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Loved this book and especially the ending! Wanted to know the characters :) Would highly recommend this book. Looking forward to reading more from this author!
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A compulsively readable book about a trio of friends & their college lives - during college & the difficulty of finding your path after graduation. 

This would be a great book club choice, in particular for readers who were in college in the late 90s & entering the work force during the internet bubble. Characters are frustrating and often unlike able (to me) & their choices would be good discussion topics.

Cover of book does not reveal the flavor of this title.
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After reading the authors first novel, "The Summer List" and loving it I was so excited when this book was announced. So when I was chosen to be one of many to read this arc ebook copy from the author herself, I couldn't wait to jump right in! In that being said, this book in no way disappointed. 

The author in my opinion has such a gift at coming up with character's such as Becc, Eric and Serra who are so wonderfully real, flawed and genuine. Also her writing is always very detailed, with humor and emotion. The character's I found myself caring and being invested into what was coming next. As well as their past, as this book flips back and forth between both: 1990's and 2008. 

There is an air of mystery with this story that I loved how it kept me guessing. Never feeling like anything was going to be too obvious. 

Though I have not yet been that far down the California coast,with her details you feel as you're there winding up and around the highway with them. However, once the story got to the Northern California and Southern Oregon border I knew exactly where the author drew her inspiration from. 
So that came more vivid to me in my mind. 

Personally, I related as I'm sure many will of being a teenager, yet at eighteen an adult. You graduate high school and it's then you can truly in a way break free from your environment at home. Explore who you are or who you wish you were. However, you jump forward to the future with these character's in their early thirties. Looking back on their life: the mistakes, how to deal with it and where you want to be. Wishing you knew then what you know now. I related to that very much! 

By the end, I did not want it to end. I so wanted more and find out what was next for the character's! 
All in all, this was a descriptive, delightful and emotional book that truly will be the perfect summer beach read!

Thank you to the author, the publisher and netgalley for the opportunity to read this!
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Thank you NetGalley for ARC. 
This is a very good book.  I really liked Amy Mason Doan's Summer Hours.. It is the first book I have read by her and I would read another one The characters are  warm and entertaining.  They feel like your friends. So real. I believe the book moves quickly and would be a great addition to your summer reading list.
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I really enjoyed this! 
My test of a good novel these days is if it makes me feel anything, I don't know how many hyped up books I've bought recently that I set down half-way because I just didn't feel anything or care what happened to the characters. 

But this book definitely tugged at my heart multiple times. I won a copy in a GoodReads giveaway and slipped it in my suitcase for a weekend trip on impulse. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I was grabbed right away by the writer's approachable and polished style. It ended up being a really entertaining and interesting story with the sweetest ending . As someone who recently attended a college roommate's wedding, I totally related to the INTENSE emotions that come to fore on being forced to see all your old friends, old loves, etc.

I would have more information about some of Becc's friends as adult women, especially the wild roommate Maggie, but that is really my only criticism.

A fun and fast summery read that will transport back to you to your 20's, remind you of your first love, make you think, and make you FEEL.
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Summer Hours was a quick read and I spent most of my time really enjoying the storyline. With the past and present writing style, it felt disjointed at times. But over all, the story flowed well. 

Throughout the book, I was left frustrated at Becc and Eric for the lack of communication and empathy for each other. They were best friends in high school, and their immaturity was keeping them from admitting their true feelings for each other. Becc found herself in a controversial relationship which impacted her friendship with Eric. I didn't feel like Eric had any right to be upset with Becc for her mistakes when he in turn was making mistakes of not being the friend he should have been after graduation. 

The last bit of this book was sluggish. I found myself skimming the pages until the ending. I loved how the book ended and felt like the character development finished out okay.

Thank you NetGalley and Harlequin for my free ebook of Summer Hours. The Kindle copy format was challenging to read and should be looked at further to have it translate like a hard copy book. Also for that reason, it was hard to follow along with gaps in pages and spacing issues.
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Becc and Eric love story is not easy , take a lot of  trials before finally blooming. A little bit complicated to read. It would be nice to have a little more in the end.
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I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  			
From the publisher, as I do not repeat the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it as they do it better than I do 😸.			
"Commencement" meets "The Graduate" in this sparkling novel about a secret affair, the summer it all unravels, and the reunion a decade later that will be one woman’s happy ending or her biggest mistake.

Becc was the "good girl". A dedicated student. Aspiring reporter. Always where she was supposed to be. Until a secret affair with the charming Cal, one summer in college cost her everything she held dear: her journalism dreams; her relationship with her best friend, Eric; and her carefully imagined future.

Now ten years older and wiser, Becc knows there’s no changing the past. Still, as she travels to the wedding of a childhood friend, she can’t help but feel the thrilling push and pull of memories with each mile up the scenic California coast—from infinite nights at beach bonfires and lavish boat parties to stealthy movie sessions during work hours. But the mystery man beside her is not so eager to re-create history. And as the events of that heartbreaking summer come into view, Becc must decide if those dazzling hours they once shared are worth fighting for or if they’re lost forever.

Set in the mid-’90s and 2008, Amy Mason Doan’s Summer Hours is a warmly told novel about the idealism of youth, the seductive power of nostalgia and what happens when you realize you haven’t become the person you’d always promised to be.

I loved how the description of this book said that it was SPARKLING - that is the perfect word for it. It's a fuzzy, sparkly glass of prosecco in a book. The characters are engaging and the plot well crafted and presented. I am a super speed reader (I am sure my analytics for NetGalley are off the roof) and I actually missed the characters when I finished the novel.   Amy Mason Doan is a master of what I call "the summer read/beach book" - great scenery, fun plot lines and being totally "readable" while you soak up some sun and fresh air.

As always, I try to find a reason to not rate with stars as I love emojis (outside of their incessant use by Millenials on Instagram and Twitter) so let's give it 	🧜‍♀️ 🏖️🐚👙🐟
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Finally -  a fun summer read with some depth!!!  I really loved Summer Hours and would highly recommend it. The story was fresh, nostalgic and relevant to 2019 all at the same time. I was very impressed with the writing of Amy Mason Doan, and will anxiously await her future novels.
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I was fortunate to receive an early copy of this book to read and I'm happy to say I will be recommending it to my book club this summer.

It's a well written and emotionally moving book that kept me thoroughly entertained. After a series of disappointing and cynical thriller books that have left me cold, this was a sweet surprise. It's a little difficult to describe without giving things away, but it's about a very sensitive and intelligent girl, Rebecca, on the fringe of becoming an adult who has an intense summer romance with someone older who the most important person in her life, her childhood friend Eric, hates. But we can see why she is tempted, and I was relieved that the older man is not presented as a paper-cutout evil "bad guy" but a real, fleshed-out, yet unintentionally destructive person.

Bottom line is that I genuinely cared about these characters from the very beginning. It's an unusual structure/start to the book in that we don't know who is the passenger in the convertible for about one-quarter of the story, but just when I was wondering if we would ever find out, the author disclosed his identity. And then it was a fast (too fast, because I was enjoying it) ride to the wedding, the explanations, and the touching finale.

Thank you for the opportunity to download a Kindle copy before this book is available in stores.
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I loved Amy Mason Doan's "Summer List" so much that I could not wait to read her new novel.  Honestly, I might like this one even more.  I was totally engrossed in Rebecca's story and enjoyed the suspense in the first part as I wondered who she was on the road trip with.  I wish that her relationship with Francine was more developed, but that is my only criticism.  This would be a great book for a summer trip!  Thanks to NetGalley for the advanced reader copy.
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This is a beautiful and lovingly-crafted story. I went into it expecting a typical "love triangle" romance and there is definitely that element. It is about matters of the heart, and temptation, and it is pretty steamy in certain scenes. 

But it's not a trashy book, and it was so much more than a love story.

It's about reaching back and reaching out, making peace with our youthful decisions and indiscretions, and searching for happiness in the things that matter rather than in worldly, surface accomplishments. Becc, Eric, and the rest reminded me so much of my oldest friends. The ones who I can call at three a.m. but who sometimes drive me batty because I know them so well! By the end of the book I was so anxious to find out what would become of them all. 

Also, I read this during a drizzly week in the Pacific Northwest so it was fun to feel like I was escaping to the sunny beach in a convertible.

Summer Hours will tug at your heart -- trust me!

I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to the author, publisher, and Netgalley for the opportunity.
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The Summer Hours is an indelible story that paints the complicated portrait of friendship across the years. Beautifully rendered, Amy Mason Doan crafts an immersive world filled with vivid locations and complicated people. I sank into all of it, and didn’t want to leave.
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This one got to me more than I expected! I wasn't sure which way the story was going at first, and I was so mad at Becc for the choice she made to sleep with Cal, who had trouble written all over him. I felt protective of Eric, her best friend who is so very clearly the better person for her, and the better person. But our 20s are for crashing and burning, and learning. The author does a great job of making Becc's decision believable. She wants to be a rule breaker like the kids at her high school who used to cut school, and smooth, handsome, confident Cal certainly has his "charms." Poor Eric can't compete...until he's a little older.

In the end, the various plots and character arcs of Becc's far-flung friends and love interests are woven together quite cleverly, and I can honestly say I didn't know what was going to happen right until the last page. 

I greatly enjoyed this title and will be recommending it.
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I wish I could find something positive to say about this book.  The story was slow moving and dull.  The main character, Becc, had no spark, no sizzle.  She was just dull.  She over analyzed everything.  Eric was so confused and confusing that it was hard to keep up with what he thought or felt about anything.  Serra, Becc's friend, was somewhat refreshing but even she was predictable.  All in all, I just did not like this book.
I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Summer Hours has completely and pleasantly shocked me!  I went into this novel thinking it was going to be a cute read that I would enjoy, but I was way wrong...I loved it!!  I connected with Amy Mason Doan’s writing style immediately and felt she did a fantastic job with telling a full and thorough story!  I didn’t want the book to end, but I felt so satisfied with where Amy took the endearing cast of characters throughout this novel (which was about 20 year time span)!  The timing was spot on—the entire book flowed organically and never seemed rushed.  Summer Hours is a 5 star read that I will absolutely be re-reading (it’s just that good)!  I have never read Amy Mason Doan, but I promise I will be 1-clicking anything and everything she comes out with in the future! A definite must read!
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The Summer List was my favorite book of 2018, so I could not wait to read Summer Hours and I absolutely loved it. From the characters who you feel like are your own friends because with the way Amy Mason Doan writes, you are feeling every emotion alongside them, through the tour through California, I could not put this book down and had to keep reading to find out what happens. 

Becc story is relatable from so many angles, what teenager isn't ready to break free of what is expected of them when the graduate high school and go off to college? The story follows Becc from a high school senior enjoying the last summer before college with her best friends Serra and Eric to a 33 year-old driving up the coast of California to a wedding reliving a decision at 20 years old that she knew would hurt those around her who loved her most. As Becc gets closer to her destination and deals with her past, she learns to also confront the mistakes she has made. 

Its a coming of age story where I think you can't help but root for Becc to find her way. As much as I didn't want the book to end, I thought the ending was absolutely perfect. Highly recommend this book and I cannot wait to read more by Amy Mason Doan!
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Childhood best friends who have lost touch. They are later reunited and find out what they really mean to each other. 
A very emotionally up and down story worth reading.
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Endearing and page-turning

This is a very special book. I requested it because Mason-Doan's "The Summer List" is one of the best books I've read in a long time, and I was very happy to see that this is just as well written, entertaining, and moving.

Like "The Summer List," "Summer Hours" is about reaching out to the friends who matter to us, even if many years  have gone by and life has divided our paths. Issues of sexual exploration, first love, and coming to one's own in the professional world are explored with remarkable subtlety and passion.

But most important to me, I truly cared about every single one of these characters from the first chapter to the end, and simply had to know what would happen to them. Although the idea of traveling to a wedding and reckoning with distant friends and lovers has been explored in a lot of books and movies over the years, there is so much more going on in this story. I tried to predict what would happen in the past AND in the present storylines, but I couldn't, as this is a far from formulaic book. 

An escapist, clever, funny, and heart-warming tale from a novelist who is fast becoming one of my favorites.
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Sensitive, smart, summery, and sexy

What a fun and heart-tugging read! Summer Hours is about a 20 year old on the brink of womanhood, and that same girl, all grown up, looking back on the one intense summer affair that changed her life forever. The relationships and mistakes in this novel felt very true to me, and Becc – the classic ‘good girl’ with a hidden “bad girl’ inside-- was a lovable heroine throughout the story., even when I wanted to yell at her not to give in to passion and betray her best friend.

But her fate is decided the second she and the irresistible, sexy, older Cal are thrown together when they’re both hiding out from a party and they feel an undeniable attraction. We can only hope that their secret affair doesn’t get exposed. Sigh. No spoilers.

Years later, we see Becc desperately (and creatively) trying to make amends with the person she hurt, and also attempting to come to terms with the career choices she has made. Has she become just like the grownups she and her friends used to mock? This is a lovely, heartwrenching, bittersweet kind of book, so I wasn’t sure how it was going to end, but I was bracing for something pretty specific. I was happily surprised that I guessed wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed Summer Hours and have recommended it to friends already.

Thank you to the publisher and to NetGalley for providing an electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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