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I liked the book but I hated the fact that I was at 70% and the book was over and there was still 30% left to the book but it was all about other books.  Now that is out of the way, the book itself I thought was well written and I could feel the frustration coming from the police.  They did the best they could for what they had.  Could they have caught him earlier if they would have been still on the case and talking to each other, yes, but life doesn't work that way, unfortunately.  Props to the police department for getting this depraved lunatic off of the streets and in to prision
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Love True Crime and this book did not disappoint. Truth is so much crazier than fiction much of the time and in this case that holds true. Thanks Netgalley for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for an honest review!!
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Last year, Amazon changed the rules of the Kindle Unlimited program to clamp down on unscrupulous operators attempting to 'pad' the number of pages they received payment for by stuffing lots of bonus material into the back of books. The rule change stipulates that no more than 10% of any title may be 'bonus content' such as previews of other titles etc. These 'bonus' contents must also be included in the table of contents.

By publishing a book in the Kindle Unlimited program, you are agreeing to these terms.

Since 'Pathological' is in KU, and ends at 70%, then going into a preview of another book, this preview not being listed in the table of contents, you are DOUBLY in violation, both in terms of failing to include an accurate table of contents and in terms of padding the page count to inflate payout on the book.

I have therefore reported the book to Amazon for violation of the terms and conditions and am leaving you this review to indicate my absolute distaste for the practice of 'book stuffing'.
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Many thanks to NetGalley and WildBlue Press for an E-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

So, it’s been a while since I finished this book, but I still think about it.
It’s one of the well-written books, and I loved the way they decided to write it, the way we follow the detectives through the investigation.
It was hard and made cry especially the first crime, No actually both of them were horrible and thinking about how she fought him it breaks my heart.
I kept asking my self why would anyone do this? Why did he do it? Why was it so hard for him to let go and move on, better his life?!
I was really angry.

The only thing that confused me and made me take a star away is a chapter that felt out of place, I was lost until I read the chapter after and they introduce who that woman was and I realized why she was important.

As someone who never heard of these crimes, this was a good book for me to read.
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Tom, a young boy and his housekeeper have been brutally murdered. It's a scene  of tragedy and horror to the seasoned detectives. Who would want to murder innocent persons? The tragedy is heartfelt throughout the community. 
The detectives working the case will not give up. They run every lead that comes available. Finally they hit paydirt. Anthony Garcia was fired from the pathology department where Tom's father worked. Could he be holding a grudge after so many years? And, why take his anger out on two of the most innocent of people, a grandmother and a young child who's last event was playing video games.
Well written, interesting, and intriguing!
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In March 2008 a young boy and his family's house cleaner were murdered with kitchen knives rammed into their throats.  Detective Derek Mois was called to investigate.   At first it was thought this was a robbery gone wrong, as this crime was committed in a fairly wealthy neighborhood ... but nothing was missing from the home.  Mois and his team followed every lead they got, interviewed family, friends, neighbors, co-workers .... with no luck

This became a cold case until 5 years later .... when another double murder was discovered. The man and wife were killed in the same manner with a kitchen knife stabbed through their necks.  Then they got their first credible lead .....

Personally, I did not remember this case, although at the time I followed every true crime story I could get my hands on.  The authors recount the dramatic tale of deep-seated revenge, determined detectives, and the sensational trial of the doctor-turned-serial killer.

I found this to be well written, factual, spell-binding.  I was riveted to the telling of how much work and effort went into this investigation to bring the human monster down.  Law enforcement never stopped looking, never gave up when things looked bleak.

This is a must read for any true crime aficionado.

Many thanks to the authors / WildBlue Press / Netgalley for the digital copy of a well told true crime.  Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
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This is the type of true crime I live for. Two murders occur in a quiet, wealthy suburb. The victims are an 11 year old boy and the family's housekeeper. Who would want to murder them? It's clear it wasn't a robbery, but detectives were unable to find anyone who would have reason to harm the victims or their families. 

It's not until five years later that the motive behind the homicides becomes clear, and the true story that emerges is almost too strange to be true. 

As I began reading this, I hadn't refreshed myself by reading the book's blurb or even the subtitle, so it started off as a true whodunit for me. I absolutely loved how Cordes wrote the book so that the reader is able to follow along with the investigation and see what the detectives see. As much as I love true crime, many TC books are told in a very rote, perfunctory way. This was the opposite--the fluidity of the story drew me right in. 

Another aspect of this book that I loved is that Cordes does not bog the reader down by rehashing every detail of the trial. That is my least favorite part of a true crime book. Many times, we know most of the facts and details being relayed through the trial, having read all of that information earlier in the book. Cordes took care of that issue by really only focusing on two things--the nutcase defense attorneys and the prosecution's star witness.

Extremely well done and I would gladly read any other true crime books that Cordes publishes. Thank you for the opportunity to review this book.
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I want to thank NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book for my honest opinion.
I have read numerous stories about serial killers but this one really left me speechless. I was left wondering how this man was able to obtain employment at some of the places that he did?
There is so many hurdles to jump through when it comes to getting a job within the Healthcare field and yet he went as far as he did. 
Anthony Garcia was purely an unstable individual. Yet he was intelligent in his own way. He knew to wear bandaids on his fingers so that he wouldn't leave any fingerprints. He knew to wear hair nets so that he wouldn't leave any hair at the scenes. 
Even though he was unstable, he had some of the most well thought out plans for each of his murders. He left authorities searching for someone for five years. He was playing cat and mouse with them. He kind of left them with egg on their face while he was eating breakfast at the strip club. Must read..
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Well written, unusual murder. What starts out as an incomprehensible double murder, with no possible motive, turns out to be a very unusual form of payback. Interestingly, the main victims really should have had a clue early on as to who could have been responsible but they either were out of touch emotionally with others around them or they chose to put their heads in the sand. This book is very well written. There are passages which go on to explain the difficulties LE had with this case and the personal histories of the detectives etc involved, but they don't last overly long. Because of that the movement of the case is pretty swift and keeps the reader engaged.
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Incredibly sad tale of the senseless killing of, among others a totally innocent young boy, purely for revenge.
It is hard to imagine that people like this killer exist. Very well written book, kept my interest all the way through.
I can thoroughly recommend to other true crime readers.
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It’s a universal truth that the mind of a serial killer is a complex place to be. Pathological is a true crime tale about the misdeeds and mental state of Dr. Anthony Garcia. More importantly, it outlines the events leading up to the murders he committed and how the exceptional detectives were finally able to track him down and put him where he belongs.

The pace of the book is incredibly quick while still allowing the reader to easily follow along the timeline of events. The authors actually covered the story for the Omaha World-Herald and were able to take the information they had and weave it into an entertaining, albeit tragic story. without sensationalizing it any further.

In many true crime books, the victims are briefly mentioned but the authors do a wonderful job in telling their stories and those of their grief-stricken families. I was so touched by the feelings of respect and duty shown by the involved detectives who truly took this case to heart.

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This true crime story starts with the horrifying discovery of the bodies of 11 year old Tom Hunter and the housekeeper.  It takes place in Omaha in 2008 and takes us through the timeline of trying to identify and catch the killer. The book is well written and flows easily. What can cause a person to take the life of a child and unsuspecting housekeeper. We follow through with the various leads that the police are getting and try to find a motive for this awful crime. Did the killer have contact with the family prior to the murders. We can get inside the mind of the killer and his reasons for justification.
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Once I began reading this book, I could not put it down. Very well written and easy to read,. Informative account of the murder of a 10 yr old child and the family housekeeper. Good account of the police work that went into bringing the murderer to justice and the work done on this case. Highly recommended. Thanks to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for the ARC of this book. Although I received the book in this manner, it did not effect my opinion of this book nor my review.
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This is a good book, although it is a little dry.  Some of the details about how Dr. Garcia committed his crimes and how they caught up with him were interesting, even though he is just another nut.
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I'm a true crime addict. I can't help it. I wasn't familiar with the case, which makes me worried sometimes going in, but the book was well done.
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A Brutal Serial Killer Was Stalking Omaha. But Who Could Kill With Such Precision? Detective Derek Mois wasn’t sure what he was dealing with when in March 2008 he walked into a home in an affluent Omaha neighborhood and was confronted with the bodies of an 11-year-old boy and the housekeeper. Both had been murdered with kitchen knives plunged into their throats. Who would do something so vile, and why? Lacking answers, Mois and other detectives working the case were stumped.Five years later, a strikingly similar crime occurred in which two more victims were brutally murdered with knives expertly thrust into their jugular veins. The modus operandi of the murders pointed Mois and a special task force in the direction of looking for a serial killer. But no one could have anticipated that path would lead to the Department of Pathology at Creighton University. In PATHOLOGICAL: The Murderous Rage Of Dr. Anthony Garcia, authors Henry J. Cordes and Todd Cooper, who covered the story for the Omaha World-Herald, recount the dramatic tale of deep-seated revenge, determined detectives, and the sensational trial of the doctor-turned-serial killer.
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This book was a great read!  The author did an amazing job researching the facts of the events that occurred and that attention to detail is obvious as you read.  I still cannot believe these events really happened.
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This is a very well-written true crime book that is, in a way, more chilling than many others.  The victims and intended victims had not engaged in risky behaviors, and couldn't think of anyone who wanted to hurt them.  The fact that this killer's twisted mind blamed others for his own failures and marked them for a totally-uncalled-for "revenge" shows that with this kind of mental illness, anyone could be at risk....
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True crime nonfiction narratives are never pleasant. That's the nature of the topic. Throughout this book I asked myself over and over again. "Why? Why did this individual/these individuals have to die? Why is such promise forever unfulfilled? Why?" The authors of PATHOLOGICAL, Henry J. Cordes and Todd Cooper, are the journalists who covered this story for the Omaha World Herald. Their research into the crimes, the investigations, and the aftermath make for a powerful and compelling story, one which few readers are likely to complete without a box of tissues in hand, and that ever present demand of "Why?"
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5 stars

Pathological is a startling look into the mind of a serial killer who was bent on exacting revenge on those he believed caused his downfall as a doctor.

I live in the metro area where these murders occur and I vividly remember the shock and horror when the first two murders happened and the bafflement when no arrests were made. 

The authors did a fantastic job digging into the details of the deranged mind of failed doctor Anthony Garcia, the detectives who never gave up on the case even as it started to go cold and the families whose lives were devastated by the killings.

The authors Todd Cooper and Henry Cordes managed to not sensationalize the case while thoroughly reporting on every detail of the crimes. The writing was refreshing as so many true crime authors tend to go off the rails and offer wild theories or concentrate only on the killer while ignoring the victims and their families.
I highly recommend this book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley. The views given are my own. #Pathological #NetGalley #WildBluePress
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