We Carry Kevan

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We Carry Kevan is a testament to friendship at it's most pure.  I was thoroughly  captivated by the  men and their journey.  I appreciated the honesty with which Kevan Chandler relates the story.  I definitely first thought, wow, this would make a great book discussion selection. There are so many opportunities for exploration.  
I received my copy through NetGalley under no obligation.
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An in depth look into the adventurous spirit of Kevan Chandler and his supportive friends. They decided to take on a huge challenge and this book follows along in a detailed way! Would be a great book to inspire a friend or loved-one!
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What a beautifully written book . You can tell Kevan is a writer. He sends you back in time to when his friends left his wheelchair back in the states while they bring him on a backpacking experience of a lifetime.... only thing is he's in the specially designed backpack! Yup , that's right, his friends carry him on their backs in a specially designed back pack for the trip if a lifetime- Ireland,Scotland and the UK. 
 Now do you feel jealous? I do. To have friends as awesome as he does ? Just priceless!!!
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Kevan sure has some great friends, I enjoyed the story and the inspiration and encouragement while reading this great book.
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We Carry Kevan is a heartwarming story of the true power of friendship and love.  In an era where we feel more divided than ever, the world needs this book! I loved seeing the commitment and depth of friendship between these men.  The strength and joy they felt in their experience, relationship with each other and God, and the thrill of the journey is embedded in these pages.  

Overall I loved and would highly suggest this book.  There are many religious undertones and references which may turn some readers off.  I think this would be an excellent read for those who like adventure, memoirs, encouraging books, or are looking for a read like nothing else you'll ever find.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a digital copy to share my honest opinions with you.
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I really enjoyed We Carry Kevan. Kevan and his friends go to Europe, leaving the wheelchair he uses every single day at home in the United States. They travel to France, England, and Ireland, meeting friends along the way, joining in on dance parties, exploring, and hiking. It is obvious Kevan is a writer, as the writing is beautiful. He does a great job describing where they are and what is happening, so that you feel like you are on the journey with them. Kevan's faith plays a prominent part in the book and he always gives the glory to God and points back to Jesus. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. 

Note to publisher/editor: in the Kindle book I read, the title of the book and the titles of the chapter were haphazardly placed throughout the book, even turning up multiple times in the middle of a sentence. It did break up the reading stride a bit.
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This story is absolutely amazing. What friends Kevan is gifted to have that they would carry him in a backpack so that he could experience the trip of a lifetime with them. I felt like I was transported to 2016 following their trip myself. Kevan is a master writer as he tells of all their adventures full of laughter and tears. This is definitely the book to read in 2019!
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WE CARRY KEVAN by KEVAN CHANDLER is a real inspiration - a beautifully written true story of friendship, courage and life lived to the full.
I love the way the author takes us through his feelings and emotions and the way he lives his life to honour Christ. 
As Kevan is carried by his friends on amazing journeys we see love in action. We also see it in the follow up to the first journey in the way they use their experiences to help others live life to the full.
The traveling, hiking and climbing are not easy by any means, but Kevan and his band of friends push through exhaustion and pain, finding the reward well worth it.
I found this book easy to read and most encouraging. There is so much truth in it that it definitely deserves to be read again. 
I was given a free copy of the book by NetGalley from Worthy Publishing. The opinions in this review are completely my own.
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" My friends and I went on a trip, and they carried me in a backpack because we loved each other and we wanted to have the experience together, living life to the fullest, unhindered by our shortcomings." Kevan Chandler, from the Epilogue

"We Carry Kevan" was a tremendous read! I absolutely loved the story of Kevan's journey with several friends and a camera crew as they traversed Europe in 2016. I found myself transported to follow along with their adventures, complete with laughter and tears. To hear the amazing connections that were made, hearts that were touched and memories shared was an honor. Kevan writes in a way that is beautifully elegant and enriching. I highlighted much of the book as I read to return to later. 

This is one you will want to read and reread. Perfect for gifts, resources for those serving the differently abled and simply for those who want to read a real story of what I like to call "rooftop friends' : those who will not let any obstacle keep them from getting new life experiences for their beloved friend. 

I feel humbled to have had the opportunity to read "We Carry Kevan" early, thanks to #NetGalley. I loved this book!
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