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Decent book on Laird Hamilton’s viewpoint on how to succeed in business and in life. I was expecting this to be more about his surfing but the concept and format of the book works for the message he is conveying. The additional commentary by his wife Gabby was something that really wasn’t needed as it felt like she was explaining why Laird believed this particular method or idea is successful. That wasn’t necessary as he explains them in full himself very capably. This is a decent book for those into self-help books but wasn’t really my cup of tea. It gets three stars.
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"Liferider" is a unique and fascinating book; Borra's writing in excellent and insightful as he shares Hamilton's life story and philosophy, as well as views from others who have been instrumental in Hamilton's journey.  I definitely recommend this book for fans of Laird Hamilton's previous book/documentary, big wave riders, surfers of all kinds, and visionaries.
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