 

I can't wait to go back and read the rest of the series! Fantastic read!

AnnMarie - Alphas Do It Better Book Blog
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Ever read a book that made you cry like a baby, not out of sadness but out of pure joy? I swear I cried more happy tears from the amount of sweetness in Drawn Into Love than any other book I’ve ever read. I’ve loved Aurora Rose Reynolds’ writing since her debut years ago but this book is hands down my new favorite of them all. And I really never thought anything would top Cash and Lilly, but look out world because Lucas and Courtney are here!
One of my favorite things in Aurora’s book are the women! They’re always real, always some one I would call a friend making it easy to connect with each and every one of them, but Courtney, gah, I freaking LOVED her! I loved that she was so very loving and kind, but also not a doormat. Gracefully overcoming and standing strong through things that are devastating without being bitter or cruel. Her personality along with her being physically realistic and not a tiny petite fairy or slim tall model but someone more relatable for many women and not often represented. 
Then there’s Lucas, first of all *DIBS*! He is the ultimate book boyfriend. Protective yet sweet. Masculine, but not annoyingly macho. He’s also a loving father, a gentleman, and just all around swoony perfection. The pull between him and Courtney was so strong right from the start and the way he didn’t even try to resist that connection, but openly pursued making that connection deeper *sigh* my little heart could barely handle the warm and fuzzies. All that goodness on top of one of the sweetest and most moving relationships ever when it came to Courtney and Lucas’ daughter Maddi left my heart feeling like it was overflowing with happiness!
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Stop it. Aurora Rose Reynolds has book voodoo.
I seriously 5 star almost every one of her reads just because they are perfect. They always pull me and hating that they end. I want the series to last forever!
You always get a whole lot of love, alpha and some drama in her stories. I have no idea how she keeps these stories fresh, but she makes it work. Add a single dad in there and swoon!
Recently divorced Courtney has been crushed by her ex and is moving on. She doesn't think much of herself, but is working on being happy on her own.
Lucas is a single hot dad architect who happens to be remodeling her house.
Hello insta-love. I'm not even mad.
I loved their chemistry, the little drama thrown in with exes and all the love!
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This is the fourth book in the Fluke My Life series.  It is a standalone, but we did briefly meet Lucas in the first book.

I have to say that I’m so happy this is about Lucas.  He’s such a great guy and a fantastic dad to Maddy.

If you’ve read the first book, this is after his divorce from Eva.  God, I absolutely hate her.  She is so damn horrible! 

Courtney is a wonderful person.  My heart broke for her because of her ex, Tom.

Let’s just say Tom and Eva would be a perfect match made in Hell!

Courtney is everything Eva isn’t.

I love the characters and their story.  This book just sucked me in and I couldn’t put it down.

I would love more, and I’m hoping Courtney’s friend, Abby, gets a story!
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I LOVED Courtney and Lucas. They both had this down home sweetness to them that made them that much more personable and loving. Plus how can you go wrong with Maddie? That little girl I just fell in love with.
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