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I want to thank the publisher and NetGalley for providing this complimentary book in exchange for an honest review.

I love reading reference books but I don’t like how we get so much info dumped on us about the authors experience or basic information on what we are reading.  I mainly wanted to read this book on how to strengthen and trust my intuition and balance my energy.  Definitely loved reading those sections and feel like I can be confident in those areas.  All in all though this is still a great book, especially for beginners!
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Book: “Living Aware and Inspired: Intuition, the Bioenergy Field, Mind and Emotions” by Helen Pankowsky, MD, Boutique of Quality Books Publishing and WriteLife Publishing, 2019.

Book Review by Mary Mikawoz

The book is available January 1, 2019.

I have enjoyed reading this book immensely.  It is very good at what it has served to do as its goal.  The first part of the book deals with Intuition.  The second part of the book deals with the Bioenergy Field.  The third part of the book deals with “The Mind-Field, Emotions, Body, And Soul.”

For Dr. Helen Pankowsky, being called to the arts but eventually being drawn to the sciences,  it was as if “In the ongoing dispute between my psychic/artistic/mystical self and my rational/ scientific/logical self, intuition was caught in the middle. ”

It is important to know how the mind-field works. It is also important to know about the brain and how it functions.  Intuition may come as dreams, synchronicity, body information, meditation, art, and mental imagery.  “Intuition is like tuning in to a radio frequency.”  Senses may be used to download or receive information.  Many of these are: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, telepathy, extrasensory perceptions, and psychometry.

Intuition can be received through emotions as well: anger, sadness, fear, or happiness.  The question for the next phase is dynamic and begs the question what to do with it.  There is the “three-times rule” that says if it comes once, send  the information away, if it comes a second time, send it away again.  If it shows up a third time, you should be able to deal or impart the information to the person.   Consider - “What is my intent in revealing this intuitive information?”

Some obstacles to intuition may include: fear, denial, invalidation, self-deception, control, and willpower. 

Remember what Albert Einstein said “Everything that is, is energy.” and so the human bioenergy field exists.  The seven chakras relate to the plexuses and the aura is the bioenergy system.  

There is a CD of music made by Dr. Valerie Hunt called “Music of Light” which helps with the bio-energy field or auras of the body.  One of the examples of colours is - “Elevating (blue-white-gold): stimulates higher awareness, peace, and contentment, a sense of unity, and clearer thinking and facilitates processing of problems at a higher level of consciousness and access to more wisdom. It enhances feelings of spirituality and lovingness and can enhance meditation.”  It is no coincidence that the walls in my house are blue, gold with white trim.  

Robert Monroe has developed Hemi-Sync technology which is basically binaural beats which can be used in healing.  The highest frequencies deal with altered states, high consciousness and spiritual contemplations. Middle frequencies deal with material problem-solving.  Lower frequencies deal with grounding, being healthy, attentive, creative, intuitive and spiritual.  So, develop higher frequencies but don't forget the lower frequencies by going for a walk or lifting weights.

You can use a pendulum on the chakras.  “When there is a flow of energy (electrical force is greater than magnetic), the pendulum moves in a circular clockwise direction.  When the energy is disturbed (magnetic force is greater than electrical), the pendulum moves back and forth.   “When there is no flow or a very weak one, the pendulum stays still.”  Check at the soles of the feet, the knees, the elbows, the shoulders and the seven chakras.

Learn to breathe through your chakras and to visualize it spinning clockwise through the various colours of the chakras.

Unresolved emotions are held within the mind-field of the bio-energy field.  The three strongest emotions are anger, fear and love.  There are many subemotions but essentially they are all a part of the three main emotions with various energy levels.  Dr. Pankowsky is a psychiatrist first and still will medicate people as needed to get their physical functioning a boost and then deal with the emotional and spiritual components of the problem. With awareness, comes changes in the body field.

The soul-breath is very important.  The Kundalini experience exists at a low-level to exist as human beings and can be experienced under certain circumstances.  “The totality of all experiences exists in the mind-field as packets of information, accessible through the mind and which influence patterns of behavior, the emotions, and the physical body of the current life.”  Lifehood or past life regression through hypnotherapy or psychics, can be an important avenue to seeing blockages in the current life.  Mind dives, life shock or lifehood memory recovery can figure out current problems in this lifetime based on emotional trauma in previous lifetimes.

“There is a complex interplay between the information held in our soul, mind, bioenergy field, and physical body. ”  The mind-field is where transformation takes place.  You can access the mind/cell memory of your being.

This books includes excellent questions to help guide you.  There are exercises as well as meditations for you to do.  They are quite good.  I would recommend this book for people interested in the spiritual discipline whether a novice or highly experienced.

The book is available January 1, 2019 when it will be released to the public.

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The book starts with the author’s story how her life experiences led her to the healing the body through the power of the mind and energy. It takes about 15%, which is too long.

The book is divided into three sections of Intuition, Human Bioenergy Field, and Mind-Field, Emotions, Body, and Soul.

The writing is very explanatory. I wished the text was more to the point. 

What interested me to this book was the intuition. And again there is so much explaining going on. It takes time and patience to get to some valuable information. 

For example, intuition comes from our deepest selves. It is a natural valuable ability and it is important to discern it from other thoughts clouding us constantly. “For information to be truly intuitive, it must be detached from any end result, outcome or ego. (…) It is experienced as a fact rather than a speculation or wish. (…) The time most conducive to hearing the intuitive voice is when we are relaxed.”

The intuition comes through: dreams, synchronicity, body information, meditation, art and mental imagery.

Some of the information is very interesting, one I wouldn’t think of as part of intuition is seeing some animal, for example, a pheasant with its vitality, beauty and vibrancy might be telling you that you will be ok while going to a doctor.

You can help developing your intuition by practicing different things: taking yoga or simply taking a walk in nature, enjoying silence and solitude, becoming more mindful.

Part II about bioenergy includes a little bit of chemistry and physics, the biology of the body and chakras. Again, there is a lot of explaining. 

In Part III the author categorizes emotions into three groups: anger, fear, and love. She explains each emotion, but it felt abrupt at the end. I was missing some cohesion. This section also includes reincarnation. I’ve read many books about reincarnation and had no interest to be reading about it in this book.

I’m not saying that the other information is not valuable, but some of it has been written in many other books. A lot of information is also based on research done by Dr. Valerie Hunt, who had done a lot of research in bioenergy field.

For me, the book would have a strong appeal if it just concentrated on one aspect such as intuition (about 80-90%). The rest very short chapters to make you understand the whole picture, how one connects with the other.
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