Chasing Helicity Into the Wind

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Just how many natural disasters and near death experiences can one young woman go through? Way too many to count that’s how many! I read both the first and second book in this series consecutively and let me just say, that is the way to read this book, to truly understand what is going on you have to have read the first book because it does pick up right where Helicity and her friends left off right after the accident in the last book. 

We catch up with Helicity and her friends again after the aftermath of the first book where Lana is in a coma, Helicity and Sam both feeling guilt have gone their own ways. On what is supposed to be a trip to get out of the city and everything that had happened to see her friend Mia, turns out into one disaster after the next both natural and family wise, with Andy, Helicity‘s older brother going off the rails. 

This book does end in another cliffhanger, leaving the reader gasping and dreading just what will happen to these characters. But we are left with the knowledge that the author will do these amazing characters justice and come back with a ton more near death experiences and crazy natural disasters. 

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Interest Level: 3-6

How would you feel if the thing you loved most in this word, weather and storms, is the one thing that destroyed your town and your family? This is what happened to Helicity Dunlap. Helicity wants to grow up and become a meteorologist and a storm chaser. However, when a tornado destroyed her house and caused her brother's car to be totaled and break his arm, his dreams of a football scholarship at Michigan State go down the drain. With all of this going on you would think that Helicity wants to forget her dream, but she doesn't. She actually goes on a storm chasing event for the summer with her mentor, Lana, and her protege, Sam. That trip took a horrible turn when Sam and Lana get caught up in a flash flood. Lana risked her life to safe Helicity and she ends up in a coma because of it. Sam goes missing and Helicity is left to deal with all of this on her own. Help comes from her best friend, Mia, when she invites her to come and stay with her at her aunt's bed and breakfast on the beach in Texas. Helicity is thrilled to escape her everyday life, even if just for a little while. What she doesn't expect is the week after she gets there her brother, Andy, shows up with Sam. Sam has come to apologize for all of the trouble he caused and Andy needed to get away from their control-freak father. Helicity has an extreme attraction to Sam, but when she meets a boy on the beach who has no association with her past, she develops a crush on him too. Meanwhile, Helicity doesn't realize that her brother is spiraling out of control with a pain killer addiction. To top everything off, there is a hurricane heading straight to the coast of Texas. Will Helicity ever be able to forgive Sam? Will she make a choice between the two guys or will she blow both chances? Will Helicity face the problems with her brother and get him help or will things come to a tragic end with Andy? And will Helicity, her brother, and her friends be able to get off  the coast before he hurricane hits? Do not miss this incredible second book in the Helicity series!!!

If you have read any of my previous post then you may have read that I am a pretty slow reader. So when I say that I read this book in a couple of days says a lot about this book. I could not put it down!! The way Ginger Zee weaves teenage crushes, possible drug addiction, and imposing hurricane all together is amazing! The way this book ends leaves you wanting so much more. I actually tweeted Ginger Zee and said "How could you end book 2 this way? How long do I have to wait for book 3? Holy Cow!" This is a must read book and I can not wait for book 3!!!!! Ginger Zee, bring it on!!
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Super informative story. The main character Helicity  reminds us what it takes to be prepared for natural disasters that could strike unexpectedly at any time. Great read for middle school children.
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Chasing Helicity into the Wind is the second in a series by Ginger Zee. I had not read the first book but was able understand most of the backstory as it was shared through this book.

Helicity Dunlap's parents send her to Texas to stay with her best friend Mia who is helping out at a beachside bread and breakfast on stilts owned by her Aunt Suze (Suzette). During this time, Helicity hopes to process haunting memories of what happened to back home in Michigan during a tornad0 and flash flood.

It's a good thing that Helicity is enamored with weather, because her time in Texas is spent dealing with various meteorological situations including a hurricane. She must also deal with budding romances and a brothers who is making poor life choices. The books ends with a big cliff hanger.

 If I purchase this book for my library, I may wait until the third installment is published or I will have some antsy readers on my hands.
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After reading Zee's debut middle grade novel, I really hoped I would see more from here. Her follow up novel. Into The Wind, did not disappoint. Velocity needs to get some space from the trauma of her hometown and goes to visit her best friend and her aunt in Texas. Of course, violent weather and new love interest follow her there along with some characters from her past. It all comes to a head with some terrible weather before she can get home. See did an amazing job with this sequel and I can't wait for the conclusion or continuation in book three.
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This book was received as an ARC from Disney Book Group in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and Thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

I am very familiar with this series and the work on ABC Nightly News Meterologist Ginger Zee. This series is definitely starting to develop into a worldwide phenomenon. Storms and Natural Disasters are something that get overlooked and preparedness gets unappreciated until they actually happen. Helicity's passion definitely is a prime example of how everyone should prepare should a natural disaster/storm hits so we all can have an adventure and stay safe. A great series for the young reader to have an adventure and learn a thing or two along the way.

We will consider this book for our JFiction collection at the library. That is why we give this book 5 stars.
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