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This is the 3rd book in The List series. This book can be read as a standalone novel. To avoid spoilers, and to understand the series, I recommend reading in order.

Sarah is facing a benchmark birthday. Being surrounded by her friends getting married and having someone special, she is noticing that being single in her life might not be where she wants to be. Then he came back.

Ian and Sarah made a pact in college to be there for one another if they were still single at the 30th year mark. Now with the year here - and they are both single - they discuss with real intent what it means to both of them. What they could have may burn the pages......

Seriously hot, as only this great author can be, this story starts the burn right at the beginning with one of the hottest men in book history knocking on the door. Such an amazing story, that only adds to a great series. 

***This copy was given in exchange for an honest review, by Netgalley and its publisher.
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This book wasn't as magical as the other books in the series. I really liked the heroine but could never really got a good sense of who the hero was. He seemed nice and charming but then his job saw him a while different way. This was a quick enjoyable read though
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The Last is book 3 in The List series but can be read as a standalone. That being said, I can't wait to go back and read the first two in the series!

Sarah just turned 30, and while she's successful and has an amazing job, she hasn't accomplished the one thing she hoped to by this age - getting married. With no prospects on the horizon, she reaches out to an old college friend and jokingly brings up their pact to get married if they are both single at 30. What she doesn't expect is him to remember, and propose they go for it. 

Ian not only remembers the pact with Sarah, but he's also all for it. Against love and ever opening his heart to anyone Ian proposes a marriage of convenience and sets out to win Sarah over. But he doesn't expect the sizzling chemistry between them, or how she makes him feel things he didn't think he was capable of. 

I really enjoyed this book. There is a perfect mix of romance, drama & comedy, with an off the charts steam level. Sarah & Ian are well developed and easy to love, and I found myself rooting for them from their very first conversation. Her friends were all a welcome addition, although I wish we got a little more from Junie!

This was my first book by Tawna Fenske and I'm excited to read more! If you're looking for a fun, refreshing romantic comedy this is definitely it!
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“The Last” is hands down my favourite book by Tawna Fenske! This book is funny, sensual and has a heart of gold. It brought the friends-to-lovers trope to a brand new level. Love this author and her books and always a one click for me and I would absolutely recommend to all book lovers out there
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Celebrating her  30.birthday Sara gets drunk with her friends and reconnects with her best friend from collage Nolan. They had a pact in college to get married to each other if they were still single by the 30.birthday. Tragic and family drama makes Nolan shuts down his heart to love and that is why he proposes to Sara with a marriage proposal without feelings. Sara starts everything with doubt, but after spending time with Nolan again,  sharing the same bed and having amazingly hot compatibility in bed she say yes to a proposal. When she realized that she loves him, Nolan, brakes everything.
It is a sweet lovely story with great characters. Nolan past is really sad and is no wonder why he builds all the walls around his heart. It is great to see how they both start to fall for eachother even when Nolan is in denial. Especially it is great to see the moment when he opens his eyes and the end is truly heartbreaking and sooo sweet. Lovely read.
I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
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My first Tawna Fenske book, but definitely not my last! Ian and Sarah were college friends who made a pact to marry each other at 30 if they were still single. On Sarah’s 30th, they reconnect and Ian asks her if she wants to marry, but more as a business arrangement. 

The chemistry and romance is off the charts. Ian’s struggle with emotions is poignant and I may or may not have shed a few tears at the end. This can be read as a standalone even though it’s part of a series, but I will be going back to check out the others. I’ve discovered another favorite author to read.

Thanks to the publisher for a review copy via NetGalley.
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"Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review."
Loved this book very much.  It had just enough sweet, sexy romance and the storyline was great! I highly recommend!
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I love Tawna's books all around and this one particularly pulled at me, having lost my husband 12 years ago.. Her balance of emotions in this novel and life lessons learned by the end makes this one of my favorite stories.  I absolutely loved the plot of this book and the honesty of Sarah and Ian's friendship is so heartwarming and felt perfect and real. It was a great combination of a slow simmer of forever love, with the perfect pinch of instant lusty heat. What a wonderful way to end a wonderful series..
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3.5 This is the 3rd in the series. I have not read the other two. I really do not know if reading the others would have helped but I don’t think so since this book stood alone if you ask me.

This is a story any fan of the genre has read a hundred times. Pact is made that if friends are not married by 30 they will marry each other. But one doesn’t believe in love and the other wants a marriage based in love. 

The writing was fine I just never really connected to the characters. I kept thinking they should have stayed friends. But there were times the romance fired and I enjoyed it but it was more like one step forward two steps back.

Fenske is a great writer this story just didn’t fall into one of my favs.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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There are a few authors who are able to balance a lighthearted, rom-com feel with a real depth of feeling and emotion, and do it well. Tawna Fenske is one of those authors.

Sarah Keating and Ian Nolan made that pact in college. You know the one – if you’re not married by the ripe old age of 30, you’ll marry each other. They haven’t spoken in years, other than random, shallow text messages, but they’re still connected via Facebook so they’re both aware of each other’s still-single status. On Sarah’s 30th birthday, she remembers the pact and reaches out to Ian, expecting to exchange their yearly “Happy Birthday!” “You, too” text message and nothing else, but a girl’s night involving several glasses of wine sees her taking the text conversation a little further.

Ian wants to do it; he wants to get married. He sees no reason they shouldn’t. They know each other well, they’re very fond of each other, they have great sex, and there’s no reason to expect they wouldn’t have a lasting, mutually beneficial marriage built on mutual affection and respect, not explosive passion that will burn out and lead to hurt feelings and eventual divorce.

Sarah takes some convincing, but she eventually comes around. I was a little concerned about how this would go. Sarah has always seen herself in a more traditional marriage that followed a more traditional courtship, but she can’t say she doesn’t see the appeal of being married to Ian Nolan. They’d been best friends in college, and based on their recent interactions, they still can be. Plus, the sex is off-the-charts fantastic.

Ian comes across as a bit of a cold fish at first. He’s determined not to fall in love, and his determination makes him seem almost cruel at times. He seems almost oblivious to how his actions and the things he says affect Sarah. But finding out his back story made him easier to understand. His parents’ divorce really did a number on him, and the death of his beloved younger brother cemented his belief that loving anyone brings about nothing about heartache and disappointment. He has decided that the type of marriage he’s proposing to Sarah is the best way to avoid it. So there’s more to his feelings than the usual “Women can’t be trusted!” nonsense we see so often in romance.

Ian may have come across as an emotional cold fish, but there was nothing cold about him in the bedroom. Or couch. Or steam room. Or car. The chemistry between Sarah and Ian was scorching hot. Based on that alone, I was sure they were going to be able to figure out their relationship, though not without some ups and downs in the middle.

The Last was a fun read. With the world in the shape it’s in, romantic comedy is a genre I’m trying to read more of. Fortunately for me, Tawna Fenske has an extensive backlist I can dive into.
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The last is the third book in The list series but it can be read as stand-alone. I liked the premise of the "if we are single when we reach 30 we will get married", but I found the execution a little lacking. I believe that for two people who were best friends for 10 years, Sarah and Ian were awkward with each other and not just in the transitioning part where they go from friends to lovers. The characters come with baggage that made things difficult for our main characters and added drama to the story. I feel like the book is somewhere in the middle in my scale of how much I liked a book. I do feel like the writing needed some improvement (no offense to the author), but it wasn't bad and I didn't have any trouble reading it.
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Sarah Keating is celebrating her 30th birthday by reminding herself that it is okay to be single, not married with kids, husband, house and all that she thought she would have at thirty. Her friends have also gotten some information out of her about a college friend Ian, who she normally texts birthday wishes to since his birthday is close to hers. When she does he immediately texts back and shortly thereafter he agrees to come over since he is in town. They had also agreed to marry when they were younger if not married by thirty. When she sees him standing at her door he does not look like she remembers, no better. That idea of marriage is looking better or it could be the alcohol. Spending some time together in their birthday suits blowing out candles with each other, they realize that being together would be good for both. That is until Sarah wants Ian not with a contract like he wants but just the two of them. Leaving Ian with a wait for it feelings, he does not know what to do. With the feelings or about Sarah. Will he pull his brains out of his Gluteus Maximus and get the woman or continue to sit on his feelings. Read this serious and funny story about two people.
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Girl meets boy, makes marriage pact for if their both single when they hit 30... years later when they are still single they meet up again and.... we’ll youll have to read the book. 

Cute story, good book.
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This story features Ian and Sarah. Ten years ago they were best friends and vowed that by the time they were 30, if they weren’t married, they’d  marry each other. Now, 10 years later, he’s so jaded against love and wants to marry her for companionship only. This story is about Ian’s  struggle against falling in love and Sarah falling in love with someone who doesn’t believe in love. 

The story has sad and tragic moments but it’s also about second chances and happiness.
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The character’s Ms Fenske creates are as entertaining as ever. Likeable characters throughout  a great series.
Review copy received from Entangled Publishing via Netgalley
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Holy raunchy loofahs, Batman! Boy is The Last one hot book, so if you’re in the mood for sexiness galore, a hunky ginger and a great time don’t miss this one!

Sarah and Ian were best friends in college, with great chemistry but never quite the right timing, they remained distant acquaintances through the years. Sarah’s 30th birthday, lots of champagne and some IMing brings Ian to her door to fulfill a pact that had been forgotten up until that night. If they were still single by age 30 they’d get married.

Both unattached but ready to settle down, they embark in a tryout period to make sure they are compatible to sustain a committed partnership… And although that isn’t exactly the way Sarah imagined her marriage being, well, she can’t deny they get along perfectly in every way and she hasn’t had any luck finding Mr. Right.

Ian’s heart broke with a loss in his past, and he isn’t willing to risk that kind of pain ever again. He has many reasons why this marriage of convenience will go the distance when those fueled by supposed love and passion fail.

I really liked Sarah and Ian both. Sarah was incredibly compassionate and loved her work. She was funny and sassy, sweet and caring. Ian was super sexy with his dirty mouth and bossiness in the bedroom (and the steam room, and the car, and the conference table… you know what I mean) and when he let his guard down and he left himself feel the connection he shared with Sarah was simply amazing.

I especially loved seeing them together, their chemistry was absurdly hot and they scorched my kindle screen every time with their sexnanigans. I will admit that Ian’s unwillingness to open up eventually got on my nerves, but as he eventually got his head out of his butt and went all out to win Sarah, all was forgiven… did I mention he could dirty talk like a boss?

Engaging, sweet and incredibly hot, The Last was an amazing read I enjoyed from start to finish.

*I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book*
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Fenske makes frustrating endearing. For Sarah and Ian the road less travelled, could end up leading them home. Nobody can make me laugh as frequently and uproariously as she can. The personality flaws that make us human are what makes her characters so irresistible. She never hides the imperfections. She highlights them with wit and heart. The Last is a winner all the way.
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3.75 stars--THE LAST is the third instalment in Tawna Fenske’s contemporary, adult THE LIST erotic, romance  series. This is thirty year olds, aviation specialist Ian Nolan, and social worker Sarah Keating’s story line.  THE LAST can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary.

Told from dual first person perspectives (Ian and Sarah) THE LAST follows the friends to lovers / marriage of convenience relationship between thirty year olds, aviation specialist Ian Nolan, and social worker Sarah Keating. Celebrating her thirtieth birthday, Sarah Keating texted her college best friend Ian Nolan, who reminded our heroine about a pact they made years before promising one another if neither one had married by their thirtieth birthdays, they would become one another’s significant others. In town for a job, Ian Nolan offers Sarah a marriage of convenience that would benefit them both. What ensues is the rebuilding friendship and relationship between Sarah and Ian, and the fall-out as Sarah wants something more than Ian is able or willing to give.

Ian Nolan doesn’t believe in love, and continues to struggle with the death of his younger brother.  Reconnecting with Sarah brings with it memories of the past including the losses and regrets of his earlier days. Sarah Keating has always wanted marriage and a family but Ian’s offer of marriage doesn’t include a happily ever after, and no promises of love.

The relationship between Sarah and Ian is a friends to lovers; a marriage of convenience between two people who love one another but are not necessarily in love. As the days turn into weeks, Sarah’s heart is lost to the man that she loves but Ian is unable to offer more. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

The good-natured and colorful, secondary and supporting characters include Simon and Cassie (The List #1), and Simon’s sister Junie: Lisa and Dax (The Test #2), as well as several friends, co-workers and extended family.

THE LAST is a story of family, friendship, promises and love with moments of heart break and grief.  The premise is captivating; the characters are likeable and energetic; the romance is steamy and hot. THE LAST is a fun, sexy and heart felt.




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Rating 4/5

This book was laugh-out-loud one of the most hilarious romances I've read! The dialogue here was witty and sarcastic and I loved it!
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Sweet fluffy friends to lovers second chance romance with a difference.

They were best friends in collage but after a heartbreaking loss Ian left and over the years they only kept in contact via texts around eachothers birthday. Sarah's questioning her life on her birthday and one thing leads to another.. which eventually had Ian popping up. They were never intimate during their collage years but that didn't mean there wasn't feelings flying around for at least one of them.  

Fast forward a few years, some drastic life changes and obviously growing up and we're at the now. 

Things between Ian and Sarah escalated super quickly physically. Straight up they jumped right into it. Lucky for them it felt natural because despite years apart, they knew eachother. The chemistry between them is palpable and I could feel that connection for the getgo. 

Their journey isn't easy because despite having that easy relationship the pair are on different pages emotionally. Ian is locked up tighter that Fort Knox and Sarah has dreamed of marriage,kids and a white picket fence for years. You can see how this would cause an issue right?.

Despite jumping into it quickly their relationship was a slow build. It's never as simple as keeping your emotions at bay and they quickly realised how difficult that was going to be. I think the author did a great job at showing all sides of their relationship, giving us layers to their story. It's emotional but sweet, funny and hella sexy to!. There a good balance without all the unnecessary drama or fillers. 

It's a cute read that is easy to love. Both characters are very likeable and easy to relate to. The story is seemlessly written and perfectly transitions the characters from friends to lovers without a hitch!. Also you have some great side characters and old characters from previous books popping in which of course is a absolute pleasure!. 

Over all I really enjoyed it!. It a sweet light read that will make you smile! True romance at its best.
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