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Stars: 3 Stars

Start Date : 01/01/2020 Ending Date: 01/25/2020

Genre: Erotic Romantic Fiction

Form: Digital E-Galley( Arc)

Page Count: 384

Publishing Date: 2019

Point of View:  3rd Person

Setting: Modern Day UK


I don’t know if that was better or worse than The Red…

Plot: So the Rose is the sequel to the Red which takes place 21 years after the ending of the Red. Lia, our main character ,is the daughter of Mona , the main character of the Red. On her graduation party from college, her dad gifts her the Rose Kylix , an ancient greek cup which is said to have magical properties . During her party she mets August Bowman, a mysterious gentleman that wants the cup for himself which Lia’s dad bought it from an auction from him.  Come to found out that the cup is a cup by Eros and which grants the drinker of it any sexual fantasy they want to play out. ( So it’s ancient sex toy by the gods) In order to get out the trouble, Lia finds herself making a deal to sell the cup to August for a Million pounds ( 1.3 million US Dollars) to pay off her blackmailing ” ex” David who found out she have her own escort service. Along with the deal, August agrees to having sex with her for the week to see how the cup works. In the Red, Mona had sexaual fantasies in painting but in this one Lia have sexual fantasies using Greek Mythology( Andromeda/Perseus, Briseis/ Achilles, Eros/ Psyche to name a few) which this all takes place in week where chaos ensues.

For the most part, it was ok but one part of the plot nagged at me for some reason (which I’m going to get in detail later . Lia and August interactions was cute and witty for the most part. August was pretty much had a body of a greek good but was funny as hell  The sex in this was wat=y tamer than in The Red by a long shot. Shit The Red had an Orgy,Beastilty, Lactation, A threeseome and BDSM in it. This barely had a threesome or oral sex in it. The scenes where each greek sexual myth plays out where too long to get to the actual errotic scence. I’m all for set up not the whole scene is 29 pages long where the last 5 pages is where the actual sex happens.  Honestly the sex scenes that was not in the mythology scenes was hotter.

Lia for the most part was kind of a prude even tho she’s a madam which makes sense with her family’s rep of being scandalous. It’s in her family’s blood to be sexual which if you read the Red you understand big time. I mean her great grandfather had a painting porn collection and went the brothels every single day. Her dad and mom pretty much got together because her mom had the painting of her great grandfather which her dad pretty much said he was going to marry her and turn her into a whore to get that painting. It was confirmed that Lia was conceived on their wedding night so right after the events of the Red. So I was kind of shocked that knowing her family’s history that she never told her parents about her being a madam which leads in to my main problem with this story.

How Lia being a madam weighs more than certain things that a certain character did. 

The villain of this story is named David Bell who pretty much trying to blackmail Lia by telling her he will go to the her a parents, the police and press about her being a madam. Four years prior to the events of The Rose, David was a 37 year old artist from New York who was painting a mural for her parents house that 17 year old Lia which had a huge crush on. She confessed her love from him which one night she lost her virginity to him. ( I’m about to get to that in a min) Which later on that night, she found out that he also had sex with her mom since her parents have an open marriage. Her being heartbroken, she told him to leave or she’ll tell her parents what happen. He leaves and lose a lot of  commissions but comes back to blackmail her.

Here’s the thing.

How the hell can  you blackmail Lia when you was a  37 year old MAN having sex with a 17 year old MINOR? Yes She’s over the age of consent in the UK  but she was still a minor. You blackmailing her cause you lost a couple commissions but if she actually told her parents what you did your ass could have end up in jail??  Yes Having a escort service is illegal but how that trumps having sex with a minor?

Her parents had enough money that they could have hushed the press and pay the cops off. Nobody would have know if she actually told them instead of wanting to pay his ass to keep quiet.

Then that don’t even pan out since he got arrested for not paying his taxes. ( Which is funny that even tho she’s running a escort service she’s putting down her making tapestries  as her income so nobody would get suspicious. ) So the whole David plot was just there for AUgust and Lai to get closer together and have sex thats all. No really big play off expect she finally tells her parents about what he did four years ago.

Then he parents do found out about it her being a Madam her damn dad grounds her like she’s 10. She’s 21 for damn sakes.

I just didn’t like the fact this book made having a escort service ( where Lia made sure all the girls who was her friends who would all legal age safe since the client list was pretty friends of her parents) a bigger crime than.

Having sex with a 17 year old girl while your age is 37. ( An damn adult having sex with a minor.
The  great-grandfather spent most of his time in a brothel and having a painting porn collection.
The day that he was going to turn Mona into a whore to get his great grandfather’s painting.
It doesn’t make any sense to me at all especially how the the book was supposed to be about Lia embracing the intimate passion of sex and falling in love with August by exploring her fantasies. Just like in The Red was about Mona embracing her inner whore and finding out what turns her on. For a book to be about women gaining sexual freedom and being comfortable  in their sexual prowess you got the male characters ( with the expectation of August of course) being hard on her and trying to punish her for doing something that guys are also know for doing as well.

That’s why I couldn’t rate it higher than a three because of this. The book would have been probably better if they tone down the emphasis of being a madam, the sexual greek fantasies scenes was a little shorter and had more sexual interaction than just the last few pages.

So 2020 is already staring off on a “Meh” note.
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Better than you average erotica.   Lia is gifted with the Rose Kylix by her parents on the day of her graduation party.  The Rose Kylix is a magical cup that takes Lia on mythological journeys that seem real.  A fun and interesting read.
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Have you ever wanted to hug a book?

A book that made you feel so much that you just wanted to hug it and absorb all the words.

Crazy right? But that is what Tiffany Reisz does to me with her writing. I worship the ground she walks on. Add on to that my love of Greek Mythology, and I was done for.

This is the second book in The Red series. It is about Mona's daughter and a very interesting August Bowman. "wink wink". It is alluring, beautiful, passionate, crazy sexy, with Greek Mythology woven into it. If you thought the first book was hot, wait till you read this one. Truly there are no words to adequately convey how I feel about this book. There is one "story" in it that actually made me tear up it was so sweet. But I'll leave you guessing on that one. 

If you are a follower of Tiffany Reisz then you will not only want to read this one, but you will NEED to read this one. As most of you know Tiffany Reisz doesn't write "vanilla". If you can't handle the super heated passion in her books, then this is not for you. But if you can open your mind and find the true love threaded throughout all of her books, you won't regret it.

I just hope this isn't the last we see of Lia and August.
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This is one of the best books that I've read by Tiffany Reisz. The blend of modern and mythology had me laughing and tearing it up (just a little). I've loved mythology since grade school and it's hard to re-imagine it and stay true to the original story. However, T. Reisz did just that. A unique love story that spans the test of time, it includes intrigue, mystery, comedy, and heartbreak.

Even thought this is part of the Red series, this works as a standalone with the protagonists fully standing in their own story allowing readers of the original novel, to continue their fantasies. Tiffany Reisz does erotica well. It's not smut but a well imagined sexy story for her old and new readers alike.
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This was my first book by this author, It was pretty enjoyable. I would give this book a 3.5 star rating! It was a pretty Quick and easy read!
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The Rose is the sequel to The Red and as with all books from Tiffany Reisz, is another sizzling story that takes the reader on many sensual adventures along with Lia and August. While it is the second book in The Red series, I have to say it has a much different feel and I found myself completely pulled in from the first page.

Lia just might be one of my favorite characters ever from Ms. Reisz. Seriously, she comes from major family money yet still starts an escort service with her best friends while at university. She is smart, sexy, protective, and so full of humor. She is the absolute pride and joy of her parents and it is evident when her father gives her the priceless Rose kylix as a graduation gift. Lia would never think of getting rid of any gift from her parents until she is blackmailed by a former lover. Enter August, who had made her offers from the moment the gift was given to her.

I'll just say I loved August from the moment he appeared on the page. He is so self-assured without being an ass. I felt the attraction and connection between August and Lia from the moment they met and have to say I adored them together. I loved that Lia felt comfortable enough with August to share her past and even open up about her fantasies. Each one was hotter and sexier than the last. Each fantasy interlude occurs in a story from Greek myths and I have to say I felt like Lia and August feeling for one another only increased. 

There are always twists and turns in a Tiffany Reisz book. I have to say Ms. Reisz totally threw me for a loop with a couple of the reveals in The Rose in only the best possible way. The Rose is the perfect book for anyone who enjoys reading a super sexy story with lots of Greek mythology thrown in. I really loved The Rose and highly recommend it to other romance fans.

Rating: 4 Stars (B+)
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Tiffany Reisz did it again -- beautiful writing, fun banter and dialogue, and deliciously hot sex. I've yet to read a Reisz erotica/romance that I didn't love, and that continues to hold true here. While The Red (book 1) was kinky and a bit out there, The Rose definitely stays a bit more . . . mainstream, if you will? While still delivering all the hot scenes and kink. It's also more of a romance novel, whereas The Red was definitely more erotic story. Nothing wrong with that, of course, and I still enjoyed The Red, but of the two, The Rose is definitely the one I'd recommend to more people, as it has a broader appeal.

Plus, that cover!
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I didn't like this book very much. It felt strange to add such a sexual aspect to well known mythological stories.
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I had high hopes with that one, mostly from the blurb and that beautiful cover.
I wanted to be transported to this sensual and erotic world with this strong hint of mystery. 
It could have been a winner to me for sure. But there was so many things going on and it was kinda difficult to get into the story without being distracted by all the things. 
But still, I didn’t feel the chemistry between the main characters until a while and even it felt a bit superficial to me.
It was okay but I wanted more.
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This novel just hit all the marks. Multidimensional characters, mystery, erotica, and a great plot that involves fantasy/mythology? Definitely worth the read. Even having not read the first in the series, this novel was still interesting and powerful in its own right and everything I didn’t know I was looking for. I highly recommend this novel to anyone looking for a well-written read with that’s story is as great as its erotica.
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Tiffany once again gives us some filthy erotic fun in a follow on from The Red. Full of contemporary one liners taken back in time to the era of Greek Gods... lines such as Eros ‘copped a strop’ and many others had me laughing out loud at inappropriate times. 

There is no better era the The Greek Gods for raw and dominating sex. I always feel educated after Tiffany’s books, I now know who was banging who thousands of years ago. 

Whilst The Red was more paranormal fantasy , The Rose is satirical history. Great humour, great story and plenty of tongue in moments. I love the versatility of this authors writing. But one thing is certain, whatever the genre Tiffany’s writing goes where no other authors dare to tread !
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She does it again! This book has been hiding in the stacks of Mt. TBR for months and I'd honestly forgotten about it. *Ducks head in shame* I know, I know, a pitiful excuse. I should be punished. Oh, I have an idea how to best punish involves a hot AF man and a kylix... 💁

Sorry, I'll behave now...or not...LOL. 

Anyway, I am kicking myself for not reading this one sooner. I know that I always enjoy the vivid and carefully crafted tales that Ms. Reisz spins for her readers and The Rose was no different.  A standalone, it does give a little shout-out to The Red; however, this is an entirely different type of story and if you haven't read Ms. Reisz's work before, no worries, you can still pick this book up and follow along with absolutely no difficulty.

Thank you to Ms. Reisz and to NetGalley for the ARC that I received in exchange for an honest review. 4 'Get Your Greek On' Stars!
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I did enjoy what I managed to read of this book. 
However there was something wrong with my copy. The letters were practicaly unreadable. This has happened before.
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I loved the first book in this series and book two was no exception! I love the blend of mythology-inspired elements with contemporary and Reisz writes scintillating and erotic scenes to boot. We recommended it to our audience at SYFY FANGRRLS back in April and it was a pleasure to sit down and read!
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Wow! Tiffany Reisz is back baby!!!!  This is jump up on the couch fantastic story.  The back and forward, a bit of history lesson and No I did not get who the hero was because I'm not up with the play on Greek mythology but far out was the concept great or was it great?  I was completely spell bound and wanting to flick the pages quicker than I could read them.  Interesting, fascinating and throughly entertaining, I would highly recommend this story to everyone!!!
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The Rose by Tiffany Reisz is a stirring and beautiful example of why she is my favorite author of modern day erotica. She is this century's Anais Nin. Reisz has the wonderful ability to share the belief that erotica is not just about sex, but something innately spiritual as well.

"...This, Lia, is not an ordinary kylix.'
'It's 2,500 years old. Is there such a thing as an ordinary kylix?'
'Yes,' he said. 'I have dozens of them in my flat. You can buy them at auctions for a few hundred. But this is different. something special.'
'Why so?' she asked, studying the kylix as he turned it in his large hands.
'It's the Rose Kylix.' August pointed at the three-petal rose motif painted on the lip of the kylix.
'It has a name?'
"A name, a legend and a secret..."

On the day of Lia's graduation party, she is gifted a beautiful wine cup, decorated with roses, by her her parents. A cup that one of the guests at her party, August Bowman covets. He tells her that this is no ordinary wine cup, but that it was used in the ancient temples of Eros, the Greek God of Love. This cup, August says, can bring your most intimate sexual fantasies to life. But Lia doesn't trust August and believes he only wants to get the cup for himself. So August dares her to give it a try. To drink from the cup and sleep. What happens next is the most vivid dream Lia has ever had. A sexual fantasy that seemed to be very, very real.

But Lia has been hurt and lied to by a man before.

"...Women always-always, August-they always pay the price when men act like bastards..."

"...He told me I was ugly and stupid, shite in bed, and he wanted my mother more than me.'
August stroked her hair. 'When a girl doesn't worship a man the way he feels entitled to be worshiped, it unleashes the beast inside him. Beasts are at their most dangerous when wounded and cornered. You'd wounded him, and you had him cornered..."

Lia's first lover, David, has learned her secret. That she runs a high class call girl service. He has threatened to tell everyone about it if she doesn't pay him a ridiculous amount of money. Lia decides to sell the Rose Kylix to payoff David but August has other ideas. Together they must come up with a plan to keep David from telling the world about Lia's secret and at the same time keep the Rose Kylix. But August must also convince Lia of it's power and the only way to do that is to share the fantasies together.

Tiffany Reisz creates characters that are fanciful and she makes them real. The emotions they feel are as deep and intimate as the sex they share. The Rose is a tour of Greek Gods and Goddesses and the myths we have all been told but have for the most part forgotten. Reisz goes as far as to make them real as well. Their love and the consequences of their love. 

But more than the Greek legends and the magic of the cup, this is the story of a young girl, betrayed and hurt. This is Lia's story and it is here where Reisz and her storytelling excels the most. Lia goes from the pampered and privileged daughter of rich, art collecting swingers to a woman who must face her own demons. The damage done to her by an older man who she loved. A man who betrayed her and belittled her and made her feel she had nothing to give. A man who made her feel like she was worth nothing and that no one would love her. This is why she became a madam and in this capacity, she could allow herself intimacy. But only of the body and never again with any true feelings.

August Bowman is a terrific character, but don't get this wrong. He does not ride in on a white horse and save Lia. No, with August at her side, Lia learns how to save herself and grow and trust again. But Bowman has secrets of his own. Great secrets that lay at the core of this story.

To go any further would be to give too much of this tale away and I won't do that.

The Rose is a terrific novel and one of Reisz's best to date.
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I thought it was a bit slow to start. It wasn’t as interesting as the first book. I liked it, but wasn’t my favorite. I wish the characters were a bit more likable or that I cared more about them.
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Tiffany Reisz's books have been quite impressive. I did not like this as much as The Red, but enjoyed it nonetheless. The mythology elements worked well. The characters were rather two-dimensional and generic. The story was a bit exaggerated, though that tends to be expected from erotic literature.
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This book just wasn't for me. I didn't feel the characters had enough of a connection in the present time and I lost interest in the fantasy element. 
Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and author for this ARC.
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When mythology and reality gets tangled up, you end up with some of the steamiest reading material that you can read. At least that's what we get with Tiffany Reisz latest masterpiece. When a cup is given to a birthday girl and it's revealed by her father's rival to be not just a pretty piece but a relic to the past and one that will draw her into a life beyond what she is living now, she doubts until a taste from the cup changes her perception.

When her double life comes to haunt her, she has to decide if giving the cup up is worth it, but not before getting Augustine to show her more. 

A fantastic piece of writing and of course a lot of eroticism included.
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