Drawn Into Love

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This book was so much sweetness and love. I couldn’t put it down. From the first page I was drawn into it. And other than a few small moments I read the whole book with a huge smile on my face filled with warm fuzzies and so damn grateful to be given this ARC to review.

It’s no surprise that I loved it, I am such a massive fan of Aurora’s writing and I especially love her over the top alphas in her until series but these ones are the perfect counterbalance to those. We still get the awesome characters and a growly, possessive alpha, I just find there’s a little less OTTness, if you know what I mean.

Courtney was such a sweetheart and despite everything that her ex-husband had put her through she wasn’t the least bit bitter or guarded. Lucas was the perfect partner for her and of course I immediately fell for the sexy single dad. But the star of the show for me was Madeline.

This is the type of book you keep on your bedside table to read over and over. Loved It
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Awww ! What a sweet and heartwarming story ! Do I need to say that it's great addition to  whole series??? Nope, it's just unecessesary. Drawn into Love is just as amazing as You can only imagine, when it comes to that author. 

When I saw that Aurora Rose Reynolds annouced another  book in series  I was sure that I want to put my greedy hands on this story. And what can I say... This author didin't dissapionted me. As always, reading mrs Reynold's words was pure pleasure. The story line, the characters, bad and good moments was mixed perfectly together. I couldn't put this book down. 

Drawn into Love is about LOVE obviously, suprise suprise ! But this love connected 2 kinds of my favorite characters in books - single, hot dad, and woman  with broken heart. 
Courtney is wonderfull woman, but she had problem with trusting. After having divorce she doesn't want to risk her heart any more.Lucas is pretty much Alpha with sweet little girl in the background. 

What I liked the most in whole story ? During reading I saw that Lucas is such a man, however man who is also so caring, and loving si deeply. Since first meeting Lucas and Cortney was perfect match. Sometimes they was laughing, sometimes they were crying... sometimes they was just hot for each other. - Level MAX. And all this things above made this book special, because this book is about love, trust, healing and family - the most important things in our life !
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Drawn Into Love is a worthy conclusion to the very successful and popular Fluke My Life series. Aurora Rose Reynolds has delivered a beautifully written and touching second chance at love story filled to the brim with emotions and featuring two charming, endearing but also broken characters. This book is about finding a new path in your life after a hurtful divorce, admitting your mistakes and facing your fears and moving forward. It's about what truly makes a family and a parent. You don't have to share the same blood in order to love a child whole-heartedly like it's your own. That's what Aurora wanted to convey with Lucas and Courtney's story. I've devoured it with a smile on my face and tears running down my cheeks.

We've been introduced to Lucas Freemont and his sweet little daughter Madeline in the previous books. At that time he was married to evil Eva who everybody hated due to her coldness. I was hoping that he would find the strength to divorce her and find a good woman who deserved his and Maddi's love. This man had so much to give.

Now Lucas is a single dad and living in New York. He is finally free of Eva who is not very present in Madeline's life. It's killing him to see his daughter miss her mother but he is trying to compensate for her lack of love and attention. One day he is entrusted with a contract to design the interior of a woman's new house. Courtney Williams is sexy, gorgeous, sweet and also recently divorced. She makes his heart beat faster. When Lucas looks at her and Maddi together he dreams of a possible future for them. Courtney is very cautious due to everything she went through. The feeling Lucas and Madeline give her is too good to be true. But how can she guard her heart from a devoted dad and his adorable daughter? Courtney comes with a secret and Lucas with a bitter ex. Can their love stand a chance? Will they finally get their HEA?

I adore Lucas with every fiber of my heart. He is a great, swoon-worthy dad and caring, supportive partner. He treated Courtney with patience and respect. Lucas fought for Courtney and to earn her trust because he knew that she was worth it. This woman was everything he ever wished for - loyal, sincere and loving. She showered little Maddi with affection and genuinely cared about her. I enjoyed the sizzling hot chemistry between Lucas and Courtney as much as their romantic and tender moments. Together with Madeline they were the picture perfect, happy little family.

I'm sad that this amazing rom com series has come to an end. It's very hard to say goodbye to characters that have engraved themselves into your heart forever. Aurora did a fantastic job with this book. She gave Lucas and Courtney the story they deserved. Sometimes we need more than just one attempt to find our one true love and soul mate. I highly recommend this top read and give Drawn Into Love 5 well deserved stars.
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Whilst this is the fourth in the Fluke Mt Life series, if you haven’t read the rest then I would only say that you shouldn’t worry as this reads perfectly as a standalone.

Courtney has been through the wringer with an ex that proved to be more of an a** than she could have possibly imagined, but free at last she decides to change things up a bit and heads off to Manhattan, after all a fresh start is just what she needs.  

When she hires Lucas to work on her house, little did she realise that what she was getting into was so much more than a simple business transaction because he was such a wonderful man that at times, I was silently praying that I knew someone just like him.

He wasn’t just an amazing architect…nope he had a better job than that and it was one that he was able to ace, he was the proud single father to his beautiful little girl Maddi. He loved her with every fibre of his being, and it was that capacity to love unconditionally that meant that I was quite simply drooling.

Courtney may not have wanted to find another relationship, but she had little choice when it found her…Lucas was what she needed, she just had to be willing to accept it. I liked Courtney she was a fabulous character but match her with Lucas and the pair of them were off the charts.

This was a wonderful story about family and love, a quick easy read, pitched perfectly with just enough angst and attitude to keep it entertaining.
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Awe, this was such a feel good story. It had light dreams but still a villain or two that would show up. I’m glad the author didn’t make that a center of the book but that Lucas and Courtney and Maddie were the center of our attention. The banter was awesome and the slow burn pace of the romance was perfect for them. I’m glad that things didn’t move to fast. I loved seeing the secondary characters from the other books in this series. 4 stars #2OCCJD
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4 Fluke My Life Stars

Drawn into Love is the fourth book in the Fluke My Life Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds. Aurora Rose Reynolds always nails it on the head when it comes to swoon worthy alpha males and it was no different with this book. 

The feels I had for Courtney straight of the bat was surprising to me but her story was just so heart-breaking and struck a chord with me. IVF plays a big part of my life and maybe this was why. The insta love between her and Lucas was a little unbelievable but yet I loved it and couldn't get enough of the sweetness between them. There were a lot of twist and turns until they get their happy ending but it was so worth the read.

“He’s good for you. I really like how he looks at you.” “How he looks at me?” I frown, and she grins in return. “Yeah. Like he wants to toss you over his shoulder and carry you away to his cave, where he will protect you with his life and give you everything you could ever want.”

If you’re in the mood for a sweet angst free with a beautiful ending then this is the book for you.
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A sweet story about having a second chance at a life both Courtney and Lucas had only dreamt of. Fate brought them together and made their lives whole.
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I love this series, and this one!It was lighthearted ,low on angst,a little bit of dramma and sexy. I love me some single dads and Lucas is  cute guy.  It’s no surprise that I loved it, I am such a massive fan of Aurora’s writing and her heroes are always hot!!
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I adored this book it's such a beautiful gentle love story that made me feel so happy.

 Lucas is such a wonderful character to read. He's a devoted single dad to the sweetest little girl you really her the sense that they are a team. He's not looking for love but the instant attraction he feels for Courtney is palpable. He's alpha protective loving added to a sensitive thoughtful soul and he's irresistible. Sometimes I have a hard time liking female characters who been cheated on but I loved Courtney. Her self worth won't let her settle for second best and she forges a new life for herself. I loved reading about not just their budding relationship but also the forming of a family unit. 

This was an enjoyable at times tender read.
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After Courtney learns of her husband’s cheating and getting his mistress pregnant something she couldn’t do she files for divorce moving to NYC to start over
Lucas a single dad working as an architect when he gets Courtney’s brownstone as a project and it’s instant chemistry.
I loved watching their story unfold even though they had to deal with crazy exes on both sides.
Aurora knows how to write instant attraction a adorable kid and a great story. So settle in for a sweet page turning story!
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I absolutely ADORED this book and whole series from Aurora Rose Reynolds! Single dad Lucas meets newly divorced and relocated Courtney, and the budding romance had me turning the pages
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AurorA Rose Reynolds always delivers on a fun romance that keeps you turning the pages and wanting more!
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This series just got better and better. I didnt lose interest in any of the characters right through the series. 
Single Dad books are my kryptonite, and tjis didnt disappoint. I totally resonated with Courtney and her fertility issues, so felt her pain. Live a stong heroine and thats what Courtney is. 
Lucas stole le my heart and his little girl. 

A feel good love story that leaves you smiling, and hopeful.
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I loved Courtney and Lucas! I haven't read much ARR but each book that I have read, I really liked. Her heroines are relatable, her heroes are delectable, and she has a style of writing that gets the reader vested in their story and you don't want to stop reading.
 Lucas and Courtney are a slow burn.It was so refreshing! Instant attraction, but a slow build up  to the hot and heavy stuff.Their story is low on angst, just the right amount of drama, and the cutest little girl I've read in a long time. I really love single dad romances and Lucas was one of my favs. Courtney was the best. She's funny, feisty, a little insecure, and so sweet! She's the book best friend you have to have.
 Drawn into Love is a lighter read so for those of you who like your romance low on drama and angst, this is perfect for you. You will laugh, it will melt your heart, and it will make you believe in giving someone a chance
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I have enjoyed the Fluke My Life series immensely and have been eagerly awaiting Lucas's book since the first time we met him and his crazy (now ex) wife.  Courtney is the perfect balance for Lucas and is written so differently than the Reed sisters.  Lucas's daughter Maddie was a scene stealer in the best way and the protectiveness Lucas has for his daughter makes it impossible not to fall in love with him right along with Courtney.
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This is the fourth book in the series and can be read as a standalone, the couples from the previous books make a brief appearance so you don’t need to know their stories.

This is Courtney and Lucas story, following her divorce, Courtney moves to the city for a new job and a fresh start. Lucas is hired to remodel her apartment, sparks fly from the first meeting. A single father and divorcee, Lucas falls head over heels for Courtney, they take things slow because of his daughter, Maddie, can Courtney let go of past hurts and let them in?

I’ve really enjoyed this series and this book was a great addition to it, I was drawn in from the start and read it in one sitting. Although there is an instant attraction, the romance is built up slowly so we get to see not only Courtney and Lucas romance blossom and bloom but also the relationship between Courtney and Maddi, which was sweet. There is some drama from both ex’s but ultimately this is a nice, sweet romance with a great ending.
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I am a big fan of Aurora Rose Reynolds and I love everything she writes.  DRAWN INTO LOVE is the fourth book in the Fluke My Life series and I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful, feel good story. 

Courtney meets Lucas, who is an interior architect, when Lucas is hired to renovate Courtney’s home. Even though Lucas and Courtney are immediately attracted to each other, they are both cautious because they are still hurting from their past relationships. Courtney’s ex husband left her vulnerable and afraid of relationships and hesitant to trust again. After divorcing her cheating ex husband, Courtney decides to start a new life in New York. Lucas is also new to New York.  He is divorced and has custody of his six year old daughter, Madeline. Lucas is a sweet, bossy, protective alpha male and a great dad.  

I loved  Lucas and Courtney.  They are great together as they deal with their self absorbed ex’s, Lucas’ daughter and family members all while trying to start a relationship.  Lucas is the perfect guy for Courtney and he makes her feel good again.  Courtney is everything that Lucas has been looking for.  She is loving, kind and wonderful to his daughter. Courtney has no idea how beautiful she is inside and out but if Lucas has his way, he will show her.  I loved this heartwarming story.
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4.5 Stars

Drawn into Love by Aurora Rose Reynolds is the fourth and final book in the Fluke My Life series and was sooo amazing!! It can be read as a stand-alone, but I highly recommend reading the others in the series as well. Ms. Reynolds always knows how to hook a reader with her stories. They are always full emotions and have such incredible characters that you can’t help but fall in love with. Drawn into Love was no different. 

Courtney is looking for a change after her divorce. Well needing a change is more like it. After heading to NYC to start fresh, she meets a man that she is instantly drawn to. Lucas is everything she’s ever wanted but there is no way she’s ready for another relationship…

Lucas is extremely focused on raising his daughter and his ever growing business. After being burned by his ex wife, he really hasn’t found the need to date. That all changes when Courtney walks into his office. Time literally stops when their eyes meet. But is anything ever that easy?

This story was fantastic!!! Full of ups and downs, their journey wasn’t smooth sailing. It was emotional but also left me with a smile on my face. I felt Lucas and Courtney’s connection coming through the pages. Both characters showed growth throughout. Ms. Reynolds did a fabulous job with this book and truthfully the entire series. I highly recommend reading it and cannot wait to read more from her!
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Drawn into Love, by Aurora Rose Reynolds, is the story of Courtney, a newly divorced paralegal who has recently moved to New York to start over. Thanks to a hefty settlement from her cheating ex husband she is able to purchase a house and an interior architect to design it. Her architect is Lucas Fremont, a sexy single dad. The two are instantly attracted to each other and through misadventures that involve vomit, Courtney and Lucas come together. With Lucas’ daughter Maddie they start building a life together until both their exes make a reappearance, Luckily, love conquers all in this story of love, romance and finding family.

Normally, I try to write a bigger synopsis of the book I’m reviewing, but there really isn’t a whole lot more I can write about the plot here, without revealing spoilers. The storyline and characters are simple. When people write about formulaic Romance novels, this is the type of book they write about. That’s not really a bad thing, it just is what it is. The story, written in the first person perspective, is fairly one dimensional and in my opinion struggled with a lack of detail in some places and too much unnecessary detail in others. For example, Courtney doesn’t really remember how she met her ex husband and had no idea how wealthy he was, like “didn’t bat an eyelash at a 10 million dollar settlement,” wealthy. Then, near the end of the book, she goes into detail about what it was like to be born addicted to crack and then turned over to the foster care system.

I also found the characters really flat. Courtney is adorable, competent and slightly naive, she could also be anyone. There’s nothing that really stands out about her. Likewise with Lucas’ daughter Maddie. Lucas on the other hand is touted as an alpha male, but more often than not came across as more asshole than alpha.  He contradicts Courtney’s decisions throughout the book, flies off the handle often and is continuously growling. Naturally, the exes are conniving, horrible and selfish.

I could have chalked Drawn Into Love as not being for me, forgiven it all the issues I had, and maybe given it a C, but then the author included one of the most obnoxious elements of Romance – the magic peen. If you’re not familiar with the magic peen, it’s a peen so magical that it overcomes years of heartache and expensive medical intervention to dole out the miraculous. It heals the womb of the woman it services most and allows her to reach her full potential, as not just a girlfriend, wife or even a kind stepmother, it allows her to carry a child for the peen-bearer and become the most important thing in the world, a mother. (To be clear, that was sarcasm.) The minute Courtney’s struggles with infertility were mentioned I wondered if the author was going to go there, but hoped that the magic peen had gone the way of Fabio covers and dubious consent. Apparently not.


F rating
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5 star

I was pulled right into this story. The story has laughs, pain, secrets, and heartbreak. 

Before reading this story please read the below books first
Running into Love (Fluke My Life #1)
Stumbling Into Love (Fluke My Life #2)
Tossed Into Love (Fluke My Life #3)

This is Courtney and Lucas’s story. Lucas is Levi’s brother. He moved to town so he can support his daughter and start fresh after his divorce. Courtney is recently divorced and has also just moved int town. She is buying a house and needs help with the renovations on it. Lucas is the architect that is going to work with her. The chemistry is there but they are both jaded from not so happy marriages. They try and ignore the chemistry but it’s no use. Courtney is not convinced it’s a good idea to try a relationship, but Lucas is going to convince her. If only they didn’t have things working against them. She has a few secrets and he has a crazy ex. Can they push through the secrets and crazy to get a forever or will this ending break them both even more? 

I loved these characters and the side characters. I felt I could connect with the characters and the story was a great read. 

I highly recommend this book.
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