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Sky Dance of the Woodcock

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A very interesting and well-researched book about the Woodcock. This book will be a perfect addition for the bird lovers and bird watchers out there. Lots of great information and photos too.
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Delightful and informative.

Last summer my husband and I found an injured woodcock (in the middle of New York City!) who had run into a glass-walled building and badly damaged its beak. The bird was in bad shape, but we were optimistic it could be saved so we nursed it through the night and took it to our local wildlife vet first thing the next morning. Our bird had surgery and was rehabilitated at the Wildlife Center and eventually re-released into the wild. 

Ever since this happened I've been fascinated by these incredible birds, but have had trouble finding much information on them. Thus I was thrilled to run across this galley, which boasted solid readability while still being packed with loads of information. The parenthetical citations make for a bit of a clunky read, but otherwise, this was a delight.
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Greg Hock brings us a condensation of over a century's worth of facts and lore on the magnificent woodcock.  The quotes, ranging from the late 19th century and added to his observations of the early 21st century, bring a clear picture and understanding of this fascinating little bird, and another reason to find the opportunity to see them in action.  

I put the sky dance of the woodcock on my bucket list after reading Leopold years ago.  Greg Hochs work has moved it up the list.  As it isn't native to the Chihuahuan Desert of the American Southwest I'm going to have to find my way north and east in the early spring.  If you love birds and live in the northeastern US, I hope you have had the opportunity to sight these little guys in spring, in the sunrise or the glooming.  They are moving slowly south with the weather changes we are experiencing.  If you have not yet found time to observe them, please make this happen, and share it on Youtube for we desertites.  Our Sage Grouse also has a fascinating courting ritual and is quicking moving up the endangered species list, fighting for a chance to survive.  Take care of these woodcocks, please so they don't follow suite. They are something everyone should have the opportunity to experience. 

I received a free electronic copy of this novel from Netgalley, Greg Hoch, and University of Iowa Press in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you all for sharing your hard work with me.
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What a neat book with lots of info on these strange little birds! Like his previous book, Greg has done it again with a well researched look into an avian species. 

I didn’t know woodcock had a courtship dance and didn’t pay a ton of attention to the few I’ve scared up when out in the woods. After learning more about them, I really would like to go find some and check them out!
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