Willful Depravity

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This was an easy read for me. Erotic and sensual with a dash of the forbidden. Giles has a thing for art and big girls. He also has a father who hates that he has both those things and wants to see those things destroyed. Patience has been told all her life that she needs to be smaller to get a good match, but when Giles approaches her with his request, she sees an opportunity to finally get something for just herself.

The road to love is not an easy one, and this is much the same, because this is no easy path. 
Although an  historical novel, the author i think took leeway in a few bits of the book, but i liked it nonetheless. 

My thanks to Netgalley and the Publisher for a chance to read a copy of this book.
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A printers overweight daughter is shamed in society. Then meets a handsome marquess with a taste for seducing and painting women of her size. The plot was good, though it was listed as erotic, but I’m not sure if that’s where I’d list this one.  It was must more angst filled than erotic.
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I was hopeful for this title as plus size heroines are few and far between in romance in general and particularly historicals and the premise was one that I felt had promise. Unfortunately, the character development and flow of the story don't live up to the potential of the book. I didn't feel a strong connection to the characters, which caused the sex scenes to seem flat. If you want a book with a plus size heroine, then this will serve, but it isn't the best example out there.
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Willful Depravity is a fast read, a bodice ripper in the literal sense of the phrase, and an interesting story also. It was an engaging story about a plus sized woman in a world of waifs; a Marquess with an artists mind and sensibilities; and the family dynamics that surround them. It was an enjoyable read.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Ingrid Hahn for the chance to read this book. I will keep my review simple.
A true BBW
Interesting Plot when they weren't "doing" it

Totally unlikable hero and heroine
Tired over used villains
not historically accurate not even a little bit

I wanted to like it, I just really didn't
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Sadly, I had no choice but to DNF after just 3 chapters due to extreme fatphobia. The heroine never forgets about her weight and is always defined by it. There is mention of disordered eating plus thin mean girls taunting the heroine in the beginning of the first chapter. The hero fetishized her in a gross way that made me uncomfortable. He refuses to dance with her at a fancy ball, presumably because he is ashamed to be seen with her in public. 

On top of that, there is a scene at the library where she tries to scoot away from him and pull her skirts down but he stop her, pushes her hand away, tells her to relax and proceeds to have oral sex with her. That is a clear consent violation.

For all these reasons, I won't be finishing this book.
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I give this book 4 stars. The storyline between Patience and Giles was a well written historical romance. I recommend this book. I loved this erotic romance.  They meet at a party. Where Patience told of three women who were commenting on her weight. I voluntarily reviewed this Advanced Readers Copy of this book.
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A historical romance with far more depth than it appears to, this novel is both masterfully written and dangerously erotic. What initially appears to be just a heat driven romance in which the overweight heroine gets to experience carnal pleasures of the flesh quickly turns into an emotional read involving dynamic characters. In fact, its story and characters are both nicely fleshed out creating a well rounded novel that is entertaining and satisfying. 

Some may be put off by the graphic nature of the leads’ relationship. That being said, if you are looking for a historical romance that is as steamy as it is well written, this is definitely a novel for you.
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This one just didn't really keep my attention. I tried several times to sit down and get into it, but each time I found myself shifting to something else in my library. I'm sure that others would enjoy it, the writing was good, but the plot just didn't hold my attention.
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Willful Depravity is a wickedly erotic romance novel featuring Giles, The Marquess of Ashcroft and and beautiful Patience. The romance between GIles and Patience starts of with the physical relationship and develops into much more between them as the story line continues. 

What is a perfect romance without a bit of conflict and drama, and Willful Depravity provides that as well in this even paced romance. I liked the book and really like Patience as she seems authentic. 

There is a fine balance on how to handle plus size women in romance novels, and I do think that author Ingrid Hahn tries to address that with Patience's self image and Gile's adoration of her beauty. The novel is pretty decent, but of course there is a lot of attention drawn to Patience's size and her struggle to accept herself and have a good self esteem. I saw that the two main characters have depth and substance (and healthy appetites)...but did not see other characters within the novel with such depth... Overall a good read!
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This was a DNF for me.  I really tried but I didn’t feel any connection between the hero and heroine.  I didn’t like how he described her in his mind and although he seemed to not care she was overweight this played a huge part of the story when I just felt it should have been stated and then progress to a love story without the weight issues.
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Rating: 3.95 🌟

CW: explicit sex, homomisic slurs, past abuse, fatmisia, ableist slurs, 

“......you always have the power to say no . Always.” 

Giles and consent y'all. He refused to touch Patience until he was sure she was 100% into him touching her and I appreciate that so much. And then Patience does the same for him, for the first time someone else gives him the same offer and he's confused. Consent goes both ways my good people. 

Another thing I really loved about this book was that Patience wasn't ashamed about masturbating—or sex for that matter. She thought about it, and she did it. And the writer doesn't shy away from discription about it. It is what it is.

Patience is a fat woman and at one point in her life she felt bad about it, mostly because everyone else made her feel bad about it. But she's learned to accept herself as she is, learned to be okay with the body she has because there is nothing wrong with the body she has! I relate so much to this. It's taken years for me to be okay with my own body and to not let others views on my body affect me.

One of the things that were kind of cringey about this book was the descriptions for Giles's penis. Like, yeah, it was a bit much.

And that thing that I see often when women are big. It's like they have to be shown eating in order to be believable as big women. Like, okay, to be fair, Patience doesn't eat as much as ive seen other fat characters in other stories, but she's also described endalging in large quantities of chocolate. Like you don't need to have the character stuff their face to show that theyre fat, mentioning that they're fat is enough.

Another thing that kind of made me iffy is the part that mentions Giles attraction to big women. Maybe it's not supposed to, but for me, personally, it reads like he's got a fetish. There's nothing wrong with that, don't get me wrong, it's just....... eh.

But overall this was enjoyable and I may reread it.
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This book is only in Mini-Reviews because I didn't want to write a five page essay on fat rep, unnecessarily evil villains, and unsexy sex. So, pretend I did all of that, and feel free to find me on Twitter or via email for specifics.

The heroine is fat, and I don't believe she hates herself. However. Everyone around her hates her for being fat (or at the very least, hates her fat) except for the hero, who seems to have a fat fetish. She never gets to just be a person. She's not simply beautiful, she's beautiful in spite of/because of her weight.

Don't get me started on the hero's father, who is cartoon villain levels of E-V-I-L. He kills the hero's horse. WHY?! Because the hero loved it.

Aaaaanyway, there's also the part where the author repeatedly uses the word "quim," which is worse than "moist" in my book. (Give me a lovely "cunt" any day.) There's no real connection between the hero and heroine, just sex that I didn't find sexy. 

Overall, I'm giving this one a big 'ole pass. When it didn't actively hurt to read, it was boring.

Suzanne received a copy of this book from the publisher for review via NetGalley.
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Great characters and an entertaining story, however it really didn’t feel like a historical read to me.  I enjoyed the story and getting to know Patience and Giles.  The story has plenty of drama the chemistry is steamy.  I liked it.
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An old English story romance which I normally do not read. This though was not your normal book. Patience Emery is tired of people talking about her size and they have been doing it for years, now she is standing up for herself. After her give and take with some local girls. She has caught the eye of Giles Warrington Hale, Marquees of Ashcroft. He would like to paint her, but without any cloths and of course he also makes it known to her that he is attracted to her. Later that night at a party in town he asks her to meet him in the library and you are given a taste as to part of this story, when Giles shows her that he likes her nectar. This brings new confidence to Patience and leads the two of them to find time to be together. While all of this is happening you also have Giles father not liking that he is wasting his time as a painter, and not preparing to be a Duke. The father is mean and nasty especially when he finds the two of them together naked. He takes his verbal wrath on Patience first then his son. What happens next is despicable, but goes along with the story. Patience goes looking for Giles after some time especially when she finds out what had happened to him and it is not until Giles mother shows up that she is able to handle the Duke. This is a good story with very good characters that I think would fit the time period. I liked both of the two lead characters. The sex scenes are hot and add to the story. Overall a good book.
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A lusty artist meets his match in a confident printer’s daughter in Willful Depravity. Ingrid Hahn has delivered an erotic historical romance with a lot of potential and mixed results.

One of my favorite things about this story was Patience’s self-love. She’s spent her whole life hearing that she should lose weight, that she’d be pretty if only she did, but Patience is happy with how she looks and I loved that. Her confidence only grows over the course of the story and the positivity in this book was one of its best features. Giles, the depraved marquess, is immediately captivated by Patience. It’s lust at first sight for both of them and there is plenty of enjoyable, steamy scenes throughout the book. Yet while the attraction between them is undeniable and I had no problem believing they would risk plenty to have a lusty holiday, I had a bit harder time believing in the love story part of it. There isn’t much romantic development in Willful Depravity, which is a pity. The characters tell us they’re in love, but there’s no real indication of why, aside from a physical attraction. The romance element rang false, and perhaps if the characters had been a bit more layered the actual romance would have worked better.

The road to happily ever after is not an easy one for Patience and Giles. The main obstacle is Giles’s father, whose sneering contempt definitely comes alive on the page. But the man is such a black-hatted villain that he fell flat and I didn’t really buy the somewhat clunky resolution to his plotline. There’s a lot of potential to Willful Depravity, but it did fall short on a couple of fronts. That being said, it’s not a bad book and I really liked a lot of the elements. Patience is a likeable, relatable heroine and Giles is a sexy, fun hero. With characters like that, it’s impossible not to like their story, flaws and all.
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This was an interesting book for a historical romance. It was nice to read about a woman of a bit larger size trying to find a man to accept her the way she was. Even her own mother was always on her about her weight. It was a refreshing take on the issue.
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First time author for me and I enjoyed this very much, the characters are interesting and the storyline is good.

I received a copy from Netgalley and I am voluntarily leaving my own honest opinion
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Ingrid Hahn is a new author to me and I enjoyed this steamy story! I thought Giles and Patience were refreshingly progressive characters. Once Patience discovered a new world, she stopped at nothing to have and keep what she wanted. It was nice to see an unlikely heroine get the guy. I will definitely be looking for more from this author.
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***ARC  was provided to me for a fair and honest review***

Overall rating: 3/5 a duke’s son is into painting and large women

Heroine (Patience): 3.5/5 A daughter of a successful printer, she is on the fringe of upper society but aspires to be seen and accepted by the ton. 

Hero (Giles): 3.5/5 Marquess of Ashcroft, heir and only son to the Duke of Silverlund is gifted with the skill to paint and chooses to use that gift to depict his sexual partners.

Plot: 3/5 Patience is sick of people only taking note of her size and writing her off. She longs to be accepted for who she is. After noticing her across the room, Giles makes an interesting proposition. He wants to paint and have sex with patience, they would go north for a few days and enjoy each other and both would walk away from the trip. But can either walk away after what they shared?

Personal Review: I liked that Giles built up her confidence in herself and she could stand on her own two feet, becoming strong enough to return the favor when the need arises. The pacing was decent and the villain was good if not slightly over the top. 

My biggest problem with the BBW narrative is the acceptance of the weight. You can love yourself and also desire to be healthier. This is coming from an overweight women who has struggled with their weight for much of her life.
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