Warrior Nights

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Warrior Nights is the 2nd book in this Author's Odin's Bastard Series  , a Norse mythology themed storyline .

When Kara shows up on Liam Wolfson's doorstep in a remote Colorado mountain town it's a sign that Liam's past is not forgotten BUT Kara's is for she has amnesia . She does not know how she got there or why but does remember that they have a past .
 They both want to solve the mystery of why she is here and what that will mean for them .but at what cost
As Kara starts to remember her past, , she and Liam also rekindle their hot affair. But trouble is on its way. Both of them are in danger and must work together to keep their new home safe. 
Can they find their happy ever after or will her returned memories and abilities put them in further danger .
Will she be able to defend Liam from the Mercenaries sent to kill him or will they fail ?

This was an enjoyable para-normal romance with a good dose of Norse Mythology thrown in .
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own
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Kara has fallen from grace. In other words, she's no longer a Valkyrie and finds herself walking on earth with hardly any memory. Really, the only thing she can recollect is the time she spent with Liam Wolfson. When she arrives on his doorstep, she finds he doesn't have the answers she needs to discover who she is. However, when the past collides with the present, Liam and Kara find they'll need to trust each other to survive the people coming after them. Will Liam and Kara be able to keep each other safe or will they die trying?

Ms. Nantus does it again in writing a wonderfully-crafted, fast-paced, absolutely enthralling paranormal romance that I could not put down for even a second. Then again, a story encompassing a Valkyrie, a sexy hero, a few mentions of Ragnarok, Gods such as Odin and Freyja, and a good dose of suspense is a book too hard to pass up in reading for a reader that loves romance suspense and all things mythological. The way this story started had me loving the hero and heroine immediately and also had me sympathizing with the pair, as the hero is determined to atone for his past and having the heroine back in his life is trouble waiting to happen. Will someone discover how much of a connection they have and will they use it against Liam?

As for the dialogue, it was intense and utterly captivating due to the main characters back stories, the suspense that had me worried for Liam and Kara, and the obstacles these two face to be together. Will the hero be able to accept the fact that Kara was a Valkyrie? Will the heroine return to her duties as a Valkyrie? Will the pair be able to defeat the people coming after them? Moreover, both the main characters are fantastic and so are the secondary characters who definitely make this story exciting because of the suspense and interesting with the way people of a small town are so big on gossip and getting to know everyone. 

With the main characters, I loved the heroine's resilience, her courage and her determination to get to the bottom of who she was. How did she come to find herself on Liam's doorstep? Why can't Kara remember what happened to cause her to lose her memory? I also liked how determined she is to help Liam because she's not going to let him face whoever they're up against alone. Luckily, she's almost as skilled as he is. If not more skilled, considering everything she learnt as a Valkyrie. While the hero, I loved his confidence when it comes to going up against the bad guys since he has some serious skills. I also loved his determination to protect the heroine. She doesn't deserve to be dragged into the mess they find themselves in. Yet, what I liked most of all is that Kara doesn't back down from anything and challenged the hero.

Overall, Ms. Nantus has delivered a superb read in this book where the chemistry between this couple was off-the-charts; the romance was full of heat and passion; and the ending had me worried for the main characters, but had me loving how things work out for the best for these two. However, it was the ending that wrapped this story up perfectly, as Kara has exciting news. I would recommend Warrior Nights by Sheryl Nantus, if you enjoy paranormal romance, the second chance romance trope or books by authors Nina Croft, Dana Marie Bell, Gina L. Maxwell and Abigail Owen.
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Warrior Nights by Sheryl Nantus is the second story in her Odin's Bastard series, an exciting and action packed paranormal romance with a Norse mythology theme. 

When Kara shows up on Liam Wolfson's doorstep in a remote Colorado mountain town it's a sign that Liam's past is not forgotten, despite his efforts to make amends for his previous mercenary acts. Kara has amnesia, no idea how she got there or why but with the knowledge that she and Liam have a history. Liam, who has made for himself a new identity, remembers the sexy week he spent a year ago in Las Vegas with Kara (no last names exchanged) that ended when she disappeared. Why she's here now and what that means is a mystery they both want solved. 

As Kara starts to remember her past, jogged especially by books at the local library featuring images of Norse Gods and Valkyries, she and Liam also rekindle their heated affair. But trouble is on its way. Both of them are in danger and must work together to keep their new home safe. Can they redeem themselves in the eyes of the Gods and find their happy ever after? 

I'm really enjoying this series! Kara is a Valkyrie, and in the first book in the series, Her Alpha Viking, she is the villain. She had become jaded and unsympathetic to human struggles and she's been given one more chance to change and prove herself worthy. Liam is exactly the kind of man whom she once would have picked up from the battlefield and thrust into Helheim, but he too is working on his redemption. Once a hardened ex-soldier for hire, now his goal is to prove with his actions that he can be a better man, doing charitable works for the town he wants to call home. 

Together they make a powerful force when a mercenary group comes to town with a contract to kill Liam. He's more worried about the townspeople getting hurt in the crossfire than himself, knowing that he deserves what happens to him. Only with Kara regaining her memory and her abilities can they defeat the bad guys. Along the way, they share some sexy love scenes and deepen their emotional bond. Several townspeople have important roles as secondary characters, including the police chief Marie (she's on the cover too). There are several exciting and intense scenes and the happy ending is very satisfying. If you like paranormal romances, this is a refreshingly different and unique series! 

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The second book in the Odin’s Bastards series a thrill a minute ride that keeps readers glued to its pages. Liam and Kara are two strong, bold characters that really stand out and grab readers’ attentions as they struggle with personal demons and outside forces. Their romance is full of sizzling chemistry, blistering passion and lots of emotional turmoil, the kind centering on their inner demons and which really lets readers get to know their characters. Their romance is also hampered by Kara’s inability to remember who she is, what she is and where she came from which adds to the sense of expectation of events to come.

The fast pace and smooth flowing plot is full of thrilling anticipation, dangerous excitement, good deeds and the drive to be better. The suspense builds as Liam and Kara try to find the key to unlocking Kara’s memory and with some surprising twists danger comes calling from Liam’s past, a past that may put Liam back on the wrong path. This fascinating series has just gotten better with this new addition and the world is mysterious and exciting with the author’s own spin to Norse mythology and the Valkyries. Entering this world causes readers to become completely under its spell from beginning to end and maybe even beyond.
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This is the second book in the series but can be read as a stand-alone.  Kara has fallen from grace and is no longer a Valkyrie.  She doesn’t remember her previous life but does remember Liam.  Sparks fly between them but will their previous lives catch up to them?  Fast-paced read with lots of drama and suspense.  The story is entertaining and really draws you in.  I liked it.
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Odin's Bastards #2, I love Norse Mythology so the idea of Valkyries really appealed to me. The first half of the book was slow getting to the point, it establishes Liam and Kara's relationship past and present while Kara tries to remember who she is but other than that nothing much happens. The second half of the book picks up it has lots of action, suspense everything is revealed and it has a really nice ending.

Liam was a paid assassin until he had his come to Jesus moment after that he dropped everything, gave all his blood money away and started his life over determined to make up for his past misdeeds. Liam found himself in a quaint little mountain town he became a jack of all trades and became Jack. One dark and stormy night that all changed, Kara shows up on his doorstep. If you have read the first book you can guess why Kara is all alone with no memory and only brief glimpses of a man she once knew, for the rest of us newbs we don't figure it out until much later.

Kara and Liam met a year ago and spent a week together, one long sex capade. Liam worked hard to cover his tracks and is at first leery when Kara shows up, but that soon changes to desire and they both give. Together they work in peace for a while until the group Liam use to work with shows up now Liam and Kara have to protect the town from them and brave a snow storm.

Overall despite the really slow beginning it ended well and the characters were great. This can be read as a stand alone, thankfully. The narrative was intriguing; the slow beginning was mysterious I wanted to find out what had happened. I am glad I didn't give up because the ending really paid off. I liked the build up of the relationship between Kara and Liam because you see that it's more than the physical attraction; they give into it fairly quickly but they also connect on a deeper level they trust each other and genuinely like each other despite their pasts and will stand by each other through thick and thin. Thank you to Entangled for this ARC, as always this review is honestly and Voluntarily Given
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Who’s looking for a smart, sexy, romantic suspense with a slight PNR twist? You’ll find it in Warrior Nights. It’s the second book in this terrific Odin’s Bastards series, but it truly stands alone.

I loved the dynamic between Liam and Kara. How Liam, though living a completely different life—a life of goodness and helping those in need—than when their paths crossed a year ago, never hesitated in taking in Kara. 

And Kara, she’s a hot mess. She has no recollection of how she ended up on Liam’s doorstep. She only knows her name and his. But as her memory flickers back to life, she’s remembering things that should only be written about in fairy tales—or seen in nightmares. Is she going crazy or is Valhalla real and Valkyries too.

But as the days pass, Kara and Liam integrate themselves more and more into small town life. And they find themselves quickly falling for each other. When danger to Liam, Kara and the town arrives, will they run or will they fight? 

I absolutely loved the romance between Liam and Kara. Loved how they both grew as people through their experiences and through their love of each other. I also loved the dynamic between Kara and Liam and their fellow townspeople. That they loved the town and Liam and Kara too. This Odin’s Bastards series is such fun and it keeps you guessing as to just what is really going to happen with the Valkyries in the end.
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Warrior Nights by Sheryl Nantus is a standalone romance novel with thriller elements.
Liam Wolfson, aka Jack Hammerson is living a quiet life. He works a generic job, lives in a generic house and stays for himself. Thst all is about to change when his past in form of a woman shows up on his doorstep.
Kara suffers fromk amnesia. She doesn't know who she is, where she came from and why she's on the doorstep of this handsome strangers. She literally falls into his arms and together they discover what happened and who are the men who hunt them down.
Jack has a lot of skeletons in the closet and these threaten both, the hero and the heroine.

Warrior Nights is a fast paced, captivating read with twists and turns that kept me at the edge of my seat and made me read the story in one sitting, they made me. The writing is great and I connected with the characters. I liked the story and give 4,5 stars.
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A phenomenal mix of the mundane and the magical!
The story line was a fast-paced but smoothly flowing - From the opening storm to the final strike of lightning - I was engaged and excited with the turn of each page to see what surprises were in store for our cast next. The author did a superb job of building the suspense tossing in some substantial twists and casting a bit of misdirection throughout the story line 
Characters -
 Liam-  A retired assassin who just wanted to start over - was that too much to ask? 
Kara - An amnesia suffering heroine that we truly do not know a whole lot about - she gets flashes of memory but are they real? or is she truly losing her mind?
A small town of very entertaining and at times surprising supporting characters
Warrior Nights is filled with action and suspense with a background of romance
Does not disappoint! 
Definitely, recommend for those who enjoy fantasy/paranormal packed with action and suspense
*Note - This is the first book I have read from this author, the copy I read was a comp to me, from my understanding this is not the first in this series - I had no trouble reading this as a standalone and will be investigating this author further as I found her work well written and highly entertaining
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This is a new author for me and to tell the truth it is not what I expected, what I found was a well written and exciting suspense story with wonderful characters, I just need to go grab the first book in this series.

I received a copy from  Netgalley and I am voluntarily leaving my own honest opinion
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This one was really, really good with the suspense and secrets that were going on there.
One night Kara just appeared on the doorstep of Liam's house with no memory of who she is or was. She just knows that she knows him (a feeling) and his name. Yes, that sucks. But... what if he's hiding and now could blow it away?
But there is a connection between them everything will be going on so fast that your head will be spinning and there will be lots of hot scenes as their connection will be palpable!
Really good contemporary romance with paranormal elements that add a good intriguing layer to the whole story.
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Liam is attempting to salvage his soul.  Once an assassin, he finally got to his breaking point and went off the grid.  Now he lives in Nowheresville and is enjoying small town life as the local handyman.  But Fate has decided Liam's life has been far too placid and decides to dump a tempting morsel right in his lap.

Kara (the beotch of a Valkyrie from book 1!) had a bit of a torrid one-weeker with Liam in Vegas before Liam began his self-enforced redemption.  But she arrives at his door and has no clue how she got there or even who she is.  She only recalls his name and that she feels safe with him.  

But as Kara's memory resurfaces will she remember everything about her time with Liam?  Or will she realise that there is more to her landing on his doorstep than she thought?

I'm a sucker for all sorts of mythology and the Norse Pantheon do tend to get forgotten about (well except Thor obv!).  Whilst there is artistic licence, the storyline stays pretty close to the main traits of the Odin and the Valkyries.  I was worried I wouldn't like this book as much as book 1 because Kara was such a beotch but she actually grew on me!  Really enjoyed the parallel redemption storylines and the love and understanding shown by the townspeople to Liam and Kara.

The final battle scene was awesome - it was in my head like a movie set! Well worth a read!
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Not my kind of book. The synopsis does a good outline of the storyline (where I managed to get thru which wasn’t very far, just about 60pgs); it was mainly the heroine that I found hard to connect to, as more was revealed.

Liam and Kara had a week long fling (think a marathon sex week) in Las Vegas “no commitments, no questions asked, 1st names only” sort of fling where she picks him up at a bar (ugh) and takes him to her suite, all paid with by a stolen credit card that she filches off a “careless woman – serve her right for not being responsible with her stuff” (more ugh).

Kara has amnesia and somehow lands at Liam’s doorstep uttering his name. He takes her in – he definitely remembers her! – and not only gives her a place to stay when she has nothing with her but literally the clothes on her back, but goes everything out of his way to help her figure out her identity.

Given his past, he is well armed (pistol, blade!) and is instinctively defensive when surprised. I found it weird that Kara goes all “OMG, what are you and can I trust you? You better come clean on who you are” when that happens after he takes her in (she happily allows him to take her in) & he tells her all the details about his sordid past then. 

I stopped reading soon thereafter. The story didn’t make sense even given it’s fiction and PNR at that.
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Sheryl Nantus has solidified herself as one of my go to fantasy/paranormal authors with Warrior Nights.  This is the second book in the Odin’s Bastards series and is truly a standalone read. Surprisingly, I found myself a little disappointed that Brenna and Eric from Her Alpha Viking did not make an appearance. However, I can completely understand why they didn’t.

In Her Alpha Viking, Kara was cast in the villainess role. She took her mission regarding Brenna and Eric too far. The result was her banishment from Valhalla. Now she has been cast down to Earth with no memory of her past or how she ended up on the doorstep of Liam Wolfson.

After leaving the military, Liam’s only skillset was killing. He turned that into a lucrative career as an assassin. Liam excelled at his job, until one day a series of events made him rethink his life. Liam walked away from everything, including his last contract, without completing the job. He changed his name and is now on the run. “To try and erase the red from my ledger. I help who I can when I can.” For the past year, he has been Jack Hammerson, working at a bottling company and helping out where he can in the small Colorado town of Everett’s Ridge aka the Ridge.

On a stormy night, he awakens to hear a strange noise outside his door. Upon opening the door, Kara stumbles into his arms calling him Liam. He immediately recognizes her, but the question becomes how did she find him. It’s true the two met over a year ago in Las Vegas and spent a no-strings attached week together, but they parted ways without any way to contact each other. If Kara can find him so can his enemies. In his gut, Liam knows this can only mean his past is catching up with him. “When it’s the right time, you will remember.” Enlisting the help of the local sheriff, Kara and Liam wait for answers about who she is. They also discover the passion they felt in Las Vegas still burns hot.

When they least expect it, Liam's past reappears in the form of The Sons of Cain, a mercenary group known for their perfect success rate. With a massive winter storm cutting the town off from help, Liam and Kara must figure out how to save the town and the people they have grown to love. “Tell me how we can save the Ridge.” Start by remembering who you are and what you once were. “I’m a warrior. I don’t retreat or surrender.” Well then. “Fly Valkyrie, fly. Fight for what you love. For who you love.” And so with the lives of those they love and care about on the line, these two warriors go to battle, knowing it could very well be their last. May the Gods be with them as they fight to redeem themselves and save the town and its people.

I loved Warrior Nights. My biggest complaint about Her Alpha Viking was that I didn't feel it was intense enough. Warrior Nights made up for that. It was intense, with the added bonus of a little suspense. From the beginning, I was rooting for Kara and Liam. Sheryl did a really good job of showing readers how Kara and Liam became the people they are today. I liked that we were introduced to Dark Valkyries and got a glimpse of what their lives are like. Warrior Nights wasn't predictable. In fact, one of the reasons I loved it so much was the twist thrown in.

The heroine of the next book is introduced in this one. There was just enough of her to know that her job is wearing on her. I hope I’m correct in sensing that the next book is going to be epic. Seriously, I wish I could read it now. The Odin’s Bastards series is binge worthy and definitely belongs on your keeper shelf.
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Rating 3.5/5

I was very intrigued for this book (mostly because of the beautiful cover) and I'm so sad to say that the story didn't compare to it :( The pacing was way too slow - it didn't pick up until 3/4 in) and for a paranormal genre it lacked a lot of paranormal things. The plotline was enjoyable and i could see where the author wanted to take this, however, it fell through and didn't meet my expectations for it.
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*I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Damn, this one hurts. After reading the first one, I was already hesitant in picking this up, but that cover was just too tempting! (Side note, glad the cover was adjusted from the one I was given 😉)

Kara is the only returning character from the first book (yes, this can be read as a stand alone). In this installment, we meet her, unconscious, at the door of a mysterious man who actually recognizes her, even though she has no memory of who she is or how she knows him (even though she knows his real name). As she starts putting the pieces together, the question becomes, is she there to save him, or kill him? 

Liam, aka Jack, knows the woman at his apartment. In fact, he knows her very intimately. But that was a year ago and she walked out in him. So why is she here now and how did she find him? Is his past coming back to haunt him? 

Just like the first installment, I felt like there was something missing. In my opinion, nothing really “happened” until mid way through the book and even that dragged for me. And besides reading about the Valkyrie in books, nothing PNR-y happens until the last couple of chapters. And since these two already had a sexual past, I didn’t even “feel” those scenes. Sigh....I’m so sorry 😐
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Warrior Nights was incredibly unique. I loved the plot! Sheryl Nantus completely captured me with Liam and Kara's story.

I love mythology, especially Norse. Mix in a former assassin and a woman with amnesia and it completely had me!

Though this is the second book in the Odin's Bastard series, it holds it's own and can be enjoyed as a standalone. I will be going back and read the first book. I loved Liam completely and Kara was an excellent character. I blasted through this book because I needed to know what was coming next. It was an amazing read, one I definitely recommend.
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I start this review by saying that the cover of the book does not do it justice. Thankfully I was not dissuaded, and found that the content of the story was exciting and a little addictive too. As a fan of Norse mythology, I was curious to see where the author would go with this second story and was fascinated by the plot, and the chemistry between Kara and Liam was intense. There’s no lack of action and danger in this book and I personally felt this was a much better story than book one.
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I love this series, well written and characters are awesome. Can't wait for the next one.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the advance read
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I've previously read a sci fi story by this author which I found very entertaining so was obviously interested in what she would do with what seemed to be a paranormal story. I don't see a lot of books around that take on Norse mythology and if honest I wasn't exactly overwhelmed by the synopsis but still i was piqued enough to want to discover more and actually I thought it far better than I expected.
Essentially we have an assassin trying hard to change his ways and actually do good following a life changing and terrifying event. Did Liam actually see what he thought or was battle fatigue affecting him ?
Kara has no memory and yet somehow turns up at Liams door knowing his name. Liam has vivid recollections of one very passionate week with Kara and for some odd reason trusts her as they both reconnect and try to discover who Kara really is. Their search for answers brings horrific consequences though as the past starts to catch up but Liam isn't the only one who is deadly !
Ok I really wasn't impressed by the cover and it nearly stopped me downloading this but I'm glad I did . I thought that even though there are tentative links to the Norse world (particularly at the end ) this worked pretty well as a straightforward good versus bad guys story. I'm very used to Greek mythology playing a part in paranormal romance so this series has great potential but alas for this reader it lacked a little something although frankly I can't quite say what was missing for me. An enjoyable read and one that I found easily filled my afternoon.
This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair.
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