Disney Manga: Pixar's Monsters, Inc.

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I'm glad I requested a copy of this. I definitely enjoy these manga adaptations I've been finding on Netgalley. These are definitely fun to read.
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So CUTE! I love Monsters Inc. 

This was a great way to spend a Saturday. I am looking forward to reading more like this!
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Disney Manga: Pixar's Monsters, Inc. by Hiromi Yamafuji is a comic book I requested from NetGalley and the review is voluntary. I was disappointed with this book. It had lots of 'sneak park's of other books (none of them looked like I wanted to get for grandkids) and then for the story itself the art was half manga looking. It just didn't look right with the Monsters to me. The story text, along with the sneak peek text, follow well and was humbled about. The story flow was not smooth. I would not buy it for any of my grandkids.
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'Disney Manga: Monsters Inc.' with art by Hiromi Yamafuji is another in the line of manga adaptations of Disney company films.  This time, they missed the mark, though.

Mike and his friend Sully are top scarers.  When Sully stays late at work and finds a human child, it means trouble.  It turns out the trouble might run deeper than he thought.

I've liked other manga in this series, like the more recent Toy Story manga.  This time around the art was just not very good.  The characters looked strange.  Also, the adaptation feels like it's lacking something.  If a reader wasn't familiar with the movie, I think they'd be lost with this title.

I received a review copy of this manga from Tokyopop, Diamond Book Distributors, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this manga.
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The artwork in these books are so much fun and it’s always fun to read versions of our favorite Disney stories.
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This was cute and I felt that it was true to the Pixar movie. I think this is something Disney/Monsters Inc fans will pick up and it's worthwhile for them. (Note: I'm a huge Disney fan myself.) Do I think Disney/Pixar should necessarily be making Manga? No. I don't think this will win over any new fans as it's a little hard to follow without already knowing the story, but is really cute for those who already love Monster Inc and Manga.
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What can I say? It was a great manga adaptation of the beloved Monsters inc. movie. I loved the illustrations, I loved the characters, and I love Tokyo Pop for another job well done!
Rating: 5 stars
Recommendation: all ages
FTC DISCLAIMER: I received this book in exchange for an honest review
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I was really excited to be approved for Disney Manga: Pixar's Monsters, Inc. comic book. I loved the movie so much. 

However, the format I received was not readable, pages were going backwards and forwards, and other stories and art mixed as well. I really wish I was able to open the file correctly. The images are in no order, but they do look cute. 

I hope to get the chance to read the proper file format, in order to provide a review.
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Creative, silly, and entertaining. Keeps kids and adults chuckling for hours! Great characters! Fun illustrations. Read with kids and have fun!
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Monster's Inc. is honestly one of my favourite Pixar movies, so I was very excited to read the manga adaptation. It's an almost perfect novelization, with just a few minor things missing. The art-style was simple but very good for a manga and I really enjoyed reading this story!
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There is a factory which employs skilled monsters to scare human children and collect their screams to power the city. Do you know the name of the factory? Yes, it’s Monsters. Inc. 
My son was attracted by its bright cover and asked me to request this book. He was a little bit disappointed about its black and white illustrations inside. But, it doesn’t affect his enthusiasm for Monsters. Inc. Although this manga is an adaption and some plots are omitted, the text is easy to read for young readers and its plot is easy to follow.

If you are a fan of Monsters. Inc, you can’t miss this one. If you want to start to read the manga, you can start with this one for instruction about manga-reading also included.
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I loved this, and my kids loved this! We LOVE Monsters, Inc. anyway, and this book was a total delight!
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Artistically done! It is a creative way of looking at the movie. The illustrations are great and the story goes along well with the movie. Older kids will enjoy it.
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Prior to this title, manga had always been on my radar but nothing I'd ever seriously explored on my own. When I first started reading Disney Manga's version of Monsters Inc., I had to adjust to the way Sully looked in black and white; a bit jarring at first, but after about ten pages the story took over and my eyes adjusted and I was on my way. To my surprise, reading the manga felt like re-watching - reliving - the film all over again, even with the characters and panels all having a slightly Japanese "flavor" to them (which actually only enhanced the reading experience for me, making it that much fresher). Because it's a manga, the story covered the film's storyline in much more detail than expected, and I found myself having such fun with the story of Mike and Sully and Boo again so much, by the time I looked up from first starting to read I found I had read half the book already. Like pretty much having the complete film, in book form, to read at any time, Disney Manga's Monsters Inc. has made the transition from screen to print with much of the laughter, heart, and tenderness intact. So much so, am hoping to get my hands on some more Disney manga in the future!  4.5 stars

NOTE: I received a free ARC of this title from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
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Monsters Inc. is an energy company where childrens' screams are collected to supply power to the city. Children are keep at a distance though as it's believed that they are toxic. One day Sully comes across a child that has escaped into the monster world and with the help of his friend Mike they work to get her back home but there is also something sinister going on at Monsters Inc. that must be stopped. 

This manga was so good! If you've seen the movie it won't be a surprising read but it's still very entertaining. There were some parts that were a little different even if you know the base story and some parts were left out from the movie story line but nothing seriously affecting the plot. 

If you're looking for a manga to introduce your younger child to the genre I highly recommend this one. The story is simple and the drawings are child friendly and soft which is not always the case with some mangas I've read in the past. 

On the flip side, this is definitely a manga for children (or children at heart). If you're looking for something with more substance this won't be the book for you. 

I received an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  This in no way affects my opinion or ratings of this book.
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I'd like to start off by saying, that I've heard a lot of people don't like these, and while their opinion is valid, I just love these enough for all of us. Based off of kids movies, this is the third Disney Pixar Manga that I've read, and I think they're so cute, and perfect for children as well as adults. If you want something easy to read, exactly like the movie, then this and Wall-E are the best for you, however, if you like spin off stories about the movies, then The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero's Journey is more your style. 

If you haven't seen the movie, the book is about a world where monsters rule the world, and the human world is completely separate, only connected through closet doors. No two doors are the same, and no two people or monsters are the same. The main ones we see in this, are a team named Sulley and Mike. The monster world runs off of children's screams, so one of the biggest jobs are doing exactly that, making human children scream by scaring them.

Their world is in an energy crisis, however, and everyone is breaking their back to keep up with what they need. The monsters, although they're amazing at scaring, are just as scared of the kids, as the kids are of them. If anything even so much as touches them outside their door, a government team in radiation suits are called in to decontaminate. 

If you have seen the movie, it's exactly like the movie. I would say about 75% of the scene's made it into this, and I loved it. I wasn't expecting anything new out of this, so I got exactly what I wanted, and I'm sure if you read it, you will too. My favourite character, is probably Mike or Sulley, and Boo of course. The dream team. This book made me want to watch the movie again.

Thanks for reading!
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this manga is perfect for encouraging children to read.
I loved the illustrations and the kids loved it all.
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This book was such an eye catcher when I read it to my children.  They were fascinated by the bright and beautiful colors used throughout the book.  The book story follows the same characters as the ones in the movie Monsters Inc and Monsters University.  I would highly recommend this book to other moms as well as teachers to grab their little ones attention.
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What’s not to love about anything Disney. Illistrations well done, enjoyable sneak peak at other Magnas. Story on point with the original Monsters Inc.
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This was my first time reading a Disney Manga and I quite enjoyed it! This manga adaptation of the movie Monsters, Inc. brought back a lot of childhood memories. As a kid, I remembered thinking that Mike looked way scarier than Sully and I'm glad to see that the manga version of Mike is actually really cute.

Overall, I thought the graphics were cute and well done. The storyline was good (exactly the same as the movie as far as I can remember) but somehow felt really short... although with that being said, I haven't watched the movie in years so it's hard for me to say if any scenes were cut out.

I also liked that the end of this manga included a bunch of "sneak peaks" for other Disney Mangas such as Wall-E, Stitch, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Would recommend this manga to those who like reading graphic novels and love Monsters, Inc. as well as anyone who hasn't watched the movie and want a quick read to find out what it's all about.
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